Friday, September 25, 2015

Heroes Reborn Episode 1

New opening title is beautiful with the aurora :)

So there's a meeting a year after the explosion at Primatech Summit, Robbie Kay's character attends and only moments after he leaves a man gives a speech about how he was at the Primatech summit with his wife and son, and he had to watch his son die in his arms. Then they opened fire and killed everyone in attendance.

I'm definitely seeing the connections to the original here.

Linderman Jr High -- Ryan guzman... YEEEEE

Pinehearst high school where Robbie Kay is in school...

Hello throw backs.

Definitely an interesting beginning here.  I however, am a dummy and didn't set my DVR to record the premiere, so I'm watching it on Hulu now, thank GOD for Hulu.

Ryan Guzman's character (Carlos) is talking to a kid, sounds like his, they talk about Hero Truther and a vigilante.

The guy from the prologue finds Noah. He says Claire died that day, but how would Claire have died? I don't understand that. Claire was fuckin immortal.

Hmm, so Miko is a warrior. I recall seeing this in the previews. her sword has the Godsend symbol on it. she's told she's an integral part of a video game.

Back to Carlos (Ryan) looks like he's an alcoholic. OO I think he's definitely the vigilante. back to Carlos after the break, he goes to Oscar's shop ---- OOOOO OSCAR is the VIGILANTE!!! and was killed because of the fight the night before. Looks like he will become the vigilante tho.

Tommy gets a job at his favorite ice cream place, but Luke and Joanne - the two who killed all the people in the church at the beginning -- follow him and Tommy is forced to use his powers to send them away from him and save a girl he very obviously has a crush on. Portals. Tommy has portals.
The girl from the parlor chases Tommy down and tells him his secret is safe with her. Which is awesome :)

Back to Carlos. OO Juan has a power! He can phase like DL did!!

Noah goes to Dallas to an optometrist's office. The receptionist is WEIRD.... and yeah, she is... and AHHHHHHHHHH THE HATIAN!!!! Rene!!!

To Miko OHHHH the godsend symbol... AND HIRO'S SWORD!! She gets transformed into.... a fuckin' video game Character. what. the. fuck.

Noah and Rene.... WTF RENE? strangling Noah. and then Noah killed Rene on accident. he shot him. FUCK NO. Rene said, "It's coming"

Flash to the girl, Malina in the far north, she commanded the Aurora borealis.

Back to Pinehearst High and Tommy and Emily. Ahh shit, the asshole jock.

Quinten and Noah. Noah gets Quinten out of jail.

Asshole jock says he's gonna turn in Tommy.

Luke and Joanne. They're in the room Tommy says he always thinks about the room with no windows.

Miko - Ren comes to see her again, and ends up logging into the game that is playing out on her computer, she's IN the game.

Back to Tommy. The asshole jock tells Tommy he'll keep his mouth shut for a favor. Who is this guy with the pennies? the big guy in the car. He wants Tommy to get rid of his abuse stepfather. But the kiddo can't so it. he refuses to use them like that.

Quinten and Noah - OOO MOLLY. They're gonna find Molly.

Miko and Ren. She gets knocked out in game, and comes out back into her apartment.

don't know who these chicks are... but we're in a gambling club. seems the girl or he is really lucky

Big guy with the pennies goes to the abusive step father.

back to Carlos in Oscar's hide out. looks like he's putting on the mask.

Miko and Ren. --- Yamagato tower.... Yamagato industries was Kaito Nakamura's company.

back to the gambler and the girl -- Zoe. OO Gambler does have a power. Zoe is definitely an assassin. and he pins her to the wall Sylar style -- but no whirring. another person comes to the rescue and the dark girl gets Zoe out of there.

Quinten and Noah, they arrive at Primatech. My God Quinten is so not agent material lol. AHH I KNEW IT. Claire isn't dead. OH wow, Noah and Claire hadn't spoken since the faceplant that changed the world.

Six floors below them underground. Joanne and Luke. Luke is obsessed with the light switch. of course he's right and shoots the lights out, then reveals the two way window.

Whatever penny guy did got the abusive step father to leave. Jock agrees to keep the secret.

Carlos goes after a police officer connected with Oscar's death. wanting a name I think he said the captain. Carlos goes to the priest. Oscar set up an underground railroad, and indeed, it was the captain that was working against them. COOL the priest can turn himself into smoke. SO COOL.

Back to Luke and Joanne -- there's someone still at Primatech... LOTS OF SOMEONES. Noah can hear the gunshots. Luke and Joanne arrive on level one where Noah is. Noah gets on the elevator and goes to level five. There are still people at level five... what the fuck. "Package still launches tomorrow" what package.... SHEEIT! Molly's data is the only one who has been lost.

Carlos, he's running the underground railroad now.

OH SHIT.... Luke and Joanne took Noah's car. They have the list of Evos. Renatas has been using  powers to create a weapon and

Zoe wakes up in the gambler's hotel room. the dark haired girl hustled her..... Zoe is Molly???!!!

Miko is kicking ass in the Yamagato building. Apparently, she can go places in game, close the sword, and be there in reality, that was pretty cool :)

There was a lot that happened in those two hours, action packed, and raised a lot of questions.

Why are they blaming it on Mohinder? What has he been up to in the last four years for him to have been blamed?
Why did Noah have his memory erased? What did he need to forget?
HOW does Molly's power fuel this weapon? Gambler and the dark woman must work for Renatas.
Who is Miko's father... who is he REALLY and why is the Nakamura company -- Yamagato Industries holding him? HOW does Miko have the Kensei sword and why does it put her into a video game and how?

Last night's premiere was an excellent continuation to the series, and the world Kring created. I hope it continues for more than just 13 episodes. The show was perfect. I want to see Claire and more of the Petrellis than just Angela. IMDB says Mohinder will be in it for 4 episodes, Hiro for 3, and Matt for ONE episode, just ONE! Noah is in for all 13 episodes.

Great start, and I can't wait to start unraveling the mysteries of this installment.

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