Monday, June 30, 2014

Man Candy Monday -- Adrian Roman

In honor of Chivalry Isn't Dead releasing to download at 1am, I'm celebrating the deliciousness that is the inspiration for Adrian, Ace Boogie. 

This incredible man always has a smile on his face, no matter what kind of day he's having, always has a kind word and encouragement for people.


That one, by far, is my most favorite pic of him.

With some classes around Nashville and Feel The Beat

With his brothers Nicholas and Diego

Sunday, June 29, 2014

True Blood Recap "I found you"

We start off tonight's episode FINALLY seeing Eric!

But unfortunately... it's a dream Jason's having about him.  Creepy ass "I've had your blood now I have vivid sex dreams about you"
And I'm sitting here going NOO Not Jason... Not Jason damn it. And of course they've got the sweet violins playing in the background, and as Eric descends to his knees in front of Jason....
Jason's sitting in the church asleep and falls over in the pew.  With an erection... *snort*

After opening credits, Andy's trying to figure out a way to narrow the search for the vamps, and Sookie pipes up with the news that they've got a dead girl in the forest and if they identify her they could find out where they're going next.

Reverend Daniels tells Sam that the town is looking for something to keep their minds off of it, and Sam tells the town that when they get Arlene back she'll be pissed at the state of BEllfluer's.... yeah not merlotte's anymore... keep forgetting that.  WEird end to season 6...

Lettie Mae then tells good old Reverend Daniels that she wants to check on Lafayette because he didn't show up at church that morning.

Andy tells Addalyn that she can stay with their family but needs to be home and don't invite Jessica in. Apparently she didn't tell daddy.

The H-vamps are pull another one of the prisoners upstairs, but once again they don't touch any of the women from Bon Temps. Nikki starts cramping. 
The old lady vamp apparently is Arlene and Holly's kid's teacher. Arlene has got her gumption back and tells everyone that she didn't survive 4 shitty exhusbands, a serial killer ex boyfriend and a sometimes ehhhhhhhh love of her life to die in the basement of a vampire bar.

At the body in the woods, they obviously don't get anyone answering the sherrif's phone in her home town and now a road trip is in order.

Lettie Mae stops in on Lafayette to see how he's doing. I love Lafayette's shirt. purple zodiac. Lettie of course believes her hallucination on the vamp blood was true. She's convinced the Tara is stuck between earth and dead. Lafayette calls Lettie Mae a triflin' bitch for thinking the way she is.  She tells him he's going to hell and he simply hold out his hands saying "What do you think this is?"

There are dead bodies in Bellefluer's freezer.  And then Sam's mayoral competition is turning the town against Sam. they than start braking the tables and chairs to construct stakes to fight off the vamps.

Back at Fangtastia Arlene tries to plead with the teacher to get them out of there.  She gets the teacher to break down, but she backs off when Arlene shows her a little too much compassion.  Arlene's pleas for help surprisingly doesn't fall on deaf ears, and she tells the women she'll figure something out to help them get out of there. 

IN Saint Alice everything's boarded up, on one it says "Thanks Obama" *Snort*  It's a ghost town, no cars anywhere, every window and door with boards on them. Even on the street itself say "FEMA help us" and SOS on a roof. Of course Sookie stumbles upon a mass grave

Addalyn alerts Kenya about the mob coming to get the guns from the police station.  that chick that went out vampire hunting twists shit in Kenya's head into arresting Addalyn.  She blasts Kenya with a bit of light, then the mob is on her she panics alerting Jessica who gave Addalyn her blood. And they're wasting all the bullets on target practice

Back in St Alice, they go to the dead girl's home and find out that the vamps were there two and a half days before they got there.  Figuring they clear out the town before moving on to the next.  Andy tells Jason that hes going to marry Holly when he gets her back, "A man ain't nothin' if he doesn't have a family."  

Sookie finds a girl's journal describing pretty much her exact same experience with Bill.  and of course there's a flashback to season one.  when we all actually liked Bill. Sam goes into the baby's room  and finds "Lamby" from Doc Mcstuffins in the baby's crib.

Whiel cooking Lettie Mae burns her hand. and gets the idea to put her hand down in the pan to have an excuse to drink vampire blood again.  She goes down and wakes up Willa who throws her across the room, serves her right... and then LEttie Mae begs Willa for more of her blood, and of course WIlla relents.... STUPID woman.  Lafayette was right, she is a drug addict.

Of COURSE Lettie starts hallucinating again.  and she sees Tara strung up on a cross with a snake around her.  Tara is speaking in tongues to her trippin out like crazy.

Alcide tries telling Sookie that she's not to blame for anything that's happened and of course, she appreciates it but she's still blaming herself...... he tries talking her into not going back, but of course she won't hear of it.

Back at Fangtasia the teacher sets her plan in motion but dies sucking on Arlene's femoral artery.... ewwww

Andy gets to discover Jessica and she tells him Addalyn is gone, she doesn't know where, but knows she's in trouble.

Sookie tells Alcide to get in the shower, in which she runs back over to Bills.... dumb bitch. Asking him if he can still sense if she gets into deep shit.

Pam is in France now, and FINALLY REAL ERIC!!! But those bastards gave him Hep- D

Looking to next week someone dies, and it looks like Sam. dude fires a gun, then says "Looks like I"m the mayor now." Show BIll driving and offering his arm to sookie after Alcide kicks Bill's door down.  Looks like Sookie's going to end up with Bill at the end, of course, because Anna and Stephen are married... 

Nightmares suck ass.

So my kids are with their father for two weeks.  That's the bad thing about divorce is I'm forced to give my kids up for a month in the summer. Two weeks in July two in August.  Guess who's not doing that next year? Nope nope nope

So at 7 am I woke up from a rather disturbing nightmare.

It went something like this:

IT was zombie apocalypse.  It was me, all three of my kids, my mom a couple of people from work, and a bunch of people that we like picked up along the way. 
These zombies weren't like the walking dead zombies, or even classic ones.  They were like the ones from the video game Left 4 Dead. There were specialty ones, had special abilities.  The tank - a large over grown being that packs a MAJOR punch. The Charger - had a huge overgrown hand like a club.  Spitters, that have acid for saliva, etc etc etc. Those three were in my nightmare. Keeping my kids safe and running from them.
We got into this "safe house" and climbed up into the attic to get away from them,  somehow trapped them in the house climbed out with the kids, and blew the house up.
We ran somewhere else got into another safe house Down into a basement like area and I had my son in my arms.  Knew my mom and the other people in the group had my girls, trusted these people to keep them with us.  I then saw a copy of my son running toward me. 
One of the zombies coudl shape shift or manipulate your mind to see hallucinations or illusions.  I gripped hold of my son tight and pushed through, ignoring the pulling of my clothes.  Once the last person pushed by I heard a gun shot and immediately started panicking.  Like a panic attack clutching my son. When I was finally able to calm down I looked up at my mom and saw my oldest daughter.  My 6 year old was no where to be found. 
I asked my mom "Where's Lilly?"
She says; "I've been wondering how long it was going to take for you to realize she wasn't with us."

I Blinked, panicked and jerked, I was suddenly awake.

I start moving to go check on my kids only.... I remember, they aren't here. I can't check on them to make sure they're okay. I don't know that Lilly is safe, which makes me panic even more. Immediately I close my eyes, trying to will myself back into the dream to save her, and I can't fall asleep.  I can't save her.

I panic more.

Start sobbing. I mean full body shaking ugly sobbing. Totally the ugly cry.

Somewhere around 7:30 am I briefly thought about calling my ex and demanding to hear my baby's voice to make sure she was safe. 

Thought better of it and cried some more, pulling my pillow into my lap and rocking back and forth. I was a damn mess.  Finally got out of bed a little after 8 am. tried surfing facebook to take my mind off of it while Brian was outside.
He came in and immediately knew something was wrong.  I told him what had happened, and he decoded my dream for me.

Brian was no where to be found, because I know that he would die for my kids and me.  He would protect us, so my brain eliminated him from the equation.
Lilly was the one to come up missing because she said she didn't want to go to her father's Friday.  I couldn't keep her from him... IE protect her... I couldn't protect her in my dream either. 

It hit a serious nerve with me, and even now thinking about the dream makes me tear up.
It's one of my worst fears, not being able to protect my kids.
It terrifies me. -- shown by the crippling panic I felt this morning.

Brian thinks I have sun poisoning.  I've got all the symptoms.  Took the kids to the beach Friday afternoon, and didn't put on sunscreen at all.  Was out there for three and a half hours, and I"m in SERIOUS pain. Once it tans up it'll be NICE but while it's red and NASTY looking, (I mean it looks like it hurts)

I think I"m peeling now..... yaaayyyy lol

True Blood recap later tonight.  Gonna try to do better LOL I know the premiere eppi was bad, I was just pissed because of Tara... lol

Monday, June 23, 2014

True Blood Season 7 premiere recap "Jesus gonna be here"

To start the episode out, we're granted to the continuation of the cliffhanger we got at the end of season 6, with the infected vampires storming Merlotte's where the whole town is congregated. 

They kidnap Arlene, Jane Boadhouse (sp?)among others many vampires bit the dust there, most nameless, truly faceless vamps that lived in Bon Temps....

And my heart broke. Our girl Tara met her demise protecting her mom. 

Those rat bastards. Welcome to the last season of True Blood.  Roll opening credits...

I can't even enjoy the song anymore.

And of course while in Sam's bar Sookie over hears Alcide's thoughts.  He says something to the extent of "If she didn't love the dead so much we would be far from here."
How so very fucking true, Sookie of course doesn't see that, gets pissed off, and leaves the bar, walking home because... you know that's what you want to do after a pack of hep V vampires are roaming the woods, go head first in.
Though I can't understand why Alcide wouldn't protect his thoughts, it was as if he were broadcasting to her.  Hmm wonder why you can't find her now?
Alcide finds her in her kitchen, and she just tears him a new one telling him she knows what everyone things of her, even him, because she can read his mind, and it doesn't matter that he loves her the thoughts he doesn't say outloud apparently is what's more important.  You can tell that she's just not saying "I need to be with a vampire." I kinda hate sookie.
Kinda hate Alan Ball for downgrading Alcide this season. Bastard.
(Though we're repaid with LaBare which comes out Friday...)
And of course, all's well with Alcide and FuckinSookie (channeling Pam here.) and her fairy pussy. I swear, she just spreads her legs and everything's good with the world.
Good for Lettie Mae telling Sookie to get the fuck out.  At least with the rest of the town they see Sookie as the death walking that she is.  I truly can't stand Sookie anymore.

This Violet chick.... Jason's vampire... Nope, do'nt like it.  Don't like her.  She's a stuck up bitch.
Still don't like her, even after she FINALLY lets Jason fuck her. 

Jessica is sweet as ever, I adore the hell out of her. She's willing to sacrifice her life for Andy's daughter, that's redemption right there. 

Her boyfriend (name escapes me) is HOT as hell, but totally coming on to Lafayette.

We've got Pam looking for Eric in Morocco, she gets a map that she doesn't believe he's located.

Andy and Bill go looking for the vampire's nest, found it, but empty.

Because they've moved on, they're in Fangtasia in Shreveport, FAR away from Bon Temps with Holly, Arlene, Nicole (and Sam's baby?), Jane Bodehouse, and a Bon Temps officer... who gets his throat ripped out and drank in front of the girls.

WHEW preview for the coming weeks ahead.  I don't know what to think.  See some damn good power from Bill it looks like, and Alcide wolfing out --- dear GOD I live for that. 

Given that Alan Ball cut back Alcide's story line, I fear for his survival to the end. If he goes down, it better be fuckin' epic.

Here's the preview:

Tell me what you think in the comments.  What'd y'all think about the episode, and what're your thoughts for the last season? 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Man Candy Monday -- Diego

Ohh yes, my man candy Monday this week is going to guarantee you coming back all day long for a long longing look at how lucky Jamie Monroe really is. 

The beautiful man known as David Nieves who was the inspiration for Diego Ramirez.

This.... is what that woman wakes up to every morning.... Lucky bitch. LOL
Or would see coming out of the shower...
Jamie says to Diego -- "You're only allowed to wear something that small at Aries, and here at home, but I prefer just here at home..."
This is what she sees when he's performing at fitness competitions.

Next... I'm gonna make you need a bucket to catch the drool...
yes I drool over a man in a suit...
OH look! Candids with his brothers, Adrian and Nicholas!

And another with both, but this time Travis jumped into the picture ;)
Luka jumped in this one, :) ... and you can see Adrian in the background. (BTW... I was RIGHT behind Luka aka Georgio in this pic LOL)

Okay I think I've overwhelmed your computers with hotness this morning ;)

My recap of the season finale of Game of Thrones. Season 4 Episode 10, "The Children"

OH my GOD where do I begin with tonight's episode?!

Fantastic end to the 4th season for sure.  I screamed and cheered I don't know how many times.

First off.... we start the episode with Jon Snow leaving the wall and heading into Wildling territory.  His little council with the king north of the wall was a bit astonishing for me.  I mean, I knew they wanted past the wall, but I couldn't quite figure out WHY... obviously the White Walkers are always a threat.... constant threat that never seems to GO ANYWHERE! But the Wildlings are more afraid of them than they care to admit I guess.  The king asks Jon to go back to the wall, let them past the gate and no one else will be killed.  They just want past the wall, that's it, to save their own hides from the walkers. (Hello Walking Dead? where's Daryl Dixon when you need him, huh?)
THEN someone we haven't seen for a few episodes pops in for a little hello.  Stannis Baratheon! This army is charging into the forest, and I"m just sitting here going, Who the fuck is this?! see him and go, Okay... I know him... WHERE do I know him? .... wait for it... OOOOHHH Stannis, okay then.
Then the funeral at Castle Black. I did NOT like the way Melisandre looked at Jon through the flames.  That bitch needs to die, please tell me she dies?!
Bran FINALLY gets to where ever these kids are taking him, this HUGE Godswood in the north.  Poor jorja though. (Did I get that name right?) Stabbed by a beheaded skeleton, jesus what a way to go.  Well... This dude under the tree - Fae? perhaps, I like it. Tells Bran that he'll fly.... I immediately make the connection to DRAGONS!
Oh, and look at that, Daenerys. :D finally! Drogon is loose and causing havoc in the eastern lands.  Killed a little girl. that poor father, and poor Dany! OH my heart broke when she chained up Rhaegal and Viserion. I know why she did it, but she hated herself for it. UGH. poor girl. I have a feeling we won't see her much in the next season. (Because she's not IN book four...She's mentioned I saw but not IN it IN it. on song of fire and ice wikia)
We get to see Cersei telling daddy that she's been a very bad girl.  HA. Then proceeds to go fuck her brother. EW. just EW.
we then jump to Brianne and Pod running into The Hound and Arya. I thought she was dead. I was absolutely CERTAIN she was going to die. GoT shocked me when she threw The Hound from that cliff. I thought he was dead upon impact.  What happened was So much worse.  His femur broken straight through the flesh.  He begged Arya to kill him, BUT smart girl that she is, took his money and left him to die a slow and painful death. As much as he did do for her, it serves him right.  I'm in agreement with Arya in her reasoning.  Everything he did to get onto her list was NOT redeemed by him watching her back. He didn't deserve an easy death. 
Jamie continues to redeem himself to me though, I adore him more and more. Setting Tyrion free made me all kinds of happy. WHEW... but Tyrion Tyrion Tyrion... wtf dude.
He goes into his father's chambers only to find Shae there, and STRANGLES THE BITCH.  I was kinda happy to see him do it, but my heart broke for him too, because he truly did love her.  She only pretended to love him, and it's obvious seeing as how she was calling out for Daddy Lannister when he approached her. *shudder*
Tyrion then finds dear old dad in "the privy" taking a damn shit! LMAO I about died. And then shoots him TWICE with a CROSSBOW!
Varys helps Tyrion to escape Kings Landing then, and when he hears the bells tolling, I'm assuming to announce the hand of the king's death -- god help Kings landing now. He boards the ship right along with Tyrion.  bound for the free cities.  Bravvos? Closer to Dany, I like it. I really hope that they'll meet up, join forces... I know it won't... but it'd be nice.
Arya then uses the coin she recieved from the freelancer from Bravvos to secure passage on a ship to the city.  The last we see of GoT is Arya looking out onto the vast ocean leaving Westeros behind her.  GOOD FOR YOU!
ONly character we did not see tonight was Sansa. UGH no sisterly love. Damn it. I wanted one hug, one I"m sorry, some grieving for their family... but nope. damn them.
All in all I think a great, chilling, leave you breathless for more season finale. I can't wait until next year when it starts again.  ..... a whole 9 months from now, WTF man?! Get on this! LOL give it to us as a christmas present or something!! this wait is going to kill me.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day.

On my Facebook page in the wee hours of the morning I put up a post thanking two men in my life for being amazing surrogate dads. 

It is my very, very firm belief that any fuckoff can deposit some sperm and create life.

To be a real dad? That takes some serious talent.

My grandpa isn't my blood, but he sure as hell is my family. He is one of three people that I try to make proud every day I take a breath. He had a hand in raising me, and I hope he feels that he did a good job by me.  Honestly I do everything I can to see him (and my grandma) as much as possible.  It terrifies me with the way his health is lately, last year he survived lung cancer.... but his health isn't isn't the greatest.  It took everything I had yesterday not to dissolve into tears when that news was dropped on me.  I"m scared.  I"m terrified of losing my dad.
He said to me at my cousin's wedding that we would still get that father daughter dance at my wedding, when I have a chance to do it right.  I had said to him back then "I hope so." simply because I didn't know then that a second marriage would even be possible for me. .... I had no idea how strong that "I hope so" would become in the last two years.  I put out as much good karma and energy as I can so I can get some back and send it his way.  I want him healthy, I want all of my grandparents seeing 100.
Not yet.  Not anytime soon, please. The thought alone tears me up inside.  Please.

The second man I honored in that post was the man that loves me day in and day out, the strongest he's ever loved anyone before.  The amazing Mr in my household.  He's more of a dad to my kids than their father is. I bought him a watch for father's day and gave it to him this morning.  He was stunned speechless. told me I didn't have to do that.  I just shrugged and said "I know, I wanted to though." He said, if anyone should have gotten him something it probably should have been the kids.  I nodded and said "They told me what to get, the girls remembered your watch had broken, and saw the picture in the Kohl's ad." He just stared at the watch for a minute or so, then slowly looked at me before saying "I feel weird about this." I just shook my head and told him he shouldn't, because he deserves recognition on Father's Day for helping me raise my kids.

And speaking of the asshole that supplied half of their genetics...

I got some damn good news from my lawyer on Friday.  The Magistrate that we've been waiting on for 10 months has FINALLY made a decision.  TEN MONTHS since our final court date to the damn day. I'm awarded custody of the kids, and as long as he doesn't pull some massive appeal out of his ass I'll be divorced in two weeks.  I"m appealing only for sake of getting jerk-off's weekday visitation moved to Wednesdays at 5 because of my 6 year old's gymnastics class she wants to take at the Y is at 5:30 on tuesdays (Have to be a y member to get her in, which he's not) and I"ll be in class until 4:30 on tuesdays starting in August. And new school, new hours.  Kids don't get home until some days, almost 4:30 from the bus.  and I"m tired of wasting my gas running all over creation to pick them up to be at the drop off spot by 4. Circumstances change. 

A part of me wants to sit down with jerk off after the papers are signed, and I'm back to my maiden name. I want to call him out on ALL of the B.S. that I never had the courage to call him out on when we were together.  It's like closure for me.  I want to tell him I know he lied to me through our entire relationship.  He lied about who he was the entire time.  Because of a letter he wrote me when I first left, he says that he pushed his beliefs aside so he wouldn't scare me away.  He didn't let me see all of him because it would turn me off to him.  Nice. I want to call him out on know EXACTLY what he was doing when he advised me to give a note to my best friend in high school then just walk away.  He knew it would cause me to lose every friend I had and be alone with no one to turn to but him.  I want to call him out on knowing I didn't love him anymore, on knowing that I wanted nothing to do with him, and yet for all the times he and I talked and I wanted HIM to fix what was wrong he twisted it around on me and manipulated me to believe it.  I want to tell him I know that the only reason why he kept accusing me of cheating was because he was doing it himself and he projected his guilt onto me.  I want to tell him how he killed me inside, how he murdered me from the inside out, and he loved the person he wanted me to be, not who I was.  I want to look him right in the eyes when I call him a manipulative piece of shit. I want him to understand that I know what he's doing to the children.  How he's twisting them and poisoning them just like he did to me, and because I have a stable loving environment for them, they will quickly find out and understand what he's doing as well.  And then when that happens they won't want to be near him anymore. 

I want to make sure he understands he has two choices with his life.  He can either step up and be a real fucking dad to them, and stop trying to buy their love, or within four years his oldest won't want to be near him any longer.  She's a hell of a lot more out spoken than I ever was, and I'm going to nurture the hell out of it.  I don't want her afraid to say anything or of hurting someone because she needs to say something.  I want her to be selfish when the times call for it.I sure as hell was never selfish.  and even to this day I still think about everyone else before I think about myself.  I'm working on that.  I'm trying to think about what I want before I think about what everyone else wants.

There's still a shit ton of healing to do, but with Brian's patience, understanding, and guidance I'll get there.  He's stitching up every wound slowly but surely.  I've become a new person since meeting him, and... I really like this person.

Feel a bit like Caboose.... "I like me." ... But I do. I like me a lot. Out spoken, don't care who the hell I offend, it's my opinion, and you can bite me. I'm not timid anymore, --- not like I was.... I'm finding my steps as a "single" parent.  fighting against their father's influence to raise GOOD kids who know who they are. Not broken shells that are merely copies of their father. I"m getting there.  It's a long road to walk down, but I"m getting there. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Random thoughts today.

So I'm... all over the place in my thinking and ranting tonight. 

So, to start off with, I had an amazing release day on Tuesday. I've sold a few books and I"m pretty proud of myself.

On my mind most today is the generation of children my kids are growing up in. 
They are the most desensitized generation AND the most sheltered.  Want to know how I've come to this conclusion?
Even in cartoons (Cartoon network, nickelodian, and some on Disney) there are sexual innuendos.  Some so extreme I wonder how they get away with saying it's G rated. Or even PG rated. I"m sure there are other things, but my own children are frustrating the hell out of me at the moment and I can't even think straight.

Most of them are desensitized to violence from all of the first person shooter games, call of duty, halo, what about GTA? -- yup I went there-- FINE for a teenager,  by then they're old enough to know better.

But a six year old? A nine year old? I've seen children this young get into the game playing it, killing things. My ex plays Halo with my nine year old.  both PVP and campaign.  I don't really want my nine year old learning to kill things.  (He also wanted to get her a bb gun-- rifle-- I wouldn't let him.  I'm certain that's next on his presents list.) I don't approve, I don't think it's age appropriate. 

We had games like Super Mario, Donkey Kong country, Mario Kart... (what else am I missing?) CARTOON violence. Not reality based simulation violence. We knew that when the coyote in Looney Toons strapped himself to the rocket to catch road runner he was going to blow himself up and it was a bad idea to do what good old Wile E did. 

Apparently kids of today don't get that...

Which when leads me to the "Kids are sheltered" portion. 

WHAT HAPPENED to Looney Toons?! and old fashioned Scooby Doo? Gone and made "Appropriate" for our children's generation.  Take out the violence, put in more innuendos! There, it's PERFECT!

The new grading scale... oh dear sweet Jesus!
Kids no longer have A, B,C,D, & F grading scale. 
O,M,PR,S, & U

And apparently everyone starts with or has a PR grade. 

What's wrong with our old grading scale? A kid gonna feel bad about himself if he gets a D or an F? MAYBE HE SHOULD STUDY!!!! You know, make him work for his God damned grade!
OR participation trophies.  REALLY?! We're going to give the kid or the team a trophy just for being born? ... I mean seriously.  Kids get trophies just for showing up to practices.  They might be a bench warmer, but poor little Timmy's wittle feewings would be hurt if he didn't get a twophy!
Even my 9 year old sees the flaws in this logic.  I was discussing this with her on the way back from her piano lesson today, and she said this to me:

"That's not fair! What if the kid sucked? What if he didn't play at all, they still get a trophy right along with the kids that worked hard for it?"
I replied "Yep, that's the way they do it now."
She stared at me in complete disbelief. "Mom, that's stupid. If that's how it is, keep me in piano, I don't want to play sports."

Let's just hand the ego inflation over to the kid.  HOW ABOUT we teach our kids to work for what they want instead? You want a trophy kid? Go out there and work your butt off for it!

Participation trophies are simply the start of the hand outs we're going to give our kids if we keep catering to them.

It's ridiculous.

And then... THEN yesterday I saw a video on my best friend's facebook page of a woman going off on a man in a vehicle simply because he started his car and scared her kids.

First off, let's look at this... Her kids don't look frightened at all, they look bored. If the starting of that vehicle scared the kids that bad to get that reaction, perhaps they should still be trembling and crying seeing as how the video camera came out probably only a minute after the vehicle started.

Oh... wait... let's not forget the most important piece of information.

I quote this nice lady from the video. "You're a dirty disgusting nigger!" ......... wow. wow lady....

I do not like the use of this word either, but this place is not one for censorship.  the woman said it, it's out there.  okay?

Now, what was this guy's reaction? HE WAS A GENTLEMAN about this..... He pulled out his camera, to cover his own ass as she's on the phone with her husband saying "He's going to come down here and kick your ass! He's a nigger hater too!"
He replies: "Nice to know."
Now i"m guessing she's getting even more pissed off because he's not coming at her, he's just sitting there calm as can be in his vehicle, listening to music as he waits for the police she called on him!
She then proceeds to say... "I"m going ot throw my coffee in his face if he doesn't fucking shut up!" And... "We'd better get the good ones down here, we have connections, baby  how many cops have I stripped for?!" .....
in front of what looks to be a 7 and 4 year old. In the parking lot of a dollar general.

It's terrifying to think of who those children will grow up to be with influences like that. 

My mom raised me right.  I don't see skin color as other people see them.  I just don't. if I want to insult someone, I"ll call them a dick, a jerk off, an asshole, a bitch.... throw in either the word "Slow" "Lazy" or "stupid" in there, mostly due to road rage. but NEVER have I used racial slurs to degrade someone. 

Simply stated.... because I don't see people in black, white, yellow, copper, tan, olive, pink with purple polka dots... I don't CARE.  What I care about is how you treat me. Me and my children.  I could never call someone by a racial slur because they may have startled my kids for starting their car.  actually I would come down on my kid, something along the lines of "Really? It was a car you bone head." and smile apologetically at the driver!

I can't imagine attacking someone in that way.  I just can't! I see beauty everywhere, maybe it's my creative mind that sees the world like that, but skin color, and shape doesn't matter (shape helps of course... but it doesn't matter.)

Wouldn't the world be nicer if we all thought this way?

Monday, June 9, 2014

Man Candy Monday

Hellz yes.  It's a Monday, and don't we all need a pick-me up?

Here's a little pick me up in the form of Vincent D'Artino, other wise known as DeAngelo "Labare" on facebook.

Now seriously.... how could it be possible to NOT want this man? YUM! the dirty dirty part of my brain and body... wants to do naughty things to him

In Once in a Lifetime, Vincent D'Artino is a male stripper performing at Club Aries, helping the owner with the operations of the club while helping his brother with the opening of his own bar and grill.  He's entranced by Mallory, whose flippant and sarcastic attitude astounds him. The only thing holding him back from true commitment are the ghosts of his past and rattling skeletons in his closet. Perhaps Mallory will be the one to chase them all away.

Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 9 recap Watchers on the Wall

Okay, here's tonight's spoilerific spoilertastic recap of tonight's Game of Thrones.

Well, after 49 minutes of battletastic goodness here's what I've come up with.

I feel like I just finished watching the Battle for Helm's Deep.  -- anyone that does not get that reference, get the hell off my blog. LOL.

First off we were at The Wall for 49 minutes.

Aemon's recollection of his lost love had me at the feels, man.  I was aww-ing all over the place.  Said he could see her in front of him still even after all that time.  The color of her eyes, the shape of her nose, she was more real than Sam Tarly.

And speaking of Sam, My God has he grown up. 
Favorite points of his tonight.  Yelling at Pip to "Open the fucking gate!"   Pip returns with "I've never heard you curse like that." Sam: "Get used to it." HA!
Gilly returned to Castle Black, hellz yes. That made me happy, her and the baby are safe -- for now.
Sam KISSED HER! I squealed with delight. I loved it LOOOOOVED it! Fantastic!
He shot that mother fuckin bald bastard right in the FACE! YES!
Lots of cheering for Sam tonight.

Jon as well, he proved his merit among the Night's Watch, and I was insanely proud of the entire group.... except for Slynt who is a pussy. He needs to be tried for his crime of abandoning his brothers when they needed him most.  All big and bad when he's not faced with imminent danger, but the second the wildlings are upon them, and giants are riding MAMMOTHS.... "No.... Giants don't exist. They don't. They're children's stories." thank God for the soldier that told him word came for him to go below.  I wanted him dead at that point. 
Jon took the helm then, and sweet baby jesus he was fantastic. He was Castle Black's Aragorn tonight. He fought everywhere, and was a major badass.  He put a HAMMER through a dude's SKULL.  Except....
Yggrite I get it... she was his first love, his first time having sex... DUDE... She tried to fucking kill you! Why the hell are you mourning her death?! She WOULD HAVE killed you if it weren't for that boy that saved your damned life!
She was going to kill him, hands down if the kid wouldn't have intervened.

I"m not certain where we're going with the Jon storyline now, since he's leaving Castle Black.... again...

From the promo, Season 4 Episode 10 named "The Children" We are getting the season finale.  Kinda short right?

What it looks like, Jon makes it to the king of the wildlings, after a bit of a fight. 
We hear Cersei say "How can someone so consumed by the idea of his family have any conception to what his actual family was doing?" As we see her turning from Tywin, kissing Jamie in another scene, and Tyrion lying in a cell.
Bran and his companions apparently have reached their destination, wherever that is...
We'll get to see Daenerys and her dragons.... DRAGONS!!!!! again. Or at least Drogon from the looks of it.  I love the dragons, and miss them.  Do the CGI people get paid by Pixel or something? LOL

Next week had better be really epic as the finale.

After that the final season of True Blood starts, and I"ll break down each episode of that as we get to the end of the show.  It's addicting now. it really is. I"m kinda sickened by my draw to True Blood.  I tell myself it's simply for Alcide, and the need to see that man nekkid. We have ten episodes scheduled taking us to August 24.  I hope we won't have to wait long for fall shows to start up.

Then I"ll have recaps Once a week for my favorite shows, Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Sleepy Hallow... It'll be much easier to do a recap once a week for everything lol.

Have a good night all.  Time for this momma to get some sleep.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Idiots and Assholes.

Great title huh?

Let me paint a picture for you.

You're on your way to work, taking kids to daycare, school, where ever they go when you're out doing your business for the day.  You back out of the driveway, get not even a quarter of a mile down the road, obviously getting up to speed quickly, no one behind you. asshole with an open truck bed and things strapped down onto it pulls out RIGHT IN FRONT of you. Forcing you to slam on your breaks lay on the horn. Then there is so much traffic in the other direction there's no contemplating going around him as asshole drives 25 in a 55 because of the open bed behind him.

Two miles from home you FINALLY get rid of him and turn off. Get kid to where ever with no incident.  On way to work however...

Turn onto on-ramp on major highway with a 70mph speed limit. Get behind guy that apparently can't find accelerator.  34 mph down on ramp and to ENTER the busy highway...

Genius dude, pure genius.

Get around him, and then back into right lane when some dumbass comes flying in out of nowhere... had to be going 100 up on my ass, tailgates me for a few seconds, jerks over into the left lane without looking, cuts off an SUV that was a car length and a half to my bumper. swerves around me, and proceeds to give me a dirty look and a nice one fingered wave as she drove by. While... holding cell phone to her left ear.

I was going 74...

Get to my exit. up onto the light, get through green light - miraculously-  as it still stays green, I AM behind traffic however. Another dude comes up to the left hand lane as we turn onto main road gets up on my ass, (Two left turn lanes onto the road) TRIES to blow past me on the right, only to see a couple car lengths up, Motorcycles all the way to Rotor Harley. HA! and traffic all behind me.  I don't know if or when he got to get over...

I'd like to quote Tommy Lee Jones in Men in Black.

"A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it."

And then I'd like to disagree with him.

A person on their own is not smart, there are VERY few individuals who I find smart. And if they are book smart, a majority of the time they lack common sense.

Customer at day job today.  Don't know what was wrong with her, came in with a walker.  One of those roller fold up ones that they have now?

Like this:

Only without the seat part on it.  She was probably in her 40's VERY top heavy while her lower half looked like it'd been plucked from a size 2.

She slammed a shoe box down on the counter in front of me. "How much are these?"

-- now I get these types of questions all the fuckin time.  ALL The time. READ THE SIGNS YOU NITWITS! they're there.

Pull up sale screen, check the price. "They're ringing up at $69.99."

She glares at me. "Well. The sign back there says $55.99."

Cheerfully as I possibly can be, "Okay, well let me call back and have them verify."

I page shoes, and as I'm releasing the page she slams two fifty dollar bills on the counter and says "I don't want to wait, I"ll just take them." All attitude.

I said "Are you sure it won't take any time at all."

And she glares at me again, says "Yes, I'll get them anyway."

--- Figure now, she was just trying to get me to honor HER price 'cause she didn't think it was fair.

"Okay then, ma'am." quickly tap buttons, I want her out of my face. cash drawer pops open to give me change, here comes Keith. sweetheart that he is. I just caught his eye and shook my head quickly. Hand over change, which she stuffs into a bank envelope and then opens up her low hanging shirt to stuff down into her bra. I saw more of that woman's breast than I truly cared to -- need brain bleach.

RESTRAINED myself from saying "ma'am this is a family friendly store, can you not do that?"

THEN "I need you to help me out."

*Blank stare* "I'm sorry?" Thinking I didn't hear her properly.

"I need you to help me out."

Now I look back helplessly at the other cashier who just shrugs at me.  "Okay, what can I help you with?"

"You need to put my walker in my car."

...... Really? Woman, really? How the mother fuck did you get it OUT of your car to come into our store? Did it magically pop open? No, I think you took it out of your car, unfolded it, and walked your happy ass in here.

"okay ma'am."

Follow her out to her vehicle with the best plastered on smile I could manage. I get the thing into the back seat between the driver's seat and the back bench. Set shoes on seat, inform customer where they are.

"NO! You give those to me!"

Swallow snarky remark, swallow snarky remark, don't say it don't say it, you like your job!

"Okay, I apologize." then I hand the shoes up to her.

She keeps me waiting there for FOUR minutes as she adjusts herself to finally say -- and I kid you not-- "I"m done with you now."

Bite tongue, shove out as much cheer as I can as I say "You're welcome, and thank you so much for shopping at ****"  (Store name 'bleeped' out, some know where I work, but let's not broad cast.)

I hope she caught my sarcasm.

There's a lesson to me learned here.  If you need someone's help, it's better to be nice, and you'll have it returned to you, be a bitch and you'll get fake cheer, and HELL of a lot of sarcastic undertones. Bite me.

Then there's the constant idiots that just cannot read signs properly, and cannot wrap their head around the clearly stated ad that says "Spend $50 and you get $10 back" That's a THING with our store.  It explains it clear as fuckin day in the paper ads, and our TV commercials are even better. it says "To use on a future in store or online purchase - some exclusions may apply"

There are some days I let people get away with a shit ton of stuff.  I really mean that, within my limits of COURSE but I'm the nicest cashier in there. 
Other days, or even other customers within the same day, I will be the worst, strictest cashier you'll come across. 
And it all depends on how you're going to treat me when you walk up to MY register.
Oh and let me tell you how I LOOOOOVE hearing in a bichy tone "You've done it for me before!"
Bitch. No. I. Have. Not.
I recognize EVERY customer I wait on. EVERY face. You have not been at my register before so don't you look at me like I"M fucking betraying you because you want to use two percentages off on a purchase, and we have NEVER allowed that.  Employees aren't even allow to do that!

Also... when you're in your car, pay attention to your surroundings, seriously.  Be mindful of distances in which you put your vehicles in front of someone else. Whether it be turning left, or pulling out in front of someone. AND if you insist on pulling out in front of someone at a close distance, hit the damn accelerator to the speed limit. Don't be an ass.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Release news!

Checking SirenBookstrand's site this afternoon once I got home from the day job. And...

Now or Never, Club Aries book three has a release day! July 30th!

So.... All the Difference, - up for presale now drops June 10th.

Chivalry Isn't Dead (Probably up for presale by June 19 or 20?) Releases July 1

Now or Never (Probably up for presale July 21st-ish) releases July 30th! HOLY CRAP!

I really need to get crackin on book four, but that's for the rest of the week and weekend.
Next couple of weeks I"m trying to get it done as much as I can.

The rain all damn day today has made me ridiculously tired.  So... I'm taking a melatonin and crashing.

I am also working on putting together a spotlight event on July 22 with 6 other authors hosting.  If anyone wwould like to be a guest author, please contact me!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Gag me already. Please!

I just got bombarded with Farrah Abraham. 

While I get my Travis inspiration is grateful for the spotlight she has brought to his life, calling attention to him, he's worth so much more than this whore.

Let's start off by saying, I scanned this article for the simple fact that "my boys" were in a picture.  Travis, Vincent, and Luka. (Obviously not their real names)

I see that as decorations for her party, she put up MOLDS OF HER OWN VAGINA! Are you fucking kidding me? And Ellora's Cave signed her and is promoting this fucking fame whore.  but there's a problem.  Now she's gone from fame whore to just straight up WHORE.

Then looking at the comments, which yes I commented... I couldn't help myself... I see that she was on Dr Phil saying "I'm not a porn star" Guess who makes molds of their vaginas? PORN STARS!

A comment specifically caught my eye:
Dr.Phil hit the nail on the head when he said she was someone who has an incredible amount of self entitlement and when she doesn't get her way, she acts like a brat. Nothing she does makes sense, and we're all expected to understand that she's the exception. So yes, she did just say she is not a porn star, but yet, throws a porn themed birthday party where her own line of body part molds are the decorations. What the f**k?

And THIS is the TRASH Ellora's Cave is going to promote? Are you fucking kidding me? Seriously?!

What about promoting the AMAZING women they have writing for them already? The SURVIVORS of Cancer and strokes, and divorces, and remarriages?
What about the REAL women they have writing for them?
The author, Aline Hunter is an advocate for animals, Pit Bulls in particular.  They rewarded her last year with an AWARD for her efforts.  Do they highlight that and promote her? nope.
My good friend, whom I love to the end of the Earth, Kristin Daniels SURVIVED breast cancer! She's come back stronger than ever, and could really be a good voice for them.
Or how about New York Times best selling author Laurann Dohner who had a Stroke in December, and is still pushing on, determined not to let it cripple her?

All three of these women I admire too much to put into words. for everything they do in their personal lives, and their voices as authors. 
Granted, perhaps these women may not WANT to be advocates or promoted, but there's scores of these REAL women in their publishing house already.  And they bring in this fame monger instead? It's a slap in the God damned face to ANYONE that calls themselves an author. 

And then there's this: I did not watch it. Hell to the big NO. I can't stand her. Not even in the slightest.
The title of it alone says it all
"I'm not a porn star"

Really? 'Cause reality check you stupid bitch, You starred.... in a PORN. A sex tape is PORN and your dumb ass made one. You created a Porn video. 

Bet you're also one of those women that wear shirts that say "LOOK AT THESE" across the breasts and then get pissed when men look.

I can't even today... I just can't.

Taylor Cole deserves much more publicity for his own story telling abilities and his over all charm. He OWNS his own construction business! (Last I knew...)  He deserves more than this whore's spot light on him, it'll give people the wrong message about him and all the cover models.  They all deserve better than being arm candy for Farrah at her "birthday party"

How to know if you've got a good man.

So, I'm sitting here tonight musing over the exact moment I knew I had a good man with Brian. 

I cannot possibly pin point the EXACT moment. I have a photogenic memory when it comes to our relationship - as most women seem to - and there wasn't just one moment in time where I sat back and went "yeah, he's a good man" or "I got a keeper" I KNEW he was, but it never really did that I hit a brick wall thing.  It was just a slow realization.

So... I felt like compiling a list of ways to tell you have a good man.

#1 - Even with all your faults, he still sticks around.  
         In the beginning, Brian and I just messed around on weekends when I didn't have my kids. That's all it was, just a friends with benefits thing.  I was interested in another guy, and so I really did everything I could to push Brian away.  I stuffed my face, I belched like a trucker, and cursed like a sailor. He didn't care. In fact I think he actually liked that I was that comfortable.  We would go get take out and I wouldn't get a dainty chicken sandwich, "Because I"m watching my weight!"  Nuh-uh. I dove into a burger or a HUGE Arby's roast beef sandwich. When I didn't eat, he knew something was wrong. I was open and showed my "I just want to be one of the guys" type of girl. That's who I am. And you know what? He loved it -- still does.
          Never once did he try to tell me he didn't want to hear it, or that it was "disgusting".  Never once did he expect me to be a prim and proper lady, because he knew it wasn't me.  He never expects me to be something I'm not, or try to change my faults 

#2 - You can go through an emotional roller coaster, and he doesn't think you're nuts.
            Ladies, we are seriously the most emotional beings on Earth.  We can laugh one second, be crying the next, and go on a murder spree two seconds after that. And if he can laugh with you, hold  you while you cry, and get the hell out of your way as you go up and down the hills without blinking an eye, congrats. You found a keeper.

#3 - He'll hand over money without blinking an eye.
             Don't take this out of context, ladies.  I don't mean you say "gimme money" and he does it.  No, no, no. What I mean... is your car is broken down with a flat tire, and being a weirdo like you are, you don't have a jack and tire iron, he goes out to buy you one, and a blanket to keep you warm because it's cold outside. Or... another car incident, brake line ruptured (coincidentally right after a court appearance where things didn't really go your ex's way...) And to fix it, it'll take $360 while you're struggling, trying to think of a way to fix the damn thing, he checks his bank account and goes to withdraw $200 you need to make up the difference.
             he buys you things you need for your apartment, or helps you buy your kids clothes, or food.  You're getting ready to take the kids to the movies, and he asks... "Do you need cash?" offering to pay for the movie. 
             The tip here... never EXPECT it from your man.  NEVER. Be self reliant to be able to handle shit like that yourself, and be grateful when he offers to help. -- oh, and the good ones will never ask for monetary repayment.

#4 - No matter what you think about yourself, he always compliments you.
              He doesn't do it in that "I love you so I need to say this" type of way.  NO. You've put on weight and are trying really hard to take it off. and even though you're back up into a size 12, he still tells you you're beautiful. and you KNOW you just KNOW he means it.

#5 - He doesn't take you for granted!
             He doesn't just look past everything you do around the house with three budding careers, three kids, and a household to run.  If you just get the dishes done, or manage to scrub the shower, he thanks you for it.  He recognizes you doing something and he THANKS YOU.
             Real men don't just expect you to do everything.  Real men can also pick up that dish rag, or broom of vaccuum and fucking clean something!
             Lemme tell you, Every night at my grandparent's home my Grandma cooks, Grandpa washes dishes.  EVERY NIGHT.  Sometimes they would do them together, but a majority of the time, Grandpa does them. Why? Because he appreciates her.  He loves her, and she cooked, so why can't he clean up too? But the big thing... Appreciation. 

#6 - This one'll be rare.... He knows when he screwed up!
          No man likes to admit he was wrong.  NONE. But... there will be those few unicorn-esque men that will admit it when he is.  He may not like it, but he'll admit it.
           Sometimes... he'll even be able to sense it without you outwardly saying anything!
         With Brian and I, we've developed this connection with each other, that even when he is sleeping and hasn't been around me all day, he knows when I'm upset. He knows when something is bothering me.
           The last time was when he told me to wake him up to go out to dinner one night, and then the next morning he was griping about having to get up early and not getting a day off. Well because of the mixed signals, I said screw it, and let him sleep. He ended up having a nightmare that I left. Those nightmares will pop up for him when he can sense something is wrong with me.  When he knows I"m upset at something he did.  We talk about it, and he did apologize for sending mixed signals. He also did not twist the issue around to the fact that I didn't wake him up.  No, he apologized for making me feel conflicted. What man DOES THAT?
            In my experience, every time there was an issue, It was my fault. No matter what.  here are some prime examples:  I got my feelings hurt by something he said? Oh that's my fault for not having thicker skin.  "Don't think that way, because I didn't mean it that way."
            "Stop taking things I"m saying out of context." "What other context is there to 'You've put on weight'?" "Just don't be so damn sensitive."
            "No, I did not mean you'd have to CHANGE.  I just asked you to get baptized." "......"

#7 - He will accept ANY choices you make for YOUR life. 
           My ex freaked out on me when I started researching Wicca.  It was free, unrestricted, and it felt like the right fit for me.  I wasn't expected to be someone I wasn't.  The guy I was after before Brian? Yeah, he was the one that said those things in #6. Every single one of them.
           I attempted to go back to school, ex husband tried -- and succeeded to keep me from going back. 
           I wanted to work outside the home.  he FORBADE it.  Yes, forbade it.
          Brian? Gave me the cash I needed to take my entrance exams today. He's supporting me 100% offering to help me study if I need it.  He's 100% supportive of my candle business.  and my Getting published, the genre I write in... everything.
            I decided to take that walk down the Wiccan path, he didn't say anything other than "Don't cast spells, that's all I ask." I told him if I felt it necessary, I would do it.  and I have, and informed him that any spells I cast were for protection. He's cool with it. Completely.

If I missed anything, please let me know.  I got four hours of sleep last night and here I am... Up until the time I got to sleep LAST night. again... What is WRONG with me? LOL

Monday, June 2, 2014

My recap of Game Of Thrones "The Mountain and The Viper"

Okay so SPOILER ALERT, massive huge throbbing spoiler!

Turn back now, lest ye be spoilt.

Abandon hope all ye who enter here...

Pretty much sums it up for GoT in general anymore doesn't it?

Let's start out for the easier parts, shall we?

Arya and The Hound. 
As squicky as this relationship can sometimes get for me, the almost affection The Hound gives Arya is a mite disturbing for me, and don't get me started on the fanship of them falling in love. *GAG*
But for just a few moments we see Arya going to the one place she MIGHT be safe with family, and her sister is there thank you LORD something good might happen.  But of course they're stopped at the gate and informed Lyssa is dead.  To which, and I have to give Maise much props to the way she just dissolves in hysterical laughter.  What more CAN you do?! You get to the place where your mom and brother are, you're going to be reunited... BUT nope, they're being killed as you sit outside the gate. ... You get to your Aunt's place, finally... You missed her death by three days.  What more can you do but laugh at the sheer ridiculousness that fate has dealt you?
I truly hope that Sansa hasn't left the Eyrie yet. and we might get to see some sister love (OUT OF THE GUTTER!) from these two considering the terms they were separated on.

Sansa and Littlefinger
Speaking of the eldest sister Stark. *slow clap* Well played, Sansa.  The testimony to that little counsel was both heart breaking and squicky to watch.  It was awesome seeing her coming into her own, 'cause seriously, about god damned time...
Tyrion once said in season two I believe it was that Sansa may grow to be the strongest of them all.  -- something to that extent, I looked for it, can't find it.  If someone has the quote somewhere I'd be grateful.
My heart broke for a number of reasons.  Obviously because Sansa has been through so much, and she's just getting started, but another because I'm scared she may have learned something from Cersei after all.
"The best lies are part truth."
I believe that was the quote when the Queen was educating dear Sansa.
And the squick.  That knowing look she gave Petyr and then afterward "I know what you want" Ohhhhh dear God is she going to give it to that fucktard? NO NO NO. 
My hope for her is she learns to be devious when is needed, gets what she needs from Littlefinger before giving up the goods, dangling them in front of him like a little reward for doing a good job, and then slitting his throat in his bed when he least expects it.

Castle Black
I have decided I REALLY hate that bastard that heads the meetings.  Seriously, just because blocking the tunnel has never been done before, YOU are there to protect Westeros from the things beyond the wall.  INCLUDING the hundred-thousand wildlings that's marching on your fucking wall.  Close down the damned tunnel, you can open it back up again. Jon seems to be the only one on the wall who has more than two brain cells and can think beyond the tip of their own nose. The Castle Black storyline is grating on my nerves more than anything and I truly want Jon to go beyond the wall, find Bran and stay with him.  That's what I want, I'm tired of the Night's Watch.  Let them all die like the pussies they are.

Ohhhhh how I love her.  I love love love Daenerys. So this one combines episode 7 and 8, simply because I was actually proud of her telling Daario  "take off your clothes".  GET IT GIRL! Seriously, about time that queen saw some fucking action. --- literally. 
I was a bit heartbroken at how she didn't give Jorah a second chance, knowing all that he's done FOR her since the poisoning attempt.  Yes, honey he knew it was poison, he didn't want you DEAD.  He fell in love with you, can't you see that?  UGH. I throw my hands up in frustration. I saw book spoilers while looking up stuff for Daenerys, so I knew it was going to happen.  I want that girl to get her footing and head to Westeros.  I'm ready to see Dragons ripping apart Tywin Lannister.  YES PLEASE! I'll pay to see that shit. While in the books I believe she hasn't gotten there yet, I'm hoping someday she will and we'll see some really awesome shit there.
I"m liking the side-line romance with the handmaiden and Grey Worm.  Did they take the pillar and stones indeed.... Obviously there's still something there, he's attracted to her. --but as we all know, you don't need a dick to make a woman feel really good!

Okay.... now for squicky again...
The Lannisters
Dear sweet Lord and Lady what a tangled web they weave.  There is so many twists and turns to the Lannisters I don't know if i'm looking up or down, right or left.
Last night though, we got some GREAT monologue from Peter Dinklage, about the cousin and the beetles.  great acting there with that. I was actually waiting for the punchline on why the cousin was killing them like that.  Now I see it was strictly a metaphor and a foreshadowing of someone bigger and stronger crushing someone smaller and 'weaker'
And then FINALLY we get to the good shit.  I knew it was going to be a stomach twister.  They start with 8 or 9 minutes left in the episode, I just had this feeling that it was going to cut off with a "OH MY FUCKING GOD" moment. GoT didn't disappoint.
Starting out right off the bat, Oberyn needs to show boat.  I was waiting for the dick move blow to the back to just end it quickly since dumbass didn't wear armor.  But no, didn't happen. Gregor got a few good blows, the choreography was beautifully done. and then suddenly BAM Oberyn stabs Gregor in the stomach.
YES YES YES! - I start doing the Daniel Bryant chant.
Kill him, Kill him!...
"Oh no, not so quickly, you can't die yet..."
wait... what are you doing?
"I want a confession. I want you to say it before I kill you. You raped my sister, you murdered her and killed her children." 
Wait.... You're monologueing in combat? WTF is wrong with you? You don't stop when your enemy is teetering on the brink of death with one good blow to the damn FACE KILL HIMM!
STOP IT! Just kill him.... what are you.... Oh GOd really you're going to demand that?! Don't... Aww. shit.
Gregor SLAMS his hand into Oberyn's face like the damned HULK and pow all his teeth land on the ground, Oberyn goes down, Tyrion, Jamie, and Oberyn's wife look horror struck - with good reason.
Gregor now has the upperhand, and mounts  Oberyn, placing his hands on either side of the prince's head....

No... No God no, don't do it... don't freaking do it...!

While pressing his thumbs into Oberyn's eye sockets, that ALONE made my stomach turn and I'm squealing in disgust.... Gregor confesses...
"I killed her children, I raped her, and I squished her head... like this!" 
NOOOOOO no no Oh my God... I scream, I scream right along with Oberyn's wife.  And then .... then the stomach twisting visual.  *Gag* .... *gag some more* .... *stomach actually lurches* ... I scream again....

And then the realization, OH shit.... Tyrion's champion just bit it. That means the imp's time is up.

Mother. Fuck.

BUT.... how will Cersei truly react when she realizes that the one person that could have communicated her love for her daughter, who is warded at Dorne now has his grey matter sprayed all over the ground? The ONLY person who knew the message Cersei wanted to deliver? Could prove interesting. I just hope the writers didn't forget about that....

Going to try to make a habit of this, recapping my favorite shows the day after they air. :)