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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "A Wanted (Inhu)man"

Agents of SHIELD, "A Wanted (Inhu)man"

Season 3 Episode 3

Still in awe over Fitz getting Gemma last week. I'm so excited! 

Lincoln is on the run, the ACTU is after him. I love how they use a dimmer filter to make it look like night, but you can SOO tell that it's day. NICE!! He uses his powers to eletrically charge power lines creating a barrier. VERY nice! 

Gemma is up and moving around, Damn the girl is all fucked up. Everything's too bright, too loud. Coulson wants Garner to look at her. Daisy announces Lincoln's in danger. She can't find him, but Coulson of course knows. Daisy calls him and he hangs up on her, but he's tipped off to the fact that Mack put a tracker in him. He deactivates it and he's off again. 

Hunter and May finding an informant. they start drinking before talking shop. They have to fight their way in to get to Hydra. 

Lincoln's pic is released to the public, and he's on a bus surrounded by army boys. One of them tries to stop him but he gets away... sheesh.... I think he's spiraling. Though I LOOOOVE the show of power. One of my favorite characters I write has control over electricity like Lincoln does, so it's AWESOME to see it in action like this. 

Daisy is kinda scolding Coulson for putting a tracker on Lincoln without letting her know. Coulson asks for Roslyn's phone number. 

Gemma is in the lab, wow the girl is readjusting to Earth life. her hearing is super sensitive, and light... damn. Gravity is even different for her. 

Hunter on the phone with Bobbie. lol she tells him not to die, and he responds saying all he'll die of is boredom. May wants to get into the fight, but Hunter tells her that her doing it will get people talking and it's the last thing they need. 

Lincoln calls someone to pick him up. Whoever it is agrees to let Lincoln buy his car off him, he says immediately done. Good guy. Real good guy. .... I'm guessing until he turns on his tv... and there goes the tv... 

Ros is definitely behind releasing Lincoln's pic to the public. HA Coulson patches in to her. But her guy found Lincoln, she agrees to meet with Coulson. 

Daisy goes to see Gemma, aww and brings her flowers. HAHA they're daisies. Gemma wants to know about the terragen. 

Ohh yeah Johnny saw his pic on the news. SHIT.... he's believing the hype. Crap. OH NO... now John's having a heart attack. OHHH he's acting as a defibrilator! I had my character do that once :) 

Daisy and Gemma talking. Lincoln calls Daisy asking for help. He left John on the floor, AGH is he alive? ... nope he died :( Daisy and Mack are going to pick Lincoln up. 

Bobbie's working out and Fitz is talking to her. She tells Fitz instead of trying to remind her of everything she had give her something to look forward to. 

Ros and Coulson meeting. He's of course admiring her car lol. He tells her she's doing it all wrong. 

May and Hunter arrive. It looks like a scene from Fight Club. Winner's a fuckin' beast. Oh fuck. Hunter's buddy is the one he's gonna fight. OHH NOOO.... During the fight, a big guy approaches May offering her a drink. She says she's not thirsty. a second offer, she says no. and gets surrounded. YEAH MAY she's KICKING THEIR ASSES! JESUS Hunter is bloodied all the hell. FUCK. OO now he's got some brass knuckles SHIT he killed his friend. 

Coulson tells her that they know what they're dealing with and she doesn't. She's not helping the public feel safe. 

Daisy and Mack arrive where Lincoln is. He says everything they're saying is true. he feels guilty. 

Ros and Coulson - He wants to know about creepy guy from the hospital. .... OHH Daisy. 

Now Daisy is talking Lincoln off the edge of insanity. OOOOOOOOOO She kisses him! BIG TIME kisses him. OH FUCK... MACK!!!! What the HELL. Because of Coulson. God damn it. all because he's trying to protect Daisy.... REALLY?! REALLY?! UGH why must they always make the wrong choices. FRUSTRATED VERY VERY FRUSTRATED UGH! 
YAS LINCOLN! he blasts 'em all back. But now they're going to take Daisy in. Coulson still fucking making deals. REALLY..... What the hell Coulson. 

AWWW Fitz brings Gemma to a restaurant. bought the place out for her... they've been holding it for months.... OMG.... It's so sweet!! Wine is poured and she starts to cry. OMG.... My heart breaks for her. 

Daisy yelling at Coulson. OH MOTHER FUCK... Coulson is going to work with Ros. 
Mack's playing video games. After Coulson gets a phone call from Ros, Daisy goes to him, and he hands her a controller LOL. 

Hunter is brought into a room with the fucking hydra symbol on the wall. Mother fuck. 

Bobbie's working out again. Physical therapy more like. She goes to the lab, and Gemma's there. She's looking at the rock... OH SHIT. She wants to go BACK?! WTF!

Ohh creeper is back next week! Check out the preview. 

Soo this week was pretty good, Though it really does frustrate me with Coulson. GAH! We'll see how things go next week. 

Let me know what you thought of this episode in the comments! 

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