Monday, June 9, 2014

Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 9 recap Watchers on the Wall

Okay, here's tonight's spoilerific spoilertastic recap of tonight's Game of Thrones.

Well, after 49 minutes of battletastic goodness here's what I've come up with.

I feel like I just finished watching the Battle for Helm's Deep.  -- anyone that does not get that reference, get the hell off my blog. LOL.

First off we were at The Wall for 49 minutes.

Aemon's recollection of his lost love had me at the feels, man.  I was aww-ing all over the place.  Said he could see her in front of him still even after all that time.  The color of her eyes, the shape of her nose, she was more real than Sam Tarly.

And speaking of Sam, My God has he grown up. 
Favorite points of his tonight.  Yelling at Pip to "Open the fucking gate!"   Pip returns with "I've never heard you curse like that." Sam: "Get used to it." HA!
Gilly returned to Castle Black, hellz yes. That made me happy, her and the baby are safe -- for now.
Sam KISSED HER! I squealed with delight. I loved it LOOOOOVED it! Fantastic!
He shot that mother fuckin bald bastard right in the FACE! YES!
Lots of cheering for Sam tonight.

Jon as well, he proved his merit among the Night's Watch, and I was insanely proud of the entire group.... except for Slynt who is a pussy. He needs to be tried for his crime of abandoning his brothers when they needed him most.  All big and bad when he's not faced with imminent danger, but the second the wildlings are upon them, and giants are riding MAMMOTHS.... "No.... Giants don't exist. They don't. They're children's stories." thank God for the soldier that told him word came for him to go below.  I wanted him dead at that point. 
Jon took the helm then, and sweet baby jesus he was fantastic. He was Castle Black's Aragorn tonight. He fought everywhere, and was a major badass.  He put a HAMMER through a dude's SKULL.  Except....
Yggrite I get it... she was his first love, his first time having sex... DUDE... She tried to fucking kill you! Why the hell are you mourning her death?! She WOULD HAVE killed you if it weren't for that boy that saved your damned life!
She was going to kill him, hands down if the kid wouldn't have intervened.

I"m not certain where we're going with the Jon storyline now, since he's leaving Castle Black.... again...

From the promo, Season 4 Episode 10 named "The Children" We are getting the season finale.  Kinda short right?

What it looks like, Jon makes it to the king of the wildlings, after a bit of a fight. 
We hear Cersei say "How can someone so consumed by the idea of his family have any conception to what his actual family was doing?" As we see her turning from Tywin, kissing Jamie in another scene, and Tyrion lying in a cell.
Bran and his companions apparently have reached their destination, wherever that is...
We'll get to see Daenerys and her dragons.... DRAGONS!!!!! again. Or at least Drogon from the looks of it.  I love the dragons, and miss them.  Do the CGI people get paid by Pixel or something? LOL

Next week had better be really epic as the finale.

After that the final season of True Blood starts, and I"ll break down each episode of that as we get to the end of the show.  It's addicting now. it really is. I"m kinda sickened by my draw to True Blood.  I tell myself it's simply for Alcide, and the need to see that man nekkid. We have ten episodes scheduled taking us to August 24.  I hope we won't have to wait long for fall shows to start up.

Then I"ll have recaps Once a week for my favorite shows, Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Sleepy Hallow... It'll be much easier to do a recap once a week for everything lol.

Have a good night all.  Time for this momma to get some sleep.

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