Tuesday, July 1, 2014

SUCH A great day!

For serious, it's a great day today!

July 1... Chivalry Isn't Dead is finally out for download.

You can find it HERE

And about one ish, I got something I've been waiting for!

Now or Never's book cover! It releases in 29 days, and I'm so excited!

How freaking beautiful is this cover!

I've submitted book four, and I"m still waiting on response for it, I hope I didn't fuck shit up because I forgot to put SUBMISSION in the subject line. 

Working on writing book five.  A longer first chapter than I'm used to, but it flows really nice :)

Cleaning my house.  So far I've done two loads of laundry swept and mopped the kitchen, vacuumed the living room and done all the dishes.  I've also wiped down the counters and table and cleaned up after my kitty. Onto the girl's room since my oldest's clothes are finished in the dryer. 

What an amazing release day!

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