Thursday, October 8, 2015

Dancing With the Stars Week 4 "Most Memorable Year"

Dancing With The Stars Week four, the stars' most memorable year. 

Alfonzo is filling in for Tom, something happened with his dad. 
Now this is going to be a powerful and tear jerking episode.  it was last year. 

1st dance: Alexa and Mark - Foxtrot to "Momma Said" her year is 2000 when she booked Spy Kids. It's a cute little story at the beginning, and Alexa is so freaking beautiful. She missed a step though LOL She's like WHUPS... oh well, keep it moving. LOL She looked way off though compared to last week. Scored 21/30

2nd dance: Gary and Anna - Jive to "That'll be the day" His year is 1979 when he starred in The Buddy Holly Story Jeeze he even forgot the opening, Anna had to direct him. Gary's dance... is Gary's dance. it's Busey for sure. Nothing really impressive. Scored 16/30

3rd dance: Tamar and Val - Rumba -- I missed the name of the song. 2012 - she almost lost her husband due to multiple blood clots in his lungs. sheesh!! He's accompanying on piano too. that's pretty cool. It's pretty, and well choreographed, but Tamar leaves me wanting. Carrie is near tears. Didn't impress me either. Scored 27/30

4th dance: Hayes and Emma - Contemporary to "Stitches"  2014 when he soared on The Vine. OHH it was so good! The lifts he did, WOW! Great job, Hayes! The judges are all awestruck. Julianne - "WHAT just happened?!" absolutely fantastic!! Scored 27/30 TOTALLY Deserved! 

5th dance: Alek and Lindsay - Paso Doble I know the song, but can't think of the title, it's a great song for his story.     2015 -- obvi. BUT.... then the shooting at UCC in Oregon. That would have been HIS college would he not have gone on DWTS. He would have been there if it wasn't for the show. It's scary to think! He's doing so GREAT! Now I want him in the top three and I think as long as he continues on this upward trend, he might be in the top two or three. INCREDIBLE!!! SUCH a great dance! Only thing wrong with it from the judges was slight technical issues but it was incredible. He's so stoic tonight. Scored 24/30 I think he deserved more!

6th dance: Nick and Sharna - Jazz to "Everybody(Backstreet's back) Year is 1992 when he joined BSB. I love this package!! Seeing AJ there during rehearsal makes me want to see him ON THE SHOW!!  WOW he's all in performance mode with the audience near their stage. YAAAAAAYYYY NICK!!! LOL Sharna kissing every boy band member. HAHAHA Nick commenting on her dress! "I like the dress... it's... it's beautiful." Scored 27/30

7th dance: Carlos and Witney - Waltz to "Amazing Grace" year 2012 It's when he met Alexa. AWWW This dance is really beautiful. Witney looks incredible.. OOOOO he stumbled a little. AWW Alexa is crying! Really really beautiful dance. Scored 25/30

OHHH the preview of Bindi's package.. that's got me crying. FUCK i'm gonna sob. 

8th dance: Paula and Louis - Cha Cha to "RESPECT". 1989 she got a divorce and started cooking. She does look fantastic. OHH She's doin good! Go Paula! WHUPS little misstep but she really did good! LOL AWW Julianne giving Paula a pep talk I love it! AWWW  Scored 18/30 she totally deserves better than that! LOL She's so funny! 

9th dance: Andy and Allison - Cha Cha to "Good to be alive" Memorable year 2009, When he found out his mom had breast cancer and she passed. Only 2 or 3 days to say goodbye. OHH.... My heart is with him. I love the song, love the dance! It was perfect :) Scored 23/30

10th dance: Bindi and Derek - Contemporary to "Every Breath you Take". I am going to bawl again. her dad passed in 2006. Her talking at the memorial... AWWW. YUP Here they come, I"m crying again. HEr story hit really close to home for me. Having just lost my father figure. The dance is so beautiful. And her sobbing on the dance floor. Ohhh I wanna hug her so tight. Scored 28/30. She ran up and hugged Bruno after he gave her the ten. 

Haha, Bruno fanning himself to keep from crying, I'm with him. Tears are still streaming. 

Elimination time. 

Bottom two.  Carlos and Witney and Gary and Anna. 

Ultimatesly Gary and Anna went home. Honestly it's about time. 

My heart hurt thinking that Carlos would go home. 

Next week is the switch up and Here's the teams for switch up week. 

Tamar and Louis
Nick and Witney
Paula and Mark
Andy and Sharna
Hayes and Allison
Bindi and Val
Alexa and Derek
Carlos and Lindsay
Alek and Emma

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