Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Gotham Season 2 Episode 1

Gotham's Season two is subtitled "Rise of the Villains"

Episode Title "Damned If You Do..."

Thank you for the recap, Fox!!

Bruce knows his father's secret is in his office.

Riddler going psycho.

Penguin shoving Fish into the bay.

Joker's introduction.

We open with Bruce and Alfred descending the stairs and coming to a coded locked door, trying to find the combination and being denied three times before we jump to one month later.

Penguin is becoming a mob boss.

Barbera is heading into jail, and Joker sees her.

Gordon's former partner is now working in a deli.

Uhhmm... okay weird bad guy... and do I sense some old Batman music in that score?? OOOO Gordon is a traffic cop, intercepts weird ass bad guy named himself "Zaargon".

Nigma is talking to himself in the mirror. WHEW...

OO The commissoner is a fuckin crook, and is dismissing Gordon for shoving a fuckhead officer. OO Break him Jim! BREAK HIM.

--Commercial Break, preview for Crimson Peak. OHH It looks GOOD!

Gordon tells Leslie that he doesn't have any other legal moves, but he can't let Loeb continue the way he is.

Barbera and Joker in jail. Joker tells her that she's in danger and she needs a good friend. In two seconds she gets a "gorilla" to protect her. GAHH that kid has the PERFECT Joker smile.

Selena is working with Penguin now... Hmm. Jim goes to see Penguin to ask a favor of him. Penguin knows already that he wants Loeb taken down and his job back. Penguin calls in a favor to help settle a business dispute in order for him to give Jim what he wants. Jim refuses him.

-- Commercial break I get to see high voice Peyton Manning... BWAHAHA

Jim goes to talk to Harvey Bullock. Jim is ready to walk away from everything. Bullock tells Jim he's been sober 32 days.

Jim goes to see Bruce then, to tell him that he won't be able to keep his promise to find Bruce's parents's murderer. Bruce is pretty fuckin' wise. Tells him that if he stayed out of the GCPD he's sacrificing the greater good for his dignity, and that sometimes the right path is the dirty one.

Quick view of Barbera trying to make a deal with the one that runs the jail.

Jim goes to make good on his end of the deal with Penguin. He does pretty good, but of course GCPD is RIGHT outside?? really? go figure. OOO He kills the dude in a parking garage. Self defense shots, but pretty much in cold blood.

Bruce wants to blast that door down since he can't figure out the pass code. Alfred tries to stop him from it, and Bruce tells him "If you're not going to help me that's fine, I'll take some tea then." Alfred then goes off on a tangent telling him what he needs to build the bomb properly, and then ends with: "And... I'll put the kettle on." I love this Alfred.

Jim brings Penguin the money. Penguin promises no backlash from the PD and that their deal is gold.

Barbera calls Jim from Jail. She's playing innocent, making Leslie look like the bad buy. Barbera calls Lee and says she hopes Lee dies screaming. Jim confesses that he did something bad.

Penguin crashes into someone's house -- Loeb's? no glasses so i didn't recognize him, but I'm guessing that's who. One of his guards was beheaded. eeewww... Yup... Loeb.  Penguin says that since he knows Loeb won't be doing anything that Penguin wants, they'll have to kill him. OMG Penguin is fantastic. He's great at brain games.

Theo Galavan... OMG that actor... True Blood creepo and Where the Heart Is' Forney. OOO Loeb is retiring WHOO!!!! And gave the position to Essen, :)

Weirdo from the beginning is brought to Arkham and interrupts the Barbera worship. At first he's ignored, then he gets up on the table, and Joker looks rather entertained by him. He collapses, blue smoke comes out of his mouth, knocking everyone out, and a new chic comes in. hmm... Prison break?

Jim is reinstated. and YUP Prison break. Barbera is one of them. as well as Joker. Theo was behind it. Sounds like FOX is working on its own Suicide Squad.

HA Alfred is definitely hands on helping Bruce now. They've got the charges set. I have a feeling that Alfred knows what's down there. They blow the bomb, and Alfred freaking high fives Bruce LMFAO! It definitely worked, and lookie this. The future batcave. with a note on the computer for Bruce. I like that fatherly advice. "You can't have both Happiness and the Truth. You have to choose. I pray you choose happiness, unless you feel a calling. A true calling."

This is intercut with Jim loading a gun and looking into a mirror.

AHHH MICHAEL CHICKLIS!!!!! He'll be on future episodes, I'm SO EXCITED. This season looks amazing.

Looking forward to next week, but I really do think that they're looking to do their own Suicide Squad. Hmm... We'll see, but it looks great.

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