Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Dancing with the Stars Week 3 "TV night"

Last night's episode of Dancing with the Stars was a 2 hour episode that's TV Night :)

The little opening number was awesome. Sharna looked so pretty in that teal outfit. I want her hair.

Alfonso Ribero is a guest judge! AHHH

Introducing the cast, I see Breaking Bad, Addams Family, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

1st up, Carlos and Whitney. Jazz to Thank you for Being a Friend from Golden Girls. It was cute, not sure if I really liked the combo tho. Maybe a slower dance, it was kinda weird with a Jazz... Most critique was that he needs to open up a bit more, which maybe that's why it looked off.    Scored 31/40. Alfonso totally went Dat's mah girl, I give her an 8! LOL

((Kim had a medical emergency-- hmm take her ass out.))

2nd dance: Paula and Louis, A Samba to the Gilligan's Island theme. Wow, Paula's worn out. Aww the end of their package, actually makes me feel a little for Paula, her emotions are getting the better of her, and she said "Well, I've been abandoned a lot" as an excuse for why she's doubting herself so much. Louis tells her "I hate that you think that way." She says "Well because I have. I've been abandoned before." He says "I won't abandon you, I'm not giving up hope, so don't you do it." She holds onto that issue and he hugs her and you can tell he's almost in tears when he says "I'm not going to abandon you. That's not going to happen with me." Aww Louis breaks my heart. HAHA That was a cute dance! Holy.... the ORIGINAL Mary Ann is dance floor side. Scored a 20/40

((OMG someone is dressed up like Khal Drogo. OH MY GAWD, OMG someone's doing True Blood theme, i can't WAIT FOR THAT!!!!))

3rd dance: Tamar and Val dancing to Mad Men's theme with a Tango. Tamar is a little too feminist. She can't just get into the storyline of the dance -- right there is the chemistry that they're missing. She can't just have fun with the dances and the stories they're telling. Tamar, you get to have that beautiful man dancing with you, Get off your high horse! Sweet Jesus. She keeps throwing down his ideas of the man being in control, the man being powerful. She thinks that's too sexist. Well, guess what honey? You're dancing. The man leads. That's all there is to it. I can even see it in their tango. she's trying to lead when it needs to be Val leading. Judges are raving, but I'm not seeing it. THANK YOU Alfonso. He called her out "Let him lead! In dancing there is a leader and a follower, Val is the leader, let him lead you to the finish."    Scored a 33/40 -- REALLY? Alfonso, REALLY you gave them a 9? UGH.
She won't be making it to the top three like I'm thinking if she continues fighting with Val to lead.

4th dance, Alexa and Mark dancing to Breaking Bad's theme with a Jazz. WOW. This was really good. Mark is amazing. Carrie Ann said it was GENIUS and it was. It was AMAZING. Alfonzo is pulling for Alexa, and now I am too. That was amazing. Simply astounded, that was fantastic. She replaced Tamar in the top three for me tonight. That was absolutely incredible!   Scored a 36/40 YES YES YES!!! YOU GO ALEXA!

((Alek is doing True Blood!!! AHHHHH))

--- Oh... holy... mother of.... Derek dancing like .... like Channing Tatum in Magic Mike.... oh... my... Gawd..... *Drools*

Watch out Derek... I"m coming for you!

 5th Dance: Andy and Allison quickstep to American Bandstand. That was AWESOME!!!! They did amazing with the footwork! Bruno said that he loved how the dance complimented the song and the era of the show they were emulating. And I completely agree. It was fantastic. Just like Whitney and Carlos's Jazz didn't fit with their song, Andy and Allison's quickstep was a perfect compliment to American Bandstand's theme. HAHA Andy - "When I get nervous I look up" Allison"It's always up and to the left!"   Scored 29/40

6th Dance: Gary and Anna tango to Addams Family -- PERFECT Addams Family dance, it's Mortica and Gomez's dance. Gary really is trying, that's amazing. That was really good. and the dancer in the background playing pugsley and wednesday. He really did do well. BWAHAHHA They're both really in character, I love it. LOOOOOVE it. They did excellent! Gary really improved!   Scored 25/40   -- Still crazy as hell tho... lol

7th dance: Alek and Lindsay --- Holy True Blood Tango. ... I'll repeat. Holy. True. Blood. TANGO. WOW! Alek brought the sexy wow! That really was amazing. HAHA Alek picked up Jenna -- one of the pros. "You're gonna get some dates now..." My thought? "Keep the teeth tho!" Scored a 33/40

8th dance: -- Kim is in the hospital after having a mini stroke 12 hours after last week's part 2 episode. My thoughts, she says she's discharged and on "This wonderful medicine" 1-- she's on hella good pain killers, but also she'll be on a blood thinner like Heparin. If she falls, gets hit with anything, that's massive bruising. being on the show will only be more dangerous to he health. Because of that she's not on the show from last night, so Tony's dancing with Jenna. Thank you Jenna..... I can't see Kim doing this dance at all. -- How will it affect the competition. Her docs said that she couldn't fly, but she can next week. Rules state that she must withdraw. So Kim and Tony are out. it sucks the circumstances, but honestly, I"m glad, because Kim was not entertaining to watch at all. I wish her well with her health, but DWTS was not a show for her to be on. 

it makes me hope that because of that there won't be an elimination tonight! I know it's wishful thinking. 

9th dance -- Bindi and Derek. Quickstep to The Jefferson's theme. Bindi hurt her foot :( OO but she looks like she's doing really well tho! OH WOW she's so freaking adorable! Derek is a miracle worker with his partners. Her frame was off I guess, but she did really well. OOOOHHHHH her foot is still hurting really bad. Derek carried her up the stairs. 32/40 She did that with a hurt foot, c'mon Alfonso, You danced with a pulled groin and back issues, and she learned that in two days! You know how this stuff goes! Give that girl a 9! 

10th dance -- Nick and Sharna. I really adore watching him talk... Vietnamese Waltz to the Downton Abbey theme. OH WOW, so pretty! The song, their dance, WOW!. WOW WOW WOW. it was beautiful! I'm speechless! That song makes me want to watch that show now!! Julianne says Best dance of the night! Damn right it is! WOW. Nick called Alfonso "sir"! HAHAHA Alfonso looked at Carrie Ann with this goofy grin like "Did he just call me sir?" 36/40 !!! HE BROKE THE GLASS!! HAHAHA!!! 

11th dance - Hayes and Emma dancing to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme with a Jive. HA Emma is April, Hayes Raphael hehehe. Bet it was his favorite turtle :) HEHHE I loved it!! That was awesome :D They said he lost a bit of his energy, and he really did. They were really in sync with each other. Scored 30/40

Paula is the lowest scored tonight with a 20, and Gary with a 25. 

Elimination time --

Couples in Jeopardy - Andy and Allison (WHOA) and Paula and Louis 

WHOA!!!!!!! ANDY?! 

WHEW!!!!! Since Kim had to withdraw, no elimination last night. All scores and totals will be added to next week. 

I really don't know what to think about Andy being in the bottom two! Andy did better than Gary!! WTF Y'all?! 

They're doing the switch up in two weeks. I want Mark and Bindi together!! :D 

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