Thursday, October 8, 2015

Supernatural Season 11 premiere, "Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire"

Supernatural premiere!! YEEEE i'm so excited for this! No words... there are no words as to how excited I am for this episode. 

Dean nis standing in a swirly black void, looking reather lost, thena woman appears before him, he asks her what's going on, then snap to Sam in the car, the horn blaring. he pulls the wire, remembering that Dean disappeared as soon as the darkness hit them. 
Dean is unconscious in a field of wildflowers, that Sam just happens to stumble across. Dean has no idea what happened or how he got a mile away from the car. He tells Sam that the woman in the darkness saved him. He called HER the Darkness. 
The Darkness thanked Dean for setting her free. Dean says she had this weird energy about her. and that they're going to lock her away no matter what. 

OO there was a battle between Castiel and Crowley. where he stabbed Crowly in the back with an angel blade. Cas is on what looks like a hilbilly farm. Cas knows that Crowley is still alive. One of the kids on the farm opens the door, and Cas says he can't help himself can't keep himself from hurting people. Hmm, what did I forget... 

To our boys, they come across a scene where a bunch of workers are sprawled on the ground dead Oh shit. One of the workers is up. his veins look baaaad. He advances on them and a girl shoots the workers, a sheriff. She demands to see the boys' throats. She's wounded and they take her to the hospital, which doesn't encourage anything.It looks like everyone is dead there. They suspect that it was the smoke that did it, anyone that wasn't in an enclosed space was affected. 

Sam comes across one of the road workers pounding on a janitor's closet, he's affected. The worker starts toward Sam, then there's a baby crying. it turns back and starts pounding on the door again. 

Dean is getting the girl sewed up, he flashes back to the smoke. She told Dean that Death doesn't know her, she she doesn't know him either. 

The worker finally collapses and Sam advances, he finds a father with his newborn baby in the closet... ohhh my heart breaks. 

Elsewhere, red smoke emerges from the sewer and finds a business woman, possessing her. Crowley tries to snap out of there, but finds he can't. "Old school it is." OH dear God.... it seems like she wanted to watch her husband have a threesome... OH MY GAWD LOL 

At the hospital, the baby's mom hemorraged when the baby was born. The road crew came in and killed everyone. OH NO... the dad's neck... he's been affected. The dad knows that he's gonna change, it's been 3 or 4 hours, but how long until he starts to act like the crazies. 

Castiel is trapped by law enforcement. He prays to the other angels for help, admitting his sins, and accepting whatever punishment they deem necessary. 

The father says that he knows his time is coming, and wants to make a deal, he'll go to ground, but asks the sheriff to take care of the baby. Dean is ready to go, but a group arrives, seemingly rabid. Dean says they need to go out there and take care of the rabids. Cas calls him and dean asks about the Darkness, but Cas says there's no way it could have escaped. Though we all know different. Before Cas can say anything about it, a twig snaps near him and it's obvious he isn't alone. Cas says goodbye and hangs up to turn and face two angels. The sheriff simply says "FBI my ass." 

At the business woman's house, ohhh yes, it was a threesome. WOW.... Crowley killed all of them to call his demons to come get him/her. HAHA the demon says that it's funny that Crowley waited until after the orgy to call for help. 

Sam and Dean are arguing, Sam is pointing out how they always do the same thing over and over, and they need to change.The new plan is to get Jenna and the baby to the car and get them somewhere safe. and Dean won't have to worry about the things on their tail... 
Sam distracts a three of them while Dean works to get Jenna out. Sam leads them to the basement and locks himself in the closet, unfortunately one of them is in there. she slits her throat, but she bleeds on him right in his mouth. FUCK. The group bursts in pins same to the shelves, the female sniffs him then lets go... maybe smelling the things's blood, or that he's maybe now infected... 
Mike, the father comes on them, and the get past him as he dies, saying the baby's name is Amara. 

My GOD this is a tense episode!! 

Crowley gets back to his real meat suit, the demons tell Crowley that the darkness was released. OHHH FUCK.... Something happened in the cage, it sounded like an animal, either lucifer or Michael was trying to warn hell. WHOA.

OH God. The angels that got Castiel has him in a warehouse, this isn't good. 

Dean gets Jenna to a gas station and calls Sam. He's sitting in the closet. Sam says he's determined to find a cure. Then flash back to the Darkness. she has the mark of Caine. She told Dean that they're bound and they will always help each other. 
OH FUCK yes, Sam is affected. 
WHAT THE...... The baby has the mark of CainE!!!! !OH SHIT! The darkness was literally BORN. The Darkness is the baby! HOLY FUCK OHHHH FUCK! 

HOLY SHIT Next week!! WOW.... SPN just keeps getting better and better. 

And from the look of it, Jody's back too! YAY! 

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