Monday, July 7, 2014

True Blood episode 3 from season 7 "Fire in the Hole"

We start off the episode in a yoga studio where Sarah Newlin is practicing yoga under a new name.... wtf....

Roll opening credits.

Back to Pam and Eric. Pam asks how long he's been infected. She tells him about Tara meeting the true death. He only asks if she played the bucket game. He says that Godric and his sister met the true death, why not him too?
Flash back to Rhone Valley 1986 In love with a human apparently, He's fucking his human in a vineyard and the authority interrupts them. Tells Eric about True Blood development, and he tells the woman to go fuck herself.

Alcide goes around Sookie's house looking for her to figure out that she went to Bill's.  Cue him kicking in Bill's door. all Wolfy eyed and everything, YUMMY.

Bill is driving Sookie somewhere asks if he can talk her out of "This" He says he's got a clean slate so he's different than the vampire he was before. Sookie drinks his blood again, he gets aroused, of course, and she mutters around his wrist "i have a boyfriend"

Addalyn and Wade in jail. She confesses that they made out once, but a vampire glamoured it out of him.  they almost kiss, but Jessica and Andy stop them by rescuing them and they hear about all the guns and ammo being taken.

Reverend Daniels is talking to Sam about what they found in St Alice. He tells Sam that a life lived in fear of death is not a life worth living.  Lettie Mae bursts in all high on V screaming for Tara.
Sam's in the truck and the vampire with him it awfully chatty, I don't like the looks of him, but then they run into the mob including Hoyt's mom. Vince shoots the vampire and kills him. and spouts BS about him being the mayor now, exiling Sam from Bon Temps.  He then turns into an owl in front of the whole town. (which isn't much left)

Jason then asks Violet if she would consider raising a baby with him. She calls him a pussy pretty much, and the bitch that she is won't let Jessica further into the house than the front door.  they leave the kids and go chase down sookie. ... again...

Lafayette dancing around his house when James knocks on his door looking for more weed.  Long version of James' sad little story is he's bored with Jessica for the most part.

H-vamps are out of food, and they pull Holly to get more food

Sookie's sitting out in the woods with Bill in a tree.  she says that Bill gave her the idea calling her "Vampire Bait" their first time in a car together. He asks if she loves Alcide.  She says she does, but she's afraid that she doesn't love him as much as he loves her. and she should because he's handsome and decent and grounded, and good. 
Bill says love isn't always equal and maybe she'll grow to love him.
She said "Maybe but I'd take him loving me less all the same."

Jason, Jess, Andy, and violet stumble on Sam's truck where the mob is still waiting for them. Hoyt's mom claims Jason and Jessica as hers. MRs fortenberry shoots Jess in the arm, and Violet pulls her HEART OUT OF HER CHEST HOLY FUCK! Violet chases down Holly's boy to bring him back alive.

Meanwhile, Lafayette and James are stoned out of their gourds. spouting gibberish really...

Alcide and Sam cross paths, and the mob's out there shooting at them.

Sookie's getting impatient and tells Bill about going to Six Flags and how the free fall ride was bad only because of the waiting.  He tells her "try going to war."
Flashback to before Bill goes off to war. one of Hoyt's ancestors is set to take their pictures before he goes off to war.
Sookie then cuts herself to draw in the vampires.

Willa then asks Reverand Daniels if Lettie Mae burnt herself on purpose, in a round about way he says yes.  then allows Willa to feed on him. He tells her that when he came to town they'd just lost their baby, and his wife strayed and he lost faith in everything. Then suddenly one morning he got up and started driving and came across the church he runs now.  And came across Lettie Mae.  The town says he saved her, but he says that she saved him just as much. He says that Willa is a good girl, he knows that, but because of Lettie Mae's addicitve personality he cant have her still there.

James wakes up, freaks out thinking Lafayette ODed on him.  Lafayette asks James if he's into him. James says that he is, but his ties to Jessica is keeping him "good"

Back in 1986, Pam and Eric are both gettin their thing on and the Japanese people interrupt them. The Japanese take Sylvie to threaten Eric.  He tells Eric that either Pam or Sylvie has to die, and it's Eric's choice. He says he'll pay triple the amount the Japanese are being paid.  They don't fall for it stating that he is not a corporation, so of course he chooses Pam.  They kill his human in front of him, and you can tell he truly feels it. 
In present day, Pam asks if he contracted it on purpose, he says no, but he just didn't care enough to be careful.  Pam asks if he regrets his choice that night, and he says no.  She begs him not to make her watch him die the way he did with Godric and Nora. Eric tells her she should go, he's made his choice again.
Pam gets up, and while making me cry.  She tells Eric that Jason let Sarah Newlin live and that makes Eric get up and find will to live, thank GOD.

Sarah is fucking the yoga guru like a damn champ. Guru thinks that Sara is his soulmate. She's playing that poor sap for a fool.  I have to wonder what she's playing at. Looks like the Japanese from 1986 are closing in on Guru. They're looking for Sarah, and since he won't tell where she is, they kill him.

Back in Bon Temps Sookie sees Holly stumbling out of the woods and the vamps get drawn in.  Alcide and Sam come across them Andy and Jason with Violet and Jessica do too and they attack killing all the vamps, then Alcide fights with Bill about what's "right" for Sookie.... those mob mother fuckers SHOOTS Alcide. That son of a BITCH.  Andy and Jason shoot, killing the two mob members. God mother fucking damn it, they killed Alcide like a bitch.  That was the only thing I said, if he goes out this season let him go out EPICALLY.  Those BASTARDS.

Jessica offers to turn Alcide for her either her or Bill, and Sookie says "No, I've been down that road before." So... this is the last time I got to see Alcide's wolfy goodness.  Those BASTARDS! UGH!

Next episode seems that they're bringing the fight to Fangtasia and I hope just in time to save Arlene.  She's being brought out for food. 
Eric is missing... again from the looks of it.
James tells Jessica that she's not healing because she's not eating, and walks out. Looking like he's breaking up with her. OOOHHHH PLease give me Jason and Jessica for the finale!!!!! PLEEEAASEEE

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