Thursday, October 8, 2015

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "Purpose in the Machine"

Agents of SHIELD  Season three, Episode two "Purpose in the Machine"

We start out in England in 1839. A man is going on a journey, rather reluctantly. OOHH the obelisk. It reaches out and takes him.

Present day, Daisy and Mack talking. Bobbie and Hunter burst in telling them about Fitz, he's still railing against the obelisk. They pull him out and as they shut the door, it liquifies. There's sand on Fitz's face, it predates the Earth by a billion years. it's proof that Gemma could still be out there and alive.

Hunter is going to hunt down Ward, and Coulson is taking Bibbie with him to see Dr Randolph, he's studied quantum mechanics, and has actually been through a portal.. and oh by the way, he's an alien.

Ward is driving through a warehouse, with a guy hanging onto the hood. There are people standing by the support beams... sounds like Ward is trying to rebuild Hydra

Randolph says he won't/can't help. Ohh he's Asgardian. Coulson threatens him into cooperating with them. Randolph says Coulson's changed. Randolph sighs heavily and pulls the door off the hinges. when the guards arrive, he points to Coulson and says "He did it." LOL!!!

Dr Garner arrives, May's ex husband. Daisy asks about May and if she's coming back.

May is playing golf with her father.

Randolph is looking at the obelisk. He wants it destroyed, but agrees to help get Gemma back. He's seen the papyrus again. He saw that word on a castle in England in 1853.

Ward is spying on someone, a target? Ward single handedly takes out the kid's guards, shooting the last one. Before punching the kid in the face.

England. Randolph says he was there for a costume party, rather it was the pretense. OO Coulson finds a secret door under an arch with that Hebrew word, which can be also translated to "Death by punishment."

Daisy is talking to Dr Garner. he tells her she's turning into a leader, and that's a good thing.

May is chopping veggies, quickly. Her father brings out a box with lots of May's memorabilia. Hunter finds May and she puts a knife to his throat LOL!

The secret door opens to a cavern, late 1800's Fitz finds a way to turn the lights on, and they start flipping switches. Coulson calls Mack and asks him to bring the monolith to them

Ward tosses the kid into a chair, demanding his banking passwords, telling his right hand to do whatever it takes to get the passwords.

Hunter and May. Hunter wants her help. she keeps refusing and he tells her how do you know that Ward wasn't behind May's father's accident. Good question. She still refuses and he gives her an envelope in case she changes her mind.

The obelisk arrives in England. Some more levers get flipped, and the Obelisk actually liquefies!! Something happens where Daisy is affected by the portal, BADLY affected. things start going haywire, Fitz fires a flare into the portal, and it just disappears. The machine falls apart, the obelisk solidifies and Daisy passes out with a nosebleed.
When Daisy wakes up, she says there was a pulsing sound, and Fitz says they need to fix it.

The kid is getting beaten up, but he gets the upper hand. Kid is VanStrucker, son of  someone that was powerful in Hydra.

May's father calls her out on her BS.

Ward and VanStrucker, he's letting him in on the Hydra rebuilding.

Fitz realizes that the machine was just sounding frequencies to open the portal. Daisy realizes what Fitz is talking about, and realizes that her power can open the portal on her own. OH SHIT! Fitz jumps in to the portal when Daisy gets it open! On the other side, he calls out for Gemma, and he finds her!! OMG! OHHHH THEY touched fingertips and Coulson pulled him back! He gets RIGHT THERE again, and when the portal closes The obelisk is busted to NOTHING.... OH MY GOD HE GOT HER! GEMMA!!!! HE GOT GEMMA!

Randolph has heard the word "Inhumans" before.

May gets called by her ex husband, told about Gemma being back. She's with Hunter.

Gemma bursts awake holding a weapon before she realizes she's safe and with Fitz. He lays her head down on his leg and closes her eyes again... AWWWWW

VanStrucker approachers May's ex husband about getting into his class, ahh fuck.

OOO Next week looks GOOD!!!

Loved the episode, Oh so satisfying to have Gemma safe!! :)

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