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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "A Wanted (Inhu)man"

Agents of SHIELD, "A Wanted (Inhu)man"

Season 3 Episode 3

Still in awe over Fitz getting Gemma last week. I'm so excited! 

Lincoln is on the run, the ACTU is after him. I love how they use a dimmer filter to make it look like night, but you can SOO tell that it's day. NICE!! He uses his powers to eletrically charge power lines creating a barrier. VERY nice! 

Gemma is up and moving around, Damn the girl is all fucked up. Everything's too bright, too loud. Coulson wants Garner to look at her. Daisy announces Lincoln's in danger. She can't find him, but Coulson of course knows. Daisy calls him and he hangs up on her, but he's tipped off to the fact that Mack put a tracker in him. He deactivates it and he's off again. 

Hunter and May finding an informant. they start drinking before talking shop. They have to fight their way in to get to Hydra. 

Lincoln's pic is released to the public, and he's on a bus surrounded by army boys. One of them tries to stop him but he gets away... sheesh.... I think he's spiraling. Though I LOOOOVE the show of power. One of my favorite characters I write has control over electricity like Lincoln does, so it's AWESOME to see it in action like this. 

Daisy is kinda scolding Coulson for putting a tracker on Lincoln without letting her know. Coulson asks for Roslyn's phone number. 

Gemma is in the lab, wow the girl is readjusting to Earth life. her hearing is super sensitive, and light... damn. Gravity is even different for her. 

Hunter on the phone with Bobbie. lol she tells him not to die, and he responds saying all he'll die of is boredom. May wants to get into the fight, but Hunter tells her that her doing it will get people talking and it's the last thing they need. 

Lincoln calls someone to pick him up. Whoever it is agrees to let Lincoln buy his car off him, he says immediately done. Good guy. Real good guy. .... I'm guessing until he turns on his tv... and there goes the tv... 

Ros is definitely behind releasing Lincoln's pic to the public. HA Coulson patches in to her. But her guy found Lincoln, she agrees to meet with Coulson. 

Daisy goes to see Gemma, aww and brings her flowers. HAHA they're daisies. Gemma wants to know about the terragen. 

Ohh yeah Johnny saw his pic on the news. SHIT.... he's believing the hype. Crap. OH NO... now John's having a heart attack. OHHH he's acting as a defibrilator! I had my character do that once :) 

Daisy and Gemma talking. Lincoln calls Daisy asking for help. He left John on the floor, AGH is he alive? ... nope he died :( Daisy and Mack are going to pick Lincoln up. 

Bobbie's working out and Fitz is talking to her. She tells Fitz instead of trying to remind her of everything she had give her something to look forward to. 

Ros and Coulson meeting. He's of course admiring her car lol. He tells her she's doing it all wrong. 

May and Hunter arrive. It looks like a scene from Fight Club. Winner's a fuckin' beast. Oh fuck. Hunter's buddy is the one he's gonna fight. OHH NOOO.... During the fight, a big guy approaches May offering her a drink. She says she's not thirsty. a second offer, she says no. and gets surrounded. YEAH MAY she's KICKING THEIR ASSES! JESUS Hunter is bloodied all the hell. FUCK. OO now he's got some brass knuckles SHIT he killed his friend. 

Coulson tells her that they know what they're dealing with and she doesn't. She's not helping the public feel safe. 

Daisy and Mack arrive where Lincoln is. He says everything they're saying is true. he feels guilty. 

Ros and Coulson - He wants to know about creepy guy from the hospital. .... OHH Daisy. 

Now Daisy is talking Lincoln off the edge of insanity. OOOOOOOOOO She kisses him! BIG TIME kisses him. OH FUCK... MACK!!!! What the HELL. Because of Coulson. God damn it. all because he's trying to protect Daisy.... REALLY?! REALLY?! UGH why must they always make the wrong choices. FRUSTRATED VERY VERY FRUSTRATED UGH! 
YAS LINCOLN! he blasts 'em all back. But now they're going to take Daisy in. Coulson still fucking making deals. REALLY..... What the hell Coulson. 

AWWW Fitz brings Gemma to a restaurant. bought the place out for her... they've been holding it for months.... OMG.... It's so sweet!! Wine is poured and she starts to cry. OMG.... My heart breaks for her. 

Daisy yelling at Coulson. OH MOTHER FUCK... Coulson is going to work with Ros. 
Mack's playing video games. After Coulson gets a phone call from Ros, Daisy goes to him, and he hands her a controller LOL. 

Hunter is brought into a room with the fucking hydra symbol on the wall. Mother fuck. 

Bobbie's working out again. Physical therapy more like. She goes to the lab, and Gemma's there. She's looking at the rock... OH SHIT. She wants to go BACK?! WTF!

Ohh creeper is back next week! Check out the preview. 

Soo this week was pretty good, Though it really does frustrate me with Coulson. GAH! We'll see how things go next week. 

Let me know what you thought of this episode in the comments! 

American Horror Story: Hotel "Checking In"

Okay, so I finally watched the episode last night... I wanted to watch first, because that show, you really can't look away lest you miss something that might be vital to the show. 

I can't possibly bring myself to watch the premiere again. 

From a vampiric Lady Gaga and Matt Bomer gettin' down and bloody, to a highly religious, every kind of drugs, even anxiety and anti-depressant medications are bad mm-kay Kathy Bates, to the "is she or isn't she dead" Sarah Paulson... Put on top of that creepy white blond kids running the halls, some creature that smells like death that was sewed up in a mattress, and a... THING with a spike strap on dildo thing that fucks men to death... 

There are no words for the premiere. 

Within the first twenty minutes I was cursing FX on demand for not allowing me to skip past the druggie getting ass raped to death and Sarah Paulson's character, Sally, Telling him to say I love you and it'll stop... My stomach was turning at the druggies screams, I wanted to cry, and my GOD... Freak show was ridiculous and the opening credits terrified me to the point of my staring wide eyed at the screen wondering what the hell I'd just seen, but I desperately wanted my skip option in those two minutes of.... no words... none. I just wanted it to be over. 

Lady Gaga's character definitely had me intrigued, so does the detective, and Sally. 

The rest... the thing ass raping people... I... I hope by everything good in this world we're not subjected to that again. I can't stomach seeing that again, I really can't. Yes. I'm a wuss, but that was hardcore shock value. 

I think the premiere definitely set the stage for the next twelve - thirteen episodes. Nothing is out of reach for the writers this season. I will be continuing to watch, and thankfully the DVR is set to record so if one of those harrowing scenes pops up again, I can skip right past it. 

Let me know what you thought of AHS in the comments before tonight's episode! 

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Gotham Season 2 Episode 4 "Strike Force"

Gotham: Rise of the Villains - "Strike Force" 

SOO-- coming off of last week's episode, I'm kinda nervous about what Gotham City is going to be like with Jerome's madness seeping into every corner of the city. 
And I wanna say that James Frain plays incredible bad guys. When I first saw him in True Blood as Franklin Mott I was a little skeptical, but then DAYUM he showed me he could be crazy. I knew him as Forney Hull in Where the Heart Is-- yanno the sweet loveable guy? Yeah. He can be CAHREEPY! 

Starting off an Penguin's place Things are deteriorating. Penguin wants to know who orchestrated the Arkham breakout. Ohh Enter Tigress into the meeting. Dressed rather beautifully. Theo wants to speak to him alone. 

At the preceint, OO Enter Michael Chiklis! He's Captain Barnes. He tells the force if there's anyone not angry and ashamed for the attack ought to resign right that moment. No one moves a muscle. He's read their files, starts reading off names to step forward if their name is called. 
He fires every single one of them for being criminals. He's cleaning HOUSE! He pulls Gordon into his office... Essen's former office. He makes Gordon his second in command. NICE. Harvey doesn't like that Gordon agrees with Barnes. Ohs well. Maybe because he used to be as much of a criminal as the rest of the guys that just got fired. 

A Mayoral race is happening. Theo is watching the news coverage. He is being backed for Mayor even though he hasn't put his bid in. Barbera comes in and Penguin realizes that Theo was behind everything. Tabitha calls penguin the King of Garbage. I love the architecture in Theo's place. Theo's talking about leveling many residential areas. theo wants Penguin to be his destroyer since he has a "flair" for these things. Theo says he'll need his opposition for mayor to be taken out. Penguin tells Theo basically to fuck off he's not taking Theo's bait. OOOOhhh what blackmail... OH SHIT Penguin's mom was kidnapped by them. Blackmail indeed. 

Barnes calls Lee at home. and Jim is with her. Barnes tells Jim to meet him at the academy. Jim, of course wants to know how he knew he was there. Barnes tells him, "Jim, everyone knows you're bangin' the M.E." LOL!!! 
At the academy, Barnes called him there to scope out the new recruits to get them before some other place crushes their spirit. They just got four new cadets. They are Unit Alpha of the new GCPD strike force.... NICE! 

Theo gets a medal of Valor and Bravery. True to Penguin's word, there's a drive by. Theo puts his bid in for Mayor. 

Penguin arrives at a Mayor canidate's office, kills her, and goes right back out again. DAMN. 

Bruce is leaving school, sheesh he looks really out of place. Selena arrives, and Alfred tells her to get the hell out of there. Bruce is apparently taking Theo to dinner. HAHAHA!!!! Alfred gives Bruce a change of clothes and tells him you wanted to Train, you're gonna train. You're running home. LOL

Nygma is trying to pep talk himself into talking to Miss. Kringle. WOW he just goes up to her tells her Dinner tonight, the place to meet him and walks away. DAMN lol 

Barnes is pep talking Alpha Unit. DAYUM... Strike force got fuckin AKs!! 

Caulfield's murder is called in, Jim and Harvey go, the one secretary tells him they have our names and addresses. but tells them a description of the attacker. Jim knows it's Penguin. 

Bruce arrives at dinner with Theo. Bruce is distracted by a blonde playing in a fountain. Theo says it's Silver St.Cloud. She's his ward now that her step father -- Theo's brother is gone. Bruce wants to meet her. GAH this creeps me out and scares me for Bruce. Obviously I know he'll be okay, but DAMN. Ohh boy... 

Nygma is making dinner?? with a VERY precise accuracy. sheesh!! Kristen arrives

Penguin and his dude is staking out Hobb's headquarters. Penguin's emotionless assassin arrives. Kills four bodyguards, has Hobbs nailed down, then Alpha Unit arrives. There's a big shoot out, and the only woman on the strike team gets hit. I think in the bullet proof vest. 

Nygma's place. Kristen apologizes to him for how she's treated him. Uh-oh. Nygma said he's glad the ex boyfriend is dead. awkwarrrrd. OOP not awkward anymore. OO he kissed her! REALLY kissed her. DAYUM no Nygma!!!

Penguin's place. Jim arrives. Penguin tells him to just walk away. Ohh Penguin's got massive blackmail on Jim. 

Ohhh fuck and now Barnes wants to take down Penguin. OHHH not good. 

Bruce sees Silver at school talking with some girls, and she calls out to him. 

Selena remembers what Alfred said to her. 

Theo chooses a campaign color -- blue. Theo definitely set up Penguin to take the heat for him. 

Penguin's breaking down. 

OHHH shit, who's the hooded figure talking to Theo? 

Great episode last night. Please, let me know what you think in the comments! 

Dancing With the Stars Week 5 "The Switch Up"

The switch up week is crazy. but I'm glad for a few of the pairings. :) 

Maximoff -- Val's brother is a guest judge.

1st Dance: Tamar and Louis -- Dancing a Samba to a Beyonce song. OMG Tamar... SHUT UP! SHUUUUUT UUUUUP for the love of God. SHUT UP. She's doing well with Louis, perhaps that should have been the match up.. Louis is a push over, and will make her shine because that's what she wants. Bruno's got it on the head of the nail. When she's on her own, she's fierce and on. When she's paired up she's off.   Scored a 29/40

2nd Dance: Hayes and Allison -- Viennese Waltz.(Fixed it from TV week, MY BAD!) HAHAHA his voice is cracking. Their package is so funny. Allison going into mom mode lol. Allison looks so pretty!! The dance was beautiful. There's some technical stuff, but I preferred Nick and Sharna's version much better. I totally agree with Max and Bruno with that it wasn't as graceful as Nick and Sharna's. Scored 30/40

3rd Dance: Paula and Mark... Oh boy.  Dancing a jive.  HAHA their package is so funny. OMG he's a milk man... I'm dying laughing!!!  You can tell Paula's having a lot more fun with Mark than she does with Louis. OMG MARK NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

 Her dress was pulled up and he spanked her. WHAT. .... MY EYES! MY EYES!  Carrie Ann said it was her best dance ever. it really was, because she was having so much fun. Scored a 26/40

4th Dance: Alek and Emma Dancing a Rumba. HA. she tells him to manhandle her. BWAHAHA he grabbed her boob. The set alone is beautiful. I LOOOOOVE that satin shirt he's got on, DAYUM. EE little slow his hands on the reaches. it's really graceful, but I think he could put more into it. DAMN they look good together!  Julianne "I think we all just witnessed something happening on the dance floor." YUP.YES totally agree with Max. He's improved so well since week 1. OOOOO EMMA is going on a date with Alek! Get it boy! Scored a 29/40   WHAT?! They did great! Really? 3 7's??!! BOO! 

5th Dance: Bindi and Val dancing a Chacha. AWW Derek was plugging her ears while the package played. Can I hug her?! I wanna hug her! HEHEHE Bindi's so excited. I love her energy. I wanna be her friend. HAHA She uses animal metaphors lol OH dear GOD she brought a fucking snake into the practice room. A SNAKE. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.   "My first animal metaphor ever." "AND I WAS THERE FOR IT!!!" HEHE He booped her nose! Val and Bindi work very well together. I love it. She is so talented! Bruno "You are the essence of joy." She really is. My God, she's so awesome. AWW Val thanked her! He thanked HER! AWWWWWW 37/40
She's gonna make me CRY! Damn her. She makes me tear up. 

6th Dance: Carlos and Lindsay dancing a quickstep. HAHAHA they went to see Witney. Carlos is jealous LOL Witney - "I get to dance with a backstreet boy, so suck it!" I LOVE HER!!!! HEHE I love Lindsay's dress!! Purple flapper dress. DUDE... WHOO HOO! That was fantastic! His shoulders looked back to me! WOW!! AHHHHH THREE TENS!!!! AHHHH!!!!! 39/40!!! 

HAHA they put everyone through a lie detector test LOL

7th Dance: Alexa and Derek with a tango. DUDE that set!!!! OHH Good song choice!!! WOW!!!! WOW WOW WOW!!! She'd better get tens for that! WOW!!! That was an amazing dance! WOW! Carrie Ann gave her a standing ovation. LOL Bruno... WHOO HOO!!! PERFECT SCORE!!! 40/40!! YAAAAYYYY!!! YAY Alexa!! 

8th Dance: Andy and Sharna with an Argentine Tango. OO i love Sharna's black shirt. LOL "Stop saying balls!" I still say I want Sharna's hair. I wanna go that red. Can I go that red? OO Great song choice for them too. WHOA! THAT LIFT AND SWING!!! WHOA! WHOO! WOW! It was HOT Carrie Ann!! YES! "The whole time she told me to have a smell the fart face." LOL YAY all 9's! Scored 36/40 :D :D

9th Dance: Nick and Witney with a Paso Doble. YAS NICK! FANTASTIC! YAAAASSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! I was in awe for the whole dance! He's not gonna get good scores :( He did too much over-doing from what the judges seemed to say. Scored 35/40 Okay, that's good! I thought they might give them lower than that. 

NO elimination tonight. Kinda thankful. I think it's because of the switch up week. There will be next week tho. This is starting to make me nervous though. Just get Paula and Tamar out and then I'll be biting my nails with every elimination. 

Iconic Songs week next week. 

Aww Tom lost his dad last week. :( My thoughts go out to him. OHH he passed yesterday. Light and love to Tom. Many people I know can understand that pain. 

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Sleepy Hollow, Season 3 Episode 2 Recap

Sleepy Hollow, Season 3 Episode 2 "Whispers in the Dark"

HEHE we start with Crane singing while he works around a house. I Love him singing!! AWW he's staying with Abbie. He's "pulling his weight" by doing chores. LOL instead of eating the breakfast Crane failed to make, she suggests take out instead. hehe

Pandora is talking to what she's trapped in her box, it looks like black smoke and silver liquid. She sics her shadow smike on a guy that was attempting to call the FBI. PUlling a secret from him.

Abbie and Crane are eating. She says that her balancing police work and witness duties isn't something she wants to do often. She's called to the demise of the guy attacked by shadow. Reynolds approaches Abbie, he's the replacement for Abbie's boss. HAHA OHHH he's acting rather territorial over her. OMG i love it. ICHABBIE!

Crane is on his way out, but something stops him. He starts to turn, and Pandora is there. Abbie quickly joins him, and he has an idea on what attacked the guy. HA Crane asks her if there was anything more than professional between them, she tells him to mind his own business. Crane is working to keep the archives intact to declare is a historical landmark. Abbie gets a recording of the phone call, and she can hear voices in the background noise. She finds basically EVP - "Secrets... secrets.... I will kill" DAYUM.

I still love seeing Nikki Reed on the opening credits!!

Abbie and Crane in the archives still. He recalls something from Abbie's ancestor's journal. That a british commander raised a shadow Wraith.

Flash back while Crane narrates slightly. He was to make contact with a spy... of course Betsy Ross. OHh she seduced the general LOL I really love her character. Her men are dead, ooh and then there's a Wraith, she's calling Marcus Collins.
Abbie finds the next target. Richard Williams

Jenny is looking up the shard of Anubis, and Corbin's son calls her, someone broke into Jenny's place. He wants to know all about the supernatural stuff and Jenny wants to refuse him because it's not fair to him. Jenny promises to tell Joe is there's anything going on. I don't actually think she will.

Abbie and Crane arrive at Williams' place. The wraith is there, Crane sees it. Abbie pulls her gun on it. it starts to go after their secrets and as it does, Richards starts to get away, but the wraith chases him down, going right into his car causing it to crash into a tree. OO that looks bad!

Abbie goes into Richard's house looking for why the wraith would have been after him. she steps on a loose floorboard, and finds papers. Reynolds comes in.  He knows her well. I really think that he should be brought into the fold. He could really probably help. Reynolds tells her to find waht she needs, he trusts her instincts.

Joe is walking through a parking garage. Someone comes up behind him, knocks him out and throws him into the trunk of the car he's driving.

Williams and Everett found an embezzling scheme. They wanted to stop him. and that's why the Wraith is after him, and Crane is LIVID lol. Crane admits to being captured by Howell, and been given a full pardon if he gave up names of spies. He took the quill, but put it down and got away.
They find Susan James the next target. Crane says that she may be the next, but not the last, because now they know the secret too.

To Pandora and her creepy self. I think looking into her pool at Susan.

Abbie brings Susan to a warehouse filled with UV light.

Jenny knows Joe's abductor. Jenny goes to fight the abductor off, she agrees to give him the shard of anubis to save joe's life.

Crane is looking for a solution, and James wants to just give her statement and be done with it, Then the lights starts to flicker. Crane goes to check the power lines Of course, it is definitely there. It cuts out the breakers, It starts to pull Crane's secrets from him but he fights it off. Crane calls out to the wraith with Marcus Collins' name. It makes the wraith flesh so Abbie can fight it off, Crane stabs it with a metal pipe, and it goes away.

VERY well done confrontation there. I love Crane calling the wraith out on its own weakness. He was offered clemency by the enemy, but he stood firm to his beliefs and his morals where as Marcus didn't. PERFECT scene there.

At Abbie's place, It's bugging him that he still considered giving the spies up. Abbie says that he ultimately did the right thing, that's what matters. He says the weight of that secret is lifted, and tells her it's very freeing. To convince Abbie to spill. She went looking for her father, and found him, alive in Saratoga. She hasn't seen him since she was six. She went to watch him, took some pictures. She says she can't just walk over to him and say something, she can't. She doesn't know if she's ready yet. Crane tells her, she's had a victory just by telling him about her secret.

Reynolds commends Abbie for doing a good job.

Joe is with Jenny and wants an explanation after being handcuffed to a tree. Joe tells her that he needs to pick up where his father left off, it's what he wants to do, his purpose. He wants in on what they're all about.

Someone at the city is talking to Crane about liking what he's doing getting the archives historical status. but they won't release funds to him unless he's a citizen, and technically he's still a british resident. ... HMM... He sees a space for lease over her shoulder and seems rather distracted by it. There was a coffee shop that was there in those offices. Abbie tells Crane that it's Pandora

Pandora pours more water over her plant, a purple blossom blooms. and it GROWS WAY up.

Annnd done.

Hmm, doesn't give a whole lot on what's happening next week, but it looks like it centers around a blade. GREAT episode, I really really so love Crane and Abbie's dynamic. I want them together!!!

Here's the promo for next week. Tell me what you think!!

Heroes Reborn Episode 4 "The Needs of Many"

Heroes: Reborn Episode 4 "The Needs of Many" 

Coming off last week I'm almost scared to see what'll happen, especially to Molly, the poor girl, everything she's been through in her life and now being used, as a friend put it, as a Cerebro on crack. The poor girl :( 

We open on the wreck Tommy was involved in before we went to black last time. She tried getting him to leave, but he wouldn't, instead he teleported her to a hospital. 

DAMN.... Joanne killed an Evo in cold fucking blood. She was all excited about the way his body crumpled. AWW the family dog came downstairs, and laid down with his body.... That breaks my heart. Luke is definitely having second thoughts, he's trying to talk to some sense into Joanne, but it's not working. 

Artic circle, the invisible woman is Muslim, she was praying. After rolling up the mat, she comes across a monarch butterfly, frozen to death. She pulls out a compass and finds it spinning erratically. Malina asks if it's time to head south, and that she's ready. She pick up the butterfly, and simply blows on it and brings it back to life. then below her on the hill are LOTS of them coming back to life. What the hell IS her power?! 

Tokyo, Ren and Miko are headed to America, he puts out a video from his phone telling all his subscribers -- over a million, and followers to dress up as their favorite character and meet them outside of Renautas in Midian. 

To which, we jump there with Noah and Quinten. They're looking for a way to get in. 

Juan and Carlos, kiddo is using his power to reach through the engine and work on a car that belonged to his grandfather. Carlos hugs Juan and looks off, he says he needs bullet proof glass and kevlar, lots of kevlar. 

Noah and Quinten ambush Taylor and tell her she's gonna help them break Molly Walker out. Noah tells Taylor that all parents lie to their kids to protect them from the truth. He doesn't want her to betray her mom, just question her. 
Taylor is in her mom's office, where Hiro's sword is. Taylor begins asking her mom what it is she's after. Erica tells her she's rounding up Evos to save the human species. 

Tommy at the hospital. Emily and Brent arrive at the hospital. Mom needs a blood transfusion, but they're too short on O- to give her any, or don't have any. Tommy tells the nurse to take his blood to use. Emily tries to warn him against it, but Tommy says, "She's the only family I have." 

North Eastern Canada, Malina and the invisible girl.(Farah) Malina has been hunted her whole life. WHOA she just grew a tree! A guy came across them -- of course, and Farah knocks him out

Luke and Joanne. He's got a massive headache -- so he tells her-- Luke wants to not go to the next person and begs her to not go too, wanting to get back to normal. He apparently has a fever. He tells her he still loves her and she just shakes her head and leave. DUDE what is keeping you there?! His power is fueled by sunlight, he picked up the glass of water and it started boiling. After throwing it across the room, he goes to the curtains, and yanks them back ready to soak in the sun, but it's covered, and you can see the Aurora Borealis reflected in the window. 

Cut to Carlos looking up at the sky, and seeing the same thing, Miko on the plane, Noah and Quentin, Tommy at the hospital. 
Malina says she's just one person, how can she save them all by herself? Farah tells her that she'll have help (Cut to all mentioned above) even if they don't know it yet. 

Miko and Ren on the plane. She's dwelling on what Harris told her about being dead. Ren tells her to put her chin up, if it wasn't hard it wouldn't be heroic. 

Carlos has made some adjustments to the suit. He says he's not doing it for the Priest or for Oscar, but because he wants to believe in something bigger than he is. Deering will be looking for him and might be onto the priest too. Carlos says that he'll have to get to him first. 

Tommy in the hospital talking to his mom. His blood wasn't a match. The nurse asks if he wants to tell her something. He asks, about what? And then we see him quickly getting out of there, and telling Emily that he wasn't a match and that he's going to Indiana, asking if she wants to come. 

Renautas, Taylor moves to scan into somewhere, but she isn't cleared, she drugs the guards and lets Noah and Quentin in. Harris comes around the corner with two clones, guns drawn. Noah tells them "Hit the ground on the count of three." Quentin says that's the guy that took his sister, and what if he knows something, Noah gets to two. "I hate your face Bennet." *DIES* Noah takes care of the Harrises, but it's definitely not the original. They're all gone. 

Joanne and Luke - She says the list has been a godsend. After they killed the first one, Joanne was blissful slept sound. Luke was puking all night. He uses his power to set the list on fire. Joanne slams on the brakes and pulls a gun on him, but she can't kill him. she says "I really did love you." and gets out of the car, walking away. She is a woman on a mission, Jesus she's an evil bitch. 

Tommy and Emily. He asks her if she's ever felt like she was meant to do something extraordinary. He moves in to kiss her, but she says to save his mom first. Out... then right back in with two bags of blood. Emily says she's never flying commercial again. LOL They bring the blood to the hospital where the nurse tells him to run, his blood went to a federal database. She promises to take care of his mom, but he's got to run. The agent that's there tells him not to teleport away, not if he wants mom to get the blood. 

Carlos fixed the car, Jaun wants to go with him, but Carlos tells him no. Juan gets ticked and throws something across the room, but it falls down the grate that leads to the lair. Ohh kiddo found it! Now he knows the big secret. He tells the Priest who just arrived he'd always been afraid to tell him. but the police guy is there, and takes both the Priest and Juan. 

Noah, Quentin, and taylor get into a room, where there's all kinds of capsules, holding humans? And then the classic Heroes cut... "Holy... sh--"

Miko and Ren at Renautas. She arrives  in full costume and everyone freaks out

Back to Noah and the others. Molly tells him he never should have found her. She was in the hospital when Claire died. She puts Noah's gun to her own head. She knows something but refused to give Erica the location, she tells him he can't go back because then they'll all be dead anyway. Erica is going to kill all 7 billion people in the world. Harris tells Erica that Taylor was with them. Erica says to find the child, he says he'll put a team on it, and Erica says no, it's time to bring in the shadow. WHOA.... 

Phoebe's still alive, and her EYES HOLY SHIT. No Hiro this time around, damn liars. Hopefully next episode! 
Next Thursday looks CRAZY. I'm loving this, and I want to know what LOCATION GAAAAHHHH Way to keep up the mystery! 

The mystery keeps getting thicker, and the possibility for Clair to show up is getting better and better, They say she isn't because of Nashville film conflicts, but DAMMIT we need the cheerleader! 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Supernatural Season 11 premiere, "Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire"

Supernatural premiere!! YEEEE i'm so excited for this! No words... there are no words as to how excited I am for this episode. 

Dean nis standing in a swirly black void, looking reather lost, thena woman appears before him, he asks her what's going on, then snap to Sam in the car, the horn blaring. he pulls the wire, remembering that Dean disappeared as soon as the darkness hit them. 
Dean is unconscious in a field of wildflowers, that Sam just happens to stumble across. Dean has no idea what happened or how he got a mile away from the car. He tells Sam that the woman in the darkness saved him. He called HER the Darkness. 
The Darkness thanked Dean for setting her free. Dean says she had this weird energy about her. and that they're going to lock her away no matter what. 

OO there was a battle between Castiel and Crowley. where he stabbed Crowly in the back with an angel blade. Cas is on what looks like a hilbilly farm. Cas knows that Crowley is still alive. One of the kids on the farm opens the door, and Cas says he can't help himself can't keep himself from hurting people. Hmm, what did I forget... 

To our boys, they come across a scene where a bunch of workers are sprawled on the ground dead Oh shit. One of the workers is up. his veins look baaaad. He advances on them and a girl shoots the workers, a sheriff. She demands to see the boys' throats. She's wounded and they take her to the hospital, which doesn't encourage anything.It looks like everyone is dead there. They suspect that it was the smoke that did it, anyone that wasn't in an enclosed space was affected. 

Sam comes across one of the road workers pounding on a janitor's closet, he's affected. The worker starts toward Sam, then there's a baby crying. it turns back and starts pounding on the door again. 

Dean is getting the girl sewed up, he flashes back to the smoke. She told Dean that Death doesn't know her, she she doesn't know him either. 

The worker finally collapses and Sam advances, he finds a father with his newborn baby in the closet... ohhh my heart breaks. 

Elsewhere, red smoke emerges from the sewer and finds a business woman, possessing her. Crowley tries to snap out of there, but finds he can't. "Old school it is." OH dear God.... it seems like she wanted to watch her husband have a threesome... OH MY GAWD LOL 

At the hospital, the baby's mom hemorraged when the baby was born. The road crew came in and killed everyone. OH NO... the dad's neck... he's been affected. The dad knows that he's gonna change, it's been 3 or 4 hours, but how long until he starts to act like the crazies. 

Castiel is trapped by law enforcement. He prays to the other angels for help, admitting his sins, and accepting whatever punishment they deem necessary. 

The father says that he knows his time is coming, and wants to make a deal, he'll go to ground, but asks the sheriff to take care of the baby. Dean is ready to go, but a group arrives, seemingly rabid. Dean says they need to go out there and take care of the rabids. Cas calls him and dean asks about the Darkness, but Cas says there's no way it could have escaped. Though we all know different. Before Cas can say anything about it, a twig snaps near him and it's obvious he isn't alone. Cas says goodbye and hangs up to turn and face two angels. The sheriff simply says "FBI my ass." 

At the business woman's house, ohhh yes, it was a threesome. WOW.... Crowley killed all of them to call his demons to come get him/her. HAHA the demon says that it's funny that Crowley waited until after the orgy to call for help. 

Sam and Dean are arguing, Sam is pointing out how they always do the same thing over and over, and they need to change.The new plan is to get Jenna and the baby to the car and get them somewhere safe. and Dean won't have to worry about the things on their tail... 
Sam distracts a three of them while Dean works to get Jenna out. Sam leads them to the basement and locks himself in the closet, unfortunately one of them is in there. she slits her throat, but she bleeds on him right in his mouth. FUCK. The group bursts in pins same to the shelves, the female sniffs him then lets go... maybe smelling the things's blood, or that he's maybe now infected... 
Mike, the father comes on them, and the get past him as he dies, saying the baby's name is Amara. 

My GOD this is a tense episode!! 

Crowley gets back to his real meat suit, the demons tell Crowley that the darkness was released. OHHH FUCK.... Something happened in the cage, it sounded like an animal, either lucifer or Michael was trying to warn hell. WHOA.

OH God. The angels that got Castiel has him in a warehouse, this isn't good. 

Dean gets Jenna to a gas station and calls Sam. He's sitting in the closet. Sam says he's determined to find a cure. Then flash back to the Darkness. she has the mark of Caine. She told Dean that they're bound and they will always help each other. 
OH FUCK yes, Sam is affected. 
WHAT THE...... The baby has the mark of CainE!!!! !OH SHIT! The darkness was literally BORN. The Darkness is the baby! HOLY FUCK OHHHH FUCK! 

HOLY SHIT Next week!! WOW.... SPN just keeps getting better and better. 

And from the look of it, Jody's back too! YAY! 

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "Purpose in the Machine"

Agents of SHIELD  Season three, Episode two "Purpose in the Machine"

We start out in England in 1839. A man is going on a journey, rather reluctantly. OOHH the obelisk. It reaches out and takes him.

Present day, Daisy and Mack talking. Bobbie and Hunter burst in telling them about Fitz, he's still railing against the obelisk. They pull him out and as they shut the door, it liquifies. There's sand on Fitz's face, it predates the Earth by a billion years. it's proof that Gemma could still be out there and alive.

Hunter is going to hunt down Ward, and Coulson is taking Bibbie with him to see Dr Randolph, he's studied quantum mechanics, and has actually been through a portal.. and oh by the way, he's an alien.

Ward is driving through a warehouse, with a guy hanging onto the hood. There are people standing by the support beams... sounds like Ward is trying to rebuild Hydra

Randolph says he won't/can't help. Ohh he's Asgardian. Coulson threatens him into cooperating with them. Randolph says Coulson's changed. Randolph sighs heavily and pulls the door off the hinges. when the guards arrive, he points to Coulson and says "He did it." LOL!!!

Dr Garner arrives, May's ex husband. Daisy asks about May and if she's coming back.

May is playing golf with her father.

Randolph is looking at the obelisk. He wants it destroyed, but agrees to help get Gemma back. He's seen the papyrus again. He saw that word on a castle in England in 1853.

Ward is spying on someone, a target? Ward single handedly takes out the kid's guards, shooting the last one. Before punching the kid in the face.

England. Randolph says he was there for a costume party, rather it was the pretense. OO Coulson finds a secret door under an arch with that Hebrew word, which can be also translated to "Death by punishment."

Daisy is talking to Dr Garner. he tells her she's turning into a leader, and that's a good thing.

May is chopping veggies, quickly. Her father brings out a box with lots of May's memorabilia. Hunter finds May and she puts a knife to his throat LOL!

The secret door opens to a cavern, late 1800's Fitz finds a way to turn the lights on, and they start flipping switches. Coulson calls Mack and asks him to bring the monolith to them

Ward tosses the kid into a chair, demanding his banking passwords, telling his right hand to do whatever it takes to get the passwords.

Hunter and May. Hunter wants her help. she keeps refusing and he tells her how do you know that Ward wasn't behind May's father's accident. Good question. She still refuses and he gives her an envelope in case she changes her mind.

The obelisk arrives in England. Some more levers get flipped, and the Obelisk actually liquefies!! Something happens where Daisy is affected by the portal, BADLY affected. things start going haywire, Fitz fires a flare into the portal, and it just disappears. The machine falls apart, the obelisk solidifies and Daisy passes out with a nosebleed.
When Daisy wakes up, she says there was a pulsing sound, and Fitz says they need to fix it.

The kid is getting beaten up, but he gets the upper hand. Kid is VanStrucker, son of  someone that was powerful in Hydra.

May's father calls her out on her BS.

Ward and VanStrucker, he's letting him in on the Hydra rebuilding.

Fitz realizes that the machine was just sounding frequencies to open the portal. Daisy realizes what Fitz is talking about, and realizes that her power can open the portal on her own. OH SHIT! Fitz jumps in to the portal when Daisy gets it open! On the other side, he calls out for Gemma, and he finds her!! OMG! OHHHH THEY touched fingertips and Coulson pulled him back! He gets RIGHT THERE again, and when the portal closes The obelisk is busted to NOTHING.... OH MY GOD HE GOT HER! GEMMA!!!! HE GOT GEMMA!

Randolph has heard the word "Inhumans" before.

May gets called by her ex husband, told about Gemma being back. She's with Hunter.

Gemma bursts awake holding a weapon before she realizes she's safe and with Fitz. He lays her head down on his leg and closes her eyes again... AWWWWW

VanStrucker approachers May's ex husband about getting into his class, ahh fuck.

OOO Next week looks GOOD!!!

Loved the episode, Oh so satisfying to have Gemma safe!! :)

Dancing With the Stars Week 4 "Most Memorable Year"

Dancing With The Stars Week four, the stars' most memorable year. 

Alfonzo is filling in for Tom, something happened with his dad. 
Now this is going to be a powerful and tear jerking episode.  it was last year. 

1st dance: Alexa and Mark - Foxtrot to "Momma Said" her year is 2000 when she booked Spy Kids. It's a cute little story at the beginning, and Alexa is so freaking beautiful. She missed a step though LOL She's like WHUPS... oh well, keep it moving. LOL She looked way off though compared to last week. Scored 21/30

2nd dance: Gary and Anna - Jive to "That'll be the day" His year is 1979 when he starred in The Buddy Holly Story Jeeze he even forgot the opening, Anna had to direct him. Gary's dance... is Gary's dance. it's Busey for sure. Nothing really impressive. Scored 16/30

3rd dance: Tamar and Val - Rumba -- I missed the name of the song. 2012 - she almost lost her husband due to multiple blood clots in his lungs. sheesh!! He's accompanying on piano too. that's pretty cool. It's pretty, and well choreographed, but Tamar leaves me wanting. Carrie is near tears. Didn't impress me either. Scored 27/30

4th dance: Hayes and Emma - Contemporary to "Stitches"  2014 when he soared on The Vine. OHH it was so good! The lifts he did, WOW! Great job, Hayes! The judges are all awestruck. Julianne - "WHAT just happened?!" absolutely fantastic!! Scored 27/30 TOTALLY Deserved! 

5th dance: Alek and Lindsay - Paso Doble I know the song, but can't think of the title, it's a great song for his story.     2015 -- obvi. BUT.... then the shooting at UCC in Oregon. That would have been HIS college would he not have gone on DWTS. He would have been there if it wasn't for the show. It's scary to think! He's doing so GREAT! Now I want him in the top three and I think as long as he continues on this upward trend, he might be in the top two or three. INCREDIBLE!!! SUCH a great dance! Only thing wrong with it from the judges was slight technical issues but it was incredible. He's so stoic tonight. Scored 24/30 I think he deserved more!

6th dance: Nick and Sharna - Jazz to "Everybody(Backstreet's back) Year is 1992 when he joined BSB. I love this package!! Seeing AJ there during rehearsal makes me want to see him ON THE SHOW!!  WOW he's all in performance mode with the audience near their stage. YAAAAAAYYYY NICK!!! LOL Sharna kissing every boy band member. HAHAHA Nick commenting on her dress! "I like the dress... it's... it's beautiful." Scored 27/30

7th dance: Carlos and Witney - Waltz to "Amazing Grace" year 2012 It's when he met Alexa. AWWW This dance is really beautiful. Witney looks incredible.. OOOOO he stumbled a little. AWW Alexa is crying! Really really beautiful dance. Scored 25/30

OHHH the preview of Bindi's package.. that's got me crying. FUCK i'm gonna sob. 

8th dance: Paula and Louis - Cha Cha to "RESPECT". 1989 she got a divorce and started cooking. She does look fantastic. OHH She's doin good! Go Paula! WHUPS little misstep but she really did good! LOL AWW Julianne giving Paula a pep talk I love it! AWWW  Scored 18/30 she totally deserves better than that! LOL She's so funny! 

9th dance: Andy and Allison - Cha Cha to "Good to be alive" Memorable year 2009, When he found out his mom had breast cancer and she passed. Only 2 or 3 days to say goodbye. OHH.... My heart is with him. I love the song, love the dance! It was perfect :) Scored 23/30

10th dance: Bindi and Derek - Contemporary to "Every Breath you Take". I am going to bawl again. her dad passed in 2006. Her talking at the memorial... AWWW. YUP Here they come, I"m crying again. HEr story hit really close to home for me. Having just lost my father figure. The dance is so beautiful. And her sobbing on the dance floor. Ohhh I wanna hug her so tight. Scored 28/30. She ran up and hugged Bruno after he gave her the ten. 

Haha, Bruno fanning himself to keep from crying, I'm with him. Tears are still streaming. 

Elimination time. 

Bottom two.  Carlos and Witney and Gary and Anna. 

Ultimatesly Gary and Anna went home. Honestly it's about time. 

My heart hurt thinking that Carlos would go home. 

Next week is the switch up and Here's the teams for switch up week. 

Tamar and Louis
Nick and Witney
Paula and Mark
Andy and Sharna
Hayes and Allison
Bindi and Val
Alexa and Derek
Carlos and Lindsay
Alek and Emma

Gotham Recap Season 2 Episode 3

Gotham: Rise of the Villains. "The Last Laugh" 

So this is the first I'm watching, and the Mr said even HE heard about this episode and doesn't watch it, so this'll be a good one! Buckle up ladies and gents, let's go for this ride! 

We're given a recap of last week to start with. 

A man goes flying through a window, probably thrown by Jim. He and Harvey are interrogating people. Jim tells the new guy that if anyone helps or protects Jerome they're going down too. 

Tigress is strapping on her boot. Barbera goes over to her in a robe, ohh they're sleeping together. Theo comes in, having brought bagels. He tells her that his family built the city. Theo wants to punish those who wronged them. 

Video from what happened last week is all over the news. Harvey says they need to go see Penguin. Jim is all over this, damn. He is RILED up. Lee pulls him away and tells him that the children's hospital charity ball is that evening and he'll be pissed if he misses the magician. She tells Jim to kiss her, and Harvey interrupts saying they have Jerome's dad's address. 

In daddy's apartment, Tigress is there with Joker ohh boy. Joker's got a nice outift... WOW I really think he's studied Heath Ledger... this story telling. holy... Joker's setting up daddy to frame him to break him out of Arkham. Just as he's about to kill daddy, Jim and Harvey knock on the door. They hear the muffled scream, and Jim kicks the door down to reveal a knife in daddy's eye. Harvey moves daddy's hand and releases the gas that was used in Arkham. Joker appraoches and taunts a little, but Tigress calls him off. 

At the gala, Bruce is there with Alfred. He's talking to Lee, and then he sees Selena in the foyer. he goes to talk to her, but she brushes him off. 

Barbera and Theo are attending the ball together. Theo tells her that he's going to give the city exactly what it wants, a hero. That night, he's gonna give them one. HMM

Back at the Gala Jerome is in costume, and is now covering for the magician, whom is tied up and put in a trunk. 

AYIA this quick little scenes!! 

Theo is talking to the deputy mayor. the Deputy mayor asks for some sort of information, Tigress says "He's a monster in the sack" after being introduced as his sister. the look on his face LOL 
Alfred is talking to Lee, and asking her to dinner! LOL Lee is the MC for the night. She introduces "the Great Rudolpho." OHH SHIT Barbera is the assistant! OMG make her Harley! MAKE HER HARLEY! He wants a volunteer, and points at Bruce. Its' the saw in half trick... Alfred is kinda freaking out then it jumps. 

Jim is at the station with Harvey. He's telling Harvey to go home. Jim says even with all that planted evidence, he doesn't believe daddy broke Jerome out. Jim agrees to go to Penguin the next morning. 

At the Gala. Barbera leads Bruce back to Alfred and Lee, and Lee notices something off when Barbera blows a kiss. they get the deputy mayor up on the stage, and she starts to say something to Alfred when barbera bows again, her mask falls off, and reveals that it is indeed her. Lee immediately calls Jim, and is able to get out that Barbera is there and maybe Jerome, she gets chloroformed. 
Jerome says "By the way no one is getting out of here alive." everyone thinks it's a joke, but he throws one of his knives right into the deputy mayor's chest, killing him. HOLY FUCK Alfred is a bad ass!!!! Bruce sees Selena and chases after her. He loses sight of her for a moment, then she appears from behind a curtain and pulls Bruce back with her. 
Jerome calls Jim from Lee's phone giving him a laundry list of things he wants, and gives him ten minutes or he starts killing people. Theo stands up, being the hero. WOW... talk about overacting. If Jim didn't see through that he's really an idiot. 
Selena and Bruce are getting out of there, Bruce tells her he's gotta go back for Alfred. She refuses to go back and he tells her he misses her. 
Selena gets out and Jim sees her she's just like "oh." 
Jerome has an audience member on stage with an apple on his head being the clown. Barbera taunts Lee. Lee's a badass. Jerome is ready to kill his first victim and tries calling bruce. Since he can't find bruce he'll kill Alfred instead. Jim stops Bruce from going out. He runs out anyway with a gun in his jacket so Alfred can take it. Jim comes in and he and Alfred have Joker at gunpoint..... WHAT THE FUCK. Theo stabs Jerome in the neck! He goes down with a smile on his face. Barbera escapes. 

How... what... huh.... Joker can't be DEAD ALREADY! DA FUQ?!

At Penguin's place, he's watching the broadcast on the news. Harvey goes to see him. Harvey asks about the favor Jim did for Penguin. He tells him if he's going after Jim, Penguin's gotta go through him. 

Back at the gala, Jim tells Bruce that he was very brave, but that his parents would have been proud. Alfred thanks Theo, and he and Bruce both pretty much say that they're indebted to him, which probably is exactly what he wanted. Jim makes sure she's okay and says "Kiss me." she does and Alfred sees going 'Oh bugger." when to Bruce - "You knew didn't you?!" HAHAHA cute end. 

Jim pulls the tape down from Essen's office. 

Theo and Barbera. She's coming on to Theo, and Tigress sees. probably not a good idea.

The broadcast shows all over the news, and people starting to laugh maniacally. a couple of people stab a homeless man on the street, then one turns on the other. 

Is Jerome really dead? A part of me doesn't think so. but WTF!!!! 

Next week Michael Chicklis is on!! YEE! I'm excited! 

Trailer for Monday's episode: 

I think it's gonna be a good one! This season is extremely interesting, and my GAWD I really want Barbera to end up as Harley, she'd be so good at it!! 

Once Upon a Time "The Price"

Once Upon a Time Season five episode two, "The Price" 

Let me start by saying that I absolutely LOVED this episode. I've watched it once already, but it's queued up for the first recap this week :) 

The dwarves are at the town line, a stoned sneezy on top of their van. They need to find a way out and what happens when you leave this time around. They're too scared of Emma as the Dark One. Dopey is nominated to cross the line to see what happens, and even tho Regina, David and Snow arrive to stop them he still goes. Everything seems fine at first, once he crosses, but then the ground crakcs, and leaves swirl around him, turning him into a tree. 
Regina: "Well that's new"

You ain't kiddin. 

In Camelot - 6 weeks ago - We get to see Gwenevire. She is freaking beautiful. There's been a ball prepared for their arrival. Zelena wants the cuff taken off of her or she'll tell Arthur that he just welcomed the Dark One into his castle. Regina holds up her hand, cutting off her speech, and Robin standing beside her gets a proud/amused look on his face as Regina says "What's that sis? I can't hear you." She tells Zelena to play along and he be mute handmaiden or she gets tied up in Granny's. Killian wants to know where Merlin is, and we see a large tree where Merlin is trapped. The prophecy he made said the Savior will free him. Emma is about to step up, then Regina steps forward, claiming to be the Savior. 

Present Day - Killian goes to see Belle asking about True Love's kiss, and why it didn't work. I love the quote from her "It is far easier to hate the Dark One, than to love one." 

Henry summons Emma to the harbor wanting to know what happened, and he apologizes for failing her. She says Henry didn't fail her, every one else did. Regina comes and interrupts. Emma taunts Regina saying she can't be the Savior. And if she believes she can be it, she'd really better hope so because there's a problem coming that only a savior can solve. 

Leroy and Happy in town, talking about Dopey as a tree when three riders approach, Hmm. Looks like Arthur came over too. The dwarves bring Arthur to the town hall where Regina, David, and Snow are. They confess that they lied to Arthur. and the great, fantastic news that Emma's got her dagger. Robin comes in saying that some of Arthur's subjects were brought to Storybrooke too. Regina wonders what the problem is, because it certainly can't be the knights. 

6 weeks ago - Regina and Emma in Merlin's tower. Regina explains why she stepped up, because Emma would have been expected to use magic to free Merlin, dark magic, and that wouldn't have been good for anyone. 

Present - They've set up camp for Arthur's followers. Regina's worried that she can't step up and be who the town needs her to be, and Robin is sweet as ever with her. 
Gwenevire finds Arthur, and we see that Excalibur is gone. David says that if it's in Storybrooke they'll find it. 
Robin is gathering wood, when some creepy ass creature descends and nabs Robin to Roland screaming "DADDY!" AWWWW little baby hobbit. That kid is so adorable, I wanna squeeze him! 
Killian goes to Emma's bug, and Emma goes to him, then brings him to a large house. it belongs to Emma. She invites him in. He says he's surprised she invited him in, and she gives him a look saying "Just because I'm the dark one doesn't mean we can't still be together." He kisses her, but TLK didn't work. Killian is just heartbroken. She says she's tried of talking, and Killian pulls away from her saying that's not who he is anymore. 
Regina, Snow, David, Arthur, and Leroy are chasing the creature, she's fighting it with fire, but it knocks her away she starts bleeding, and it grabs Robin and flies away again. Snow insists she see a doctor. Not that she doesn't beleive in her, but she needs to take care of herself first. 

6 weeks ago - a knight approaches Regina, giving her a necklace saying that Arthur would be honored if she'd wear it to the ball. 
Everyone's getting ready for the ball. Snow and David are ready, and Snow looks beautiful!!! Regina says she's not going to the ball, Snow presses her as to why, and Regina finally confesses that she doesn't know how to dance. Snow offers to teach her, and David offers his hand. Snow says she needs to wear a dress first, and she shifts to her evil queen garb. Snow says maybe she should go a bit less evil, and OH MY GAWD she looks BEAUTIFUL. SO PRETTY! David gets ready with her, and starts dancing with her, it's so sweet, I love this scene so much. 
But the knight that gave her the necklace has been listening in the whole time. They're in trouble.... 

Snow is helping Emma get ready. and it's so sweet. Snow talking about her first ball. I love it so much when Emma calls Snow mom. Emma's gown is so pretty. When Regina is introduced/presented, Robin looks so proud of her :) 

Present - Regina is blaming Rumple who is still in a coma for making her the evil queen. Belle found what the creature is. It's a Fury, sent to collect a life because someone used magic and didn't pay up. Belle tells her there's a small portal when the Fury can take him to the underworld, but it's not as easy to stop it. A life has to be given in exchange. 

6 weeks ago - Leroy talks to Belle, and says that he looks at her rose and sees hope and I love it. He and Belle dance :) Snow calls David's attention to Henry staring at a girl. "Uh oh, first crush... I'm on it." LOL! David tells Henry, just to go over and introduce himself, he's from another land, mysterious and intriguing, and to use it. So cute! Henry pulls out his Ipod after an awkward exchange, and shares music with her it's so sweet!! The music bleeds into the scene with everyone dancing, and I freaking love this scene so much. Robin and Regina dancing together. They look so happy. awww. One of the knights cuts in -- the one that gave the necklace, and while they dance, he tells her of a story of a boy who witnessed his village be burned to the ground, and a woman looked at him while she walked away and smiled at him. He tells her he knows she's the evil queen and tries to kill her. a little fight breaks out and OH FUCK. Robin is injured. First time I saw it I literally gasped. David does save him by killing the knight, but it doesn't look good for Robin. 

Present - Regina goes to Emma. Emma says that Regina was the one that didn't pay the price, Emma didn't summon the fury, and if she wants to be the savior she needs to step up and do what needs to be done.

6weeks ago - Regina can't heal Robin, the sword was enchanted to kill her. Regina begs Emma to save Robin. When she steps up to do it, she sees Rumple. He tells her she needs to take a price. There's always the price, it's the rules of the dark one. Emma uses her magic to heal Robin, once she does it, Emma grabs hold of Killian and kisses him really passionately. She says she feels woosy and wants to lay down. Once she leaves the chamber she sees Rumple, and he accuses her of liking the power. And if she didn't like it then why didn't her kiss with Killian stop her turning gold. 

Present - The Fury has Robin by the pond, and begins taking his soul. Regina intercepts and says if she wants a life to take hers instead. Snow won't let her do it alone, and takes her hand, then David, Leroy and Arthur all take hands , the fury drawing on their souls until it's overwhelmed and banished. AMAZING scene. truly amazing. I was moved to tears. Robin comes too and says "Looks like you found a few believers." Leroy tells her that it was good of her to stand up against the monster, and it proves that if anyone is going to save the town, it's her. 
At Granny's everyone seems to be gathered and celebrating except Killian. Belle sits next to him and they talk. He tells her he's not giving up on Emma. The girl from Camelot that Henry was crushing on is there, standing in front of the jukebox. Henry plays a song, the same one from earlier in the episode. She says that she thinks she's heard the song before. He name is Violet. Emma is watching from a distance, 

6 weeks ago - Regina confesses that she is the evil queen, but Arthur tells her Camelot is a place for second chances and she still lets everyone believe she's the savior. Arthur and Gwenevire goes to him in the room with the round table. she's scared by our group. Arthur knows that the dagger is the tip of Excalibur and he'll get it. 

Present - Emma is in her home looking at the dagger. Rumple is there. She tells him she embraced the darkness, he shouldn't be there. He tells her there's work to be done, -- cue little montage as rumple speaks, telling her there's something that's always held the dark one back. Over it, Regina releases Sneezy from the stone. Down in Emma's basement, she has Excalibur in the stone. She can make it whole again and use it to snuff out the light. She tries to pull the sword out of the boulder, but it blasts her back. Rumple gives his characteristic giggle, and tells her that if she wants the sword she's gotta pay the price. 

Next week -- here's a preview: 

It scares me!! This episode was SO GOOD. I loved it. It's a promising start to this season, just please please please don't let it be a cheesy end where everyone is all happy and laughing. There needs to be consequences to this storyline!!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sleepy Hollow Season 3 Premiere!

I am so excited for this episode!

Sleepy Hollow season 3 premiere!! :)

Episode 1 is titled "I, Witness"

Okay, well this episode starts out with a very big bang. The Horseman of Death is riding through the woods when a hooded woman appears -- Pandora. She begins to sing, and the horseman is trapped within a box. She opens it and tells whatever is in it that she's given it the power of death, and now she wants fear in return. It manifests --- a demon, and she tells it, "We've got work to do."

In the city, Abbie cracks a kid in the face with a trash can lid, she's chasing down a lead on a case. I like her new short hair :) She's an FBI agent now :) NICE! She gets a phone call, and then we see her in immigration, where she finds Ichabod. They haven't spoken in 9 months. and Abbie's pissed. Even Crane has shorter hair! He's wearing Katrina's necklace, the one that's linked to Abraham. it cracked, the energy is drained. Abbie gets him out, and I love him getting dressed again :) HAHA he gives his cell mate the ghetto peace sign HAHAHA

couple of men are shooting beer cans, they get into a little scuffle, and one goes into the house in a huff. he's heard screaming a moment later. the second guy goes to investigate, and finds his friend ripped apart. OH DEAR INDEED it was a demon  damn.

HEHE Abbie doesn't like Crane calling her Agent. He tells her that he tried looking for descendants of his, so he went to Scotland where he found what seemed to be a burial like for an urn in the family tomb. inside was a tablet that had 4000 year old Sumerian engraved on it. He began to translate it and it started with "The legend of Sleepy Hollow..." He says it in such a serious voice, and Abbie starts cracking up laughing.

At the cabin, Abbie says the theory is an animal attack but Abbie knows better, there's no predators in the area. Abbie goes off into another area, and Crane heads to the surrounding land. where he finds a print in the mud. he sprinkles dragon's breath on it, which he says the spanish inquisition used to determine demonic activity. and if there is any, it'll heat up. The damn thing not only heats up, but shoots a bright blue flame about three feet into the air. To which Crane confirms, Evil has returned to Sleepy Hollow.

All this before the credits. Which still is nothing short of amazing. Tom is the only credited male!! I'm so excited to see Nikki Reed as Betsy Ross!! This is going to be one hell of a season.

Abbie brings Crane to Westchester FBI HQ. He tells her how impressed he was. she says that she had been on her way there before all the craziness (Of season 1 and 2) and it feels really good to be there. I think she means to have him back too. hehehe ICHABBIE! Her Superior comes in and she introduces Crane to him. At the mention of his name, the SO is like uhh... huh.... LOL the expression is great. Crane reminds her that they have a bigger purpose than just taking down a drug ring like she is with the FBI, and she tells him that he went looking for a purpose and now he's conveniently found one in the tablet. Crane insists that the bible tells of the two witnesses taking on seven tribulations, The death of Mollak was the end of the first, this could be the beginning of the second.
A girl from forensics comes in to give Abbie the file on the results of the hunters, and she cannot take her eyes off Ichabod LOL

They go back to the archives, and everything's been sheeted over. He looks almost affronted about it. It's been scheduled for demolition, and Crane is heart broken. AHH JENNY!!! She appears and gives him a big hug. They don't know where Irving's gone.

To Pandora she's chanting a rhyme, maybe a spell? she goes to a pool of water where she reveals the hunters' fear filled death faces, takes some of the water saying how "they don't know how powerful their fear is. I want more." She pours the water over a dead plant, and it starts to come back to life.

In the archives, Abbie, Jenny, and Crane are still searching, and Abbie gets emailed the results of the residue. It's Mercury Sulfide, otherwise known as cinebar. -- I have NO CLUE if I spelled that right.-- it's used in artifacts, and certain demons were supposed to have hides that secreted it. including a Yaogoi -- which reminds me of Once.
In the journal of Benjamin Franklin's journal it's said that at the battle of Bunker Hill they confronted a red devil. the tides didn't turn until Washington had a message delivered to the battlefield, done by one of his most trusted operatives... YEEE it's NIKKI!!! -- Betsy Ross. It's obvious that Betsy and Crane had a thing, to which he replies "There may have been moments." Yeah she was a forward woman, I like her!! She kissed Ichabod before racing the message to the commander. HAHA Jenny's got the message. She's gotten really good at finding items. She's tracked it down to a place called Coloniel Times.

They go, and OHHHH Crane is affronted once again LOL HAHA The guy that greets them speaks in HORRIBLE old english and he chastises him, then spins the hat he wears around saying "The corner goes in the FRONT. You're not a pirate!" Abbie steals the pouch, which the message isn't in it, but Betsy has created a cypher inside. She offers to drop Crane off at the archives, insisting she needs to take down the drug ring, not all evil is supernatural.

Pandora is out walking, an officer pulls alongside her, and asks is she's alright, she's definitely suspicious. in a moment she's in old clothes, period stuff, and the next she's modernly dressed. She's headed to Sleepy Hollow.

Jenny is at the Archives, going through a box labelled Jenny/Corbin. jenny tells Crane it's good to have him back. It's drawn by aggression and gunpowder. Jenny asks where Abbie is, and Crane tells her, and she makes him realize that they're angry people with guns going against other angry people with guns.

Sure enough, at the take down the Yaogoi is present, and working its magic. OO it kills Abbie's superior. she comes in and shoots it and it takes off.

In the archives, Abbie explains that the monster's eyes turn white, which explains the phrase, "Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes!" The drug ring leader is in a stand off and they call Abbie.
Abbie goes in and talks Lorenzo down, She explains that she's a witness and it's her job to take all the monsters down, it's her mission. she's able to distract him so the hostages can get away, which causes Lorenzo to start shooting wildly, luring the Yaogoi in.
Outside, Jenny and Crane see it and work to distract it to follow after then, Jenny freaking shoots the damned thing.
back in Abbie gets Lorenzo taken down, while the Yaogoi goes after Crane. SHIT she started his magic, and Jenny slipped, missing her shot. As it goes after Crane, Abbie shoots and gets rid of it.

They're back at customs they get the tablet back, and find out that there's two pieces to it.  They're at a bar, where Jenny keeps giving them free beers, Crane chugs the whole bottle down. Pandora trips into Abbie. HAHA Crane plays Jay-z's hard Knock life.

A BOMBSHELL of a first episode for season one, setting things up nicely within the Sleepy Hallow world, I LIKE IT! :D

I'm glad to see more of Jenny too. She definitely needs to be more active on screen rather than a side character.

Heroes Reborn Episode 2

Heroes Reborn Episode 2/3 "Under the Mask"

Thankfully a quick little recap from last week, reminding us of the June 13th disaster of which Mohinder took the fall for (Still want to know WHY) and the events of the premiere.

We actually open with a butterfly following behind Malina walking on the snow. She has someone who is invisible with her. there's a storm brewing, and though you don't get to see her power, she lifts her hands and the storm dissipates, leaving behind an aurora which then it too dissipates. The invisible woman with her tells her that whether or not she's ready, the world may soon need her power, because the storms will get worse.

Noah and Quentin -- Odessa Texas
They're stealing a pickup truck. Quentin is complaining about getting shot, but noah assures him he'll sew Quentin up.

Luke and Joanne
Going through Noah's files. She's all gung ho about taking out Evos, but Luke looks irritated. He goes to turn the channel, and the car fritzes out, stopping and won't restart. Joanne complains that it's going to get hot, and Luke looks confused up at the sky and says "Yeah I'm burnin' up already" while taking off his jacket.

Tokyo -
Miko in the Yamagoto tower, being her badass self where we left off last week. She is kicking some serious ass, when a black man named Harris(Prime) comes up and tells her to surrender. He's definitely better than she is. He takes the sword and tells her it isn't hers. OO he knows it's Hiro's!!

A private jet waits for the gambler and he and his dark haired friend pulls Molly from the car. Harris apparently is their boss. Gambler isn't allowed on the plane, and Molly is fighting like hell screaming that they don't know what's really going on, they tranq her and it's lights out.

Erica Kravid - CEO of the Renautas Group -- whups on the spelling last week -- Is in a meeting. She says that they will be unveiling Epic soon, whatever that is. a pair of glasses, that maybe unveils Evos? Harris comes in and shows Erica the sword. They don't understand how she's the game developer's daughter, and he indeed does know it's Hiro's sword.

Carlos - Los Angeles.
He takes a picture from the board, telling Juan that he has things to take care of, and not to worry about the shop's books.

Tokyo -
Ren goes to the Yamagato Tower. Harris has the sword, and Erica tells him to get information from Miko no matter what the cost. Ren is a good pickpocket wow! LOL

Quentin and Noah - they're at the hospital, and Noah tells Quentin to tell the nurse it was a construction accident, and that it was a nail gun. He turns and starts to pace when Quentin goes back, and sees a Dr Moore, who saw him on June 13th. Moore tells him to wait right where he is, he'll be right back, goes to a phone to call security -- Ohh boy-- and when he turns around, of course, Noah is gone.

Carlos - staking out a police station, watching a certain officer leaving. he follows after him. They're interrogating a woman who is badly banged up. they want to know about the underground railroad. He pushes her out a window, and she's one that can fly. Carlos of course makes a noise and the other two dirty cops give chase. OO The priest is waiting for them, and grabs him turning them to smoke to hide him. HAHA he doesn't appreciate it too much.

Harris goes to Miko who is making origami dragons. Ren is sneaking through the halls, I presume to find Miko.

Odessa --
Quentin comes out and Noah is missing. Noah is in what looks like a basement and grabs a guard telling him he wants to see the security footage of when he apparently took down a guard the year before.

Luke and Joanne -- a diner.
She wants to get a Semi and is makeing light of their situation. Luke wants to stop and just go home. After a moment, he says to go to LA. He starts cutting his steak, and the knife heats up to glow red... awww sheeit he's an evo!! And I really don't like Joanne. She's such an entitled bitch!

Noah's got the guard and is looking at security footage. The footage keeps skipping around like a time traveller. Noah mentions Hiro. Ohh he's in the morgue with Claire. Noah was getting Molly out of there... wow. Quentin gets Noah and tells him they gotta get out of there.
In the truck, Noah's going over everything that he knows and just found out.

She wakes up on the plane with the dark haired woman and tells her if she thinks that the gambler was just detained and held off the plane he's mistaken. They'll kill him or worse, keep him to figure out how to turn his powers into an app.

OOHHH hold up. "Do you have your 'father's' power, or are you just his best work?" There was an accident that made her forget everything. He brings out some blades and says he's going to spur her memory with them. She goes into defense mode and fights back getting the cleaver from him and cuts off his damned HAND! Holy jesus. OOOO he can regenerate! HOLY SHIT and there's two of them! He can clone himself?! DA FUQ? outside, Ren shows Miko Erica's picture, and she makes the decision to go to America after her.

Joanne and Luke --
they've got a different car, he tells her to go check in. He goes around the corner and in the sunlight his new power goes NUTS and he starts heating up ridiculously hot.

He fights with his mom about going over to Brad's to play video games, and NICE he's got a hang of his powers :D He tells her about the texts he's been getting to warn him, and she tells him he's not leaving the house. He says "Oh yeah?" and teleports himself to the hallway and heads out.
At the party, Brad's showing off Tommy, getting him accepted into the crowd.

Midian, CO at the Epic launch preview. Noah and Quentin slip in. Quentin is freaking out and Noah punches him in the bad arm. Quentin's just like "I hate you. I hate you so much!" Noah's just like "yeah I know." LOL!!! Dark girl is calling Gambler's phone, but he's not picking up, I definitely think Molly planted a seed here. Noah takes out the guards, and tries to get Molly to go with him, but she refuses, acting terrified of him. She tells him there's too much at risk and won't go with him. SHe turns and races down the hall, around the corner... and right into Harris's hands.

Tommy --
He offers to walk Emily home, and it shows the Penny Man watching over him. A gun is suddenly pressed to his neck, and it's momma. Ohhh she's a tiger mom. Penny man tells her he's holding up his end of the bargain, and that she knows that the world will be needing his power soon... hmmmm. but the mom is found out by Tommy, and drags him to the car.

East LA --
Flying girl is with a bunch of other EVOs, Carlos has followed the policeman who tagged her to the warehouse, and tells them to get out and get to the priest -- he's dressed in the vigilante costume. They scatter as the officer comes in, and they leave a laptop open on the table. HOlllyyy... Carlos starts fighting the officer, but the officer has super strength, holy  SHIT. To get away Carlos takes a leap out a window, staggering off, SHIT. Not my Ryan! NOOO

They're putting Molly into a chair, and she's fighting them seriously hard. Harris(One of them) is in the arctic circle. Dark haired girl's name is Taylor, and is Erica's DAUGHTER... She wants to know where Francis-- gambler is and Erica dodges it. She says "one of us, one of them does not mean the bedroom." bennet is watching behind the screen. DAMN... they plug Molly into a computer, and yup it's a tracking system , and DAMN it looks like it's killing her. Erica puts on the glasses, and finds an unregistered evo in the room. In the Artic the invisible woman tells Malina that they're running out of time. Noah tells Quentin they've got to get to Molly, free her, and destroy the technology.

He asks mom about the Penny Man. he knows his mom wants to pick up and move. Mom is freaking out, and runs a red light. a little down the road, they're hit, and hit BADLY...

To be continued...

AHHHHH NExt Thursday, HIRO'S ON!!!!! YAYYY!!! Fantastic episode tonight, in the preview for next week seen above, Malina's power looks like some kind of shock wave. I'm so excited, words to no express it properly. I'm loving this chapter of Heroes, and I really hope we get a second season out of it!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 premiere.

Season 3 Episode 1 "Laws of Nature"

The season three premiere is here for Agents! I'm so excited, but starting off before the episode starts, lemme just say I'm a little irritated with the "Inhumans" thing... If this were truly Marvel, and IF Marvel hadn't sold their rights to the X-men to Fox, We would have Mutants instead. This irritates me, just like it irritated me that Coulson said they'd never heard of Psychics before, and I railed at the TV that Fury did! Fury is supposed to know about Charles Xavier through Logan/Wolverine. Because Fury recruited Wolverine. so major *FACEPALM* before the show even starts.

HOWEVER I will take it because that means more Marvel awesomeness delivered straight to my TV :D

Starting off tonight's episode, it looks... pretty bad. solid ashes of someone's legs, things on fire, and a man on the streets. He leans against a scaffolding and it like... melts under his touch. Big SUVs pull up, men out, guns drawn. Dude gets agitated and the guns melt and car melts, and he takes off. He hides in an alley, and just as the men see him, the trash cans behind the melty guy start shaking, three of the officers are thrown back, and than a police cruiser after then, pan to reveal SKYE!/Daisy... whatever she's going by now... She's there with HER team, that includes Mack. She assures him, after introducing herself as Daisy... shoulda stayed Skye, UGH. that she means him no harm, she's going to help him and she's been through this once before. They put him in a capsule that rockets him into the sky. The team is gone too from the alley when the officers emerge. The pod goes up in a large SHIELD jet.

A woman pulls up (I recognize her from a show I watched this summer.) She wants a clean up, chastises lead officer man on the fact that helicopters caught the whole thing. Coulson is on the ground, takes a picture of the woman with a cell phone, and walks away.

On the SHIELD jet, the team leaves Daisy with Joey in the pod. She tells him she'll help him tells him that the box he's in is customized specifically for him so he's safe in there and they're safe from him. She says he needs to calm down and get some rest, and he thanks her for not letting "those guys, ya know... shoot me." Daisy asks is he takes vitamins or fish oil every day, to which he says no, but that one, the fish oil specifically makes me cock my head and go, .... huh?
When Daisy turns, Coulson's there, says it's the third one that month, but that they've lost a few of them to the black ops guys. But the new plane can stay in the air for days at a time, so responding to the new inhumans can be rapid.
Daisy: "You loooove your new toy, don't you?"
Coulson: "I very much love my new toy."
Inhumans have been disappearing, the black ops group have beaten them to the last 5 emergences.

Mysterious woman in what possibly looks like a hotel. Ohh there's the disappeared inhumans, six of them on tables. OOOHHH one dude's got a hole in his chest, -- heart missing?

SHIELD jet landing, with Bobbie. Joey tells her not to say anything about him, because she can't know him. Bobbie then informs him that she does - in fact- know him quite well, right down to the fact that he's gay. She only looked at his facebook page LOL!!

Lance, Coulson, and Mack, talking about the woman, she's been in the CIA, MI6, consultant for the CDC all under different aliases. Coulson keeps calling Daisy Skye, LMAO.

Daisy and Mack go to talk to Joey. Daisy breaks it down and tells him he's got Alien DNA and that the Teragen (Did I spell that right?) that was released into the ecosystem activates it. Joey starts cracking up laughing, obviously in disbelief at what she's saying. Daisy says that she can't let him go back to his old life, ever. Mack turns on the news feed, which shows Joey that he cannot go back, there's a man hunt for him and he will not be safe if he goes out there. People have been "Twitchy" since the events of (to us) Winter Soldier and the fall of SHIELD (I refuse, for quick typing purposes to put the dots in there.) Joey starts to freak out and the clipboard Mack is holding starts to melt. Daisy tells him to calm down, buthe doesn't, so she fires off an energy blast at him, knocking him into the wall, shaking the whole plane.

Bobbie has been looking at the Monolith, studying it. No one has been in the room with it since Simmons was swallowed up by it -- which BTW I'm still in shock over. Bastards-- Coulson asks her if the shaking is readings from it, Bobbie just calm as ever goes "Nope, that was Daisy firing off a warning shot." Fish Oil has been releasing the Teragen. It's all been in sea life -- thus the fish oil. Bobbie calls in Fitz, saying she can't cover for him anymore. Hmm wonder what he's up to.

He's in Tangier, Morocco. before cut to commercial he hangs up and says "One last thing." Good to see he seems to have gotten his mind back, I figured it would have shattered further seeing Gemma be swallowed up by that thing. Taxi driver tells Fitz he shouldn't go in there alone. Fitz demands that he wants to see the man in charge, and won't take no for an answer. He gets a little too "big for his britches" as my grandma would say, and gets hooded, and probably kidnapped.

Back on the plane, Mack asks Bobbie if they've lost Fitz again. "It's always one more lead" The gun is a prototype, palm detection in the handle. Mack says it might be DARPA.

Back to Fitz. The leader.... is it the taxi driver? Da Fuq? HOly Jesus, Fitz is a man on a mission, He's traced the monolith back centuries... Millenia possibly, and how there was a bunch of artifacts with it, all useless except for one. A casing that hold a scroll that tells exactly what the monolith is and what it does. But this guy and his men took it when they ransacked a museum in Iraq. fitz wants it, and wants it BAD. Leader man brings out the scroll, and Fitz opens the case, offering the guy giving them weapons!!! HOLY FUCK. SHIELD technology. HA they were just flash bombs. He snatches the scroll and gets the hell out of there.

Mack, Daisy, and Coulson, Daisy says she wants to bring Lincoln in to help out the Inhumans intake. Coulson approves it. Bobbie finds a routine on mystery woman. Only time she's alone is on a subway train. Coulson takes Lance with him, and approaches DARPA mystery woman... annnnnd of course it's all a set up. they're handcuffed and she tells Coulson to call her Roslynd (Roslyn?) Its the name she went by at NASA. Roslynd says she's detaining Coulson.

Lincoln is working in a hospital where Daisy and Mack find him. Lincoln tells her he won't take orders from anyone, that he doesn't believe their powers are a gift, they're a curse, and he won't help them. Mack looks like he's trying to instigate something. ooh boy, this'll end well.

back to Coulson and Roslynd on the train. Apparently there's been bodies showing up, corpses following behind Inhumans popping up. "Looks like they've been hit with an energy blast." she accuses Coulson of killing people, but of course, he doesn't condone that, so is she projecting blame? She says it's not her group either, and wants to know if neither of us are killing these people, who the hell is? -- says the woman with a man on a gurney and his heart ripped out....

Lincoln is NOT happy about Mack grabbing his arm. Lincoln tells Mack "You know what I"m capable of." then the lights start going crazy. but it isn't him that's doing it. OHHHH FUCK. the creepy alien thing! That the hell is THAT?! he's looking for the inhumans. Creepy thing races for the group, but Lincoln fires off electricity at him, Daisy puts out a shock wave and Mack unloads a clip. Creepy guy blasts a hole through a wall and gets away. Daisy wants to go after him, Mack says he's gonna need a bigger gun... "Or an axe. or a shotgun. or a shotgun axe combo." HAHAHA! Police are being called.

Both Roslynd and Coulson get a call at the same time, Coulson uses it as a way to get he and Lance free. Good move man!

Back at the hospital they're following after Creepy thing. he lays a diversion, and goes after mack first, both Lincoln and Daisy fire off their powers, but creepy thing is pushed back only so long before it starts coming for him. Daisy opens the floor so it falls through, but when they go back downstairs its gone. Police have arrived, and Daisy pleads for Lincoln to come with them, he refuses and runs off. Mack tells her they really need to get out of there.

Lance is back on the Jet, Bobbie's in the locker room of sorts. Apparently they've been having very regular sex, and she asked for her wedding band back. He wants to be back with her, open and everything but she's not sure. before a decision is made, Mack gets all of them. the president is making an announcement about the "Alien threat" talking about events in the MCU, I LOVE how they tie the show in with the movies!! Over this, Mack is helping a sketch artist digitally render the creepy thing, he tells the girl "Bigger." Roslynd is in the hospital looking at the damage, and sees a photo of Lincoln pulled up, showing the police who the inhuman was I'm guessing. The president is saying he's been ordered to create a task force, the Advanced Threat Containment Unit or ATCU. they are given full license to act as they need to. Coulson's computer starts going off, giving a projection of the teragen dispersal. In 17 months and 21 days, it will be completely over the whole world.
Joey is watching in his room. I think he's finally accepting that he can't go back.

Fitz is back, and Coulson is just standing there watching. Fitz says the monolith can warp space/time. that it's like a black hole. On the scroll is hebrew, one word. means "Death" Dammit it means Gemma is gone. May has been on vacation. Coulson tells Fitz that he needs to let go and move on, he needs to say goodbye because it's what Gemma would want them to do. He says okay, but I don't think it's okay. Fitz..... Fiiiiiiiitz what are you DOING?! it's going into the room with a shot gun... FITZ! Going near the monolith.... NO FITZ .... he's yelling at it and punching it screaming "DO SOMETHING!" but nothing happens.

DAMMIT my shows need to stop doing this to me!

A barren wasteland, someone's running... OMG IT"S GEMMA!!! she digs into the sand to get wet sand to put over a cut on her forehead and peaks around a large boulder There's a weird halo around a moon, and she takes off running again.

Preview for the rest of the season -- "A teammate trapped on the other side of the universe" HOLY SHIT.
"A villain on the rise." Ward gets out of a car, and it flashes to the hydra symbol.

WHEW.... Another roller coaster ride on this one too. Yup. I think my shows are going to kill me this year!