Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Organization pics!

So I promised a couple of days ago that I would show my organization genius moment. That day has come. I'm actually really proud of what I accomplished. I didn't spend a WHOLE lot doing it either. Maybe... 100 tops? I'll break it down for y'all so you'll see what I mean.

First up is my living room, which, as I said I struggled with to keep straight. It still might look cluttered, but trust me when I say, THIS my loves, is organized!

You'll see, I've obviously got the laptop open, my massage makes me happy water bottle, which is really needing a refill... My day planner and a lil notebook. But the gem is the treasure holding my pens, lint roller, and assorted MISC items that I constantly have on hand. Got that at Dollar general for three bucks. Go look at Walmart or Staples? It'd be upwards of $10 for something that awesome.
The timer? That's for the kids. They have their own schedules for the afternoons to keep us all on track so everything gets done, that's actually what I"m working on with the bright post it tablets when I'm done with this blog post.

Here is under the table.. and yes my shoes, 'cause I have issues with just kicking them off by the couch and leaving them there. The black cube holds all my yarn for the Bug's blanket. The teal, all my notebooks, coloring supplies and MISC assorted fliers and such I want to look through. Next to it? All my freaking post it notes. I have kind of an obsession with them. It's ridiculous, really. Beside THAT is the almighty massage item basket. I think I need a bigger one to be honest... I should probably get a box or something to carry my stuff in for my new job.

I also did my bookshelf, which I"m ridiculously proud of, btw. Black tote on left? All my books that I've either read and want to keep, or haven't read yet and have been meaning too. My World of Darkness play books, story guides, and papers in the accordion file. THEN all my text books from school, which is still coming in handy! My purple binder holds all my important, must have on hand documents like birth certificates, immunization records, pay stubs, tax records... the whole 9. You really need something like that in the house. a central spot for all that stuff. Black tote on right; All my plotting notebooks, clipboard, and assorted office supplies, like the three hole punch and the slicer. The things underneath are mostly the fiance's stuff, but I have my photo album, cook books and a couple of binders for massage stuff.

Also, this was done before, but I consolidated a bunch of stuff into my extra cube...

Sorry for it being blurry, but I've got our board games up there, all my convention goodies in the box, and the stuff that was just cluttered on the shelves in the black cube. and yes, that is an unsightly accordion file folder. It's holding ALL of my documents from my divorce. 

The cubes were all $4 a piece from Dollar General. The small pins under the table, and the larger ones on the bookshelf were $3 there. and like I said, the pen organizer was $3. The box was $1 from there as well! So for my organization, $28. The shelf itself is a re-purposed bookshelf! The fiance is a handyman ;) 

Onto my ridiculously cluttered junk drawer. OMG it was a MESS!! BUT pick up a few clickable bins from Dollar Tree? Organization! 

Envelopes in the front of the drawer, Misc items in that corner, all large dry erase markers and sharpies in one, small dry erase in another, and clothespins and sewing items in the other. in the back? All the freakin' batteries we need to keep in this house to keep things running. I'm sure there's a better way to organize, but atm, it works! 

Now... for the kids. 

 -- and now my frickin blogger won't let me put my text beside my pics. UGH! -- 

Ignore the crayon scribblings on the dresser, pretty please, my son being my son... All that was needed to fix his books? A $1 basket from Dollar Tree. 

His toys? That bin has a CUTE airplane on the front, and cost me $8 from Dollar General. Keeps the toys all in it. 

--and yes... my Tiger and Angel are sharing a room. The Bug is needing her privacy.--

My tiger's organization didn't take much either! 

 All bins/baskets, $1 from Dollar Tree. the clear bin was given to us by Fiance's parents. Holds all her barbies, and slides PERFECTLY under the bed right next to her dollhouse! 

As for the Bug... well that's a different story. It took quite a lot to get her situated, because her room had less storage. 

One step at a time... 

 First, the Fiance took a couple of bookshelf pieces from the one we re-purposed and made her a shelf above her dresser and bookshelf. It worked... but things got messy. SO. We went to staples. Found the magazine holders for $5 a piece on clearance. Holds all her music books, notebooks, and extra folders for papers she's holding onto from school. In between each? things that just do not fit into the holders. Along with her flute and Hermione Granger wand to the far left ;) The bins were from staples, and was probably the most expensive thing I bought at $8 and $10 a piece. PLUS a locker shelf to give just a LITTLE more room up there. ran me $7 all from Staples. the girl is still trying to get everything squared away, but... she's a kid. The white basket on the bookshelf? Something I grabbed from PatCatans I think forever ago. She's storing all her art supplies in it. 

The magnifico bookshelf... LOL. Yeah, still working on her skills... All games and puzzles on the bottom shelf, her books above. 

 Simple pieces of duct tape holding her artwork up, a push pin for her purse, and a sturdy outdoor strength self adhesive hook to hold her bookbag off the floor. 

  Couple more of those hooks for her scarves and calendar. 

 This part to me really feels like the most impressive part of the whole room. Up until Sunday, there was no bar in there, no shelf... no nothing. It was just this weird recess in the wall. Finally I begged the fiance to help turn her recess into a closet because she NEEDED the space. And he added the shelf for good measure. Not a clue how much he spent on the 2X4s and adjustable closet rod. The shelf holds extra blankets and her lunch pail since she insists on keeping it in her room. 
The bin under is almost the same as my boy's. $8 from Dollar General, and NOW... all the extra stuffed animals that was all over her bed and the floor -- mostly the floor -- are now stored and out of the way! 

And because quite simply the closet wasn't enough... $1 over the door hooks from Dollar Tree serves as more hanging storage for her extra coats and hoodies. 

It's fantastic having things where it needs to go and organized. You can find everything easily and no hunting and "where's this?!" 

Got any more tips? I love reading organizational tip blogs and seeing hacks on Pintrest! 

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