Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 premiere.

Season 3 Episode 1 "Laws of Nature"

The season three premiere is here for Agents! I'm so excited, but starting off before the episode starts, lemme just say I'm a little irritated with the "Inhumans" thing... If this were truly Marvel, and IF Marvel hadn't sold their rights to the X-men to Fox, We would have Mutants instead. This irritates me, just like it irritated me that Coulson said they'd never heard of Psychics before, and I railed at the TV that Fury did! Fury is supposed to know about Charles Xavier through Logan/Wolverine. Because Fury recruited Wolverine. so major *FACEPALM* before the show even starts.

HOWEVER I will take it because that means more Marvel awesomeness delivered straight to my TV :D

Starting off tonight's episode, it looks... pretty bad. solid ashes of someone's legs, things on fire, and a man on the streets. He leans against a scaffolding and it like... melts under his touch. Big SUVs pull up, men out, guns drawn. Dude gets agitated and the guns melt and car melts, and he takes off. He hides in an alley, and just as the men see him, the trash cans behind the melty guy start shaking, three of the officers are thrown back, and than a police cruiser after then, pan to reveal SKYE!/Daisy... whatever she's going by now... She's there with HER team, that includes Mack. She assures him, after introducing herself as Daisy... shoulda stayed Skye, UGH. that she means him no harm, she's going to help him and she's been through this once before. They put him in a capsule that rockets him into the sky. The team is gone too from the alley when the officers emerge. The pod goes up in a large SHIELD jet.

A woman pulls up (I recognize her from a show I watched this summer.) She wants a clean up, chastises lead officer man on the fact that helicopters caught the whole thing. Coulson is on the ground, takes a picture of the woman with a cell phone, and walks away.

On the SHIELD jet, the team leaves Daisy with Joey in the pod. She tells him she'll help him tells him that the box he's in is customized specifically for him so he's safe in there and they're safe from him. She says he needs to calm down and get some rest, and he thanks her for not letting "those guys, ya know... shoot me." Daisy asks is he takes vitamins or fish oil every day, to which he says no, but that one, the fish oil specifically makes me cock my head and go, .... huh?
When Daisy turns, Coulson's there, says it's the third one that month, but that they've lost a few of them to the black ops guys. But the new plane can stay in the air for days at a time, so responding to the new inhumans can be rapid.
Daisy: "You loooove your new toy, don't you?"
Coulson: "I very much love my new toy."
Inhumans have been disappearing, the black ops group have beaten them to the last 5 emergences.

Mysterious woman in what possibly looks like a hotel. Ohh there's the disappeared inhumans, six of them on tables. OOOHHH one dude's got a hole in his chest, -- heart missing?

SHIELD jet landing, with Bobbie. Joey tells her not to say anything about him, because she can't know him. Bobbie then informs him that she does - in fact- know him quite well, right down to the fact that he's gay. She only looked at his facebook page LOL!!

Lance, Coulson, and Mack, talking about the woman, she's been in the CIA, MI6, consultant for the CDC all under different aliases. Coulson keeps calling Daisy Skye, LMAO.

Daisy and Mack go to talk to Joey. Daisy breaks it down and tells him he's got Alien DNA and that the Teragen (Did I spell that right?) that was released into the ecosystem activates it. Joey starts cracking up laughing, obviously in disbelief at what she's saying. Daisy says that she can't let him go back to his old life, ever. Mack turns on the news feed, which shows Joey that he cannot go back, there's a man hunt for him and he will not be safe if he goes out there. People have been "Twitchy" since the events of (to us) Winter Soldier and the fall of SHIELD (I refuse, for quick typing purposes to put the dots in there.) Joey starts to freak out and the clipboard Mack is holding starts to melt. Daisy tells him to calm down, buthe doesn't, so she fires off an energy blast at him, knocking him into the wall, shaking the whole plane.

Bobbie has been looking at the Monolith, studying it. No one has been in the room with it since Simmons was swallowed up by it -- which BTW I'm still in shock over. Bastards-- Coulson asks her if the shaking is readings from it, Bobbie just calm as ever goes "Nope, that was Daisy firing off a warning shot." Fish Oil has been releasing the Teragen. It's all been in sea life -- thus the fish oil. Bobbie calls in Fitz, saying she can't cover for him anymore. Hmm wonder what he's up to.

He's in Tangier, Morocco. before cut to commercial he hangs up and says "One last thing." Good to see he seems to have gotten his mind back, I figured it would have shattered further seeing Gemma be swallowed up by that thing. Taxi driver tells Fitz he shouldn't go in there alone. Fitz demands that he wants to see the man in charge, and won't take no for an answer. He gets a little too "big for his britches" as my grandma would say, and gets hooded, and probably kidnapped.

Back on the plane, Mack asks Bobbie if they've lost Fitz again. "It's always one more lead" The gun is a prototype, palm detection in the handle. Mack says it might be DARPA.

Back to Fitz. The leader.... is it the taxi driver? Da Fuq? HOly Jesus, Fitz is a man on a mission, He's traced the monolith back centuries... Millenia possibly, and how there was a bunch of artifacts with it, all useless except for one. A casing that hold a scroll that tells exactly what the monolith is and what it does. But this guy and his men took it when they ransacked a museum in Iraq. fitz wants it, and wants it BAD. Leader man brings out the scroll, and Fitz opens the case, offering the guy giving them weapons!!! HOLY FUCK. SHIELD technology. HA they were just flash bombs. He snatches the scroll and gets the hell out of there.

Mack, Daisy, and Coulson, Daisy says she wants to bring Lincoln in to help out the Inhumans intake. Coulson approves it. Bobbie finds a routine on mystery woman. Only time she's alone is on a subway train. Coulson takes Lance with him, and approaches DARPA mystery woman... annnnnd of course it's all a set up. they're handcuffed and she tells Coulson to call her Roslynd (Roslyn?) Its the name she went by at NASA. Roslynd says she's detaining Coulson.

Lincoln is working in a hospital where Daisy and Mack find him. Lincoln tells her he won't take orders from anyone, that he doesn't believe their powers are a gift, they're a curse, and he won't help them. Mack looks like he's trying to instigate something. ooh boy, this'll end well.

back to Coulson and Roslynd on the train. Apparently there's been bodies showing up, corpses following behind Inhumans popping up. "Looks like they've been hit with an energy blast." she accuses Coulson of killing people, but of course, he doesn't condone that, so is she projecting blame? She says it's not her group either, and wants to know if neither of us are killing these people, who the hell is? -- says the woman with a man on a gurney and his heart ripped out....

Lincoln is NOT happy about Mack grabbing his arm. Lincoln tells Mack "You know what I"m capable of." then the lights start going crazy. but it isn't him that's doing it. OHHHH FUCK. the creepy alien thing! That the hell is THAT?! he's looking for the inhumans. Creepy thing races for the group, but Lincoln fires off electricity at him, Daisy puts out a shock wave and Mack unloads a clip. Creepy guy blasts a hole through a wall and gets away. Daisy wants to go after him, Mack says he's gonna need a bigger gun... "Or an axe. or a shotgun. or a shotgun axe combo." HAHAHA! Police are being called.

Both Roslynd and Coulson get a call at the same time, Coulson uses it as a way to get he and Lance free. Good move man!

Back at the hospital they're following after Creepy thing. he lays a diversion, and goes after mack first, both Lincoln and Daisy fire off their powers, but creepy thing is pushed back only so long before it starts coming for him. Daisy opens the floor so it falls through, but when they go back downstairs its gone. Police have arrived, and Daisy pleads for Lincoln to come with them, he refuses and runs off. Mack tells her they really need to get out of there.

Lance is back on the Jet, Bobbie's in the locker room of sorts. Apparently they've been having very regular sex, and she asked for her wedding band back. He wants to be back with her, open and everything but she's not sure. before a decision is made, Mack gets all of them. the president is making an announcement about the "Alien threat" talking about events in the MCU, I LOVE how they tie the show in with the movies!! Over this, Mack is helping a sketch artist digitally render the creepy thing, he tells the girl "Bigger." Roslynd is in the hospital looking at the damage, and sees a photo of Lincoln pulled up, showing the police who the inhuman was I'm guessing. The president is saying he's been ordered to create a task force, the Advanced Threat Containment Unit or ATCU. they are given full license to act as they need to. Coulson's computer starts going off, giving a projection of the teragen dispersal. In 17 months and 21 days, it will be completely over the whole world.
Joey is watching in his room. I think he's finally accepting that he can't go back.

Fitz is back, and Coulson is just standing there watching. Fitz says the monolith can warp space/time. that it's like a black hole. On the scroll is hebrew, one word. means "Death" Dammit it means Gemma is gone. May has been on vacation. Coulson tells Fitz that he needs to let go and move on, he needs to say goodbye because it's what Gemma would want them to do. He says okay, but I don't think it's okay. Fitz..... Fiiiiiiiitz what are you DOING?! it's going into the room with a shot gun... FITZ! Going near the monolith.... NO FITZ .... he's yelling at it and punching it screaming "DO SOMETHING!" but nothing happens.

DAMMIT my shows need to stop doing this to me!

A barren wasteland, someone's running... OMG IT"S GEMMA!!! she digs into the sand to get wet sand to put over a cut on her forehead and peaks around a large boulder There's a weird halo around a moon, and she takes off running again.

Preview for the rest of the season -- "A teammate trapped on the other side of the universe" HOLY SHIT.
"A villain on the rise." Ward gets out of a car, and it flashes to the hydra symbol.

WHEW.... Another roller coaster ride on this one too. Yup. I think my shows are going to kill me this year!

Gotham: Rise of the Villains. (Season 2 Episode 2)

Gotham: Rise of the Villains: Knock Knock. 

(I truly am going to try to recap this better than I did last week. A lot of reactions, not a lot of recap. I will do better! :D )

Theo is talking to the Mayor, whose head is in a box. He's threatening to throw a tarantula into the box -- he simply doesn't have a spider LOL. Theo tells the Mayor that he needs to call his secretary and tell her that he's run away with a woman and he will send written instructions shortly. He warns that he's doing all of this because monsters are coming to cleanse the city in blood and fire. ---- Is Theo secretly a Targaryan??? WTF?! LOL 

At the newspaper, the Mayor's disappearance is headlining. and while the head editor -- I'm guessing-- is riducluing his staff, not one... not two... but three people take a nose dive out of a higher window before he actually pays attention to it all. they race to the window to see what's going on, flash to the roof, Joker is sitting on the ledge as man #4 is pushed off. He calls for "Mr. X" and we see one more straight jacketed ducttaped, blindfolded man waiting to be pushed to his death as well. Big fella puts Mr X on the ledge, Joker then instructs "Ahh, a little to the right, ahh kay that's the spot." Another Arkham inmate asks "What shall we do with the spare?" Joker spins, thinks for a moment and enthusiastically goes "OO I know!" spray paints an exclamation point on him, and down he goes too. Tigress is watching from afar, and it goes in to the bodies laying on the street spelling out MANIAX!  Joker says "Now that's a headline!" with his maniacal laugh. 

Police bullpen, Gordon is outlining who they are after. They are as follows. 
Jerome Volaska (Joker) He's 18, convicted of Matricide. 
Arnold Tomkins (Spare guy) schizophrenic, poisoner, rapist. 
Aaron Helzinger (Big guy)  killed his entire family with his bare hands. 
Robert Greenwood Killed and then ATE a dozen women. 
Barbera Kean Killed her parents

Okay so continuity error here. There's FIVE inmates. SIX escaped. How do they know the sixth is dead? Commissioner Essen said Six escaped and took seven shipyard workers... No mention of the sixth inmate's death or inclusion on the rap sheet. 

Back to Theo who applauds the boys. Instructs the boys on stagecraft, and saying "Good evening ladies and gentlemen" Arnold cannot do it. Neither can Robert, he doesn't even TRY Aaron. Joker however... dayum. This kid is amazing, the perfect highs and lows in his voice, did he study Mark Hamill's joker from the animated series? HOLY SHIT! Then as he sits, he gives that amazing little chuckle. Theo tells him. "Great laugh, use it." 
Tigress then whips in the Mayor, followed by Barbera. She says she's bored and wants to know when her time is coming. Theo wants to know about Gordon. I kinda wanna see her become Harley Quinn!! I think she could pull it off! 

At the Wayne mansion, Bruce is down in the future batcave. Bruce turns on the computer, and Alfred destroys it. There's a bullet proof vest, liters of blood in a fridge. .... Ohhhh. Bruce just fired Alfred. Kid's rightfully pissed damn, I'm near tears here.... 

and then cut to Joker pulling a katana from a box and going "OOO Shiny!" Robert takes the sword and Joker grabs a chainsaw to go after him to get the sword back before Theo interrupts telling them they're supposed to be a team, to which Robert claims he's the captain, and brags about killing the women. Joker, of course, will not have that and says killing his mother was just a start. He has vision, ambition, he's just a nutty old cannibal. Theo suggests Russian Roulette. Robert goes first. Then Joker takes it, His speech on comedic timing and who the boss truly is is AMAZING all the while he's clicking the gun away. FOUR TIMES. Last one's got the bullet in it and he goes to hand it back to Robert, asking "Who's the boss?" Theo takes the gun and tells Joker he's the boss. To which his playful side emerges and thanks Theo grabs the sword and turns with a childlike YEEEE HOLY SHIT. Kid is amazing. AH MAY ZING. 

THEN cut to Bullock at the bar. Jim asks Harvey to come back, but his fiance is ridiculous. He denies. Harvey puts out the thought, The inmates took the guys from a shipyard right? Why that ship yard when they could have taken them from anywhere, killed anyONE. Why there, why them?

Back to PD HQ, Essen asks Gordon for something good. they stole a fueling truck from the shipyard. It's fully loaded with gasoline. Essen says she's glad he's back. 

Alred goes to Bruce, and tells him it's been an honor and a priviledge to work for the Wayne family.  Bruce says if he needs references he'd be glad to write them. Wow Alfred really left... :( 

Cut to our boys in the gas truck. Joker sees a school bus loaded with cheerleaders, and they follow after it. Ohh boy. 

Nygma goes to talk to Ms Kringle. All he says is "Did you know houseflies hum in the key of F?" She goes  back out of the room, and he's talking to himself, rather animatedly. 

Joker and boys intercept the school bus. Gordon is told the truck is sighted, cut back and the girls are all handcuffed to the bus seats. Joker tells them it was difficult to choose between them and a senior's bingo party. He dowses the bus in gas, but the lighter won't light. Of course giving enough time for GCPD to arrive. There's a little shoot out and Arnold finally gets it to light, dropping it just as Jim slams him against the bus. Thinking fast, Jim hops into the driver's seat moves the bus out of the way of the flames, turning and asking if they're all okay. 
Cut to Jim leading Arnold away, asking for a name on who broke them all out, Arnold starts to say if he tells there's gotta be a guarantee (I'm guessing he'll go free??) but then Boom boom, two shots, he's dead. Tigress took care of business. 

At the train station, Bruce goes and sits with Alfred, looking really lost. He tells him he doesn't want Alfred to go, but he needs Alfred with him. He's either with him or against him. And begs Alfred to train him to be ready to do what he needs to do. Bruce agrees to do what Alfred says when he says it. Then Bruce demands that Alfred fix the computer since he's the one that broke it. 

In the morgue. Essen can't wrap her head around the motive of taking the cheerleaders. 

Alfred in a bar. Meets Lucius Fox. The actor has a little of Morgan Freeman's Lucius. I like it. Alfred is definitely feeling Lucius out to see if he's trustworthy. Alfred tells him he's already in the middle of the whole deal and MUST be trustworthy, whether he likes it or not, since he planted the seeds about Thomas Wayne in Bruce's head. But if he turns out to not be trustworthy, Alfred tells him "You're a dead man." To which he replies, "I only have Bruces best interests in mind." 

Barbera calls Jim at the station. Jim tells her to turn herself in, and of course she's not biting. She laughs into the phone, and oh yes, she's right there in the precient. Jim follows her out. Which then allows the boys access right in. Joker in police get up and all. HOLY FUCK. The boys shoot up the place with Joker holding Essen hostage. Nygma saves Ms Kringle's life. In the alley, Big guy beats the SHIT out of Jim, to the point where Barbera has to call him off. ALL of the officers are dead. Damn.... Only leslie and Jim are alive, except for Essen. Robert has a camera but then steals Joker's line "Nothing's more contagious than laughter." Joker shoots Robert, then says it right in Essen's face. She spits on him, and he just returns with "That was strangely pleasant. Do it again." He gets in real close and she headbutts him, GO ESSEN. 
Cut to Jim in the alley, he's disoriented and slowly staggers to his feet amidst epic music. Stragglers are getting to their feet, but Essen is gravely injured. Fuck, Joker killed her, either shot her in the gut, or impaled her. 

Lucius is in the batcave with Bruce. He's looking at the computer to fix it. Fox says that Thomas Wayne was a very private man, and though he doesn't know what's on the computer, he really didn't WANT to know. Alfred runs into the cave to tell Bruce what happened at the station. They race to the station, and Bruce apologizes to Jim. 
Jim goes into Essen's office, and Harvey's there, looking ready to go back to work. He's coming back. Jim asks what Scotty says about it. He says, She'll understand, or she won't. We are who we are, Jim. 

Damn right we are, Harvey. 

Then the TV turns on, the news anchor saying they have the footage from the incident. The blood running down Joker's face looks a lot like clown makeup. Whew..... 

Preview into next week, Joker goes after his dad, when Harvey and Jim find him, it looks like the gas from scarecrow is there, affecting them. WHEW this is gonna be one hell of a ride this season. Breath holding, WTF screaming, roller coaster! This show just keeps getting better and better! LOVE IT! 

Loved last night's episode, it was absolutely fantastic! 

Here are questions going through my mind now... Does this mean we get Commissioner Gordon now? Because I don't think that's supposed to happen in the comics until Jim is older and married. Next week must be when Michael Chicklis will be on. Will Aaron become Bane? His little attachment and the relationship between Aaron and Barbera kinda looks like the one had in the original series of movies with Ivy (Though Batman and Robin sucked ass, let's not go there.) Really great episode though. I like it a lot. 

Dancing with the Stars Week 3 "TV night"

Last night's episode of Dancing with the Stars was a 2 hour episode that's TV Night :)

The little opening number was awesome. Sharna looked so pretty in that teal outfit. I want her hair.

Alfonso Ribero is a guest judge! AHHH

Introducing the cast, I see Breaking Bad, Addams Family, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

1st up, Carlos and Whitney. Jazz to Thank you for Being a Friend from Golden Girls. It was cute, not sure if I really liked the combo tho. Maybe a slower dance, it was kinda weird with a Jazz... Most critique was that he needs to open up a bit more, which maybe that's why it looked off.    Scored 31/40. Alfonso totally went Dat's mah girl, I give her an 8! LOL

((Kim had a medical emergency-- hmm take her ass out.))

2nd dance: Paula and Louis, A Samba to the Gilligan's Island theme. Wow, Paula's worn out. Aww the end of their package, actually makes me feel a little for Paula, her emotions are getting the better of her, and she said "Well, I've been abandoned a lot" as an excuse for why she's doubting herself so much. Louis tells her "I hate that you think that way." She says "Well because I have. I've been abandoned before." He says "I won't abandon you, I'm not giving up hope, so don't you do it." She holds onto that issue and he hugs her and you can tell he's almost in tears when he says "I'm not going to abandon you. That's not going to happen with me." Aww Louis breaks my heart. HAHA That was a cute dance! Holy.... the ORIGINAL Mary Ann is dance floor side. Scored a 20/40

((OMG someone is dressed up like Khal Drogo. OH MY GAWD, OMG someone's doing True Blood theme, i can't WAIT FOR THAT!!!!))

3rd dance: Tamar and Val dancing to Mad Men's theme with a Tango. Tamar is a little too feminist. She can't just get into the storyline of the dance -- right there is the chemistry that they're missing. She can't just have fun with the dances and the stories they're telling. Tamar, you get to have that beautiful man dancing with you, Get off your high horse! Sweet Jesus. She keeps throwing down his ideas of the man being in control, the man being powerful. She thinks that's too sexist. Well, guess what honey? You're dancing. The man leads. That's all there is to it. I can even see it in their tango. she's trying to lead when it needs to be Val leading. Judges are raving, but I'm not seeing it. THANK YOU Alfonso. He called her out "Let him lead! In dancing there is a leader and a follower, Val is the leader, let him lead you to the finish."    Scored a 33/40 -- REALLY? Alfonso, REALLY you gave them a 9? UGH.
She won't be making it to the top three like I'm thinking if she continues fighting with Val to lead.

4th dance, Alexa and Mark dancing to Breaking Bad's theme with a Jazz. WOW. This was really good. Mark is amazing. Carrie Ann said it was GENIUS and it was. It was AMAZING. Alfonzo is pulling for Alexa, and now I am too. That was amazing. Simply astounded, that was fantastic. She replaced Tamar in the top three for me tonight. That was absolutely incredible!   Scored a 36/40 YES YES YES!!! YOU GO ALEXA!

((Alek is doing True Blood!!! AHHHHH))

--- Oh... holy... mother of.... Derek dancing like .... like Channing Tatum in Magic Mike.... oh... my... Gawd..... *Drools*

Watch out Derek... I"m coming for you!

 5th Dance: Andy and Allison quickstep to American Bandstand. That was AWESOME!!!! They did amazing with the footwork! Bruno said that he loved how the dance complimented the song and the era of the show they were emulating. And I completely agree. It was fantastic. Just like Whitney and Carlos's Jazz didn't fit with their song, Andy and Allison's quickstep was a perfect compliment to American Bandstand's theme. HAHA Andy - "When I get nervous I look up" Allison"It's always up and to the left!"   Scored 29/40

6th Dance: Gary and Anna tango to Addams Family -- PERFECT Addams Family dance, it's Mortica and Gomez's dance. Gary really is trying, that's amazing. That was really good. and the dancer in the background playing pugsley and wednesday. He really did do well. BWAHAHHA They're both really in character, I love it. LOOOOOVE it. They did excellent! Gary really improved!   Scored 25/40   -- Still crazy as hell tho... lol

7th dance: Alek and Lindsay --- Holy True Blood Tango. ... I'll repeat. Holy. True. Blood. TANGO. WOW! Alek brought the sexy wow! That really was amazing. HAHA Alek picked up Jenna -- one of the pros. "You're gonna get some dates now..." My thought? "Keep the teeth tho!" Scored a 33/40

8th dance: -- Kim is in the hospital after having a mini stroke 12 hours after last week's part 2 episode. My thoughts, she says she's discharged and on "This wonderful medicine" 1-- she's on hella good pain killers, but also she'll be on a blood thinner like Heparin. If she falls, gets hit with anything, that's massive bruising. being on the show will only be more dangerous to he health. Because of that she's not on the show from last night, so Tony's dancing with Jenna. Thank you Jenna..... I can't see Kim doing this dance at all. -- How will it affect the competition. Her docs said that she couldn't fly, but she can next week. Rules state that she must withdraw. So Kim and Tony are out. it sucks the circumstances, but honestly, I"m glad, because Kim was not entertaining to watch at all. I wish her well with her health, but DWTS was not a show for her to be on. 

it makes me hope that because of that there won't be an elimination tonight! I know it's wishful thinking. 

9th dance -- Bindi and Derek. Quickstep to The Jefferson's theme. Bindi hurt her foot :( OO but she looks like she's doing really well tho! OH WOW she's so freaking adorable! Derek is a miracle worker with his partners. Her frame was off I guess, but she did really well. OOOOHHHHH her foot is still hurting really bad. Derek carried her up the stairs. 32/40 She did that with a hurt foot, c'mon Alfonso, You danced with a pulled groin and back issues, and she learned that in two days! You know how this stuff goes! Give that girl a 9! 

10th dance -- Nick and Sharna. I really adore watching him talk... Vietnamese Waltz to the Downton Abbey theme. OH WOW, so pretty! The song, their dance, WOW!. WOW WOW WOW. it was beautiful! I'm speechless! That song makes me want to watch that show now!! Julianne says Best dance of the night! Damn right it is! WOW. Nick called Alfonso "sir"! HAHAHA Alfonso looked at Carrie Ann with this goofy grin like "Did he just call me sir?" 36/40 !!! HE BROKE THE GLASS!! HAHAHA!!! 

11th dance - Hayes and Emma dancing to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme with a Jive. HA Emma is April, Hayes Raphael hehehe. Bet it was his favorite turtle :) HEHHE I loved it!! That was awesome :D They said he lost a bit of his energy, and he really did. They were really in sync with each other. Scored 30/40

Paula is the lowest scored tonight with a 20, and Gary with a 25. 

Elimination time --

Couples in Jeopardy - Andy and Allison (WHOA) and Paula and Louis 

WHOA!!!!!!! ANDY?! 

WHEW!!!!! Since Kim had to withdraw, no elimination last night. All scores and totals will be added to next week. 

I really don't know what to think about Andy being in the bottom two! Andy did better than Gary!! WTF Y'all?! 

They're doing the switch up in two weeks. I want Mark and Bindi together!! :D 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Once Upon a Time Recap and Premiere

First airing is the Recap/BTS The Dark Swan Rises special.

Hold on to your seats because this is going to be EPIC!!

Best line so far from Rebecca Mader who plays Zelena AKA Wicked Witch of the West: "And here I am playing someone that probably gives other children awful awful nightmares, it's rather hilarious."

They gave out their favorite Disney fairy tales, Ginny's was Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, and Sleeping Beauty

HAHA... "She hits him in the face with a rock, now that's love."

"The lasagna is half off on Fridays."

I love the Q&A session, it was amazing, but now it's time for the premiere!!!!!

Aww Little Emma!! Movie usher "One day you will have a chance to remove Excaliber, but you mustn't, You must leave the sword alone."

Card is Granny's diner with a flickering sign... ohh boy.

Now we're in Camelot I'm guessing, epic horse riding shots that I love about Once :) One of the Knights tries to take the sword, and it turns him to dust... Lancelot goes "Your turn." LOL!! OHH SHIT!!!!!! The sword, The tip is the Dark One's dagger!!

Back in Storybrooke, it bleeds from Excaliber to the dagger... -- aww shit the warning. She basically took the sword by taking the dagger last season.

OOOOO Dark One's vault. Reveals Emma. AHHH Rumple.... Dark One Rumple!! He represents the power in Emma's head.

In Storybrooke. The Apprentice gives the group a wand, and tells them it can take them to the Enchanted forest but must be weilded by both light and dark. Regina thinks it's her, but she can't make it work.

Emma taps into the dark power back in the enchanted forest.

AHHHH The ROSE! Blue gives Belle the Rose.

OMG I'm loving Rumple as a teacher. AHHHH A will o the wisp!!! YEEEE MERIDA!

"You can still deliver a baby without a tongue." HAHAHA!!!!

Merida just capture the Wisp!! WTF. They're going to work together :)

Henry has a HUGE cup with Granny's Diner on it LOL AHH shit, Hook's breaking out Zelena!!

DAMN the triplets were kidnapped, and Fergis is dead :( OHh shit, Merida heard Emma talking to Rumple, she really shouldn't speak out loud...

HAHA Henry spilling the drink on the nurse.  HOLY SHIT That's one hell of a protection spell! DAMN.  AND Zelena CUT. Her Damned. HAND OFF! Holy!

Regina's pissed. HOly damn Regina's pissed. Go Snow! It's about time she starts taking control back! HOly damn I knew it. I caught it before the ep that a tornado was going to take them all to Camelot.

AHH The stones! OH no... Don't do it Emma!! Rumple tells her to rip Merida's heart out and she gives this look like she doesn't know if she'll do it or not. No, Emma no!

They took the twister to the Enchanted forest, and Emma did indeed take Merida's heart. Merida's in tears as she stares in disbelief at Emma. OH Thank God... She put the heart back. I held my breath the entire time, already she's fighting the darkness.

"Someone's gonna get a right good punch to the gut for puttin' me through this, then I'll show 'em mercy."

OH wow, Emma gave the dagger to Regina!

Arthur finds the group, and tells Emma that she's destined to reunite Merlin with the court.

Wow... Nice palace.

6 weeks later -- HAHAHA The dwarves are sherrif. Everyone arrives back, all dressed in Enchanted forest garb. Memories gone... again.

NICE!!!! Emma's REALLY the dark one. And... she has her dagger. OH FUCK
She turned Sneezy to stone!
Her outfit is ridiculously amazing.
WOW. WOW and WOW some more, that was an amazing last two minutes, and next week looks AHMAYZING!

Just simply amazing, that drawing, the threats, the danger, the AGGGHHH!!!

Dunno how I feel about the whole, we lost our memories again thing. Le Sigh. Otherwise though, AMAZING!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Heroes Reborn Episode 1

New opening title is beautiful with the aurora :)

So there's a meeting a year after the explosion at Primatech Summit, Robbie Kay's character attends and only moments after he leaves a man gives a speech about how he was at the Primatech summit with his wife and son, and he had to watch his son die in his arms. Then they opened fire and killed everyone in attendance.

I'm definitely seeing the connections to the original here.

Linderman Jr High -- Ryan guzman... YEEEEE

Pinehearst high school where Robbie Kay is in school...

Hello throw backs.

Definitely an interesting beginning here.  I however, am a dummy and didn't set my DVR to record the premiere, so I'm watching it on Hulu now, thank GOD for Hulu.

Ryan Guzman's character (Carlos) is talking to a kid, sounds like his, they talk about Hero Truther and a vigilante.

The guy from the prologue finds Noah. He says Claire died that day, but how would Claire have died? I don't understand that. Claire was fuckin immortal.

Hmm, so Miko is a warrior. I recall seeing this in the previews. her sword has the Godsend symbol on it. she's told she's an integral part of a video game.

Back to Carlos (Ryan) looks like he's an alcoholic. OO I think he's definitely the vigilante. back to Carlos after the break, he goes to Oscar's shop ---- OOOOO OSCAR is the VIGILANTE!!! and was killed because of the fight the night before. Looks like he will become the vigilante tho.

Tommy gets a job at his favorite ice cream place, but Luke and Joanne - the two who killed all the people in the church at the beginning -- follow him and Tommy is forced to use his powers to send them away from him and save a girl he very obviously has a crush on. Portals. Tommy has portals.
The girl from the parlor chases Tommy down and tells him his secret is safe with her. Which is awesome :)

Back to Carlos. OO Juan has a power! He can phase like DL did!!

Noah goes to Dallas to an optometrist's office. The receptionist is WEIRD.... and yeah, she is... and AHHHHHHHHHH THE HATIAN!!!! Rene!!!

To Miko OHHHH the godsend symbol... AND HIRO'S SWORD!! She gets transformed into.... a fuckin' video game Character. what. the. fuck.

Noah and Rene.... WTF RENE? strangling Noah. and then Noah killed Rene on accident. he shot him. FUCK NO. Rene said, "It's coming"

Flash to the girl, Malina in the far north, she commanded the Aurora borealis.

Back to Pinehearst High and Tommy and Emily. Ahh shit, the asshole jock.

Quinten and Noah. Noah gets Quinten out of jail.

Asshole jock says he's gonna turn in Tommy.

Luke and Joanne. They're in the room Tommy says he always thinks about the room with no windows.

Miko - Ren comes to see her again, and ends up logging into the game that is playing out on her computer, she's IN the game.

Back to Tommy. The asshole jock tells Tommy he'll keep his mouth shut for a favor. Who is this guy with the pennies? the big guy in the car. He wants Tommy to get rid of his abuse stepfather. But the kiddo can't so it. he refuses to use them like that.

Quinten and Noah - OOO MOLLY. They're gonna find Molly.

Miko and Ren. She gets knocked out in game, and comes out back into her apartment.

don't know who these chicks are... but we're in a gambling club. seems the girl or he is really lucky

Big guy with the pennies goes to the abusive step father.

back to Carlos in Oscar's hide out. looks like he's putting on the mask.

Miko and Ren. --- Yamagato tower.... Yamagato industries was Kaito Nakamura's company.

back to the gambler and the girl -- Zoe. OO Gambler does have a power. Zoe is definitely an assassin. and he pins her to the wall Sylar style -- but no whirring. another person comes to the rescue and the dark girl gets Zoe out of there.

Quinten and Noah, they arrive at Primatech. My God Quinten is so not agent material lol. AHH I KNEW IT. Claire isn't dead. OH wow, Noah and Claire hadn't spoken since the faceplant that changed the world.

Six floors below them underground. Joanne and Luke. Luke is obsessed with the light switch. of course he's right and shoots the lights out, then reveals the two way window.

Whatever penny guy did got the abusive step father to leave. Jock agrees to keep the secret.

Carlos goes after a police officer connected with Oscar's death. wanting a name I think he said the captain. Carlos goes to the priest. Oscar set up an underground railroad, and indeed, it was the captain that was working against them. COOL the priest can turn himself into smoke. SO COOL.

Back to Luke and Joanne -- there's someone still at Primatech... LOTS OF SOMEONES. Noah can hear the gunshots. Luke and Joanne arrive on level one where Noah is. Noah gets on the elevator and goes to level five. There are still people at level five... what the fuck. "Package still launches tomorrow" what package.... SHEEIT! Molly's data is the only one who has been lost.

Carlos, he's running the underground railroad now.

OH SHIT.... Luke and Joanne took Noah's car. They have the list of Evos. Renatas has been using  powers to create a weapon and

Zoe wakes up in the gambler's hotel room. the dark haired girl hustled her..... Zoe is Molly???!!!

Miko is kicking ass in the Yamagato building. Apparently, she can go places in game, close the sword, and be there in reality, that was pretty cool :)

There was a lot that happened in those two hours, action packed, and raised a lot of questions.

Why are they blaming it on Mohinder? What has he been up to in the last four years for him to have been blamed?
Why did Noah have his memory erased? What did he need to forget?
HOW does Molly's power fuel this weapon? Gambler and the dark woman must work for Renatas.
Who is Miko's father... who is he REALLY and why is the Nakamura company -- Yamagato Industries holding him? HOW does Miko have the Kensei sword and why does it put her into a video game and how?

Last night's premiere was an excellent continuation to the series, and the world Kring created. I hope it continues for more than just 13 episodes. The show was perfect. I want to see Claire and more of the Petrellis than just Angela. IMDB says Mohinder will be in it for 4 episodes, Hiro for 3, and Matt for ONE episode, just ONE! Noah is in for all 13 episodes.

Great start, and I can't wait to start unraveling the mysteries of this installment.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Dancing With the Stars Week 2 Pt2

Hometown glory for the pros tonight!

Still in awe about Chaka Kahn getting voted out last night. BOO.

1st Dancers - Emma and Hayes. Quickstep to "Are you gonna be my girl" home in England :)  Cute, but I'm not sure the dance fit the song, it was weird. Great way to start the night. Bruno says his best dance. Scored a 23. Not too bad!

2nd Dancers - Whitney and Carlos. ChaCha to Hound Dog,  Home in Utah. DAYUM, if that's what Utah gives us. CUTE wild west set up. EXCELLENT!! HAHA Carlos at the end hit he's like "OH YEAH!" OOP Bruno's outta his seat! You know he loved it. Carrie Ann said she wasn't impressed... Alexa looked like "Bitch I will cut you." Scored a 21.

3rd Dancers - Gary and Anna. Paso Doble to Tchaikovsky. Home in Russia Let's see how bad this is. She looks beautiful and like a princess. He looks like a Knight that just needs to retire already. Definitely wasn't a Paso. DEFINITELY NOT. And can we get Gary a hearing aid? jesus. Scored a 15. yes. it was that bad. Though... when asked what he thinks about those fives, Gary responds "If that's as high as they can count, then God bless them." HA!

4th Dancers - Andy and Allison. Home in Los Angeles. Contemporary to "Heaven is a Place on Earth." That was really beautiful, and aww I think Allison is crying! Bruno said he didn't nail the backward lift. I really don't agree. He hit it. Even the other pros said he did.  Scored a 23

5th Dancers - Alexa and Mark. Dancing the Rumba to Somewhere in Time - he grew up in England. It's a dance his parents did last as a married couple. Oh this'll be tear jerking. Oh this is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Made me teary, Asshole female judges gave 7s they deserved more. Scored a 22.

6th Dancers - Paula and Louis. He comes from Amsterdam. A Tango, but can't discern the title of the song, anyone catch it? It was alright, but not Alexa and Mark. No way. Nothing impressive like last night's dance. She keeps messing up. It'll be between her and Gary tonight I think.  --- did we miss Paula's scores? Maybe that means she's going home lol

7th Dancers - Bindi and Derek. Waltzing to "Only a Man" She's so good, a natural. the dance was graceful and beautiful. What is up with Carrie Ann tonight? Boy she's awfully nitpicky! Carrie pulled up a 7. I said "BITCH!" Scored a 23.

8th dancers - Kim and Tony. Foxtrot, not sure of the song. Boring, very boring. Let's go one way across the floor. spin. spinny spin... back to starting place. Done. ew. WOW that dress is WAY too sheer. WTF is Carrie Ann on tonight? She's tearing down the good ones, and complimenting the shitty ones. Scored an 18. I think they were too generous.

9th Dancers - Alek and Lindsay. Quickstep to "American Girl" Ehh it was alright. There was one tiny section of quick footed work, but that's it. Scored a 22, I agree with that.

10th Dancers - Victor and Karina. She came from the Ukraine. "Girl on fire" is their song, they're dancing a Rumba. it was pretty. And he was really killin' it, though. Scored a 20

11th Dancers - Nick and Sharna - She came from Australia. I truly love Nick. Foxtrot to that "I"m comin home" song that makes me cry... dammit. (( Side note, FUCKING HELL KIM PUT YOUR GOD DAMNED PHONE DOWN!)) They did a great job. Scored a 24 :D YEE! Highest score tonight.

12th Dancers - Tamar and Val. Shirtless VAL! hahaha - Grew up in NYC. Charleston to... I"m not sure of the song title. WOW they did good. Tamar is creepin' up there. She definitely came back into my top three with that dance. Bruno's back out of his chair LOL  Scored a 25, Taking the lead on the board tonight.

Elimination time, It came down to Gary and Anna  and  Victor and Karina

Ultimately Victor went home tonight. WHAT?! Seriously?! I guess America wants to see Gary's crazy just a little bit longer.

Alfonzo will be on next Monday as a guest Judge, that'll be AWESOME!! It'll be TV night -- Who'll do Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Think it'll be Whitney? Would that be conflict of interest?

Best dances tonight was Nick and Sharna, Bindi and Derek, Whitney and Carlos, and Tamar and Val. Don't care what the judges scored. Those were my faves.

I think/hope Gary Busey will be gone next week.

Big Bang Theory Season 10 Episode 1

"The Matrimonial Momentum"

End of last season, Leonard and Penny are on their way to get married, to Elope, and Leonard confesses that when he was out at sea he kissed someone.
and then there was the heart breaking "I need space" from Amy... and the FREAKING RING.

Kaley's hair looks really good. It's difficult to recap these scenes like I do DWTS and Gotham.

There's a hold up at the Vegas chapel, but it's seeming like they aren't actually going to go through with it. This seems so stupid. too anticlimatic for this relationship. Leonard wrote his own vows, and Penny's just like uhhh wha? HA She's quoting quoting "You got a friend in me" from toy story. LMFAO!

And... they actually went through with it, Hmm I dunno.

HAHAHAHA SHELDON and his knocks.

Penny got really heated about the Leonard thing, they storm home from Vegas. So it almost looks like two break ups.

Not much humor in this episode, kinda a downer. I dunno what to think of it being a premiere episode... yikes.

Gotham Season 2 Episode 1

Gotham's Season two is subtitled "Rise of the Villains"

Episode Title "Damned If You Do..."

Thank you for the recap, Fox!!

Bruce knows his father's secret is in his office.

Riddler going psycho.

Penguin shoving Fish into the bay.

Joker's introduction.

We open with Bruce and Alfred descending the stairs and coming to a coded locked door, trying to find the combination and being denied three times before we jump to one month later.

Penguin is becoming a mob boss.

Barbera is heading into jail, and Joker sees her.

Gordon's former partner is now working in a deli.

Uhhmm... okay weird bad guy... and do I sense some old Batman music in that score?? OOOO Gordon is a traffic cop, intercepts weird ass bad guy named himself "Zaargon".

Nigma is talking to himself in the mirror. WHEW...

OO The commissoner is a fuckin crook, and is dismissing Gordon for shoving a fuckhead officer. OO Break him Jim! BREAK HIM.

--Commercial Break, preview for Crimson Peak. OHH It looks GOOD!

Gordon tells Leslie that he doesn't have any other legal moves, but he can't let Loeb continue the way he is.

Barbera and Joker in jail. Joker tells her that she's in danger and she needs a good friend. In two seconds she gets a "gorilla" to protect her. GAHH that kid has the PERFECT Joker smile.

Selena is working with Penguin now... Hmm. Jim goes to see Penguin to ask a favor of him. Penguin knows already that he wants Loeb taken down and his job back. Penguin calls in a favor to help settle a business dispute in order for him to give Jim what he wants. Jim refuses him.

-- Commercial break I get to see high voice Peyton Manning... BWAHAHA

Jim goes to talk to Harvey Bullock. Jim is ready to walk away from everything. Bullock tells Jim he's been sober 32 days.

Jim goes to see Bruce then, to tell him that he won't be able to keep his promise to find Bruce's parents's murderer. Bruce is pretty fuckin' wise. Tells him that if he stayed out of the GCPD he's sacrificing the greater good for his dignity, and that sometimes the right path is the dirty one.

Quick view of Barbera trying to make a deal with the one that runs the jail.

Jim goes to make good on his end of the deal with Penguin. He does pretty good, but of course GCPD is RIGHT outside?? really? go figure. OOO He kills the dude in a parking garage. Self defense shots, but pretty much in cold blood.

Bruce wants to blast that door down since he can't figure out the pass code. Alfred tries to stop him from it, and Bruce tells him "If you're not going to help me that's fine, I'll take some tea then." Alfred then goes off on a tangent telling him what he needs to build the bomb properly, and then ends with: "And... I'll put the kettle on." I love this Alfred.

Jim brings Penguin the money. Penguin promises no backlash from the PD and that their deal is gold.

Barbera calls Jim from Jail. She's playing innocent, making Leslie look like the bad buy. Barbera calls Lee and says she hopes Lee dies screaming. Jim confesses that he did something bad.

Penguin crashes into someone's house -- Loeb's? no glasses so i didn't recognize him, but I'm guessing that's who. One of his guards was beheaded. eeewww... Yup... Loeb.  Penguin says that since he knows Loeb won't be doing anything that Penguin wants, they'll have to kill him. OMG Penguin is fantastic. He's great at brain games.

Theo Galavan... OMG that actor... True Blood creepo and Where the Heart Is' Forney. OOO Loeb is retiring WHOO!!!! And gave the position to Essen, :)

Weirdo from the beginning is brought to Arkham and interrupts the Barbera worship. At first he's ignored, then he gets up on the table, and Joker looks rather entertained by him. He collapses, blue smoke comes out of his mouth, knocking everyone out, and a new chic comes in. hmm... Prison break?

Jim is reinstated. and YUP Prison break. Barbera is one of them. as well as Joker. Theo was behind it. Sounds like FOX is working on its own Suicide Squad.

HA Alfred is definitely hands on helping Bruce now. They've got the charges set. I have a feeling that Alfred knows what's down there. They blow the bomb, and Alfred freaking high fives Bruce LMFAO! It definitely worked, and lookie this. The future batcave. with a note on the computer for Bruce. I like that fatherly advice. "You can't have both Happiness and the Truth. You have to choose. I pray you choose happiness, unless you feel a calling. A true calling."

This is intercut with Jim loading a gun and looking into a mirror.

AHHH MICHAEL CHICKLIS!!!!! He'll be on future episodes, I'm SO EXCITED. This season looks amazing.

Looking forward to next week, but I really do think that they're looking to do their own Suicide Squad. Hmm... We'll see, but it looks great.

Dancing With the Stars Week two pt1

This week we will be given a back to back two part double elimination. And... As with last week I will be "Commenting" as I watch. I'll pay closer attention this time to types of dances and song choice, IF I can discern them.

Here we go!

It's Hometown Glory night, where the stars dance a tribute to their hometowns.

Nick and Sharna are first, dancing a Jive. Nick's hometown is Tampa, FL. Song is Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy. I think his footwork wasn't good or quick enough for the Jive, but it was cute, and I <3 Nick! OHH the slip wasn't a part of the dace when the camera panned. He kicked his shoes off as soon as the dance was over. WOW. It's weird seeing Nick not as confident as he should be. He's SO humble! It's amazing. They scored a 21 tonight.

Paula and Louis are second... She's from Savannah, GA. Dancing a Rumba to Midnight Train to Georgia. She looks pretty good tonight! More confident. That was pretty damn good for that woman, WOW. She shocked the hell outta me!! She paused a little too long at one point, but I do agree with the judges, that she did amazing! They scored a 19. Better than last week. Gotta give her props!

(Side note, Julianne's dress is freaking beautiful!)

Hayes and Emma are 3rd. Dancing a foxtrot to "She's still growing up." His hometown is Mooresville, NC, it looks really pretty. They did pretty good, he didn't look as gawky and awkward as last week though. HAHA Tom "I stand here next to Bruno watching, and when he's really into it, he grabs my arm. I lost blood flow." You can forget Hayes is just a kid. They scored 22 tonight.

Chaka and Keo are 4th. She's from Chicago, IL. Dancing a Foxtrot to "Chicago" by Frank Sinatra. OO She missed a step. She's enjoying herself though, and for her I think that's what matters. But she definitely screwed up. I hope they get higher than a 13 this week. OOPH, scored a 15. Better than last week, but I think she did better than that. she deserved at least one freaking six.

Only four dances into the night, and I"m already seeing who the Judges are favoring. *SIGH* seriously, let's not do this again this season, this is getting SO annoying.

Andy and Allison are 5th, he's from NYC, and they are dancing a jive to "Only the good die young". He looks pretty good this week :) He's got his footwork down REALLY well! It looks great. Bruno says he went off... I didn't see that. If Andy was off beat, so was Allison. WHEN did it go off? Judges scored them at a 21 tonight.

Kim and Tony are 6th. She grew up in CT, but I think she's tributing (Yes I made a word.) Atlanta. Her phone keeps going off in rehearsal, and her brain is not in this... why is she here? They're dancing a quickstep. I didn't catch the song title. It wasn't as rough as last week, but she's still really painful for me to watch. Julianne says the dance was scratching the surface, and for Tony to push her. Uhm... if she'd put her damned phone down... I get she's got 6 kids, but WORK TIME.... Scored a 19... Ohh boy. Kinda upsets me that she's married to one of my Falcons.... GUHH. I don't like her, she just ... something about her.

Alek and Lindsay are 7th. Alek's hometown is Sacramento, CA and they're dancing a jazz to "Don't stop believing". HAHA he keeps making sound effects LOL. There was a lot of lifts and spins, a lot of content for a very little amount of song. Certainly a crowd favorite -- No wonder why really. OMFG...... Obama "Whip/Naenae" nooooooo They scored a 23. Highest score of the night. -- they look like the "All American" couple. Him the army boy, her the girl next door. I think they'll travel far this season. Top 4? Maybe replace Tamar this week in top 3 for my predictions.

((Commercial break.. YEE OUAT promo!!))

Alexa and Mark are 8th, YAY he's getting his creativity in this week :) Hometown of Ocala, FL. Dancing a Salsa. C'MON you Latina, work those hips girl! YESSS I love it!!! I love Mark's creativity. That was perfect! Bruno is out of his seat -- he LOVED IT lol. No critique from the judges .... wow. Scored a 24 this week, taking the lead on the scoreboard.

Victor and Karina are 9th. HE's from Hildago, Mexico. Dancing to "La Bamba", their dance is a Jive. OO he messed up with that guitar. He's really stiff. that... that was bad. Entertaining... but bad. HA Tim made a viagra joke... Yeah, predictions are still that he's out in the first 4 eliminations. Scored a 17.

-- Paula's up there cooking!! LOL! WTF.

Tamar and Val are 10th. Dancing a ChaCha to We are family. She's from southern Maryland. BWAHAHA "I don't want to thrust while I"m thinking about my family." She did AWESOME!! Didn't see as many thrusts as they were talkin about, but she did awesome. Okay... I'm torn on top 3 or 4... BRUNO... Calm yoself! Holy jesus LOL -- uhhh they had to bleep something from him LMFAO! Scored a 24, tied for the highest.

Gary and Anna are 11th. He grew up in Tulsa, OK. Dancing a Foxtrot to "Wouldn't it be nice". AWW his nieces in the package are adorable!! OO I love Anna's dress. Hmm, he's doing well this week. He still creeps me out.... but he did well, better than last week I think. Let's see if he rambles and confuses people again this week... BWAHAHAHA Anna's face was like OMG shut up Gary. Scored an 18.

-- Commercial Break -- Considering recapping Quantico. It premieres Sunday after Once. Hmm.

Carlos and Whitney are 12th. Hometown is Columbia, MO. Dancing a Foxtrot to a country song that I didn't catch the name of. BWAHAHA I love their connection. Ohh Whitney, you're so damned beautiful. They did REALLY well. I"m glad they didn't do the same dance as Alexa and Mark. Scored a 24, another tie for the highest :)

and finally Bindi and Derek. She's an Aussie girl obvi. HA she's a heavy Metal girl I love her even more now. And she GROWLED She did the gutteral yell. OMG i adore her. Dancing to ACDC Shook me all night long, a tango. I'm absolutely enamored with them. She is FANTASTIC. Yep, she could take this with Derek. Yep, she's still in the finale. Julianne wants to see an Argentine Tango. Yes. I want to see that too!! Scored a 25 taking the lead :) Way to go girl!

And now the first Elimination of the season. WHEW.... don't disappoint me America.

Couples in Jeopardy.

Chaka and Keo, Gary and Anna,

Holy fuck, Send Gary home.

at the end of the night, it was Chaka that went home. BOOOOOOOOOOO BOOOO BOOOOOOOO BOOOO.

Not okay.


And Keo needs a damned chance on there, He didn't make it past week two last season either. Jeeze.

There's another episode tonight (Tuesday) and another couple Eliminated. Could it be Gary? I'll be watching Live and have it up a little after ten tonight, so be sure to look for the announcement on my FB pages.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dancing with the Stars week one recap

I'm writing this as I'm watching the episode.

First dancer was Victor - the jockey with Karina. was cute, but technically lacking. they scored 15

Second, Tamar Braxton and Val. They did REALLY well. I got her in the top three this year. She did pretty well! Scored a 23

Third, Chaka Khan and Keo  It was cute, but they scored her REALLY low. 13 ouch.

Fourth - Hayes Grier, the vine star... with Emma Slater. He's really young, really really young. It was adorable, but you can tell how young he is, seemed uncoordinated to me. Kid is in puberty. awkward. LOL (Uhm... Bruno "I could watch you for an hour" way to sound Pedo.) Scored a 21

Fifth - Andy Grammer and Allison Holker(She danced with Ryker last year) He's pretty good! impressive to me! I loved it when he was on last year with Derek. And OOP that dip, he almost dropped her LOL Scored a 21.

Sixth - Paula Deen and Louis Van Anstel. Ohh boy.... (HA she poked fun of herself with a whole bunch of butter on the "counter") God I waited for her to fall. Louis was REALLY leading her. Like pulling her across the floor to keep her in time. Yeah... next three weeks she's going home. AIYA. That was bad.... Scored 15. soo... they think Chaka did worse. No. I think Paula was worse than Chaka. Jesus...

Seventh - Carlos and Alexa Penavega with Whitney Carson and Mark Ballas Two of my favorite dancers!!!  Carlos and Whitney danced first. BIG smile on my face, I love Whitney SO MUCH!!! HA Bruno's crit, Whitney looked at him like "I TOLD YOU SO!" HAHAHA!!! Scored a 23

Eighth- Alexa and Mark (Both couples did the Jive. LOL) She looks a LITTLE stiff with the footwork, get that Latina a Salsa or cha cha, she'll killit! She did pretty good though! Julianne was right, there was a LOT in that, more so than Carlos. Scored a 22

(HAHAHA Carlos said "Gotta ask Wardrobe if we can bring her outfit home..." BWAHAHAHA!)

Ninth - Kim Zolciak-Bierman and Tony Dovalvan -- jesus she's crying already. first five weeks she's gone, if not next week. -- OH JESUS her dance is painful to watch. SO STIFF. I couldn't look at the tv through the whole thing, that was painful. Send her home. PLEASE send her home. that was terrible. Scored a 12. Yeah... it was bad.

Tenth - Bindi Irwin and Derek Hough. She's SO adorable!! I LOVE HER Oh mah god, she's cute! SHE"S SO GOOD! SO SO GOOD! YES She's gonna be inthe top two! For sure! WOW!!! Scored a 24 -- highest of the night so far!!

Eleventh - Gary Busey and Anna --- I'm not spelling that last name. lol Fucker is crazy though. Absolutely Guano. He can't dance, really can't. I can't look at it it's painful. Plus... I'll admit, his face scares me. He doesn't make sense when he's speaking.... I think he's high. .... like REALLY REALLY high!!! No... no Julianne, he's insane, certifiable, and very obviously on something. IF america votes for him, it's because they wanna see the crazy. Scored a 15

12th  - Alek Skarlatos (The guy that thwarted the gunman on the train) and Lindsay - He's adorable! and pretty damn good! Little missteps, but it's week one. He's pretty good! The guy is really humble too. WOW. Scored a 22

13th - Nick Carter and Sharna YEEEEEE I'm totally rooting for them. Give Sharna that Mirror Ball!! fangirling a little right now LOL I used to LOOOOOVE Nick when he was in BSB. Sharna fangirled as much as i am right now LOL YEEE KILL IT NICK! YEEEESSSS They did the "Everybody" move!! AHHHHHHH HAHA! Julianne is fangirling too! He popped the button on his pants LOL! Scored a 24!!!

What'd I say? Bindi and Nick in the top two. Bindi and Nick in the finale! It will happen!!

And watching the "First Dances" where they're showing BTS stuffs :) It's just a recap, so not much to talk about there.

I"m also now rewatching Heroes for the Reborn next Thursday :) I'm excited!! BBT and Gotham on Monday :) Hopefully I'll have the recaps done on Tuesday for those.

Yesterday was a weird day, haven't been feeling top notch. But I'm here!! Hooray for the new seasons! :D

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Looking forward to new shows next week!

So, starting Monday, my new seasons begin, as will my recaps on them! SO EXCITED for this. it'll get me back onto this blog more often :)

I wanted to leave y'all with a synopsis and trailer for each show I"ll be doing, so this'll be a fun post!

Sept 14 - Dancing with the Stars

There is an article outlining all of the stars with their pro partners and gives the website's predictions on odds of winning. I like this article, and it can be found HERE. The show gives us Stars the likes of Paula Dean, Gary Busey, Victor Espinoza, Kim Zolciak Biermann (Not a clue), Chaka Khan, Alek Skarlatos, Bindi Irwin, Alexa Penavega, Carlos Penavega, Hayes Grier, Tamar Braxton, Andy Grammer, and Nick Carter!!

I'll admit, I squealed like a little school girl when I heard Nick would be on it, and squeed some more when I saw Bindi was lined up. She's absolutely adorable, and though I'm fully believing that Paula, Gary, Chaka, and Victor will be among the first four voted off, I"m calling it now to it coming down to Nick and Bindi.

*sigh* this freaking song...


Sept 21

Big Bang Theory

Final moments of last season had me like WTF?! Leonard and Penny are off to elope, and he tells her about a girl he kissed when he was in the north atlantic... dude, you don't DO THAT! And then Amy tells Sheldon she needs time away from him, and it seems like he was going to propose to her!! I MEAN REALLY?! AAAAGGGHHHH

Excuse me while I go sob like a baby.

And the cast literally knows NOTHING about the upcoming season other than it picks up a few hours after Season 8 left off. BLALAAAAHHHH

To tell the truth, It's been so long since I've seen Gotham, but I do know that I"m excited for the premiere. lol From seeing previews of the new season, HOLY COWW!

They cast an excellent actor for Joker. The kid is amazing! I really look forward to seeing more of what's to come.

Sept 24

Heroes Reborn.

ZOMG!!!!!!!!! I can't WAIT FOR THIS! I gotta find my Heroes DVDs and rewatch simply because that show was so amazing, and I'm SO excited to see many of the original cast coming back. YEE!

Noah, Hiro, Matt, Micah, Mohinder, Mama Petrelli, The HATIAN!!!

And NEW faces, Ryan Guzman, thanks to my boy, Chris, I now have an unhealthy obsession with him. *shakes fist* Once's Pan, Robbie Kay is in the cast. OMG!!!! I'm going to FREAK OUT on premiere night.

Sept 27

Speaking of Once, Once Upon a Time looks AMAZING for its 5th season!!

I have a few videos to drop on ya for the Hype and excitement of only 2 1/2 weeks until it starts!! YEEE

I JUST saw this one, and squealed like a little girl.

And then there's this...

Suffice it to say, I'm pretty amped up about this season! Merida, King Arthur, Merlin... All kinds of fantastic goodness!

Sept 29 -

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Though it really shouldn't be called that anymore, because SHIELD is disbanded.

Here is one teaser trailer for it, and at the end... lemme know if you also said WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!

WAs it just me? Yes? .... No? Anyway, this looks amazing, but it's going a little off cuff, and not really following canon much at all. It's like a separate entity to the MCU and I'm not really sure what to think about the show, but I do love it. Immensely.

Oct 1

Sleepy Hollow!

Unfortunately there isn't a whole lot video wise, or like a trailer for season 3 for some reason. I did read somewhere that there will be a time jump. John Noble WILL be back, and there'll be Jenny/Abby centric episodes (or episode. either way YAY!) I truly want to see Ichabod move past Katrina, the damned bitch and give in to Abby. I REALLY want that. REALLY REALLY.

Oct 6

Finding Carter

HOLY HELL. Season 2's finale with the revelation that the dude there for crazy ass is daddy's son? Obviously I have the full belief that crazy ass is lying her crazy ass off, but Intrigue!!! Mr Ashley told me in the middle of one of the episodes that he hopes the show ends with a mass suicide because it's so depressing. Well... can't really argue with him there, it is really depressing, but it's SO GOOD!

Okay, NOW... Oct 7 is going to be a BIG night for me. AHS and Supernatural in the SAME NIGHT! It's going to be the BEST NIGHT EVAR!

Okay, let's start with Supernatural, because that'll air first at 9pm.

Scuse me while I fangirlgasm...

Show runners have said that SPN is going to be getting back to its roots with this season, but OMG it looks darker than ever! This is ridiculous. I don't know how they do it, but they keep coming up with stuff we wanna see!! Though I will says season 6 and 7 had me worried. 6 was especially weak because Kripke just left. crazy to think that was FIVE whole years ago. I first heard the Phrase "Assbutt" five years ago. It's still funny to this day. Can we just have 20 seasons of Spn? Please? Pretty please? 

NOW! American Horror Story: Hotel. 

WHOA! All star cast, backed up by amazing promos and a chilling trailer that released today. Freakshow had me for the first half, but even Neil Patrick Harris couldn't save it for me. I need to go back and watch the first two seasons, because I came in with Coven. Hotel looks VERRRY Promising. 

CRAZY creepy! I'm soooo can't wait! HEHEHEHE!!! 

Oct 26


Okay, so I don't know a whole lot about her story, like at all, but watching the trailer, well, you be the judge, but I for one, and EXCITED!

I really like this one better :)

And then on January 14 is the show Colony. It's a new one, and it intrigued me :) And... maybe just because it has freakin' Josh Halloway in it!! 

Ohhhh yeah, yup, that looks amazing! can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!! :D 

YAY for fantastic shows, I hope y'all are excited, because I REALLY am!