Monday, June 16, 2014

Man Candy Monday -- Diego

Ohh yes, my man candy Monday this week is going to guarantee you coming back all day long for a long longing look at how lucky Jamie Monroe really is. 

The beautiful man known as David Nieves who was the inspiration for Diego Ramirez.

This.... is what that woman wakes up to every morning.... Lucky bitch. LOL
Or would see coming out of the shower...
Jamie says to Diego -- "You're only allowed to wear something that small at Aries, and here at home, but I prefer just here at home..."
This is what she sees when he's performing at fitness competitions.

Next... I'm gonna make you need a bucket to catch the drool...
yes I drool over a man in a suit...
OH look! Candids with his brothers, Adrian and Nicholas!

And another with both, but this time Travis jumped into the picture ;)
Luka jumped in this one, :) ... and you can see Adrian in the background. (BTW... I was RIGHT behind Luka aka Georgio in this pic LOL)

Okay I think I've overwhelmed your computers with hotness this morning ;)

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