Wednesday, October 14, 2015

American Horror Story: Hotel "Checking In"

Okay, so I finally watched the episode last night... I wanted to watch first, because that show, you really can't look away lest you miss something that might be vital to the show. 

I can't possibly bring myself to watch the premiere again. 

From a vampiric Lady Gaga and Matt Bomer gettin' down and bloody, to a highly religious, every kind of drugs, even anxiety and anti-depressant medications are bad mm-kay Kathy Bates, to the "is she or isn't she dead" Sarah Paulson... Put on top of that creepy white blond kids running the halls, some creature that smells like death that was sewed up in a mattress, and a... THING with a spike strap on dildo thing that fucks men to death... 

There are no words for the premiere. 

Within the first twenty minutes I was cursing FX on demand for not allowing me to skip past the druggie getting ass raped to death and Sarah Paulson's character, Sally, Telling him to say I love you and it'll stop... My stomach was turning at the druggies screams, I wanted to cry, and my GOD... Freak show was ridiculous and the opening credits terrified me to the point of my staring wide eyed at the screen wondering what the hell I'd just seen, but I desperately wanted my skip option in those two minutes of.... no words... none. I just wanted it to be over. 

Lady Gaga's character definitely had me intrigued, so does the detective, and Sally. 

The rest... the thing ass raping people... I... I hope by everything good in this world we're not subjected to that again. I can't stomach seeing that again, I really can't. Yes. I'm a wuss, but that was hardcore shock value. 

I think the premiere definitely set the stage for the next twelve - thirteen episodes. Nothing is out of reach for the writers this season. I will be continuing to watch, and thankfully the DVR is set to record so if one of those harrowing scenes pops up again, I can skip right past it. 

Let me know what you thought of AHS in the comments before tonight's episode! 

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