Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sleepy Hollow Season 3 Premiere!

I am so excited for this episode!

Sleepy Hollow season 3 premiere!! :)

Episode 1 is titled "I, Witness"

Okay, well this episode starts out with a very big bang. The Horseman of Death is riding through the woods when a hooded woman appears -- Pandora. She begins to sing, and the horseman is trapped within a box. She opens it and tells whatever is in it that she's given it the power of death, and now she wants fear in return. It manifests --- a demon, and she tells it, "We've got work to do."

In the city, Abbie cracks a kid in the face with a trash can lid, she's chasing down a lead on a case. I like her new short hair :) She's an FBI agent now :) NICE! She gets a phone call, and then we see her in immigration, where she finds Ichabod. They haven't spoken in 9 months. and Abbie's pissed. Even Crane has shorter hair! He's wearing Katrina's necklace, the one that's linked to Abraham. it cracked, the energy is drained. Abbie gets him out, and I love him getting dressed again :) HAHA he gives his cell mate the ghetto peace sign HAHAHA

couple of men are shooting beer cans, they get into a little scuffle, and one goes into the house in a huff. he's heard screaming a moment later. the second guy goes to investigate, and finds his friend ripped apart. OH DEAR INDEED it was a demon  damn.

HEHE Abbie doesn't like Crane calling her Agent. He tells her that he tried looking for descendants of his, so he went to Scotland where he found what seemed to be a burial like for an urn in the family tomb. inside was a tablet that had 4000 year old Sumerian engraved on it. He began to translate it and it started with "The legend of Sleepy Hollow..." He says it in such a serious voice, and Abbie starts cracking up laughing.

At the cabin, Abbie says the theory is an animal attack but Abbie knows better, there's no predators in the area. Abbie goes off into another area, and Crane heads to the surrounding land. where he finds a print in the mud. he sprinkles dragon's breath on it, which he says the spanish inquisition used to determine demonic activity. and if there is any, it'll heat up. The damn thing not only heats up, but shoots a bright blue flame about three feet into the air. To which Crane confirms, Evil has returned to Sleepy Hollow.

All this before the credits. Which still is nothing short of amazing. Tom is the only credited male!! I'm so excited to see Nikki Reed as Betsy Ross!! This is going to be one hell of a season.

Abbie brings Crane to Westchester FBI HQ. He tells her how impressed he was. she says that she had been on her way there before all the craziness (Of season 1 and 2) and it feels really good to be there. I think she means to have him back too. hehehe ICHABBIE! Her Superior comes in and she introduces Crane to him. At the mention of his name, the SO is like uhh... huh.... LOL the expression is great. Crane reminds her that they have a bigger purpose than just taking down a drug ring like she is with the FBI, and she tells him that he went looking for a purpose and now he's conveniently found one in the tablet. Crane insists that the bible tells of the two witnesses taking on seven tribulations, The death of Mollak was the end of the first, this could be the beginning of the second.
A girl from forensics comes in to give Abbie the file on the results of the hunters, and she cannot take her eyes off Ichabod LOL

They go back to the archives, and everything's been sheeted over. He looks almost affronted about it. It's been scheduled for demolition, and Crane is heart broken. AHH JENNY!!! She appears and gives him a big hug. They don't know where Irving's gone.

To Pandora she's chanting a rhyme, maybe a spell? she goes to a pool of water where she reveals the hunters' fear filled death faces, takes some of the water saying how "they don't know how powerful their fear is. I want more." She pours the water over a dead plant, and it starts to come back to life.

In the archives, Abbie, Jenny, and Crane are still searching, and Abbie gets emailed the results of the residue. It's Mercury Sulfide, otherwise known as cinebar. -- I have NO CLUE if I spelled that right.-- it's used in artifacts, and certain demons were supposed to have hides that secreted it. including a Yaogoi -- which reminds me of Once.
In the journal of Benjamin Franklin's journal it's said that at the battle of Bunker Hill they confronted a red devil. the tides didn't turn until Washington had a message delivered to the battlefield, done by one of his most trusted operatives... YEEE it's NIKKI!!! -- Betsy Ross. It's obvious that Betsy and Crane had a thing, to which he replies "There may have been moments." Yeah she was a forward woman, I like her!! She kissed Ichabod before racing the message to the commander. HAHA Jenny's got the message. She's gotten really good at finding items. She's tracked it down to a place called Coloniel Times.

They go, and OHHHH Crane is affronted once again LOL HAHA The guy that greets them speaks in HORRIBLE old english and he chastises him, then spins the hat he wears around saying "The corner goes in the FRONT. You're not a pirate!" Abbie steals the pouch, which the message isn't in it, but Betsy has created a cypher inside. She offers to drop Crane off at the archives, insisting she needs to take down the drug ring, not all evil is supernatural.

Pandora is out walking, an officer pulls alongside her, and asks is she's alright, she's definitely suspicious. in a moment she's in old clothes, period stuff, and the next she's modernly dressed. She's headed to Sleepy Hollow.

Jenny is at the Archives, going through a box labelled Jenny/Corbin. jenny tells Crane it's good to have him back. It's drawn by aggression and gunpowder. Jenny asks where Abbie is, and Crane tells her, and she makes him realize that they're angry people with guns going against other angry people with guns.

Sure enough, at the take down the Yaogoi is present, and working its magic. OO it kills Abbie's superior. she comes in and shoots it and it takes off.

In the archives, Abbie explains that the monster's eyes turn white, which explains the phrase, "Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes!" The drug ring leader is in a stand off and they call Abbie.
Abbie goes in and talks Lorenzo down, She explains that she's a witness and it's her job to take all the monsters down, it's her mission. she's able to distract him so the hostages can get away, which causes Lorenzo to start shooting wildly, luring the Yaogoi in.
Outside, Jenny and Crane see it and work to distract it to follow after then, Jenny freaking shoots the damned thing.
back in Abbie gets Lorenzo taken down, while the Yaogoi goes after Crane. SHIT she started his magic, and Jenny slipped, missing her shot. As it goes after Crane, Abbie shoots and gets rid of it.

They're back at customs they get the tablet back, and find out that there's two pieces to it.  They're at a bar, where Jenny keeps giving them free beers, Crane chugs the whole bottle down. Pandora trips into Abbie. HAHA Crane plays Jay-z's hard Knock life.

A BOMBSHELL of a first episode for season one, setting things up nicely within the Sleepy Hallow world, I LIKE IT! :D

I'm glad to see more of Jenny too. She definitely needs to be more active on screen rather than a side character.

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