Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dancing with the Stars week one recap

I'm writing this as I'm watching the episode.

First dancer was Victor - the jockey with Karina. was cute, but technically lacking. they scored 15

Second, Tamar Braxton and Val. They did REALLY well. I got her in the top three this year. She did pretty well! Scored a 23

Third, Chaka Khan and Keo  It was cute, but they scored her REALLY low. 13 ouch.

Fourth - Hayes Grier, the vine star... with Emma Slater. He's really young, really really young. It was adorable, but you can tell how young he is, seemed uncoordinated to me. Kid is in puberty. awkward. LOL (Uhm... Bruno "I could watch you for an hour" way to sound Pedo.) Scored a 21

Fifth - Andy Grammer and Allison Holker(She danced with Ryker last year) He's pretty good! impressive to me! I loved it when he was on last year with Derek. And OOP that dip, he almost dropped her LOL Scored a 21.

Sixth - Paula Deen and Louis Van Anstel. Ohh boy.... (HA she poked fun of herself with a whole bunch of butter on the "counter") God I waited for her to fall. Louis was REALLY leading her. Like pulling her across the floor to keep her in time. Yeah... next three weeks she's going home. AIYA. That was bad.... Scored 15. soo... they think Chaka did worse. No. I think Paula was worse than Chaka. Jesus...

Seventh - Carlos and Alexa Penavega with Whitney Carson and Mark Ballas Two of my favorite dancers!!!  Carlos and Whitney danced first. BIG smile on my face, I love Whitney SO MUCH!!! HA Bruno's crit, Whitney looked at him like "I TOLD YOU SO!" HAHAHA!!! Scored a 23

Eighth- Alexa and Mark (Both couples did the Jive. LOL) She looks a LITTLE stiff with the footwork, get that Latina a Salsa or cha cha, she'll killit! She did pretty good though! Julianne was right, there was a LOT in that, more so than Carlos. Scored a 22

(HAHAHA Carlos said "Gotta ask Wardrobe if we can bring her outfit home..." BWAHAHAHA!)

Ninth - Kim Zolciak-Bierman and Tony Dovalvan -- jesus she's crying already. first five weeks she's gone, if not next week. -- OH JESUS her dance is painful to watch. SO STIFF. I couldn't look at the tv through the whole thing, that was painful. Send her home. PLEASE send her home. that was terrible. Scored a 12. Yeah... it was bad.

Tenth - Bindi Irwin and Derek Hough. She's SO adorable!! I LOVE HER Oh mah god, she's cute! SHE"S SO GOOD! SO SO GOOD! YES She's gonna be inthe top two! For sure! WOW!!! Scored a 24 -- highest of the night so far!!

Eleventh - Gary Busey and Anna --- I'm not spelling that last name. lol Fucker is crazy though. Absolutely Guano. He can't dance, really can't. I can't look at it it's painful. Plus... I'll admit, his face scares me. He doesn't make sense when he's speaking.... I think he's high. .... like REALLY REALLY high!!! No... no Julianne, he's insane, certifiable, and very obviously on something. IF america votes for him, it's because they wanna see the crazy. Scored a 15

12th  - Alek Skarlatos (The guy that thwarted the gunman on the train) and Lindsay - He's adorable! and pretty damn good! Little missteps, but it's week one. He's pretty good! The guy is really humble too. WOW. Scored a 22

13th - Nick Carter and Sharna YEEEEEE I'm totally rooting for them. Give Sharna that Mirror Ball!! fangirling a little right now LOL I used to LOOOOOVE Nick when he was in BSB. Sharna fangirled as much as i am right now LOL YEEE KILL IT NICK! YEEEESSSS They did the "Everybody" move!! AHHHHHHH HAHA! Julianne is fangirling too! He popped the button on his pants LOL! Scored a 24!!!

What'd I say? Bindi and Nick in the top two. Bindi and Nick in the finale! It will happen!!

And watching the "First Dances" where they're showing BTS stuffs :) It's just a recap, so not much to talk about there.

I"m also now rewatching Heroes for the Reborn next Thursday :) I'm excited!! BBT and Gotham on Monday :) Hopefully I'll have the recaps done on Tuesday for those.

Yesterday was a weird day, haven't been feeling top notch. But I'm here!! Hooray for the new seasons! :D

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