Thursday, July 3, 2014

Been a WEIRD day.

Today has played with my emotions more than I care to admit. 

I had a GREAT morning, excellent really as Mr Ashley woke me up to ..... show his back is feeling better.....
I was all ready to go shopping for a bit with him, meet up with a friend for lunch at Olive Garden, where I've been CRAVING for a couple of weeks.  As I'm about to message her she tells me she can't make it.  Stuff comes up, NBD. SO .... I get to spend all day with Mr Ashley, something I haven't been able to do in a LONG time.  TOO FUCKING LONG.

We took care of some running, Had lunch at the Pelican, where I've been craving as well!

Came home for a few and I snuggled my Jake, my Mainecoon. Now here's where my day starts going downhill.

Rewinding a little... We've been having issues with finding fleas in the house.  One or two, nothing huge. figure it's a fluke and forgot about it.  Jake doesn't seem itchy or acting like he's being bothered, so we're cool. NOT the case today.

 I pick him up and in his white fur I see these black flecks. They look WAYYYY too familiar.

Rewind a bit more. - Back when I was still married to the asshat douchebag that is my ex-husband I rescued a stray.  Unfortunately he was flea ridden, but I brought him in, and bathed him in that flea shampoo. immediately, figured it was all taken care of. NOT THE CASE! A couple got off of the stray and onto my Spooky (May my baby RIP) SPOOKY becomes flea ridden, we get spray, we get bombs we get powder and NOTHING short of burning the fuckin single wide trailer he had me living in to the ground was going to fix our flea issue.

SO... I knew what I was seeing. Go through his fur a bit more, and SURE ENOUGH... my cat has fleas. 

He's a strictly indoor cat, so how in God's name did fleas get on him?!

Mr Ashley has a suspicion that asshole douchebag -- or better known to my readers as tiny-dick bastard -- who has a dog, let his canine get infested, therefore the house is probably infested, and the fleas came here on the kid's clothes or in their hair. forgive me as I fucking shudder in disgust.

If they are hitching rides to my home on MY CHILDREN it means that his new trailer is so flea infested they've tired of the dog and are biting my kids too. and there fore I Get bit as well.
how do I know? I'm allergic to anticoagulants that insects such as fleas and mosquitos have to suck your blood. I swell up and it itches like crazy. I'm talking HUGE welts

Just for the record, I'm itching like a lunatic right now because even discussing the topic of fleas grosses me out. I become manic and I want to flip everything over that's porous and bomb the house.

SO.... back out to Petco we go, where Mr Ashley drops $60 on my cat to get him flea medication.

As we're discussing where the fleas could have come from, I start getting livid, I mean to the point where I want to throw something.  If tiny-dick let his house get THAT overrun again, after all the times those kids have come home smelling like body odor and wet dog, it can NOT be good for their health.  I tell Mr Ashley monday morning I'm calling CPS. He doesn't think it's a good idea, but what the hell else am I supposed to do? it's a damned health hazard. I KNOW if the house is overrun with fleas, he's not cleaning.  He CAN"T be cleaning.

*pause to itch again....*

We finally stop all our running at 5:30 when Mr Ashley hits the hay after being up working on third shift.  He has tonight off for the 4th, and then he's back onto Seconds, --- thank GOD---

I open my email and find -- The acceptance letter for Once In A Lifetime, Club Aries book 4. It'll be published in Sept/Oct this year. 

I announce all over facebook, and ask (amidst seeing someone who I thought was my best friend) who wants to go out tonight and celebrate with me?

No one responds.

No one.

how... can that even be possible? The people who I thought for sure would be responding to me didn't.  Not even a little bit. Not even with a "Congrats, wish I could!"

Nope... when Jordan is with domineering asshole who secludes her, all her friends want to hang out.

When Jordan is with the best man she's ever had, and doesn't give two shits if she goes out with friends... she can't get anyone to hang out. amazing how that works, right?

So... I've pretty much had it.  Let people come to me, because I just can't keep fucking dealing with this bullshit that people who claim to be my friends don't act like it. I take every invitation, and "we should hang out and catch up soon" with a grain of salt.  Because apparently... no one WANTS to hang out.  No one cares enough to make time for Jordan. But when they need her and don't respond, oh all hell is going to break loose because the one person that is ALWAYS there for them and bends over backwards doesn't respond right away. 
Guess what? Jordan isn't doing it anymore. Not even a smidgen. I"m done bending over backwards.

I tried to not be a homebody. I HATE being a homebody. just wish I could find some friends who gave a shit. Who cared enough to want to hang out. Guess I'm just not that fun or something. 

I'm sorry I went a bit dark there at the end... I'm just sick of it, and this is really my only place to rant. 

I get the kids back tomorrow morning, so that's a good thing.  10 hours and my babies will be home again, only for the weekend, but they'll be home again.  I hate summer visitation.

We've got a fun weekend planned too :)

Tried picking up fireworks, like some bottle rockets, or the fun stuff my father got one year where they spin and light up... nothing but smoke bombs.  yeah that's real fun.

My fault for waiting so long I guess. 

I"m tired, and feeling sorry for myself... I should just go to bed, cuddle up with Mr Ashley and get some rest. 

Chivalry Isn't Dead is doing pretty well too.  If you haven't gotten your copy, do so today! Book three is out on the 30th!

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