Monday, June 16, 2014

My recap of the season finale of Game of Thrones. Season 4 Episode 10, "The Children"

OH my GOD where do I begin with tonight's episode?!

Fantastic end to the 4th season for sure.  I screamed and cheered I don't know how many times.

First off.... we start the episode with Jon Snow leaving the wall and heading into Wildling territory.  His little council with the king north of the wall was a bit astonishing for me.  I mean, I knew they wanted past the wall, but I couldn't quite figure out WHY... obviously the White Walkers are always a threat.... constant threat that never seems to GO ANYWHERE! But the Wildlings are more afraid of them than they care to admit I guess.  The king asks Jon to go back to the wall, let them past the gate and no one else will be killed.  They just want past the wall, that's it, to save their own hides from the walkers. (Hello Walking Dead? where's Daryl Dixon when you need him, huh?)
THEN someone we haven't seen for a few episodes pops in for a little hello.  Stannis Baratheon! This army is charging into the forest, and I"m just sitting here going, Who the fuck is this?! see him and go, Okay... I know him... WHERE do I know him? .... wait for it... OOOOHHH Stannis, okay then.
Then the funeral at Castle Black. I did NOT like the way Melisandre looked at Jon through the flames.  That bitch needs to die, please tell me she dies?!
Bran FINALLY gets to where ever these kids are taking him, this HUGE Godswood in the north.  Poor jorja though. (Did I get that name right?) Stabbed by a beheaded skeleton, jesus what a way to go.  Well... This dude under the tree - Fae? perhaps, I like it. Tells Bran that he'll fly.... I immediately make the connection to DRAGONS!
Oh, and look at that, Daenerys. :D finally! Drogon is loose and causing havoc in the eastern lands.  Killed a little girl. that poor father, and poor Dany! OH my heart broke when she chained up Rhaegal and Viserion. I know why she did it, but she hated herself for it. UGH. poor girl. I have a feeling we won't see her much in the next season. (Because she's not IN book four...She's mentioned I saw but not IN it IN it. on song of fire and ice wikia)
We get to see Cersei telling daddy that she's been a very bad girl.  HA. Then proceeds to go fuck her brother. EW. just EW.
we then jump to Brianne and Pod running into The Hound and Arya. I thought she was dead. I was absolutely CERTAIN she was going to die. GoT shocked me when she threw The Hound from that cliff. I thought he was dead upon impact.  What happened was So much worse.  His femur broken straight through the flesh.  He begged Arya to kill him, BUT smart girl that she is, took his money and left him to die a slow and painful death. As much as he did do for her, it serves him right.  I'm in agreement with Arya in her reasoning.  Everything he did to get onto her list was NOT redeemed by him watching her back. He didn't deserve an easy death. 
Jamie continues to redeem himself to me though, I adore him more and more. Setting Tyrion free made me all kinds of happy. WHEW... but Tyrion Tyrion Tyrion... wtf dude.
He goes into his father's chambers only to find Shae there, and STRANGLES THE BITCH.  I was kinda happy to see him do it, but my heart broke for him too, because he truly did love her.  She only pretended to love him, and it's obvious seeing as how she was calling out for Daddy Lannister when he approached her. *shudder*
Tyrion then finds dear old dad in "the privy" taking a damn shit! LMAO I about died. And then shoots him TWICE with a CROSSBOW!
Varys helps Tyrion to escape Kings Landing then, and when he hears the bells tolling, I'm assuming to announce the hand of the king's death -- god help Kings landing now. He boards the ship right along with Tyrion.  bound for the free cities.  Bravvos? Closer to Dany, I like it. I really hope that they'll meet up, join forces... I know it won't... but it'd be nice.
Arya then uses the coin she recieved from the freelancer from Bravvos to secure passage on a ship to the city.  The last we see of GoT is Arya looking out onto the vast ocean leaving Westeros behind her.  GOOD FOR YOU!
ONly character we did not see tonight was Sansa. UGH no sisterly love. Damn it. I wanted one hug, one I"m sorry, some grieving for their family... but nope. damn them.
All in all I think a great, chilling, leave you breathless for more season finale. I can't wait until next year when it starts again.  ..... a whole 9 months from now, WTF man?! Get on this! LOL give it to us as a christmas present or something!! this wait is going to kill me.

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