Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Gotham Season 2 Episode 4 "Strike Force"

Gotham: Rise of the Villains - "Strike Force" 

SOO-- coming off of last week's episode, I'm kinda nervous about what Gotham City is going to be like with Jerome's madness seeping into every corner of the city. 
And I wanna say that James Frain plays incredible bad guys. When I first saw him in True Blood as Franklin Mott I was a little skeptical, but then DAYUM he showed me he could be crazy. I knew him as Forney Hull in Where the Heart Is-- yanno the sweet loveable guy? Yeah. He can be CAHREEPY! 

Starting off an Penguin's place Things are deteriorating. Penguin wants to know who orchestrated the Arkham breakout. Ohh Enter Tigress into the meeting. Dressed rather beautifully. Theo wants to speak to him alone. 

At the preceint, OO Enter Michael Chiklis! He's Captain Barnes. He tells the force if there's anyone not angry and ashamed for the attack ought to resign right that moment. No one moves a muscle. He's read their files, starts reading off names to step forward if their name is called. 
He fires every single one of them for being criminals. He's cleaning HOUSE! He pulls Gordon into his office... Essen's former office. He makes Gordon his second in command. NICE. Harvey doesn't like that Gordon agrees with Barnes. Ohs well. Maybe because he used to be as much of a criminal as the rest of the guys that just got fired. 

A Mayoral race is happening. Theo is watching the news coverage. He is being backed for Mayor even though he hasn't put his bid in. Barbera comes in and Penguin realizes that Theo was behind everything. Tabitha calls penguin the King of Garbage. I love the architecture in Theo's place. Theo's talking about leveling many residential areas. theo wants Penguin to be his destroyer since he has a "flair" for these things. Theo says he'll need his opposition for mayor to be taken out. Penguin tells Theo basically to fuck off he's not taking Theo's bait. OOOOhhh what blackmail... OH SHIT Penguin's mom was kidnapped by them. Blackmail indeed. 

Barnes calls Lee at home. and Jim is with her. Barnes tells Jim to meet him at the academy. Jim, of course wants to know how he knew he was there. Barnes tells him, "Jim, everyone knows you're bangin' the M.E." LOL!!! 
At the academy, Barnes called him there to scope out the new recruits to get them before some other place crushes their spirit. They just got four new cadets. They are Unit Alpha of the new GCPD strike force.... NICE! 

Theo gets a medal of Valor and Bravery. True to Penguin's word, there's a drive by. Theo puts his bid in for Mayor. 

Penguin arrives at a Mayor canidate's office, kills her, and goes right back out again. DAMN. 

Bruce is leaving school, sheesh he looks really out of place. Selena arrives, and Alfred tells her to get the hell out of there. Bruce is apparently taking Theo to dinner. HAHAHA!!!! Alfred gives Bruce a change of clothes and tells him you wanted to Train, you're gonna train. You're running home. LOL

Nygma is trying to pep talk himself into talking to Miss. Kringle. WOW he just goes up to her tells her Dinner tonight, the place to meet him and walks away. DAMN lol 

Barnes is pep talking Alpha Unit. DAYUM... Strike force got fuckin AKs!! 

Caulfield's murder is called in, Jim and Harvey go, the one secretary tells him they have our names and addresses. but tells them a description of the attacker. Jim knows it's Penguin. 

Bruce arrives at dinner with Theo. Bruce is distracted by a blonde playing in a fountain. Theo says it's Silver St.Cloud. She's his ward now that her step father -- Theo's brother is gone. Bruce wants to meet her. GAH this creeps me out and scares me for Bruce. Obviously I know he'll be okay, but DAMN. Ohh boy... 

Nygma is making dinner?? with a VERY precise accuracy. sheesh!! Kristen arrives

Penguin and his dude is staking out Hobb's headquarters. Penguin's emotionless assassin arrives. Kills four bodyguards, has Hobbs nailed down, then Alpha Unit arrives. There's a big shoot out, and the only woman on the strike team gets hit. I think in the bullet proof vest. 

Nygma's place. Kristen apologizes to him for how she's treated him. Uh-oh. Nygma said he's glad the ex boyfriend is dead. awkwarrrrd. OOP not awkward anymore. OO he kissed her! REALLY kissed her. DAYUM no Nygma!!!

Penguin's place. Jim arrives. Penguin tells him to just walk away. Ohh Penguin's got massive blackmail on Jim. 

Ohhh fuck and now Barnes wants to take down Penguin. OHHH not good. 

Bruce sees Silver at school talking with some girls, and she calls out to him. 

Selena remembers what Alfred said to her. 

Theo chooses a campaign color -- blue. Theo definitely set up Penguin to take the heat for him. 

Penguin's breaking down. 

OHHH shit, who's the hooded figure talking to Theo? 

Great episode last night. Please, let me know what you think in the comments! 

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