Saturday, January 9, 2016

Being an author...

I always wanted to be published. As far back as I've had career driven dreams, I've wanted to be published. April 2014 was my chance, and it has been amazing so far. Five books out in the Club Aries series, another submitted to Evernight ... still waiting to hear back! GOING INSANE!!!!

But then I got invited to be a part of a BDSM anthology with the amazing Lori King. I've wanted to try my hand at BDSM, and in my blog a couple days ago -- my astrology one -- I mentioned that I've been working on it, and the premise of the story. I honestly don't have much written, and I need to focus on it, but... there's the catch.

To keep people interested, to retain readers and keep them enthralled, you need to have compelling stories. You also need quite a bit of time to be able to write. You also can't have internet ADD... You know... the case of the OO SHINIES! Yeah, that's definitely what I've got, and it's kinda annoying. I'm trying though! I really am.

I got through my first BDSM scene, and it's very light, but it's sexy as hell. Each of us in the anthology is focusing on a different kink. Mine? I chose sensory deprivation. My Dom has blindfolded my sub... or rather... HIS sub. He'll be playing hard rock into her ears next while blindfolded to make her trust him even more. I'm telling you, this Dom is ridiculously sexy, and is completely in love with his sub.

I was inspired by a good friend of mine, I've known him since Bug was 4 months old. There is a bit of fantasy in it for myself, but as my counselor asked, it's cathartic. It's healing to write the sub learning to trust someone completely again. I've put a bit of truth amongst the fantasy, and it's helped me deal with a lot of crap that's boiled up in my head lately.

Too much crap from my past but it's easier to deal with when inserting it throughout fantasies. Makes it easier to look at the happenings objectively and see, these characters can come through this shit, you'll be okay eventually.

I wanted to close out this shorter blog (Compared to the last couple that I've done) with an excerpt of what I've been working on. Maybe I'll be generous and give an "Aww" excerpt, and a JORDAN STOP MELTING MY SCREEN! one too

Jack knew that John was a bad apple, and knew that Heather was hurting. He and Teresa may have been the only two who knew Heather was putting together a fund to hire a lawyer to file for divorce. Many times after the funeral while they could hear her railing against the world in her bedroom after the girls had gone to sleep the duo had sat up at the kitchen table discussing what would happen to her and how she would handle it all.
Teresa vowed that she wouldn’t leave Heather alone until she was forced to, and though she worked, the woman that was probably better suited for a big city like Albany with her take no shit form anyone attitude didn’t go back on her word. Jack knew when Heather ordered Teresa out of the house a week after the funeral, shoving the red head’s duffel bag into her arms, that it wouldn’t be the last he saw of her.
He wasn’t mistaken either. Every day for a month after that Teresa stopped by the house on her way home from the Fairfield Inn to make sure Heather didn’t need anything. Jack had left only one weekend during that month, and it was simply to pay his final month’s rent on his apartment, gather all his belongings and head back down to Fairfield, PA.
Heather had railed at him for almost an entire week when she’d realized he was moving himself into her home to keep a close eye on her. “I’m not going to off myself, you know. I am stronger than that!”
Jack merely smirked at her and leaned against the doorway to the room he’d been occupying. “John’s life insurance won’t keep you afloat for too long, I saw you looking up bedroom furniture before I left. Sweetheart, you’re going to need some help to make sure you stay on your feet.”
She stepped up right in front of him, and Jack couldn’t help being amused at her. All of maybe five foot three inches, Heather’s petite yet curvy form looked like a kitten trying to be a tiger as she glared at him before she turned and stomped down the hallway to slam her bedroom door shut.
Five full days passed before Heather would look him in the eye again. He sat on the couch, channel surfing through her three hundred channel satellite package and shook his head, three hundred channels, only a third of that actual stations, and nothing on any of them. He’d flipped to the DVR and was about to put on a cheesy B-rated movie when she came downstairs dressed in goofy polar bear pajama pants and an oversized sweatshirt. She looked at him for a total of fifteen seconds before she plopped onto the couch beside him and nudged him with her elbow.
Jack smirked and nudged her back. “Forgiven.”
“How long are you going to stay?”
He looked down at her and heaved a sigh. “Well, the nearest place I could do anything with my degree is Gettysburg. And that’s if they’d hire me at the university. I’m staying until you don’t need me anymore.”
Heather looked up at him, her blue eyes almost like ice as she stared at him, her gaze searching for something unknown. “I’m always going to need you Jack.”
“You know what I mean,” dear God, he tried like hell to ignore all the damned emotions that stirred inside of him at her words.
“Can I ask you something?”

“Anything, you know that.” 

Should I? ....

Should I? Hmm... I haven't gotten many shares or comments though! Yeah I"m mean! :P

MOAR INTERACTIONS! gimme more and I'll give you something with more sizzle!

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