Sunday, September 27, 2015

Once Upon a Time Recap and Premiere

First airing is the Recap/BTS The Dark Swan Rises special.

Hold on to your seats because this is going to be EPIC!!

Best line so far from Rebecca Mader who plays Zelena AKA Wicked Witch of the West: "And here I am playing someone that probably gives other children awful awful nightmares, it's rather hilarious."

They gave out their favorite Disney fairy tales, Ginny's was Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, and Sleeping Beauty

HAHA... "She hits him in the face with a rock, now that's love."

"The lasagna is half off on Fridays."

I love the Q&A session, it was amazing, but now it's time for the premiere!!!!!

Aww Little Emma!! Movie usher "One day you will have a chance to remove Excaliber, but you mustn't, You must leave the sword alone."

Card is Granny's diner with a flickering sign... ohh boy.

Now we're in Camelot I'm guessing, epic horse riding shots that I love about Once :) One of the Knights tries to take the sword, and it turns him to dust... Lancelot goes "Your turn." LOL!! OHH SHIT!!!!!! The sword, The tip is the Dark One's dagger!!

Back in Storybrooke, it bleeds from Excaliber to the dagger... -- aww shit the warning. She basically took the sword by taking the dagger last season.

OOOOO Dark One's vault. Reveals Emma. AHHH Rumple.... Dark One Rumple!! He represents the power in Emma's head.

In Storybrooke. The Apprentice gives the group a wand, and tells them it can take them to the Enchanted forest but must be weilded by both light and dark. Regina thinks it's her, but she can't make it work.

Emma taps into the dark power back in the enchanted forest.

AHHHH The ROSE! Blue gives Belle the Rose.

OMG I'm loving Rumple as a teacher. AHHHH A will o the wisp!!! YEEEE MERIDA!

"You can still deliver a baby without a tongue." HAHAHA!!!!

Merida just capture the Wisp!! WTF. They're going to work together :)

Henry has a HUGE cup with Granny's Diner on it LOL AHH shit, Hook's breaking out Zelena!!

DAMN the triplets were kidnapped, and Fergis is dead :( OHh shit, Merida heard Emma talking to Rumple, she really shouldn't speak out loud...

HAHA Henry spilling the drink on the nurse.  HOLY SHIT That's one hell of a protection spell! DAMN.  AND Zelena CUT. Her Damned. HAND OFF! Holy!

Regina's pissed. HOly damn Regina's pissed. Go Snow! It's about time she starts taking control back! HOly damn I knew it. I caught it before the ep that a tornado was going to take them all to Camelot.

AHH The stones! OH no... Don't do it Emma!! Rumple tells her to rip Merida's heart out and she gives this look like she doesn't know if she'll do it or not. No, Emma no!

They took the twister to the Enchanted forest, and Emma did indeed take Merida's heart. Merida's in tears as she stares in disbelief at Emma. OH Thank God... She put the heart back. I held my breath the entire time, already she's fighting the darkness.

"Someone's gonna get a right good punch to the gut for puttin' me through this, then I'll show 'em mercy."

OH wow, Emma gave the dagger to Regina!

Arthur finds the group, and tells Emma that she's destined to reunite Merlin with the court.

Wow... Nice palace.

6 weeks later -- HAHAHA The dwarves are sherrif. Everyone arrives back, all dressed in Enchanted forest garb. Memories gone... again.

NICE!!!! Emma's REALLY the dark one. And... she has her dagger. OH FUCK
She turned Sneezy to stone!
Her outfit is ridiculously amazing.
WOW. WOW and WOW some more, that was an amazing last two minutes, and next week looks AHMAYZING!

Just simply amazing, that drawing, the threats, the danger, the AGGGHHH!!!

Dunno how I feel about the whole, we lost our memories again thing. Le Sigh. Otherwise though, AMAZING!

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