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Sleepy Hollow, Season 3 Episode 2 Recap

Sleepy Hollow, Season 3 Episode 2 "Whispers in the Dark"

HEHE we start with Crane singing while he works around a house. I Love him singing!! AWW he's staying with Abbie. He's "pulling his weight" by doing chores. LOL instead of eating the breakfast Crane failed to make, she suggests take out instead. hehe

Pandora is talking to what she's trapped in her box, it looks like black smoke and silver liquid. She sics her shadow smike on a guy that was attempting to call the FBI. PUlling a secret from him.

Abbie and Crane are eating. She says that her balancing police work and witness duties isn't something she wants to do often. She's called to the demise of the guy attacked by shadow. Reynolds approaches Abbie, he's the replacement for Abbie's boss. HAHA OHHH he's acting rather territorial over her. OMG i love it. ICHABBIE!

Crane is on his way out, but something stops him. He starts to turn, and Pandora is there. Abbie quickly joins him, and he has an idea on what attacked the guy. HA Crane asks her if there was anything more than professional between them, she tells him to mind his own business. Crane is working to keep the archives intact to declare is a historical landmark. Abbie gets a recording of the phone call, and she can hear voices in the background noise. She finds basically EVP - "Secrets... secrets.... I will kill" DAYUM.

I still love seeing Nikki Reed on the opening credits!!

Abbie and Crane in the archives still. He recalls something from Abbie's ancestor's journal. That a british commander raised a shadow Wraith.

Flash back while Crane narrates slightly. He was to make contact with a spy... of course Betsy Ross. OHh she seduced the general LOL I really love her character. Her men are dead, ooh and then there's a Wraith, she's calling Marcus Collins.
Abbie finds the next target. Richard Williams

Jenny is looking up the shard of Anubis, and Corbin's son calls her, someone broke into Jenny's place. He wants to know all about the supernatural stuff and Jenny wants to refuse him because it's not fair to him. Jenny promises to tell Joe is there's anything going on. I don't actually think she will.

Abbie and Crane arrive at Williams' place. The wraith is there, Crane sees it. Abbie pulls her gun on it. it starts to go after their secrets and as it does, Richards starts to get away, but the wraith chases him down, going right into his car causing it to crash into a tree. OO that looks bad!

Abbie goes into Richard's house looking for why the wraith would have been after him. she steps on a loose floorboard, and finds papers. Reynolds comes in.  He knows her well. I really think that he should be brought into the fold. He could really probably help. Reynolds tells her to find waht she needs, he trusts her instincts.

Joe is walking through a parking garage. Someone comes up behind him, knocks him out and throws him into the trunk of the car he's driving.

Williams and Everett found an embezzling scheme. They wanted to stop him. and that's why the Wraith is after him, and Crane is LIVID lol. Crane admits to being captured by Howell, and been given a full pardon if he gave up names of spies. He took the quill, but put it down and got away.
They find Susan James the next target. Crane says that she may be the next, but not the last, because now they know the secret too.

To Pandora and her creepy self. I think looking into her pool at Susan.

Abbie brings Susan to a warehouse filled with UV light.

Jenny knows Joe's abductor. Jenny goes to fight the abductor off, she agrees to give him the shard of anubis to save joe's life.

Crane is looking for a solution, and James wants to just give her statement and be done with it, Then the lights starts to flicker. Crane goes to check the power lines Of course, it is definitely there. It cuts out the breakers, It starts to pull Crane's secrets from him but he fights it off. Crane calls out to the wraith with Marcus Collins' name. It makes the wraith flesh so Abbie can fight it off, Crane stabs it with a metal pipe, and it goes away.

VERY well done confrontation there. I love Crane calling the wraith out on its own weakness. He was offered clemency by the enemy, but he stood firm to his beliefs and his morals where as Marcus didn't. PERFECT scene there.

At Abbie's place, It's bugging him that he still considered giving the spies up. Abbie says that he ultimately did the right thing, that's what matters. He says the weight of that secret is lifted, and tells her it's very freeing. To convince Abbie to spill. She went looking for her father, and found him, alive in Saratoga. She hasn't seen him since she was six. She went to watch him, took some pictures. She says she can't just walk over to him and say something, she can't. She doesn't know if she's ready yet. Crane tells her, she's had a victory just by telling him about her secret.

Reynolds commends Abbie for doing a good job.

Joe is with Jenny and wants an explanation after being handcuffed to a tree. Joe tells her that he needs to pick up where his father left off, it's what he wants to do, his purpose. He wants in on what they're all about.

Someone at the city is talking to Crane about liking what he's doing getting the archives historical status. but they won't release funds to him unless he's a citizen, and technically he's still a british resident. ... HMM... He sees a space for lease over her shoulder and seems rather distracted by it. There was a coffee shop that was there in those offices. Abbie tells Crane that it's Pandora

Pandora pours more water over her plant, a purple blossom blooms. and it GROWS WAY up.

Annnd done.

Hmm, doesn't give a whole lot on what's happening next week, but it looks like it centers around a blade. GREAT episode, I really really so love Crane and Abbie's dynamic. I want them together!!!

Here's the promo for next week. Tell me what you think!!

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