Wednesday, July 16, 2014

bit 'o' random and thoughts on Sunday's True Blood

Well I'm not doing a total episode recap this week, simply because it's now Wednesday and I just watched it last night.
LOVED the episode, had me in tears three separate times.  I'm glad all of them came together again, it was nice to see.  I"m scared for Eric, hate they're going to kill him with friggin Hep D. Bastards.
Arlene had me BAWLING.

I was going to do a recap, but after the last four days I've had.... no way.

I had a migraine so bad on Sunday I was close to throwing up four times while at work.  I left early. Slept most of the day away. 

Handed a note to my kid's father (since we can't be adults and communicate -- read we = he) so he could take an extended weekend while I"m at a writer's convention in Oct. He yanked the note from me all pissed off. 

Monday was a long exhausting day at work. 

Yesterday is normally asshole's day for visitation with the kids, but I didn't particularly WANT him taking them since I just got them back Sunday.... He waits until we're about to walk out the door to meet him to tell me he isn't getting the kids. (SURPRISE SURPRISE! -- he hasn't gotten them since he started working again.) So I sent him a snarky text saying "Thanks for waiting until we were walking out the door, how about you just text me when you actually are getting them from now on." I didn't get a response so I'll take his silence as confirmation.

THEN --- I've been having some weird ass dreams revolving around guns and my kids.  I think it has to do with the "taking action" training thing we had to do at work. so I let Makayla have her cell phone with her.  I get a text from the boyfriend at 2:30 while I was at work that the cops showed up to my home looking for the kids. my ex-husband called them. 
Called the daycare in a panic to find out the cops went there too because Makayla's phone called him and he heard children playing and screaming in the day care. 
Called the lawyer, and then sent asshole a text telling him his little stunt was uncalled for, and that I had contacted my lawyer. he never responded

When Brian finally got a hold of me to explain, the cops told him that asshole called Makayla's phone.  Nice huh?  I need to get to the bottom of this.  find out what they were told, I just don't know how.

I"m exhausted... one day of work left before i'm off for a week.

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