Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Dancing With the Stars Week 5 "The Switch Up"

The switch up week is crazy. but I'm glad for a few of the pairings. :) 

Maximoff -- Val's brother is a guest judge.

1st Dance: Tamar and Louis -- Dancing a Samba to a Beyonce song. OMG Tamar... SHUT UP! SHUUUUUT UUUUUP for the love of God. SHUT UP. She's doing well with Louis, perhaps that should have been the match up.. Louis is a push over, and will make her shine because that's what she wants. Bruno's got it on the head of the nail. When she's on her own, she's fierce and on. When she's paired up she's off.   Scored a 29/40

2nd Dance: Hayes and Allison -- Viennese Waltz.(Fixed it from TV week, MY BAD!) HAHAHA his voice is cracking. Their package is so funny. Allison going into mom mode lol. Allison looks so pretty!! The dance was beautiful. There's some technical stuff, but I preferred Nick and Sharna's version much better. I totally agree with Max and Bruno with that it wasn't as graceful as Nick and Sharna's. Scored 30/40

3rd Dance: Paula and Mark... Oh boy.  Dancing a jive.  HAHA their package is so funny. OMG he's a milk man... I'm dying laughing!!!  You can tell Paula's having a lot more fun with Mark than she does with Louis. OMG MARK NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

 Her dress was pulled up and he spanked her. WHAT. .... MY EYES! MY EYES!  Carrie Ann said it was her best dance ever. it really was, because she was having so much fun. Scored a 26/40

4th Dance: Alek and Emma Dancing a Rumba. HA. she tells him to manhandle her. BWAHAHA he grabbed her boob. The set alone is beautiful. I LOOOOOVE that satin shirt he's got on, DAYUM. EE little slow his hands on the reaches. it's really graceful, but I think he could put more into it. DAMN they look good together!  Julianne "I think we all just witnessed something happening on the dance floor." YUP.YES totally agree with Max. He's improved so well since week 1. OOOOO EMMA is going on a date with Alek! Get it boy! Scored a 29/40   WHAT?! They did great! Really? 3 7's??!! BOO! 

5th Dance: Bindi and Val dancing a Chacha. AWW Derek was plugging her ears while the package played. Can I hug her?! I wanna hug her! HEHEHE Bindi's so excited. I love her energy. I wanna be her friend. HAHA She uses animal metaphors lol OH dear GOD she brought a fucking snake into the practice room. A SNAKE. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.   "My first animal metaphor ever." "AND I WAS THERE FOR IT!!!" HEHE He booped her nose! Val and Bindi work very well together. I love it. She is so talented! Bruno "You are the essence of joy." She really is. My God, she's so awesome. AWW Val thanked her! He thanked HER! AWWWWWW 37/40
She's gonna make me CRY! Damn her. She makes me tear up. 

6th Dance: Carlos and Lindsay dancing a quickstep. HAHAHA they went to see Witney. Carlos is jealous LOL Witney - "I get to dance with a backstreet boy, so suck it!" I LOVE HER!!!! HEHE I love Lindsay's dress!! Purple flapper dress. DUDE... WHOO HOO! That was fantastic! His shoulders looked back to me! WOW!! AHHHHH THREE TENS!!!! AHHHH!!!!! 39/40!!! 

HAHA they put everyone through a lie detector test LOL

7th Dance: Alexa and Derek with a tango. DUDE that set!!!! OHH Good song choice!!! WOW!!!! WOW WOW WOW!!! She'd better get tens for that! WOW!!! That was an amazing dance! WOW! Carrie Ann gave her a standing ovation. LOL Bruno... WHOO HOO!!! PERFECT SCORE!!! 40/40!! YAAAAYYYY!!! YAY Alexa!! 

8th Dance: Andy and Sharna with an Argentine Tango. OO i love Sharna's black shirt. LOL "Stop saying balls!" I still say I want Sharna's hair. I wanna go that red. Can I go that red? OO Great song choice for them too. WHOA! THAT LIFT AND SWING!!! WHOA! WHOO! WOW! It was HOT Carrie Ann!! YES! "The whole time she told me to have a smell the fart face." LOL YAY all 9's! Scored 36/40 :D :D

9th Dance: Nick and Witney with a Paso Doble. YAS NICK! FANTASTIC! YAAAASSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! I was in awe for the whole dance! He's not gonna get good scores :( He did too much over-doing from what the judges seemed to say. Scored 35/40 Okay, that's good! I thought they might give them lower than that. 

NO elimination tonight. Kinda thankful. I think it's because of the switch up week. There will be next week tho. This is starting to make me nervous though. Just get Paula and Tamar out and then I'll be biting my nails with every elimination. 

Iconic Songs week next week. 

Aww Tom lost his dad last week. :( My thoughts go out to him. OHH he passed yesterday. Light and love to Tom. Many people I know can understand that pain. 

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