Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Big Bang Theory Season 10 Episode 1

"The Matrimonial Momentum"

End of last season, Leonard and Penny are on their way to get married, to Elope, and Leonard confesses that when he was out at sea he kissed someone.
and then there was the heart breaking "I need space" from Amy... and the FREAKING RING.

Kaley's hair looks really good. It's difficult to recap these scenes like I do DWTS and Gotham.

There's a hold up at the Vegas chapel, but it's seeming like they aren't actually going to go through with it. This seems so stupid. too anticlimatic for this relationship. Leonard wrote his own vows, and Penny's just like uhhh wha? HA She's quoting quoting "You got a friend in me" from toy story. LMFAO!

And... they actually went through with it, Hmm I dunno.

HAHAHAHA SHELDON and his knocks.

Penny got really heated about the Leonard thing, they storm home from Vegas. So it almost looks like two break ups.

Not much humor in this episode, kinda a downer. I dunno what to think of it being a premiere episode... yikes.

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