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Siren Authors Holiday Hop!

Siren Authors Holiday Hop & Giveaway

Happy Holidays! I hope you all are enjoying this season. This is the season for giving so what better time to have a blog hop?

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I am Jordan Ashley and I am the author of an erotic romance series with Siren Bookstrand, Club Aries
--coming soon, No More Games

I am excited to be a part of this, and hope everyone reading will enjoy my series.

The little word you are looking for from me is EYE

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Recap, True Blood Season 7 Episode 6: Karma

We start out the episode with Eric fighting off the Yakanomo guy, only to have Pam call out his name, she's bound and silvered. Eric surrenders and he gets the same treatment as they're dragged to "headquarters" and set in a room. Dude sets a clock, 7 hours 13 minutes. "Time until dawn." Bows, and leaves.
Thus Eric's, "Our first sunrise together."

roll opening credits.

Jessica arrives home, seemingly in a daze, hears Bill talking with someone on the phone, comfirming he's Hep-D positive, and he needs to get this affairs in order.  Jessica kinda confronts him on it, telling him she and James had a fight, and in his haste to get out of hte house he says he's sure they'll work it out.  She asks if he's okay, and he says he's fine.  Not going to tell his progeny about his impending doom, huh?  Bad form, Bill. Bad form.

LaLa and Lettie Mae arrive at his home, to find James there asking if he can stay.  Of course Lala lets him and Lettie Mae starts yammering on about how Tara's trying to reach her.  James pulls out his metaphysical crap and asks "What if it's true? We both know how substances can highten abilities. " James agrees to let Lettie Mae drink from him, with Lala to make sure LM isn't alone before he goes to ground for the night, telling them to "enjoy the ride"

Jason gets home and heads inside where Violet is waiting for him in the skimpy little outfit we were shown in the promo for this week. She wants to show him that she appreciates him, shoves him down in a chair and begins to give him a blow job, much to Jason's.... distaste? surprise? i'm not sure what that reaction was truly.

Bill heads into the clinic, where wait time is anywhere from 5 to 7 hours. which will take them into daylight.  Bill is told to take a number, and Anubis is running taxis and will drive his car home for an additional cost. -- of course they will. He takes a number (SO WEIRD!) and takes a seat

Eric and Pam make a deal with the north American president of Yakanomo that they'll lead him to Sarah Newlin as long as Eric gets to be the one to deal the death blow.  Hmm.. interesting. We'll see if that pans out.

Meanwhile, Sarah is climbing over a wall, *not very gracefully* and breaks into her sister's house.  Amber tackles her to the ground, and then throws up on her....? Sarah realizes she's sick, and Amber tells her "Fuck you, you did this to me." Then gags a bit more and passes out...... I think she's fucking with Sarah.

Jessica calls Jason, asking him to get Sookie and bring her to Bill's place, she needs to tell them something but it can't really be done over the phone.  Jason of course agrees to it, and then Violet throws a bitch fit destroying the bedroom.  OBviously she's going to go after Jessica. PLEASE let the bitch bite it.....

Andy wakes up to hear a bit of commotion in Addalyn's room, only to find that Wade and Addalyn are having sex.  Andy reacts the way any father would and chases him out of the house buck naked.  Holly and Arlene follow him out, followed by Addalyn screaming for Andy to leave  Wade alone.  They kids say they love each other (Too bad Jessalyn shippers...) and Holly takes her son home, telling Andy she'll deal with him later (BWAHAHA)

Jason arrives to Sookie's and she's PASSED OUT with a hangover. Finally something funny from her. "A woodpecker has moved into my frontal lobe and is just peckin' away. bam bam bam bam bam bam bam." *dies*

LaLa and Lettie Mae are tripping out, find Tara in... where ever they are... Tara's speaking in tongues, they free her from the cross, but she takes off running.

Nichole tells Sam that her mother is coming to get her, and he's got two options, stay in "crazy town" or come with her. Yeah... once again I don't see the chemistry there. at all.

Jason arrives with sookie at Jessica's place and she realizes that she's Hep-d positive and asks for Jason to take her to the clinic to be certain.  Jessica asks him to call her with the results.

Arlene and Holly get to the bar, where the vampire mess is still left from when the angry mob abandoned their jobs.  Arlene tells Holly she's got a sticky situation and she needs to do something about it "Before your grand kids are your step grandkids too." They get inside to see the mess and God love Arlene and the growth she's had on this show. "Well, Holly... shit happens. and then you clean it up."

Back at the clinic, Bill notices the hep-d (Or is it hep-v? I can't decipher it) spreading.  The guy beside him asks what stage he's in, and of course he only noticed the symptoms that night.  but it's spreading like crazy.  Dude gets up and moves across the room... LMFAO !

In the human clinic, Sookie gets her test done, and Jason offers to take her home. She says she doesn't want to go home, doesn't know where she wants to go, just not home.

In the dream world or... where ever.... Tara leads Lettie Mae and LaLa to Lettie Mae's old house, and is digging in the yard in multiple spots for something.  Reverend Daniels arrives and jerks them out the dream walk, and tells Lettie that she needs to choose who she's going to be loyal to, him or her addiction.  She explains that it's not about the damn V but her daughter is reaching out to her, and she has to do this.

Sookie is sitting on the tail gate of Jason's truck, talking to him about love, how she can still sense Bill in her and around her before she sees him. Jason says he never felt anything like that before -- maybe with Jessica, but because of the hoyt BS it couldn't get much further than that.  (HOPE HOPE HOPE) Sookie gets the phone call... of course she's positive.

Bill at the clinic talking to lawyer lady, she tried to extort 10 million out of him to move him to the front of the line, she whines about her own life (Even though she chose that job...) and Bill can't take it anymore, he slams a letter opener into her throat, and a pencil into the heart of the vampire that comes into the room. He then proceeds to look cool as fuck walking out of that room.  NOW THAT is first season Bill! THAT is the Bill i've been missing!

Andy and Holly arrive home to find Randy there and Wade and Addalyn gone Holly threatens her sons life if he doesn't tell them "Where the FUCK they went?!" BWAHAHA

Annnd about here is where the video and audio started fucking up for some reason. video slowed down so it wasn't synced. UGH.

Sarah watches as her sister wakes and while Sarah insists on the fact that she's a changed woman, she tells Amber that there's a reason for everything, the hep-d (v?) the Japanese after her, all of it... because now she can heal her sister.... AWW SHEEEIT! Apparently during the raid/breakout last season, remember her drinking that shit? It was the Hep V(D?) antidote! Sarah is the freaking antidote, it's in her BLOOD.

Sookie goes to Jessica and tells her the test came back positive. She apologizes saying she didn't know and she was so sorry. Jessica tells her it's okay and hugs her. (FEELS!)

Jason goes home to find the basement bedroom a wreck and a note from violet telling him it's not working, and "no regrets"

THEN.... Violet is intruding on Wade and Addalyn's moment in the tree house... no invitations needed for that.... she talks addalyn and wade into following her.... crap!

Pam and eric arrive at Amber's home to find her healed...

Bill arrive home to find Sookie and a tear stained Jessica on the stairs waiting for him.  without words he acknowledges what's happened and shuts the door.

I don't even know where to begin with the promo for next week....
Just take a look for yourself... 

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Blog hop -- tagged by Suzette Cauler!

I have been nominated to participate in a blog hop by Suzette Cauler!
Check out hers on her blog:

Suzette Rose Cauler has loved books (all types really) for as long as she can remember. As a child, she'd get lost in books for hours, using a flashlight to read under the covers long past bedtime. She read her first romance novel as a preteen and was immediately hooked by the swoon-worthy heroes and daring, spunky damsels. Though her reading tastes have definitely matured, Suzette continues to enjoy romance novels, especially those of the erotic, paranormal, fantasy, or historical variety. She writes almost as voraciously as she reads and typically falls head over heels in love with her heroes.
Though everyday types of romantic situations do appeal to her, stories that include adventure, intrigue, or danger have always made Suzette's heart go pitter patter. If they incorporate some science fiction too, she is even happier. You'll find elements like these in most of her stories as well as strong heroines who can fight their own battles but sometimes enjoy letting someone else take the lead.
Suzette lives on the East Coast with five special people who help keep her spirit young and her imagination fresh.
Visit Suzette's website at:
Email her at:

Jordan Ashley lives in a tourist trap near the lake in Ohio where the winters are like a ghost town and colder than she cares for, and the summers are crowded and the traffic sucks.
A divorced mom of three children, cat owner to a spoiled rotten Mainecoon, and soul mate to a self proclaimed werewolf, she spends most of her time devoted to them. As a teenager before the ‘hellions’ were born she found these voices in her head that just wouldn’t quiet and so began her love for writing. She listened to every word and finished her first novel before she was eighteen. She didn’t embrace her ‘naughty’ side until her marriage began to get rocky and suddenly many other options existed for her writing.
She found comfort in these new worlds that opened up before her, and found an outlet in them during the harshest parts of the separation. Now that her dream of being published has been brought to reality she cannot wait to reveal all these crazy characters to the masses, hoping they will love them as much as she does.
Jordan’s passion is her writing, but she also enjoys getting lost in fantastic worlds on TV. Her favorites include Game of Thrones, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Once Upon a Time, and Supernatural. She is inspired by people in her life, and situations she or her friends find themselves in. She also has a secret (not so secret) addiction to Facebook and coffee – which she takes in 16oz mugs with inspirational quotes on them.

Currently I’m working on book five of the Club Aries series, titled No More Games. It centers around Jason Lawrence and Tiera Dupont.  They are the first couple in this series to have confessed their love for each other before the book started.  It also continues the story arc that I started in book four, which releases in September. This is the first book to completely come out of Aries, but never fear, we’ll see the club again!

The Club Aries series has one underlying message throughout every book, you do not have to be blood to be family. Each book follows a sort of butterfly effect, if Jamie and Diego would never have met, none of the other brothers would have met their soul mate, or had the guts to tell them how they felt – as in Jason and Tiera’s case. They are sweet yet hot romances, and you get to take peeks into previous couples that you’ve come to love in each book.

I grew up reading Harlequin romances, and really got into Julie Garwood when I was a teen.  I loved the romances of the strong women and the men who love them.  Though the allusion to the love scenes got a bit boring after a while, so I decided to delve a little more into the couple’s bedrooms.  I love hot romance, and you know what they say, write what you love (and know ;) )

My writing process varies with each book.  The first two went by really fast, and I knew I had something good with each of them.  But book three and now book five, even though I’ve plotted everything out, I’ve hit a bit of a wall.  I’ve got to take a step back and really listen to the characters to see why the wall suddenly appeared. Once I either dig under or go over I write close to 10k a day!

Now I was supposed to tag three other authors to do this as well, however… I couldn’t find three more, so .. here it is LOL just me participating.

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Recap for True Blood Season 7 Episode 5 "Return to Oz"

We start the episode off with clean up from last week, Sookie and someone I couldn't see carrying Kenya's dead body into Fangtasia.

Willa is chasing after Pam screaming at her that she's not going with them to kill Sarah Newlin. She accuses both of them of abandoning her and Tara and tells Pam she's the reason Tara's dead.  Eric calls a halt, and apologizes to Willa for leaving, but tells her they need information on Sarah, and since Sarah was Willa's step mom for the most part, she has information they need.
Willa tells Eric that she'll give him information so long as he releases her.  And of course Eric does so.  Willa informs Eric of Sarah's vampire sister, Amber. (All Ambers are crazy in my mind lol four of them I've known were all psychotic.)
Ginger then stops Eric on his way out the door telling him she's been a slave to him for far too long, saying it's been a sex slave without the sex, and Eric can either take her with them to Dallas or fuck her because she's tired of it.
Eric rolls his eyes a bit and says "Ginger, I'm diseased."
She looks all jubulant then returns with "So am I!"
Next shot is of her clinging to a coffin and screaming that awesome scream of hers. LOL!

Roll opening credits.

Cut to Sookie arriving home to Lafayette and James at her home, Lafayette as per usual comforting Sookie, God damn I love that man, PLEASE Alan Ball let him live.  If Lafayette dies, I riot! He takes care of Sookie getting her to bed, and almost 24 hours later she wakes up to find Alice's dad there putting his son's things into the bed of his truck.  Sookie's dining room table is filled with food, and there's the revelation that Lafayette put together a party to celebrate life and "Say fuck you to death." and .... "I promise you, there won't be anyone comin' up to you saying 'I'm so sorry for your loss.' mm-mmm no way 'cause that's not what this is about."  I adore LaLa.  LOOOOOVE him!
Bill shows with flowers for Sookie, stating that he didn't have alcohol as Lafayette instructed and his mama always told him good manners state that you don't show up empty handed. 

In Dallas, Pam and Eric arrive at Amber's home -- I was right she's a crazy bitch lol.  BUt in a good way. Pam even likes her.  She tells her story about how her and her boyfriend lived off of True Blood and yet they still contracted Hep D Her boyfriend died in her arms, and she's got it right along with Eric.  She tells them that Sarah just called there that morning looking for a place to stay, but Amber told her to Fuck off.  She'll be attending a gala with mommy and daddy though.  Eric informs Amber that they'll need a picture of the parents, and Amber tells them that they'll never get in, security will be tight and they only invited assholes.  Eric tells Amber - "You don't know us darlin' we can be assholes."

Lettie Mae is  begging Revereand Daniels to let her go to Sookie's to say goodbye to Tara since there's nothing to bury for a grave.  The reverend tells her no, let him take care of her.  She doesn't seem all that grateful that he wants to take care of her, and behind his back grabs a full bottle of benadryl.  What the hell is this crazy ass doing....

Over at Sookie's the party's raging on, music and dancing, the whole She-bang Bill has a flashback of when he first heard about the war and was told that he'd have to fight. He was kicked out of Jane Boathouse's ancestor's bar for being a yankee sympathizer. Sookie finally comes downstairs, and Violet tells her - even though they're not supposed to - that she's sorry for the loss.  She's had 100 boyfriends die on her over the years, and she remembers how painful they were.  Jason of course takes offense to it, but Violet tells him to shut up and dance with her.

Ohhh then MIss Lettie Mae's idea with the benadryl is shown, she drugged the reverend so she could go to Sookie's...

Jackson gives an amazing speech about how Alcide lived his life.  Stubborn to a fault, but he had morals. Sookie was something he felt was worth fighting for. Lettie Mae shows up, and LaLa tries to get her to leave, but Sookie asks her to say something about Tara.  She thanks Sookie and Jason for being there for Tara, for taking care of her, and Alcide was indeed a hero but she thinks that Tara was just as heroic.  Tara died protecting her, even after all the pain she'd put her daughter through.  Pretty surprising eulogy from Lettie Mae -- who... asked for something non-alcoholic to drink to toast with.

Andy approached Jessica outside of Sookie's house, who is standing sentinel for the party.  He tells her that her holding onto the pain of the other three girls, and torturing herself with the memory of what she did is keeping it alive for him as well.  He just wants them both to be able to move on, and he needs her help to do it.  He then asks for one of her rings so he can propose to Holly.  Jessica them brings Andy to Sookie and Jason who gives him Gran's ring.  It was supposed to be for Jason's woman, but Violet says "Jason's already mine, I don't need a ring to tell me that."  To which Jason seems REALLY uncomfortable with.  Andy then heads down to the party, where JAson tells Addalyn and Wade that if they're fuckin' they might want to stop right now.
Andy's proposal had me in tears.  OHH it was perfect! So perfect. I loved it!
James sees Jessica finally looking happy, and suggests they leave, since it's 'been so long" She tells him to stop being "A wet blanket" and they'll leave later.
Arlene sees that Sookie is about to cry and brings her upstairs.  They talk a bit about how hard it is dealing with the loss of someone you loved.  Arlene tells her that it takes time... and a lot of tequila.  for the first time in a long time we see some sort of humanity in Sookie, and I actually felt myself liking her just a little bit more.
Out on the porch Lala is sitting with James.  They're trash talking Jessica about how she gives him just enough affection to keep him hooked to her, but it isn't enough.  LaLa asks if the man James had loved and he were fucking, James says they were, and then LaLa kisses James..... Oooohhhhh sheeit.  Jessica's gonna find out... I know she will.

IN Dallas, Eric and Pam are getting ready for the gala.  Pam looks at herself in the mirror, then turns and exclaims "Look at me! I'm a republicunt!" Cue hysterical laughter.  She tells Eric to strip because she got him some good stuff too.  When he takes off his shirt, Pam gasps in horror as she realizes he's gone to stage 2.

Back at the party, the vampire that gave Arlene his blood to save her life has been watching her all night long, he approaches Arlene and Sookie, and Sookie tell him to "turn the sexy down a couple of notches. Arlene's been through a lot."  The vampire tells Sookie that he can wait, and to please tell her friend that she's the prettiest woman he'd seen in 300 years.  (Cue AWWWWW alert) Arlene seems a little taken back, but true to Arlene style... "Excuse me, I have to go make tinkle because I"m a human, and we do that!"

(Dies of laughter)

Jessica then stops Arlene asking her if she'd seen James.  Arlene tells her to look outside. and ohhh she goes out there to find Lafayette and James fucking in the car they bought together.  She races into the house, grabs Jason and tells him what happened after askinghim to recind his invitation to the house. Jason of course (God i love J&J) tell him to get the fuck out of there, which shoos him away.  Jessica blurs upstairs, and Jason looks at Violet saying "I should..."
She tells him to go, which after the clip on last week.... Violet's got a thing for Jess... I just want Violet to bite if so J&J can be together again damn it.
Jason then asks Jessica how with all the sensitive musician shit she didn't realize that it was a possibility that James was gay.  Jessica tries to deny it, and Jason calls her on her bullshit.  LaLa comes in and puts Jessica in her place telling her to realize that she knows absolutely nothing about James because she didn't care enough to ask, he did.  He tells her, if you don't love him then let him go, and I"ll take over from here. 
Good on you Lala. You deserve some fucking happiness for once.  Jess does too, she's just trying to fill the void that Jason left behind when they broke up. Violet needs to see that and let him go damn it.
Sookie's walking through her home, drunk off her ass hearing people's reformed thoughts on how good she is and how wonderful she is, and lucky she is.  Willa arrives and asks for Arlene, while Sookie asks if Willa has been Bill. 
Bill is outside, remembering back to the war. apparently Bill tried to escape north, helping slaves escape the south, has his wife and kids with him. 
Sookie comes out and tries to convince Bill to come back to the party.  It seems as if they'll strictly be just friends from here on out (I don't buy it)

Lettie Mae then decides that Tara is still trying to talk to her from the other side, and stabs Willa.  Nichole loses it and tells everyone that they're crazy for throwing a party after everything that's happened.  and asks Sam to take her home (I do'nt see the romance there, never did... ugh) Violet volunteers to make sure they get home okay. 
Upstairs, Jason and Jessica are still talking, and Jason confesses to Jess that it's the same with he and violet as with her and James.  He doesn't want to spend the rest of his life with violet. ... Jessica tells Jason that he might be the sweetest man in the world and kisses him.... YEEEEE Then he kisses her back! YAY! There's hope, there's hope, there's hope!

Back in Dallas Sarah finds mommy in the bathroom and tells her she's in serious trouble, the Ukuza (sp?) are after her. 

BAck in Bon Temps.... OHHHHH YEAH!!!! Jason and jessica are FINALLY FINALLY gettin hot and heavy of course violet hears them, and there's two ways this could go... she gets sam and nichole home safe, comes back and tears jessica's head off, or she joins them.... which the latter would honestly be hot as hell.

In dallas the Ukuza arrive and shoot up the place killing mommy and daddy, and that's when Sarah runs into Eric, the Japanese men catchup to them, and of course, wanting revenge for himself, Eric kills them, ripping the leader's jaw off. GOOD he got revenge for the French girl.

Sookie closes the door after the party is over and goes up to head to bed, Jackson left Alcide's jacket for Sookie, having over heard she and Arlene's conversation.  Sookie slips into the jacket and lays down in bed, staring at Alcide's vacant pillow.  (CUE TEARS.... not for Sookie... for Alcide, damn it.)

Bill in taking a bath, and yet another flashback... telling Caroline that she is his first and true love.  He will survive the war and come back to her and the children.  He comes out of the memory, gets out of the bath and looks in the mirror.....

OH. Shit.

Eric's not the only vampire we're going to lose to Hep D....

Bill's vein over his heart is showing through. 

OH. Fuck.

For next week, Hep-D is spreading quickly in Bill.  Jason says he's going to call it off with Violet, but she's got ideas to seduce Jason back to her.  But then she's also hunting Addalyn who is under Jessica's protection.  Addalyn looks like she's gettin it on with Wade, despite their parents getting married.  We see Jessica hugging Sookie, so I'm worried that Addalyn is next to bite the dust. I actually kinda liked her. Pam and Eric are silvered and facing windows Eric says "Our first sunrise together" oh crap.... And it looks like Jessica is tackling Sarah to the ground and feeding on her.... I think.

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bit 'o' random and thoughts on Sunday's True Blood

Well I'm not doing a total episode recap this week, simply because it's now Wednesday and I just watched it last night.
LOVED the episode, had me in tears three separate times.  I'm glad all of them came together again, it was nice to see.  I"m scared for Eric, hate they're going to kill him with friggin Hep D. Bastards.
Arlene had me BAWLING.

I was going to do a recap, but after the last four days I've had.... no way.

I had a migraine so bad on Sunday I was close to throwing up four times while at work.  I left early. Slept most of the day away. 

Handed a note to my kid's father (since we can't be adults and communicate -- read we = he) so he could take an extended weekend while I"m at a writer's convention in Oct. He yanked the note from me all pissed off. 

Monday was a long exhausting day at work. 

Yesterday is normally asshole's day for visitation with the kids, but I didn't particularly WANT him taking them since I just got them back Sunday.... He waits until we're about to walk out the door to meet him to tell me he isn't getting the kids. (SURPRISE SURPRISE! -- he hasn't gotten them since he started working again.) So I sent him a snarky text saying "Thanks for waiting until we were walking out the door, how about you just text me when you actually are getting them from now on." I didn't get a response so I'll take his silence as confirmation.

THEN --- I've been having some weird ass dreams revolving around guns and my kids.  I think it has to do with the "taking action" training thing we had to do at work. so I let Makayla have her cell phone with her.  I get a text from the boyfriend at 2:30 while I was at work that the cops showed up to my home looking for the kids. my ex-husband called them. 
Called the daycare in a panic to find out the cops went there too because Makayla's phone called him and he heard children playing and screaming in the day care. 
Called the lawyer, and then sent asshole a text telling him his little stunt was uncalled for, and that I had contacted my lawyer. he never responded

When Brian finally got a hold of me to explain, the cops told him that asshole called Makayla's phone.  Nice huh?  I need to get to the bottom of this.  find out what they were told, I just don't know how.

I"m exhausted... one day of work left before i'm off for a week.

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True Blood episode 3 from season 7 "Fire in the Hole"

We start off the episode in a yoga studio where Sarah Newlin is practicing yoga under a new name.... wtf....

Roll opening credits.

Back to Pam and Eric. Pam asks how long he's been infected. She tells him about Tara meeting the true death. He only asks if she played the bucket game. He says that Godric and his sister met the true death, why not him too?
Flash back to Rhone Valley 1986 In love with a human apparently, He's fucking his human in a vineyard and the authority interrupts them. Tells Eric about True Blood development, and he tells the woman to go fuck herself.

Alcide goes around Sookie's house looking for her to figure out that she went to Bill's.  Cue him kicking in Bill's door. all Wolfy eyed and everything, YUMMY.

Bill is driving Sookie somewhere asks if he can talk her out of "This" He says he's got a clean slate so he's different than the vampire he was before. Sookie drinks his blood again, he gets aroused, of course, and she mutters around his wrist "i have a boyfriend"

Addalyn and Wade in jail. She confesses that they made out once, but a vampire glamoured it out of him.  they almost kiss, but Jessica and Andy stop them by rescuing them and they hear about all the guns and ammo being taken.

Reverend Daniels is talking to Sam about what they found in St Alice. He tells Sam that a life lived in fear of death is not a life worth living.  Lettie Mae bursts in all high on V screaming for Tara.
Sam's in the truck and the vampire with him it awfully chatty, I don't like the looks of him, but then they run into the mob including Hoyt's mom. Vince shoots the vampire and kills him. and spouts BS about him being the mayor now, exiling Sam from Bon Temps.  He then turns into an owl in front of the whole town. (which isn't much left)

Jason then asks Violet if she would consider raising a baby with him. She calls him a pussy pretty much, and the bitch that she is won't let Jessica further into the house than the front door.  they leave the kids and go chase down sookie. ... again...

Lafayette dancing around his house when James knocks on his door looking for more weed.  Long version of James' sad little story is he's bored with Jessica for the most part.

H-vamps are out of food, and they pull Holly to get more food

Sookie's sitting out in the woods with Bill in a tree.  she says that Bill gave her the idea calling her "Vampire Bait" their first time in a car together. He asks if she loves Alcide.  She says she does, but she's afraid that she doesn't love him as much as he loves her. and she should because he's handsome and decent and grounded, and good. 
Bill says love isn't always equal and maybe she'll grow to love him.
She said "Maybe but I'd take him loving me less all the same."

Jason, Jess, Andy, and violet stumble on Sam's truck where the mob is still waiting for them. Hoyt's mom claims Jason and Jessica as hers. MRs fortenberry shoots Jess in the arm, and Violet pulls her HEART OUT OF HER CHEST HOLY FUCK! Violet chases down Holly's boy to bring him back alive.

Meanwhile, Lafayette and James are stoned out of their gourds. spouting gibberish really...

Alcide and Sam cross paths, and the mob's out there shooting at them.

Sookie's getting impatient and tells Bill about going to Six Flags and how the free fall ride was bad only because of the waiting.  He tells her "try going to war."
Flashback to before Bill goes off to war. one of Hoyt's ancestors is set to take their pictures before he goes off to war.
Sookie then cuts herself to draw in the vampires.

Willa then asks Reverand Daniels if Lettie Mae burnt herself on purpose, in a round about way he says yes.  then allows Willa to feed on him. He tells her that when he came to town they'd just lost their baby, and his wife strayed and he lost faith in everything. Then suddenly one morning he got up and started driving and came across the church he runs now.  And came across Lettie Mae.  The town says he saved her, but he says that she saved him just as much. He says that Willa is a good girl, he knows that, but because of Lettie Mae's addicitve personality he cant have her still there.

James wakes up, freaks out thinking Lafayette ODed on him.  Lafayette asks James if he's into him. James says that he is, but his ties to Jessica is keeping him "good"

Back in 1986, Pam and Eric are both gettin their thing on and the Japanese people interrupt them. The Japanese take Sylvie to threaten Eric.  He tells Eric that either Pam or Sylvie has to die, and it's Eric's choice. He says he'll pay triple the amount the Japanese are being paid.  They don't fall for it stating that he is not a corporation, so of course he chooses Pam.  They kill his human in front of him, and you can tell he truly feels it. 
In present day, Pam asks if he contracted it on purpose, he says no, but he just didn't care enough to be careful.  Pam asks if he regrets his choice that night, and he says no.  She begs him not to make her watch him die the way he did with Godric and Nora. Eric tells her she should go, he's made his choice again.
Pam gets up, and while making me cry.  She tells Eric that Jason let Sarah Newlin live and that makes Eric get up and find will to live, thank GOD.

Sarah is fucking the yoga guru like a damn champ. Guru thinks that Sara is his soulmate. She's playing that poor sap for a fool.  I have to wonder what she's playing at. Looks like the Japanese from 1986 are closing in on Guru. They're looking for Sarah, and since he won't tell where she is, they kill him.

Back in Bon Temps Sookie sees Holly stumbling out of the woods and the vamps get drawn in.  Alcide and Sam come across them Andy and Jason with Violet and Jessica do too and they attack killing all the vamps, then Alcide fights with Bill about what's "right" for Sookie.... those mob mother fuckers SHOOTS Alcide. That son of a BITCH.  Andy and Jason shoot, killing the two mob members. God mother fucking damn it, they killed Alcide like a bitch.  That was the only thing I said, if he goes out this season let him go out EPICALLY.  Those BASTARDS.

Jessica offers to turn Alcide for her either her or Bill, and Sookie says "No, I've been down that road before." So... this is the last time I got to see Alcide's wolfy goodness.  Those BASTARDS! UGH!

Next episode seems that they're bringing the fight to Fangtasia and I hope just in time to save Arlene.  She's being brought out for food. 
Eric is missing... again from the looks of it.
James tells Jessica that she's not healing because she's not eating, and walks out. Looking like he's breaking up with her. OOOHHHH PLease give me Jason and Jessica for the finale!!!!! PLEEEAASEEE

Not True Blood recap... it's coming later!

This is however just some stuff I need to get off my chest. 

I have had lots of "Friends" "Good Friends" "Close Friends" in the last eleven years of my life.  BUT... In those 11 years I've had three people I considered a "Best Friend"

One of them takes and takes and takes and takes and never gives anything back, and can't even call me her best friend. No matter what.  She was there for me twice in our seven year friendship. I called her best friend for four years. never heard it back. 

Another stabbed me in the back, tried to take my boyfriend at the time from me, spread some really nasty shit about me to cause a rift between my current boyfriend and I.... I dropped her before the rumor mill started, thank God, 'cause I probably would have killed her.

The final one... I've spoken of in my blog before.  The on again off again best friend who constantly projects his grief and misery to me? yeah, him.

I've got some good friends right now, but no best friends.... none. I haven't had a best friend since 2002. ... so... make that twelve years.
I don't know what it is exactly that I'm doing wrong.... picking the wrong people... being the 'wrong' kind of crazy...

Right now I DO have a best friend, but it's not like having a best girlfriend to sit and eat tons of chocolate with and watch goofy movies with.  I've never experienced that friendship I had with four girls in high school since I lost them due to my asshole ex husband. 
Brian is my best friend right now.  I can rely on him for everything and anything, cry on his shoulder, he keeps me strong.  But I don't have a best girlfriend that I can call up and say "Hey I need to talk" without it switching around to their side of things right in the middle of me ranting about something. 

That puts a really heavy weight on my heart. I really don't know how to handle it.

Doesn't help that I'm missing my kids like crazy right now too.

I suppose that's why in every book I've written so far (except one) the women have a STRONG friendship with two or more other women, they can lean on them for anything and are like family.
The one exception though the female lead has one best friend, and she's like her sister. 
Regardless it's always like family. 
I don't have that. 
Not anymore.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Been a WEIRD day.

Today has played with my emotions more than I care to admit. 

I had a GREAT morning, excellent really as Mr Ashley woke me up to ..... show his back is feeling better.....
I was all ready to go shopping for a bit with him, meet up with a friend for lunch at Olive Garden, where I've been CRAVING for a couple of weeks.  As I'm about to message her she tells me she can't make it.  Stuff comes up, NBD. SO .... I get to spend all day with Mr Ashley, something I haven't been able to do in a LONG time.  TOO FUCKING LONG.

We took care of some running, Had lunch at the Pelican, where I've been craving as well!

Came home for a few and I snuggled my Jake, my Mainecoon. Now here's where my day starts going downhill.

Rewinding a little... We've been having issues with finding fleas in the house.  One or two, nothing huge. figure it's a fluke and forgot about it.  Jake doesn't seem itchy or acting like he's being bothered, so we're cool. NOT the case today.

 I pick him up and in his white fur I see these black flecks. They look WAYYYY too familiar.

Rewind a bit more. - Back when I was still married to the asshat douchebag that is my ex-husband I rescued a stray.  Unfortunately he was flea ridden, but I brought him in, and bathed him in that flea shampoo. immediately, figured it was all taken care of. NOT THE CASE! A couple got off of the stray and onto my Spooky (May my baby RIP) SPOOKY becomes flea ridden, we get spray, we get bombs we get powder and NOTHING short of burning the fuckin single wide trailer he had me living in to the ground was going to fix our flea issue.

SO... I knew what I was seeing. Go through his fur a bit more, and SURE ENOUGH... my cat has fleas. 

He's a strictly indoor cat, so how in God's name did fleas get on him?!

Mr Ashley has a suspicion that asshole douchebag -- or better known to my readers as tiny-dick bastard -- who has a dog, let his canine get infested, therefore the house is probably infested, and the fleas came here on the kid's clothes or in their hair. forgive me as I fucking shudder in disgust.

If they are hitching rides to my home on MY CHILDREN it means that his new trailer is so flea infested they've tired of the dog and are biting my kids too. and there fore I Get bit as well.
how do I know? I'm allergic to anticoagulants that insects such as fleas and mosquitos have to suck your blood. I swell up and it itches like crazy. I'm talking HUGE welts

Just for the record, I'm itching like a lunatic right now because even discussing the topic of fleas grosses me out. I become manic and I want to flip everything over that's porous and bomb the house.

SO.... back out to Petco we go, where Mr Ashley drops $60 on my cat to get him flea medication.

As we're discussing where the fleas could have come from, I start getting livid, I mean to the point where I want to throw something.  If tiny-dick let his house get THAT overrun again, after all the times those kids have come home smelling like body odor and wet dog, it can NOT be good for their health.  I tell Mr Ashley monday morning I'm calling CPS. He doesn't think it's a good idea, but what the hell else am I supposed to do? it's a damned health hazard. I KNOW if the house is overrun with fleas, he's not cleaning.  He CAN"T be cleaning.

*pause to itch again....*

We finally stop all our running at 5:30 when Mr Ashley hits the hay after being up working on third shift.  He has tonight off for the 4th, and then he's back onto Seconds, --- thank GOD---

I open my email and find -- The acceptance letter for Once In A Lifetime, Club Aries book 4. It'll be published in Sept/Oct this year. 

I announce all over facebook, and ask (amidst seeing someone who I thought was my best friend) who wants to go out tonight and celebrate with me?

No one responds.

No one.

how... can that even be possible? The people who I thought for sure would be responding to me didn't.  Not even a little bit. Not even with a "Congrats, wish I could!"

Nope... when Jordan is with domineering asshole who secludes her, all her friends want to hang out.

When Jordan is with the best man she's ever had, and doesn't give two shits if she goes out with friends... she can't get anyone to hang out. amazing how that works, right?

So... I've pretty much had it.  Let people come to me, because I just can't keep fucking dealing with this bullshit that people who claim to be my friends don't act like it. I take every invitation, and "we should hang out and catch up soon" with a grain of salt.  Because apparently... no one WANTS to hang out.  No one cares enough to make time for Jordan. But when they need her and don't respond, oh all hell is going to break loose because the one person that is ALWAYS there for them and bends over backwards doesn't respond right away. 
Guess what? Jordan isn't doing it anymore. Not even a smidgen. I"m done bending over backwards.

I tried to not be a homebody. I HATE being a homebody. just wish I could find some friends who gave a shit. Who cared enough to want to hang out. Guess I'm just not that fun or something. 

I'm sorry I went a bit dark there at the end... I'm just sick of it, and this is really my only place to rant. 

I get the kids back tomorrow morning, so that's a good thing.  10 hours and my babies will be home again, only for the weekend, but they'll be home again.  I hate summer visitation.

We've got a fun weekend planned too :)

Tried picking up fireworks, like some bottle rockets, or the fun stuff my father got one year where they spin and light up... nothing but smoke bombs.  yeah that's real fun.

My fault for waiting so long I guess. 

I"m tired, and feeling sorry for myself... I should just go to bed, cuddle up with Mr Ashley and get some rest. 

Chivalry Isn't Dead is doing pretty well too.  If you haven't gotten your copy, do so today! Book three is out on the 30th!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

SUCH A great day!

For serious, it's a great day today!

July 1... Chivalry Isn't Dead is finally out for download.

You can find it HERE

And about one ish, I got something I've been waiting for!

Now or Never's book cover! It releases in 29 days, and I'm so excited!

How freaking beautiful is this cover!

I've submitted book four, and I"m still waiting on response for it, I hope I didn't fuck shit up because I forgot to put SUBMISSION in the subject line. 

Working on writing book five.  A longer first chapter than I'm used to, but it flows really nice :)

Cleaning my house.  So far I've done two loads of laundry swept and mopped the kitchen, vacuumed the living room and done all the dishes.  I've also wiped down the counters and table and cleaned up after my kitty. Onto the girl's room since my oldest's clothes are finished in the dryer. 

What an amazing release day!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Man Candy Monday -- Adrian Roman

In honor of Chivalry Isn't Dead releasing to download at 1am, I'm celebrating the deliciousness that is the inspiration for Adrian, Ace Boogie. 

This incredible man always has a smile on his face, no matter what kind of day he's having, always has a kind word and encouragement for people.


That one, by far, is my most favorite pic of him.

With some classes around Nashville and Feel The Beat

With his brothers Nicholas and Diego