Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Dancing With the Stars Week 2 Pt2

Hometown glory for the pros tonight!

Still in awe about Chaka Kahn getting voted out last night. BOO.

1st Dancers - Emma and Hayes. Quickstep to "Are you gonna be my girl" home in England :)  Cute, but I'm not sure the dance fit the song, it was weird. Great way to start the night. Bruno says his best dance. Scored a 23. Not too bad!

2nd Dancers - Whitney and Carlos. ChaCha to Hound Dog,  Home in Utah. DAYUM, if that's what Utah gives us. CUTE wild west set up. EXCELLENT!! HAHA Carlos at the end hit he's like "OH YEAH!" OOP Bruno's outta his seat! You know he loved it. Carrie Ann said she wasn't impressed... Alexa looked like "Bitch I will cut you." Scored a 21.

3rd Dancers - Gary and Anna. Paso Doble to Tchaikovsky. Home in Russia Let's see how bad this is. She looks beautiful and like a princess. He looks like a Knight that just needs to retire already. Definitely wasn't a Paso. DEFINITELY NOT. And can we get Gary a hearing aid? jesus. Scored a 15. yes. it was that bad. Though... when asked what he thinks about those fives, Gary responds "If that's as high as they can count, then God bless them." HA!

4th Dancers - Andy and Allison. Home in Los Angeles. Contemporary to "Heaven is a Place on Earth." That was really beautiful, and aww I think Allison is crying! Bruno said he didn't nail the backward lift. I really don't agree. He hit it. Even the other pros said he did.  Scored a 23

5th Dancers - Alexa and Mark. Dancing the Rumba to Somewhere in Time - he grew up in England. It's a dance his parents did last as a married couple. Oh this'll be tear jerking. Oh this is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Made me teary, Asshole female judges gave 7s they deserved more. Scored a 22.

6th Dancers - Paula and Louis. He comes from Amsterdam. A Tango, but can't discern the title of the song, anyone catch it? It was alright, but not Alexa and Mark. No way. Nothing impressive like last night's dance. She keeps messing up. It'll be between her and Gary tonight I think.  --- did we miss Paula's scores? Maybe that means she's going home lol

7th Dancers - Bindi and Derek. Waltzing to "Only a Man" She's so good, a natural. the dance was graceful and beautiful. What is up with Carrie Ann tonight? Boy she's awfully nitpicky! Carrie pulled up a 7. I said "BITCH!" Scored a 23.

8th dancers - Kim and Tony. Foxtrot, not sure of the song. Boring, very boring. Let's go one way across the floor. spin. spinny spin... back to starting place. Done. ew. WOW that dress is WAY too sheer. WTF is Carrie Ann on tonight? She's tearing down the good ones, and complimenting the shitty ones. Scored an 18. I think they were too generous.

9th Dancers - Alek and Lindsay. Quickstep to "American Girl" Ehh it was alright. There was one tiny section of quick footed work, but that's it. Scored a 22, I agree with that.

10th Dancers - Victor and Karina. She came from the Ukraine. "Girl on fire" is their song, they're dancing a Rumba. it was pretty. And he was really killin' it, though. Scored a 20

11th Dancers - Nick and Sharna - She came from Australia. I truly love Nick. Foxtrot to that "I"m comin home" song that makes me cry... dammit. (( Side note, FUCKING HELL KIM PUT YOUR GOD DAMNED PHONE DOWN!)) They did a great job. Scored a 24 :D YEE! Highest score tonight.

12th Dancers - Tamar and Val. Shirtless VAL! hahaha - Grew up in NYC. Charleston to... I"m not sure of the song title. WOW they did good. Tamar is creepin' up there. She definitely came back into my top three with that dance. Bruno's back out of his chair LOL  Scored a 25, Taking the lead on the board tonight.

Elimination time, It came down to Gary and Anna  and  Victor and Karina

Ultimately Victor went home tonight. WHAT?! Seriously?! I guess America wants to see Gary's crazy just a little bit longer.

Alfonzo will be on next Monday as a guest Judge, that'll be AWESOME!! It'll be TV night -- Who'll do Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Think it'll be Whitney? Would that be conflict of interest?

Best dances tonight was Nick and Sharna, Bindi and Derek, Whitney and Carlos, and Tamar and Val. Don't care what the judges scored. Those were my faves.

I think/hope Gary Busey will be gone next week.

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