Sunday, January 10, 2016

Old souls and romantic notions

 So, on my post on the 7th, I touched on my love of astrology and mentioned that the fiance was/is an old soul, said I would touch on it in a few minutes, and then dropped the ball on that.

However, the astrology post got so long, that I figured it was alright to just do a separate post for that.

I've always known that I'm an old soul. I have knowledge -- common sense, life learned knowledge -- that most people will never have in one life. My mother always called me an old soul, I people watched a lot as a child, and while an emotional creature -- I blame being a Pisces -- I was quiet most of the time, shy, and untrusting of many people.

I've had dreams that felt too real to just be something my mind conjured up, and I know that they were memories from past lives creeping into my mind. I'm also an empath. I always have been able to sense other people's emotions, feel it as if they were my own. It's why my compassion is as strong as it is, a reason why I'm a Massage Therapist. Though it can be draining from the negative energy when people are in pain, I've learned to shield so I"m not as drained while still putting healing energy into what I"m doing.

My soul recognizes other's souls -- one reason why I was able to trust the fiance as quickly as I did. My soul recognized his as its mate. We compliment each other in ways I've never known before, and it's completely amazing.

But... I recognized the Bug's soul the moment she was born 11 years ago. I knew she and I had been together in a previous life, and she was meant to come to me in this life. Same with the Tiger. Bug has a much older soul than Tiger does though. Bug has always been serious, always people watching, she takes things in stride, even if it's something Tiger would collapse into tears about, Bug just shrugs it off like it's no big deal.

We are a family of old souls in this home. But what truly let me know just how old Fiance is was the first night we truly made love. My soul felt him, could feel the ancient wisdom lingering just beneath the surface, and the desire to be free to be that man with someone. What took me by surprise though was when Fiance started having dreams of his own of past lives. He told me that the first time he met the kids that he felt a connection with Tiger. That he recognized her somehow, and he couldn't put his finger on it. Not until he had a dream of swing dancing with a woman in the twenties. He didn't recognize her by sight, but he knew her soul. it was Tiger. Those two have such an incredible bond, and have had it since that first night he hung out with us.

Ironic I found this picture on Facebook one night, Fire and water. The Aries and Pisces. It's definitely what I believe. There's a CS Lewis quote about not having a soul. You are a soul, you have a body. Yet another thing that I believe whole heartedly. You are your SOUL. and I do believe that past lives can influence future lives. Fears, insecurities, things we know but simply cannot explain? It's explainable, just sometimes a lot of people may not want to know the answer.

I also believe there was a time before recorded history -- forget the bible, because as a Wiccan I believe it's a book of fantastic stories. Nothing more -- where magik ruled the earth. Shape shifters, witches, werewolves, demons, angels, even vampires amongst the mortals. And I believe this because of what I FEEL from the fiance. His soul was born in this time. He was a wolf. I know this because he's always connected more with canines than humans. He's never been able to explain it. The full moon rules his moods and aggression, It's left over since that first incarnation.

Bug is that old as well, but her base, her magik? Not a clue yet. I have a feeling she was a shifter of some sort, whether it was Werewolf or otherwise, she has this Alpha personality that puts a LOT of girls in her class off. -- Capricorn on the first site on the post from Thursday  fits her to a T. 100%

Tiger? Well... I doubt her soul is more than 300 years old, and she hasn't had many lives.

The angel, however... He's brand new, and yet there's this connection with him to me that amazes me. I knew him before he was born. I'm not sure how true this could be, but I believe angel has a piece of my own soul within him. It's the only thing that makes sense to me.

I've done readings for a few friends on past lives. One of which, I know I spent time with in a previous life.

I have a feeling that explains the connection between J and I. Why there is this magnetic pull on me with him. My soul recognizes his in some way.

I often thought of the question, could someone have more than one soulmate? Could you have that deep soul connection with more than one person? Is there a likelihood of finding that in a single lifetime?

What do you think?

Yeah... this is pretty much it.

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