Thursday, October 8, 2015

Gotham Recap Season 2 Episode 3

Gotham: Rise of the Villains. "The Last Laugh" 

So this is the first I'm watching, and the Mr said even HE heard about this episode and doesn't watch it, so this'll be a good one! Buckle up ladies and gents, let's go for this ride! 

We're given a recap of last week to start with. 

A man goes flying through a window, probably thrown by Jim. He and Harvey are interrogating people. Jim tells the new guy that if anyone helps or protects Jerome they're going down too. 

Tigress is strapping on her boot. Barbera goes over to her in a robe, ohh they're sleeping together. Theo comes in, having brought bagels. He tells her that his family built the city. Theo wants to punish those who wronged them. 

Video from what happened last week is all over the news. Harvey says they need to go see Penguin. Jim is all over this, damn. He is RILED up. Lee pulls him away and tells him that the children's hospital charity ball is that evening and he'll be pissed if he misses the magician. She tells Jim to kiss her, and Harvey interrupts saying they have Jerome's dad's address. 

In daddy's apartment, Tigress is there with Joker ohh boy. Joker's got a nice outift... WOW I really think he's studied Heath Ledger... this story telling. holy... Joker's setting up daddy to frame him to break him out of Arkham. Just as he's about to kill daddy, Jim and Harvey knock on the door. They hear the muffled scream, and Jim kicks the door down to reveal a knife in daddy's eye. Harvey moves daddy's hand and releases the gas that was used in Arkham. Joker appraoches and taunts a little, but Tigress calls him off. 

At the gala, Bruce is there with Alfred. He's talking to Lee, and then he sees Selena in the foyer. he goes to talk to her, but she brushes him off. 

Barbera and Theo are attending the ball together. Theo tells her that he's going to give the city exactly what it wants, a hero. That night, he's gonna give them one. HMM

Back at the Gala Jerome is in costume, and is now covering for the magician, whom is tied up and put in a trunk. 

AYIA this quick little scenes!! 

Theo is talking to the deputy mayor. the Deputy mayor asks for some sort of information, Tigress says "He's a monster in the sack" after being introduced as his sister. the look on his face LOL 
Alfred is talking to Lee, and asking her to dinner! LOL Lee is the MC for the night. She introduces "the Great Rudolpho." OHH SHIT Barbera is the assistant! OMG make her Harley! MAKE HER HARLEY! He wants a volunteer, and points at Bruce. Its' the saw in half trick... Alfred is kinda freaking out then it jumps. 

Jim is at the station with Harvey. He's telling Harvey to go home. Jim says even with all that planted evidence, he doesn't believe daddy broke Jerome out. Jim agrees to go to Penguin the next morning. 

At the Gala. Barbera leads Bruce back to Alfred and Lee, and Lee notices something off when Barbera blows a kiss. they get the deputy mayor up on the stage, and she starts to say something to Alfred when barbera bows again, her mask falls off, and reveals that it is indeed her. Lee immediately calls Jim, and is able to get out that Barbera is there and maybe Jerome, she gets chloroformed. 
Jerome says "By the way no one is getting out of here alive." everyone thinks it's a joke, but he throws one of his knives right into the deputy mayor's chest, killing him. HOLY FUCK Alfred is a bad ass!!!! Bruce sees Selena and chases after her. He loses sight of her for a moment, then she appears from behind a curtain and pulls Bruce back with her. 
Jerome calls Jim from Lee's phone giving him a laundry list of things he wants, and gives him ten minutes or he starts killing people. Theo stands up, being the hero. WOW... talk about overacting. If Jim didn't see through that he's really an idiot. 
Selena and Bruce are getting out of there, Bruce tells her he's gotta go back for Alfred. She refuses to go back and he tells her he misses her. 
Selena gets out and Jim sees her she's just like "oh." 
Jerome has an audience member on stage with an apple on his head being the clown. Barbera taunts Lee. Lee's a badass. Jerome is ready to kill his first victim and tries calling bruce. Since he can't find bruce he'll kill Alfred instead. Jim stops Bruce from going out. He runs out anyway with a gun in his jacket so Alfred can take it. Jim comes in and he and Alfred have Joker at gunpoint..... WHAT THE FUCK. Theo stabs Jerome in the neck! He goes down with a smile on his face. Barbera escapes. 

How... what... huh.... Joker can't be DEAD ALREADY! DA FUQ?!

At Penguin's place, he's watching the broadcast on the news. Harvey goes to see him. Harvey asks about the favor Jim did for Penguin. He tells him if he's going after Jim, Penguin's gotta go through him. 

Back at the gala, Jim tells Bruce that he was very brave, but that his parents would have been proud. Alfred thanks Theo, and he and Bruce both pretty much say that they're indebted to him, which probably is exactly what he wanted. Jim makes sure she's okay and says "Kiss me." she does and Alfred sees going 'Oh bugger." when to Bruce - "You knew didn't you?!" HAHAHA cute end. 

Jim pulls the tape down from Essen's office. 

Theo and Barbera. She's coming on to Theo, and Tigress sees. probably not a good idea.

The broadcast shows all over the news, and people starting to laugh maniacally. a couple of people stab a homeless man on the street, then one turns on the other. 

Is Jerome really dead? A part of me doesn't think so. but WTF!!!! 

Next week Michael Chicklis is on!! YEE! I'm excited! 

Trailer for Monday's episode: 

I think it's gonna be a good one! This season is extremely interesting, and my GAWD I really want Barbera to end up as Harley, she'd be so good at it!! 

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