Monday, June 9, 2014

Man Candy Monday

Hellz yes.  It's a Monday, and don't we all need a pick-me up?

Here's a little pick me up in the form of Vincent D'Artino, other wise known as DeAngelo "Labare" on facebook.

Now seriously.... how could it be possible to NOT want this man? YUM! the dirty dirty part of my brain and body... wants to do naughty things to him

In Once in a Lifetime, Vincent D'Artino is a male stripper performing at Club Aries, helping the owner with the operations of the club while helping his brother with the opening of his own bar and grill.  He's entranced by Mallory, whose flippant and sarcastic attitude astounds him. The only thing holding him back from true commitment are the ghosts of his past and rattling skeletons in his closet. Perhaps Mallory will be the one to chase them all away.

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