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Once Upon a Time "The Price"

Once Upon a Time Season five episode two, "The Price" 

Let me start by saying that I absolutely LOVED this episode. I've watched it once already, but it's queued up for the first recap this week :) 

The dwarves are at the town line, a stoned sneezy on top of their van. They need to find a way out and what happens when you leave this time around. They're too scared of Emma as the Dark One. Dopey is nominated to cross the line to see what happens, and even tho Regina, David and Snow arrive to stop them he still goes. Everything seems fine at first, once he crosses, but then the ground crakcs, and leaves swirl around him, turning him into a tree. 
Regina: "Well that's new"

You ain't kiddin. 

In Camelot - 6 weeks ago - We get to see Gwenevire. She is freaking beautiful. There's been a ball prepared for their arrival. Zelena wants the cuff taken off of her or she'll tell Arthur that he just welcomed the Dark One into his castle. Regina holds up her hand, cutting off her speech, and Robin standing beside her gets a proud/amused look on his face as Regina says "What's that sis? I can't hear you." She tells Zelena to play along and he be mute handmaiden or she gets tied up in Granny's. Killian wants to know where Merlin is, and we see a large tree where Merlin is trapped. The prophecy he made said the Savior will free him. Emma is about to step up, then Regina steps forward, claiming to be the Savior. 

Present Day - Killian goes to see Belle asking about True Love's kiss, and why it didn't work. I love the quote from her "It is far easier to hate the Dark One, than to love one." 

Henry summons Emma to the harbor wanting to know what happened, and he apologizes for failing her. She says Henry didn't fail her, every one else did. Regina comes and interrupts. Emma taunts Regina saying she can't be the Savior. And if she believes she can be it, she'd really better hope so because there's a problem coming that only a savior can solve. 

Leroy and Happy in town, talking about Dopey as a tree when three riders approach, Hmm. Looks like Arthur came over too. The dwarves bring Arthur to the town hall where Regina, David, and Snow are. They confess that they lied to Arthur. and the great, fantastic news that Emma's got her dagger. Robin comes in saying that some of Arthur's subjects were brought to Storybrooke too. Regina wonders what the problem is, because it certainly can't be the knights. 

6 weeks ago - Regina and Emma in Merlin's tower. Regina explains why she stepped up, because Emma would have been expected to use magic to free Merlin, dark magic, and that wouldn't have been good for anyone. 

Present - They've set up camp for Arthur's followers. Regina's worried that she can't step up and be who the town needs her to be, and Robin is sweet as ever with her. 
Gwenevire finds Arthur, and we see that Excalibur is gone. David says that if it's in Storybrooke they'll find it. 
Robin is gathering wood, when some creepy ass creature descends and nabs Robin to Roland screaming "DADDY!" AWWWW little baby hobbit. That kid is so adorable, I wanna squeeze him! 
Killian goes to Emma's bug, and Emma goes to him, then brings him to a large house. it belongs to Emma. She invites him in. He says he's surprised she invited him in, and she gives him a look saying "Just because I'm the dark one doesn't mean we can't still be together." He kisses her, but TLK didn't work. Killian is just heartbroken. She says she's tried of talking, and Killian pulls away from her saying that's not who he is anymore. 
Regina, Snow, David, Arthur, and Leroy are chasing the creature, she's fighting it with fire, but it knocks her away she starts bleeding, and it grabs Robin and flies away again. Snow insists she see a doctor. Not that she doesn't beleive in her, but she needs to take care of herself first. 

6 weeks ago - a knight approaches Regina, giving her a necklace saying that Arthur would be honored if she'd wear it to the ball. 
Everyone's getting ready for the ball. Snow and David are ready, and Snow looks beautiful!!! Regina says she's not going to the ball, Snow presses her as to why, and Regina finally confesses that she doesn't know how to dance. Snow offers to teach her, and David offers his hand. Snow says she needs to wear a dress first, and she shifts to her evil queen garb. Snow says maybe she should go a bit less evil, and OH MY GAWD she looks BEAUTIFUL. SO PRETTY! David gets ready with her, and starts dancing with her, it's so sweet, I love this scene so much. 
But the knight that gave her the necklace has been listening in the whole time. They're in trouble.... 

Snow is helping Emma get ready. and it's so sweet. Snow talking about her first ball. I love it so much when Emma calls Snow mom. Emma's gown is so pretty. When Regina is introduced/presented, Robin looks so proud of her :) 

Present - Regina is blaming Rumple who is still in a coma for making her the evil queen. Belle found what the creature is. It's a Fury, sent to collect a life because someone used magic and didn't pay up. Belle tells her there's a small portal when the Fury can take him to the underworld, but it's not as easy to stop it. A life has to be given in exchange. 

6 weeks ago - Leroy talks to Belle, and says that he looks at her rose and sees hope and I love it. He and Belle dance :) Snow calls David's attention to Henry staring at a girl. "Uh oh, first crush... I'm on it." LOL! David tells Henry, just to go over and introduce himself, he's from another land, mysterious and intriguing, and to use it. So cute! Henry pulls out his Ipod after an awkward exchange, and shares music with her it's so sweet!! The music bleeds into the scene with everyone dancing, and I freaking love this scene so much. Robin and Regina dancing together. They look so happy. awww. One of the knights cuts in -- the one that gave the necklace, and while they dance, he tells her of a story of a boy who witnessed his village be burned to the ground, and a woman looked at him while she walked away and smiled at him. He tells her he knows she's the evil queen and tries to kill her. a little fight breaks out and OH FUCK. Robin is injured. First time I saw it I literally gasped. David does save him by killing the knight, but it doesn't look good for Robin. 

Present - Regina goes to Emma. Emma says that Regina was the one that didn't pay the price, Emma didn't summon the fury, and if she wants to be the savior she needs to step up and do what needs to be done.

6weeks ago - Regina can't heal Robin, the sword was enchanted to kill her. Regina begs Emma to save Robin. When she steps up to do it, she sees Rumple. He tells her she needs to take a price. There's always the price, it's the rules of the dark one. Emma uses her magic to heal Robin, once she does it, Emma grabs hold of Killian and kisses him really passionately. She says she feels woosy and wants to lay down. Once she leaves the chamber she sees Rumple, and he accuses her of liking the power. And if she didn't like it then why didn't her kiss with Killian stop her turning gold. 

Present - The Fury has Robin by the pond, and begins taking his soul. Regina intercepts and says if she wants a life to take hers instead. Snow won't let her do it alone, and takes her hand, then David, Leroy and Arthur all take hands , the fury drawing on their souls until it's overwhelmed and banished. AMAZING scene. truly amazing. I was moved to tears. Robin comes too and says "Looks like you found a few believers." Leroy tells her that it was good of her to stand up against the monster, and it proves that if anyone is going to save the town, it's her. 
At Granny's everyone seems to be gathered and celebrating except Killian. Belle sits next to him and they talk. He tells her he's not giving up on Emma. The girl from Camelot that Henry was crushing on is there, standing in front of the jukebox. Henry plays a song, the same one from earlier in the episode. She says that she thinks she's heard the song before. He name is Violet. Emma is watching from a distance, 

6 weeks ago - Regina confesses that she is the evil queen, but Arthur tells her Camelot is a place for second chances and she still lets everyone believe she's the savior. Arthur and Gwenevire goes to him in the room with the round table. she's scared by our group. Arthur knows that the dagger is the tip of Excalibur and he'll get it. 

Present - Emma is in her home looking at the dagger. Rumple is there. She tells him she embraced the darkness, he shouldn't be there. He tells her there's work to be done, -- cue little montage as rumple speaks, telling her there's something that's always held the dark one back. Over it, Regina releases Sneezy from the stone. Down in Emma's basement, she has Excalibur in the stone. She can make it whole again and use it to snuff out the light. She tries to pull the sword out of the boulder, but it blasts her back. Rumple gives his characteristic giggle, and tells her that if she wants the sword she's gotta pay the price. 

Next week -- here's a preview: 

It scares me!! This episode was SO GOOD. I loved it. It's a promising start to this season, just please please please don't let it be a cheesy end where everyone is all happy and laughing. There needs to be consequences to this storyline!!

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