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Heroes Reborn Episode 4 "The Needs of Many"

Heroes: Reborn Episode 4 "The Needs of Many" 

Coming off last week I'm almost scared to see what'll happen, especially to Molly, the poor girl, everything she's been through in her life and now being used, as a friend put it, as a Cerebro on crack. The poor girl :( 

We open on the wreck Tommy was involved in before we went to black last time. She tried getting him to leave, but he wouldn't, instead he teleported her to a hospital. 

DAMN.... Joanne killed an Evo in cold fucking blood. She was all excited about the way his body crumpled. AWW the family dog came downstairs, and laid down with his body.... That breaks my heart. Luke is definitely having second thoughts, he's trying to talk to some sense into Joanne, but it's not working. 

Artic circle, the invisible woman is Muslim, she was praying. After rolling up the mat, she comes across a monarch butterfly, frozen to death. She pulls out a compass and finds it spinning erratically. Malina asks if it's time to head south, and that she's ready. She pick up the butterfly, and simply blows on it and brings it back to life. then below her on the hill are LOTS of them coming back to life. What the hell IS her power?! 

Tokyo, Ren and Miko are headed to America, he puts out a video from his phone telling all his subscribers -- over a million, and followers to dress up as their favorite character and meet them outside of Renautas in Midian. 

To which, we jump there with Noah and Quinten. They're looking for a way to get in. 

Juan and Carlos, kiddo is using his power to reach through the engine and work on a car that belonged to his grandfather. Carlos hugs Juan and looks off, he says he needs bullet proof glass and kevlar, lots of kevlar. 

Noah and Quinten ambush Taylor and tell her she's gonna help them break Molly Walker out. Noah tells Taylor that all parents lie to their kids to protect them from the truth. He doesn't want her to betray her mom, just question her. 
Taylor is in her mom's office, where Hiro's sword is. Taylor begins asking her mom what it is she's after. Erica tells her she's rounding up Evos to save the human species. 

Tommy at the hospital. Emily and Brent arrive at the hospital. Mom needs a blood transfusion, but they're too short on O- to give her any, or don't have any. Tommy tells the nurse to take his blood to use. Emily tries to warn him against it, but Tommy says, "She's the only family I have." 

North Eastern Canada, Malina and the invisible girl.(Farah) Malina has been hunted her whole life. WHOA she just grew a tree! A guy came across them -- of course, and Farah knocks him out

Luke and Joanne. He's got a massive headache -- so he tells her-- Luke wants to not go to the next person and begs her to not go too, wanting to get back to normal. He apparently has a fever. He tells her he still loves her and she just shakes her head and leave. DUDE what is keeping you there?! His power is fueled by sunlight, he picked up the glass of water and it started boiling. After throwing it across the room, he goes to the curtains, and yanks them back ready to soak in the sun, but it's covered, and you can see the Aurora Borealis reflected in the window. 

Cut to Carlos looking up at the sky, and seeing the same thing, Miko on the plane, Noah and Quentin, Tommy at the hospital. 
Malina says she's just one person, how can she save them all by herself? Farah tells her that she'll have help (Cut to all mentioned above) even if they don't know it yet. 

Miko and Ren on the plane. She's dwelling on what Harris told her about being dead. Ren tells her to put her chin up, if it wasn't hard it wouldn't be heroic. 

Carlos has made some adjustments to the suit. He says he's not doing it for the Priest or for Oscar, but because he wants to believe in something bigger than he is. Deering will be looking for him and might be onto the priest too. Carlos says that he'll have to get to him first. 

Tommy in the hospital talking to his mom. His blood wasn't a match. The nurse asks if he wants to tell her something. He asks, about what? And then we see him quickly getting out of there, and telling Emily that he wasn't a match and that he's going to Indiana, asking if she wants to come. 

Renautas, Taylor moves to scan into somewhere, but she isn't cleared, she drugs the guards and lets Noah and Quentin in. Harris comes around the corner with two clones, guns drawn. Noah tells them "Hit the ground on the count of three." Quentin says that's the guy that took his sister, and what if he knows something, Noah gets to two. "I hate your face Bennet." *DIES* Noah takes care of the Harrises, but it's definitely not the original. They're all gone. 

Joanne and Luke - She says the list has been a godsend. After they killed the first one, Joanne was blissful slept sound. Luke was puking all night. He uses his power to set the list on fire. Joanne slams on the brakes and pulls a gun on him, but she can't kill him. she says "I really did love you." and gets out of the car, walking away. She is a woman on a mission, Jesus she's an evil bitch. 

Tommy and Emily. He asks her if she's ever felt like she was meant to do something extraordinary. He moves in to kiss her, but she says to save his mom first. Out... then right back in with two bags of blood. Emily says she's never flying commercial again. LOL They bring the blood to the hospital where the nurse tells him to run, his blood went to a federal database. She promises to take care of his mom, but he's got to run. The agent that's there tells him not to teleport away, not if he wants mom to get the blood. 

Carlos fixed the car, Jaun wants to go with him, but Carlos tells him no. Juan gets ticked and throws something across the room, but it falls down the grate that leads to the lair. Ohh kiddo found it! Now he knows the big secret. He tells the Priest who just arrived he'd always been afraid to tell him. but the police guy is there, and takes both the Priest and Juan. 

Noah, Quentin, and taylor get into a room, where there's all kinds of capsules, holding humans? And then the classic Heroes cut... "Holy... sh--"

Miko and Ren at Renautas. She arrives  in full costume and everyone freaks out

Back to Noah and the others. Molly tells him he never should have found her. She was in the hospital when Claire died. She puts Noah's gun to her own head. She knows something but refused to give Erica the location, she tells him he can't go back because then they'll all be dead anyway. Erica is going to kill all 7 billion people in the world. Harris tells Erica that Taylor was with them. Erica says to find the child, he says he'll put a team on it, and Erica says no, it's time to bring in the shadow. WHOA.... 

Phoebe's still alive, and her EYES HOLY SHIT. No Hiro this time around, damn liars. Hopefully next episode! 
Next Thursday looks CRAZY. I'm loving this, and I want to know what LOCATION GAAAAHHHH Way to keep up the mystery! 

The mystery keeps getting thicker, and the possibility for Clair to show up is getting better and better, They say she isn't because of Nashville film conflicts, but DAMMIT we need the cheerleader! 

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