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Heroes Reborn Episode 2

Heroes Reborn Episode 2/3 "Under the Mask"

Thankfully a quick little recap from last week, reminding us of the June 13th disaster of which Mohinder took the fall for (Still want to know WHY) and the events of the premiere.

We actually open with a butterfly following behind Malina walking on the snow. She has someone who is invisible with her. there's a storm brewing, and though you don't get to see her power, she lifts her hands and the storm dissipates, leaving behind an aurora which then it too dissipates. The invisible woman with her tells her that whether or not she's ready, the world may soon need her power, because the storms will get worse.

Noah and Quentin -- Odessa Texas
They're stealing a pickup truck. Quentin is complaining about getting shot, but noah assures him he'll sew Quentin up.

Luke and Joanne
Going through Noah's files. She's all gung ho about taking out Evos, but Luke looks irritated. He goes to turn the channel, and the car fritzes out, stopping and won't restart. Joanne complains that it's going to get hot, and Luke looks confused up at the sky and says "Yeah I'm burnin' up already" while taking off his jacket.

Tokyo -
Miko in the Yamagoto tower, being her badass self where we left off last week. She is kicking some serious ass, when a black man named Harris(Prime) comes up and tells her to surrender. He's definitely better than she is. He takes the sword and tells her it isn't hers. OO he knows it's Hiro's!!

A private jet waits for the gambler and he and his dark haired friend pulls Molly from the car. Harris apparently is their boss. Gambler isn't allowed on the plane, and Molly is fighting like hell screaming that they don't know what's really going on, they tranq her and it's lights out.

Erica Kravid - CEO of the Renautas Group -- whups on the spelling last week -- Is in a meeting. She says that they will be unveiling Epic soon, whatever that is. a pair of glasses, that maybe unveils Evos? Harris comes in and shows Erica the sword. They don't understand how she's the game developer's daughter, and he indeed does know it's Hiro's sword.

Carlos - Los Angeles.
He takes a picture from the board, telling Juan that he has things to take care of, and not to worry about the shop's books.

Tokyo -
Ren goes to the Yamagato Tower. Harris has the sword, and Erica tells him to get information from Miko no matter what the cost. Ren is a good pickpocket wow! LOL

Quentin and Noah - they're at the hospital, and Noah tells Quentin to tell the nurse it was a construction accident, and that it was a nail gun. He turns and starts to pace when Quentin goes back, and sees a Dr Moore, who saw him on June 13th. Moore tells him to wait right where he is, he'll be right back, goes to a phone to call security -- Ohh boy-- and when he turns around, of course, Noah is gone.

Carlos - staking out a police station, watching a certain officer leaving. he follows after him. They're interrogating a woman who is badly banged up. they want to know about the underground railroad. He pushes her out a window, and she's one that can fly. Carlos of course makes a noise and the other two dirty cops give chase. OO The priest is waiting for them, and grabs him turning them to smoke to hide him. HAHA he doesn't appreciate it too much.

Harris goes to Miko who is making origami dragons. Ren is sneaking through the halls, I presume to find Miko.

Odessa --
Quentin comes out and Noah is missing. Noah is in what looks like a basement and grabs a guard telling him he wants to see the security footage of when he apparently took down a guard the year before.

Luke and Joanne -- a diner.
She wants to get a Semi and is makeing light of their situation. Luke wants to stop and just go home. After a moment, he says to go to LA. He starts cutting his steak, and the knife heats up to glow red... awww sheeit he's an evo!! And I really don't like Joanne. She's such an entitled bitch!

Noah's got the guard and is looking at security footage. The footage keeps skipping around like a time traveller. Noah mentions Hiro. Ohh he's in the morgue with Claire. Noah was getting Molly out of there... wow. Quentin gets Noah and tells him they gotta get out of there.
In the truck, Noah's going over everything that he knows and just found out.

She wakes up on the plane with the dark haired woman and tells her if she thinks that the gambler was just detained and held off the plane he's mistaken. They'll kill him or worse, keep him to figure out how to turn his powers into an app.

OOHHH hold up. "Do you have your 'father's' power, or are you just his best work?" There was an accident that made her forget everything. He brings out some blades and says he's going to spur her memory with them. She goes into defense mode and fights back getting the cleaver from him and cuts off his damned HAND! Holy jesus. OOOO he can regenerate! HOLY SHIT and there's two of them! He can clone himself?! DA FUQ? outside, Ren shows Miko Erica's picture, and she makes the decision to go to America after her.

Joanne and Luke --
they've got a different car, he tells her to go check in. He goes around the corner and in the sunlight his new power goes NUTS and he starts heating up ridiculously hot.

He fights with his mom about going over to Brad's to play video games, and NICE he's got a hang of his powers :D He tells her about the texts he's been getting to warn him, and she tells him he's not leaving the house. He says "Oh yeah?" and teleports himself to the hallway and heads out.
At the party, Brad's showing off Tommy, getting him accepted into the crowd.

Midian, CO at the Epic launch preview. Noah and Quentin slip in. Quentin is freaking out and Noah punches him in the bad arm. Quentin's just like "I hate you. I hate you so much!" Noah's just like "yeah I know." LOL!!! Dark girl is calling Gambler's phone, but he's not picking up, I definitely think Molly planted a seed here. Noah takes out the guards, and tries to get Molly to go with him, but she refuses, acting terrified of him. She tells him there's too much at risk and won't go with him. SHe turns and races down the hall, around the corner... and right into Harris's hands.

Tommy --
He offers to walk Emily home, and it shows the Penny Man watching over him. A gun is suddenly pressed to his neck, and it's momma. Ohhh she's a tiger mom. Penny man tells her he's holding up his end of the bargain, and that she knows that the world will be needing his power soon... hmmmm. but the mom is found out by Tommy, and drags him to the car.

East LA --
Flying girl is with a bunch of other EVOs, Carlos has followed the policeman who tagged her to the warehouse, and tells them to get out and get to the priest -- he's dressed in the vigilante costume. They scatter as the officer comes in, and they leave a laptop open on the table. HOlllyyy... Carlos starts fighting the officer, but the officer has super strength, holy  SHIT. To get away Carlos takes a leap out a window, staggering off, SHIT. Not my Ryan! NOOO

They're putting Molly into a chair, and she's fighting them seriously hard. Harris(One of them) is in the arctic circle. Dark haired girl's name is Taylor, and is Erica's DAUGHTER... She wants to know where Francis-- gambler is and Erica dodges it. She says "one of us, one of them does not mean the bedroom." bennet is watching behind the screen. DAMN... they plug Molly into a computer, and yup it's a tracking system , and DAMN it looks like it's killing her. Erica puts on the glasses, and finds an unregistered evo in the room. In the Artic the invisible woman tells Malina that they're running out of time. Noah tells Quentin they've got to get to Molly, free her, and destroy the technology.

He asks mom about the Penny Man. he knows his mom wants to pick up and move. Mom is freaking out, and runs a red light. a little down the road, they're hit, and hit BADLY...

To be continued...

AHHHHH NExt Thursday, HIRO'S ON!!!!! YAYYY!!! Fantastic episode tonight, in the preview for next week seen above, Malina's power looks like some kind of shock wave. I'm so excited, words to no express it properly. I'm loving this chapter of Heroes, and I really hope we get a second season out of it!

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