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Recap for True Blood Season 7 Episode 5 "Return to Oz"

We start the episode off with clean up from last week, Sookie and someone I couldn't see carrying Kenya's dead body into Fangtasia.

Willa is chasing after Pam screaming at her that she's not going with them to kill Sarah Newlin. She accuses both of them of abandoning her and Tara and tells Pam she's the reason Tara's dead.  Eric calls a halt, and apologizes to Willa for leaving, but tells her they need information on Sarah, and since Sarah was Willa's step mom for the most part, she has information they need.
Willa tells Eric that she'll give him information so long as he releases her.  And of course Eric does so.  Willa informs Eric of Sarah's vampire sister, Amber. (All Ambers are crazy in my mind lol four of them I've known were all psychotic.)
Ginger then stops Eric on his way out the door telling him she's been a slave to him for far too long, saying it's been a sex slave without the sex, and Eric can either take her with them to Dallas or fuck her because she's tired of it.
Eric rolls his eyes a bit and says "Ginger, I'm diseased."
She looks all jubulant then returns with "So am I!"
Next shot is of her clinging to a coffin and screaming that awesome scream of hers. LOL!

Roll opening credits.

Cut to Sookie arriving home to Lafayette and James at her home, Lafayette as per usual comforting Sookie, God damn I love that man, PLEASE Alan Ball let him live.  If Lafayette dies, I riot! He takes care of Sookie getting her to bed, and almost 24 hours later she wakes up to find Alice's dad there putting his son's things into the bed of his truck.  Sookie's dining room table is filled with food, and there's the revelation that Lafayette put together a party to celebrate life and "Say fuck you to death." and .... "I promise you, there won't be anyone comin' up to you saying 'I'm so sorry for your loss.' mm-mmm no way 'cause that's not what this is about."  I adore LaLa.  LOOOOOVE him!
Bill shows with flowers for Sookie, stating that he didn't have alcohol as Lafayette instructed and his mama always told him good manners state that you don't show up empty handed. 

In Dallas, Pam and Eric arrive at Amber's home -- I was right she's a crazy bitch lol.  BUt in a good way. Pam even likes her.  She tells her story about how her and her boyfriend lived off of True Blood and yet they still contracted Hep D Her boyfriend died in her arms, and she's got it right along with Eric.  She tells them that Sarah just called there that morning looking for a place to stay, but Amber told her to Fuck off.  She'll be attending a gala with mommy and daddy though.  Eric informs Amber that they'll need a picture of the parents, and Amber tells them that they'll never get in, security will be tight and they only invited assholes.  Eric tells Amber - "You don't know us darlin' we can be assholes."

Lettie Mae is  begging Revereand Daniels to let her go to Sookie's to say goodbye to Tara since there's nothing to bury for a grave.  The reverend tells her no, let him take care of her.  She doesn't seem all that grateful that he wants to take care of her, and behind his back grabs a full bottle of benadryl.  What the hell is this crazy ass doing....

Over at Sookie's the party's raging on, music and dancing, the whole She-bang Bill has a flashback of when he first heard about the war and was told that he'd have to fight. He was kicked out of Jane Boathouse's ancestor's bar for being a yankee sympathizer. Sookie finally comes downstairs, and Violet tells her - even though they're not supposed to - that she's sorry for the loss.  She's had 100 boyfriends die on her over the years, and she remembers how painful they were.  Jason of course takes offense to it, but Violet tells him to shut up and dance with her.

Ohhh then MIss Lettie Mae's idea with the benadryl is shown, she drugged the reverend so she could go to Sookie's...

Jackson gives an amazing speech about how Alcide lived his life.  Stubborn to a fault, but he had morals. Sookie was something he felt was worth fighting for. Lettie Mae shows up, and LaLa tries to get her to leave, but Sookie asks her to say something about Tara.  She thanks Sookie and Jason for being there for Tara, for taking care of her, and Alcide was indeed a hero but she thinks that Tara was just as heroic.  Tara died protecting her, even after all the pain she'd put her daughter through.  Pretty surprising eulogy from Lettie Mae -- who... asked for something non-alcoholic to drink to toast with.

Andy approached Jessica outside of Sookie's house, who is standing sentinel for the party.  He tells her that her holding onto the pain of the other three girls, and torturing herself with the memory of what she did is keeping it alive for him as well.  He just wants them both to be able to move on, and he needs her help to do it.  He then asks for one of her rings so he can propose to Holly.  Jessica them brings Andy to Sookie and Jason who gives him Gran's ring.  It was supposed to be for Jason's woman, but Violet says "Jason's already mine, I don't need a ring to tell me that."  To which Jason seems REALLY uncomfortable with.  Andy then heads down to the party, where JAson tells Addalyn and Wade that if they're fuckin' they might want to stop right now.
Andy's proposal had me in tears.  OHH it was perfect! So perfect. I loved it!
James sees Jessica finally looking happy, and suggests they leave, since it's 'been so long" She tells him to stop being "A wet blanket" and they'll leave later.
Arlene sees that Sookie is about to cry and brings her upstairs.  They talk a bit about how hard it is dealing with the loss of someone you loved.  Arlene tells her that it takes time... and a lot of tequila.  for the first time in a long time we see some sort of humanity in Sookie, and I actually felt myself liking her just a little bit more.
Out on the porch Lala is sitting with James.  They're trash talking Jessica about how she gives him just enough affection to keep him hooked to her, but it isn't enough.  LaLa asks if the man James had loved and he were fucking, James says they were, and then LaLa kisses James..... Oooohhhhh sheeit.  Jessica's gonna find out... I know she will.

IN Dallas, Eric and Pam are getting ready for the gala.  Pam looks at herself in the mirror, then turns and exclaims "Look at me! I'm a republicunt!" Cue hysterical laughter.  She tells Eric to strip because she got him some good stuff too.  When he takes off his shirt, Pam gasps in horror as she realizes he's gone to stage 2.

Back at the party, the vampire that gave Arlene his blood to save her life has been watching her all night long, he approaches Arlene and Sookie, and Sookie tell him to "turn the sexy down a couple of notches. Arlene's been through a lot."  The vampire tells Sookie that he can wait, and to please tell her friend that she's the prettiest woman he'd seen in 300 years.  (Cue AWWWWW alert) Arlene seems a little taken back, but true to Arlene style... "Excuse me, I have to go make tinkle because I"m a human, and we do that!"

(Dies of laughter)

Jessica then stops Arlene asking her if she'd seen James.  Arlene tells her to look outside. and ohhh she goes out there to find Lafayette and James fucking in the car they bought together.  She races into the house, grabs Jason and tells him what happened after askinghim to recind his invitation to the house. Jason of course (God i love J&J) tell him to get the fuck out of there, which shoos him away.  Jessica blurs upstairs, and Jason looks at Violet saying "I should..."
She tells him to go, which after the clip on last week.... Violet's got a thing for Jess... I just want Violet to bite if so J&J can be together again damn it.
Jason then asks Jessica how with all the sensitive musician shit she didn't realize that it was a possibility that James was gay.  Jessica tries to deny it, and Jason calls her on her bullshit.  LaLa comes in and puts Jessica in her place telling her to realize that she knows absolutely nothing about James because she didn't care enough to ask, he did.  He tells her, if you don't love him then let him go, and I"ll take over from here. 
Good on you Lala. You deserve some fucking happiness for once.  Jess does too, she's just trying to fill the void that Jason left behind when they broke up. Violet needs to see that and let him go damn it.
Sookie's walking through her home, drunk off her ass hearing people's reformed thoughts on how good she is and how wonderful she is, and lucky she is.  Willa arrives and asks for Arlene, while Sookie asks if Willa has been Bill. 
Bill is outside, remembering back to the war. apparently Bill tried to escape north, helping slaves escape the south, has his wife and kids with him. 
Sookie comes out and tries to convince Bill to come back to the party.  It seems as if they'll strictly be just friends from here on out (I don't buy it)

Lettie Mae then decides that Tara is still trying to talk to her from the other side, and stabs Willa.  Nichole loses it and tells everyone that they're crazy for throwing a party after everything that's happened.  and asks Sam to take her home (I do'nt see the romance there, never did... ugh) Violet volunteers to make sure they get home okay. 
Upstairs, Jason and Jessica are still talking, and Jason confesses to Jess that it's the same with he and violet as with her and James.  He doesn't want to spend the rest of his life with violet. ... Jessica tells Jason that he might be the sweetest man in the world and kisses him.... YEEEEE Then he kisses her back! YAY! There's hope, there's hope, there's hope!

Back in Dallas Sarah finds mommy in the bathroom and tells her she's in serious trouble, the Ukuza (sp?) are after her. 

BAck in Bon Temps.... OHHHHH YEAH!!!! Jason and jessica are FINALLY FINALLY gettin hot and heavy of course violet hears them, and there's two ways this could go... she gets sam and nichole home safe, comes back and tears jessica's head off, or she joins them.... which the latter would honestly be hot as hell.

In dallas the Ukuza arrive and shoot up the place killing mommy and daddy, and that's when Sarah runs into Eric, the Japanese men catchup to them, and of course, wanting revenge for himself, Eric kills them, ripping the leader's jaw off. GOOD he got revenge for the French girl.

Sookie closes the door after the party is over and goes up to head to bed, Jackson left Alcide's jacket for Sookie, having over heard she and Arlene's conversation.  Sookie slips into the jacket and lays down in bed, staring at Alcide's vacant pillow.  (CUE TEARS.... not for Sookie... for Alcide, damn it.)

Bill in taking a bath, and yet another flashback... telling Caroline that she is his first and true love.  He will survive the war and come back to her and the children.  He comes out of the memory, gets out of the bath and looks in the mirror.....

OH. Shit.

Eric's not the only vampire we're going to lose to Hep D....

Bill's vein over his heart is showing through. 

OH. Fuck.

For next week, Hep-D is spreading quickly in Bill.  Jason says he's going to call it off with Violet, but she's got ideas to seduce Jason back to her.  But then she's also hunting Addalyn who is under Jessica's protection.  Addalyn looks like she's gettin it on with Wade, despite their parents getting married.  We see Jessica hugging Sookie, so I'm worried that Addalyn is next to bite the dust. I actually kinda liked her. Pam and Eric are silvered and facing windows Eric says "Our first sunrise together" oh crap.... And it looks like Jessica is tackling Sarah to the ground and feeding on her.... I think.

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