Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Dancing With the Stars Week two pt1

This week we will be given a back to back two part double elimination. And... As with last week I will be "Commenting" as I watch. I'll pay closer attention this time to types of dances and song choice, IF I can discern them.

Here we go!

It's Hometown Glory night, where the stars dance a tribute to their hometowns.

Nick and Sharna are first, dancing a Jive. Nick's hometown is Tampa, FL. Song is Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy. I think his footwork wasn't good or quick enough for the Jive, but it was cute, and I <3 Nick! OHH the slip wasn't a part of the dace when the camera panned. He kicked his shoes off as soon as the dance was over. WOW. It's weird seeing Nick not as confident as he should be. He's SO humble! It's amazing. They scored a 21 tonight.

Paula and Louis are second... She's from Savannah, GA. Dancing a Rumba to Midnight Train to Georgia. She looks pretty good tonight! More confident. That was pretty damn good for that woman, WOW. She shocked the hell outta me!! She paused a little too long at one point, but I do agree with the judges, that she did amazing! They scored a 19. Better than last week. Gotta give her props!

(Side note, Julianne's dress is freaking beautiful!)

Hayes and Emma are 3rd. Dancing a foxtrot to "She's still growing up." His hometown is Mooresville, NC, it looks really pretty. They did pretty good, he didn't look as gawky and awkward as last week though. HAHA Tom "I stand here next to Bruno watching, and when he's really into it, he grabs my arm. I lost blood flow." You can forget Hayes is just a kid. They scored 22 tonight.

Chaka and Keo are 4th. She's from Chicago, IL. Dancing a Foxtrot to "Chicago" by Frank Sinatra. OO She missed a step. She's enjoying herself though, and for her I think that's what matters. But she definitely screwed up. I hope they get higher than a 13 this week. OOPH, scored a 15. Better than last week, but I think she did better than that. she deserved at least one freaking six.

Only four dances into the night, and I"m already seeing who the Judges are favoring. *SIGH* seriously, let's not do this again this season, this is getting SO annoying.

Andy and Allison are 5th, he's from NYC, and they are dancing a jive to "Only the good die young". He looks pretty good this week :) He's got his footwork down REALLY well! It looks great. Bruno says he went off... I didn't see that. If Andy was off beat, so was Allison. WHEN did it go off? Judges scored them at a 21 tonight.

Kim and Tony are 6th. She grew up in CT, but I think she's tributing (Yes I made a word.) Atlanta. Her phone keeps going off in rehearsal, and her brain is not in this... why is she here? They're dancing a quickstep. I didn't catch the song title. It wasn't as rough as last week, but she's still really painful for me to watch. Julianne says the dance was scratching the surface, and for Tony to push her. Uhm... if she'd put her damned phone down... I get she's got 6 kids, but WORK TIME.... Scored a 19... Ohh boy. Kinda upsets me that she's married to one of my Falcons.... GUHH. I don't like her, she just ... something about her.

Alek and Lindsay are 7th. Alek's hometown is Sacramento, CA and they're dancing a jazz to "Don't stop believing". HAHA he keeps making sound effects LOL. There was a lot of lifts and spins, a lot of content for a very little amount of song. Certainly a crowd favorite -- No wonder why really. OMFG...... Obama "Whip/Naenae" nooooooo They scored a 23. Highest score of the night. -- they look like the "All American" couple. Him the army boy, her the girl next door. I think they'll travel far this season. Top 4? Maybe replace Tamar this week in top 3 for my predictions.

((Commercial break.. YEE OUAT promo!!))

Alexa and Mark are 8th, YAY he's getting his creativity in this week :) Hometown of Ocala, FL. Dancing a Salsa. C'MON you Latina, work those hips girl! YESSS I love it!!! I love Mark's creativity. That was perfect! Bruno is out of his seat -- he LOVED IT lol. No critique from the judges .... wow. Scored a 24 this week, taking the lead on the scoreboard.

Victor and Karina are 9th. HE's from Hildago, Mexico. Dancing to "La Bamba", their dance is a Jive. OO he messed up with that guitar. He's really stiff. that... that was bad. Entertaining... but bad. HA Tim made a viagra joke... Yeah, predictions are still that he's out in the first 4 eliminations. Scored a 17.

-- Paula's up there cooking!! LOL! WTF.

Tamar and Val are 10th. Dancing a ChaCha to We are family. She's from southern Maryland. BWAHAHA "I don't want to thrust while I"m thinking about my family." She did AWESOME!! Didn't see as many thrusts as they were talkin about, but she did awesome. Okay... I'm torn on top 3 or 4... BRUNO... Calm yoself! Holy jesus LOL -- uhhh they had to bleep something from him LMFAO! Scored a 24, tied for the highest.

Gary and Anna are 11th. He grew up in Tulsa, OK. Dancing a Foxtrot to "Wouldn't it be nice". AWW his nieces in the package are adorable!! OO I love Anna's dress. Hmm, he's doing well this week. He still creeps me out.... but he did well, better than last week I think. Let's see if he rambles and confuses people again this week... BWAHAHAHA Anna's face was like OMG shut up Gary. Scored an 18.

-- Commercial Break -- Considering recapping Quantico. It premieres Sunday after Once. Hmm.

Carlos and Whitney are 12th. Hometown is Columbia, MO. Dancing a Foxtrot to a country song that I didn't catch the name of. BWAHAHA I love their connection. Ohh Whitney, you're so damned beautiful. They did REALLY well. I"m glad they didn't do the same dance as Alexa and Mark. Scored a 24, another tie for the highest :)

and finally Bindi and Derek. She's an Aussie girl obvi. HA she's a heavy Metal girl I love her even more now. And she GROWLED She did the gutteral yell. OMG i adore her. Dancing to ACDC Shook me all night long, a tango. I'm absolutely enamored with them. She is FANTASTIC. Yep, she could take this with Derek. Yep, she's still in the finale. Julianne wants to see an Argentine Tango. Yes. I want to see that too!! Scored a 25 taking the lead :) Way to go girl!

And now the first Elimination of the season. WHEW.... don't disappoint me America.

Couples in Jeopardy.

Chaka and Keo, Gary and Anna,

Holy fuck, Send Gary home.

at the end of the night, it was Chaka that went home. BOOOOOOOOOOO BOOOO BOOOOOOOO BOOOO.

Not okay.


And Keo needs a damned chance on there, He didn't make it past week two last season either. Jeeze.

There's another episode tonight (Tuesday) and another couple Eliminated. Could it be Gary? I'll be watching Live and have it up a little after ten tonight, so be sure to look for the announcement on my FB pages.

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