Sunday, January 3, 2016

YAAAYYYY For organization!

I am SO excited today! I've had a mess on and under my coffee table for weeks now, because I cannot keep things straight. It's been driving me absolutely INSANE!

SO. After a job interview today (Will touch on that later in another post.) I ran over to Dollar Tree and Dollar General and got plastic baskets for the kids to finish their rooms, and fabric cubes for me to keep my shit together under the coffee table. I love these damned things! I found the best stuff at Dollar General though.

I already had a black one like this:

But I got another one. The one I had was holding all my yarn for my crocheting and then papers and little notebooks and coloring books got just thrown into it. 

Then I grabbed a teal one, just because. Only $4 a piece, that's not bad at all! Wally world sells 'em for $6. 

And thennnnn. I also got some of these bins: 
It's the perfect size for my physical books I still have and the plethora of notebooks on the bookshelf. So I threw all of those in there, and then stacked my gaming stuff and text books between 'em. Only $3 for these. 

Then I also grabbed smaller tan ones: 
Then put all my post its in one, and my massage stuff in another beside the cubes under the coffee table. PERFECT! 

I've been looking for something for me to put things I use often on top of the table to hold my pens , lint roller, nail clippers, and pain killers. I found the PERFECT one. so that's all sitting in the middle of the coffee table, I'm organized, and the rest of my kid's things are organized, and Ohh it feels so good! 

I'll take actual pics to show how we used the storage tomorrow at some point and put them up in a blog. I got my junk drawer organized too! 

Tree is down, and the house is de-Christmasized.  -- I'm aware that's not an actual word! LOL Trying to get the place back to normal. The fiance has been busy today too. My oldest has this indentation from when the home was renovated so it LOOKS like a closet but there's no bar or anything. He build an actual CLOSET for her, put a bar and a shelf up for her in there, so now everything is good for her in there. He fixed the leak under our kitchen sink -- which is ridiculous. AND added another shelf into one of our cupboards for extra storage. 

I'm WIPED OUT tonight. And i still have to release one of the fiance's glute muscles, bothering his hip. :/ Shower... get the girls into bed... and it's 9. It feels like it's midnight! 

How was your day today? Have you gotten your Christmas stuff down yet to get back to normal after the holidays? 

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