Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 premiere.

Season 3 Episode 1 "Laws of Nature"

The season three premiere is here for Agents! I'm so excited, but starting off before the episode starts, lemme just say I'm a little irritated with the "Inhumans" thing... If this were truly Marvel, and IF Marvel hadn't sold their rights to the X-men to Fox, We would have Mutants instead. This irritates me, just like it irritated me that Coulson said they'd never heard of Psychics before, and I railed at the TV that Fury did! Fury is supposed to know about Charles Xavier through Logan/Wolverine. Because Fury recruited Wolverine. so major *FACEPALM* before the show even starts.

HOWEVER I will take it because that means more Marvel awesomeness delivered straight to my TV :D

Starting off tonight's episode, it looks... pretty bad. solid ashes of someone's legs, things on fire, and a man on the streets. He leans against a scaffolding and it like... melts under his touch. Big SUVs pull up, men out, guns drawn. Dude gets agitated and the guns melt and car melts, and he takes off. He hides in an alley, and just as the men see him, the trash cans behind the melty guy start shaking, three of the officers are thrown back, and than a police cruiser after then, pan to reveal SKYE!/Daisy... whatever she's going by now... She's there with HER team, that includes Mack. She assures him, after introducing herself as Daisy... shoulda stayed Skye, UGH. that she means him no harm, she's going to help him and she's been through this once before. They put him in a capsule that rockets him into the sky. The team is gone too from the alley when the officers emerge. The pod goes up in a large SHIELD jet.

A woman pulls up (I recognize her from a show I watched this summer.) She wants a clean up, chastises lead officer man on the fact that helicopters caught the whole thing. Coulson is on the ground, takes a picture of the woman with a cell phone, and walks away.

On the SHIELD jet, the team leaves Daisy with Joey in the pod. She tells him she'll help him tells him that the box he's in is customized specifically for him so he's safe in there and they're safe from him. She says he needs to calm down and get some rest, and he thanks her for not letting "those guys, ya know... shoot me." Daisy asks is he takes vitamins or fish oil every day, to which he says no, but that one, the fish oil specifically makes me cock my head and go, .... huh?
When Daisy turns, Coulson's there, says it's the third one that month, but that they've lost a few of them to the black ops guys. But the new plane can stay in the air for days at a time, so responding to the new inhumans can be rapid.
Daisy: "You loooove your new toy, don't you?"
Coulson: "I very much love my new toy."
Inhumans have been disappearing, the black ops group have beaten them to the last 5 emergences.

Mysterious woman in what possibly looks like a hotel. Ohh there's the disappeared inhumans, six of them on tables. OOOHHH one dude's got a hole in his chest, -- heart missing?

SHIELD jet landing, with Bobbie. Joey tells her not to say anything about him, because she can't know him. Bobbie then informs him that she does - in fact- know him quite well, right down to the fact that he's gay. She only looked at his facebook page LOL!!

Lance, Coulson, and Mack, talking about the woman, she's been in the CIA, MI6, consultant for the CDC all under different aliases. Coulson keeps calling Daisy Skye, LMAO.

Daisy and Mack go to talk to Joey. Daisy breaks it down and tells him he's got Alien DNA and that the Teragen (Did I spell that right?) that was released into the ecosystem activates it. Joey starts cracking up laughing, obviously in disbelief at what she's saying. Daisy says that she can't let him go back to his old life, ever. Mack turns on the news feed, which shows Joey that he cannot go back, there's a man hunt for him and he will not be safe if he goes out there. People have been "Twitchy" since the events of (to us) Winter Soldier and the fall of SHIELD (I refuse, for quick typing purposes to put the dots in there.) Joey starts to freak out and the clipboard Mack is holding starts to melt. Daisy tells him to calm down, buthe doesn't, so she fires off an energy blast at him, knocking him into the wall, shaking the whole plane.

Bobbie has been looking at the Monolith, studying it. No one has been in the room with it since Simmons was swallowed up by it -- which BTW I'm still in shock over. Bastards-- Coulson asks her if the shaking is readings from it, Bobbie just calm as ever goes "Nope, that was Daisy firing off a warning shot." Fish Oil has been releasing the Teragen. It's all been in sea life -- thus the fish oil. Bobbie calls in Fitz, saying she can't cover for him anymore. Hmm wonder what he's up to.

He's in Tangier, Morocco. before cut to commercial he hangs up and says "One last thing." Good to see he seems to have gotten his mind back, I figured it would have shattered further seeing Gemma be swallowed up by that thing. Taxi driver tells Fitz he shouldn't go in there alone. Fitz demands that he wants to see the man in charge, and won't take no for an answer. He gets a little too "big for his britches" as my grandma would say, and gets hooded, and probably kidnapped.

Back on the plane, Mack asks Bobbie if they've lost Fitz again. "It's always one more lead" The gun is a prototype, palm detection in the handle. Mack says it might be DARPA.

Back to Fitz. The leader.... is it the taxi driver? Da Fuq? HOly Jesus, Fitz is a man on a mission, He's traced the monolith back centuries... Millenia possibly, and how there was a bunch of artifacts with it, all useless except for one. A casing that hold a scroll that tells exactly what the monolith is and what it does. But this guy and his men took it when they ransacked a museum in Iraq. fitz wants it, and wants it BAD. Leader man brings out the scroll, and Fitz opens the case, offering the guy giving them weapons!!! HOLY FUCK. SHIELD technology. HA they were just flash bombs. He snatches the scroll and gets the hell out of there.

Mack, Daisy, and Coulson, Daisy says she wants to bring Lincoln in to help out the Inhumans intake. Coulson approves it. Bobbie finds a routine on mystery woman. Only time she's alone is on a subway train. Coulson takes Lance with him, and approaches DARPA mystery woman... annnnnd of course it's all a set up. they're handcuffed and she tells Coulson to call her Roslynd (Roslyn?) Its the name she went by at NASA. Roslynd says she's detaining Coulson.

Lincoln is working in a hospital where Daisy and Mack find him. Lincoln tells her he won't take orders from anyone, that he doesn't believe their powers are a gift, they're a curse, and he won't help them. Mack looks like he's trying to instigate something. ooh boy, this'll end well.

back to Coulson and Roslynd on the train. Apparently there's been bodies showing up, corpses following behind Inhumans popping up. "Looks like they've been hit with an energy blast." she accuses Coulson of killing people, but of course, he doesn't condone that, so is she projecting blame? She says it's not her group either, and wants to know if neither of us are killing these people, who the hell is? -- says the woman with a man on a gurney and his heart ripped out....

Lincoln is NOT happy about Mack grabbing his arm. Lincoln tells Mack "You know what I"m capable of." then the lights start going crazy. but it isn't him that's doing it. OHHHH FUCK. the creepy alien thing! That the hell is THAT?! he's looking for the inhumans. Creepy thing races for the group, but Lincoln fires off electricity at him, Daisy puts out a shock wave and Mack unloads a clip. Creepy guy blasts a hole through a wall and gets away. Daisy wants to go after him, Mack says he's gonna need a bigger gun... "Or an axe. or a shotgun. or a shotgun axe combo." HAHAHA! Police are being called.

Both Roslynd and Coulson get a call at the same time, Coulson uses it as a way to get he and Lance free. Good move man!

Back at the hospital they're following after Creepy thing. he lays a diversion, and goes after mack first, both Lincoln and Daisy fire off their powers, but creepy thing is pushed back only so long before it starts coming for him. Daisy opens the floor so it falls through, but when they go back downstairs its gone. Police have arrived, and Daisy pleads for Lincoln to come with them, he refuses and runs off. Mack tells her they really need to get out of there.

Lance is back on the Jet, Bobbie's in the locker room of sorts. Apparently they've been having very regular sex, and she asked for her wedding band back. He wants to be back with her, open and everything but she's not sure. before a decision is made, Mack gets all of them. the president is making an announcement about the "Alien threat" talking about events in the MCU, I LOVE how they tie the show in with the movies!! Over this, Mack is helping a sketch artist digitally render the creepy thing, he tells the girl "Bigger." Roslynd is in the hospital looking at the damage, and sees a photo of Lincoln pulled up, showing the police who the inhuman was I'm guessing. The president is saying he's been ordered to create a task force, the Advanced Threat Containment Unit or ATCU. they are given full license to act as they need to. Coulson's computer starts going off, giving a projection of the teragen dispersal. In 17 months and 21 days, it will be completely over the whole world.
Joey is watching in his room. I think he's finally accepting that he can't go back.

Fitz is back, and Coulson is just standing there watching. Fitz says the monolith can warp space/time. that it's like a black hole. On the scroll is hebrew, one word. means "Death" Dammit it means Gemma is gone. May has been on vacation. Coulson tells Fitz that he needs to let go and move on, he needs to say goodbye because it's what Gemma would want them to do. He says okay, but I don't think it's okay. Fitz..... Fiiiiiiiitz what are you DOING?! it's going into the room with a shot gun... FITZ! Going near the monolith.... NO FITZ .... he's yelling at it and punching it screaming "DO SOMETHING!" but nothing happens.

DAMMIT my shows need to stop doing this to me!

A barren wasteland, someone's running... OMG IT"S GEMMA!!! she digs into the sand to get wet sand to put over a cut on her forehead and peaks around a large boulder There's a weird halo around a moon, and she takes off running again.

Preview for the rest of the season -- "A teammate trapped on the other side of the universe" HOLY SHIT.
"A villain on the rise." Ward gets out of a car, and it flashes to the hydra symbol.

WHEW.... Another roller coaster ride on this one too. Yup. I think my shows are going to kill me this year!

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