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Recap, True Blood Season 7 Episode 6: Karma

We start out the episode with Eric fighting off the Yakanomo guy, only to have Pam call out his name, she's bound and silvered. Eric surrenders and he gets the same treatment as they're dragged to "headquarters" and set in a room. Dude sets a clock, 7 hours 13 minutes. "Time until dawn." Bows, and leaves.
Thus Eric's, "Our first sunrise together."

roll opening credits.

Jessica arrives home, seemingly in a daze, hears Bill talking with someone on the phone, comfirming he's Hep-D positive, and he needs to get this affairs in order.  Jessica kinda confronts him on it, telling him she and James had a fight, and in his haste to get out of hte house he says he's sure they'll work it out.  She asks if he's okay, and he says he's fine.  Not going to tell his progeny about his impending doom, huh?  Bad form, Bill. Bad form.

LaLa and Lettie Mae arrive at his home, to find James there asking if he can stay.  Of course Lala lets him and Lettie Mae starts yammering on about how Tara's trying to reach her.  James pulls out his metaphysical crap and asks "What if it's true? We both know how substances can highten abilities. " James agrees to let Lettie Mae drink from him, with Lala to make sure LM isn't alone before he goes to ground for the night, telling them to "enjoy the ride"

Jason gets home and heads inside where Violet is waiting for him in the skimpy little outfit we were shown in the promo for this week. She wants to show him that she appreciates him, shoves him down in a chair and begins to give him a blow job, much to Jason's.... distaste? surprise? i'm not sure what that reaction was truly.

Bill heads into the clinic, where wait time is anywhere from 5 to 7 hours. which will take them into daylight.  Bill is told to take a number, and Anubis is running taxis and will drive his car home for an additional cost. -- of course they will. He takes a number (SO WEIRD!) and takes a seat

Eric and Pam make a deal with the north American president of Yakanomo that they'll lead him to Sarah Newlin as long as Eric gets to be the one to deal the death blow.  Hmm.. interesting. We'll see if that pans out.

Meanwhile, Sarah is climbing over a wall, *not very gracefully* and breaks into her sister's house.  Amber tackles her to the ground, and then throws up on her....? Sarah realizes she's sick, and Amber tells her "Fuck you, you did this to me." Then gags a bit more and passes out...... I think she's fucking with Sarah.

Jessica calls Jason, asking him to get Sookie and bring her to Bill's place, she needs to tell them something but it can't really be done over the phone.  Jason of course agrees to it, and then Violet throws a bitch fit destroying the bedroom.  OBviously she's going to go after Jessica. PLEASE let the bitch bite it.....

Andy wakes up to hear a bit of commotion in Addalyn's room, only to find that Wade and Addalyn are having sex.  Andy reacts the way any father would and chases him out of the house buck naked.  Holly and Arlene follow him out, followed by Addalyn screaming for Andy to leave  Wade alone.  They kids say they love each other (Too bad Jessalyn shippers...) and Holly takes her son home, telling Andy she'll deal with him later (BWAHAHA)

Jason arrives to Sookie's and she's PASSED OUT with a hangover. Finally something funny from her. "A woodpecker has moved into my frontal lobe and is just peckin' away. bam bam bam bam bam bam bam." *dies*

LaLa and Lettie Mae are tripping out, find Tara in... where ever they are... Tara's speaking in tongues, they free her from the cross, but she takes off running.

Nichole tells Sam that her mother is coming to get her, and he's got two options, stay in "crazy town" or come with her. Yeah... once again I don't see the chemistry there. at all.

Jason arrives with sookie at Jessica's place and she realizes that she's Hep-d positive and asks for Jason to take her to the clinic to be certain.  Jessica asks him to call her with the results.

Arlene and Holly get to the bar, where the vampire mess is still left from when the angry mob abandoned their jobs.  Arlene tells Holly she's got a sticky situation and she needs to do something about it "Before your grand kids are your step grandkids too." They get inside to see the mess and God love Arlene and the growth she's had on this show. "Well, Holly... shit happens. and then you clean it up."

Back at the clinic, Bill notices the hep-d (Or is it hep-v? I can't decipher it) spreading.  The guy beside him asks what stage he's in, and of course he only noticed the symptoms that night.  but it's spreading like crazy.  Dude gets up and moves across the room... LMFAO !

In the human clinic, Sookie gets her test done, and Jason offers to take her home. She says she doesn't want to go home, doesn't know where she wants to go, just not home.

In the dream world or... where ever.... Tara leads Lettie Mae and LaLa to Lettie Mae's old house, and is digging in the yard in multiple spots for something.  Reverend Daniels arrives and jerks them out the dream walk, and tells Lettie that she needs to choose who she's going to be loyal to, him or her addiction.  She explains that it's not about the damn V but her daughter is reaching out to her, and she has to do this.

Sookie is sitting on the tail gate of Jason's truck, talking to him about love, how she can still sense Bill in her and around her before she sees him. Jason says he never felt anything like that before -- maybe with Jessica, but because of the hoyt BS it couldn't get much further than that.  (HOPE HOPE HOPE) Sookie gets the phone call... of course she's positive.

Bill at the clinic talking to lawyer lady, she tried to extort 10 million out of him to move him to the front of the line, she whines about her own life (Even though she chose that job...) and Bill can't take it anymore, he slams a letter opener into her throat, and a pencil into the heart of the vampire that comes into the room. He then proceeds to look cool as fuck walking out of that room.  NOW THAT is first season Bill! THAT is the Bill i've been missing!

Andy and Holly arrive home to find Randy there and Wade and Addalyn gone Holly threatens her sons life if he doesn't tell them "Where the FUCK they went?!" BWAHAHA

Annnd about here is where the video and audio started fucking up for some reason. video slowed down so it wasn't synced. UGH.

Sarah watches as her sister wakes and while Sarah insists on the fact that she's a changed woman, she tells Amber that there's a reason for everything, the hep-d (v?) the Japanese after her, all of it... because now she can heal her sister.... AWW SHEEEIT! Apparently during the raid/breakout last season, remember her drinking that shit? It was the Hep V(D?) antidote! Sarah is the freaking antidote, it's in her BLOOD.

Sookie goes to Jessica and tells her the test came back positive. She apologizes saying she didn't know and she was so sorry. Jessica tells her it's okay and hugs her. (FEELS!)

Jason goes home to find the basement bedroom a wreck and a note from violet telling him it's not working, and "no regrets"

THEN.... Violet is intruding on Wade and Addalyn's moment in the tree house... no invitations needed for that.... she talks addalyn and wade into following her.... crap!

Pam and eric arrive at Amber's home to find her healed...

Bill arrive home to find Sookie and a tear stained Jessica on the stairs waiting for him.  without words he acknowledges what's happened and shuts the door.

I don't even know where to begin with the promo for next week....
Just take a look for yourself...

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