Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Gag me already. Please!

I just got bombarded with Farrah Abraham. 

While I get my Travis inspiration is grateful for the spotlight she has brought to his life, calling attention to him, he's worth so much more than this whore.


Let's start off by saying, I scanned this article for the simple fact that "my boys" were in a picture.  Travis, Vincent, and Luka. (Obviously not their real names)

I see that as decorations for her party, she put up MOLDS OF HER OWN VAGINA! Are you fucking kidding me? And Ellora's Cave signed her and is promoting this fucking fame whore.  but there's a problem.  Now she's gone from fame whore to just straight up WHORE.

Then looking at the comments, which yes I commented... I couldn't help myself... I see that she was on Dr Phil saying "I'm not a porn star" Guess who makes molds of their vaginas? PORN STARS!

A comment specifically caught my eye:
Dr.Phil hit the nail on the head when he said she was someone who has an incredible amount of self entitlement and when she doesn't get her way, she acts like a brat. Nothing she does makes sense, and we're all expected to understand that she's the exception. So yes, she did just say she is not a porn star, but yet, throws a porn themed birthday party where her own line of body part molds are the decorations. What the f**k?

And THIS is the TRASH Ellora's Cave is going to promote? Are you fucking kidding me? Seriously?!

What about promoting the AMAZING women they have writing for them already? The SURVIVORS of Cancer and strokes, and divorces, and remarriages?
What about the REAL women they have writing for them?
The author, Aline Hunter is an advocate for animals, Pit Bulls in particular.  They rewarded her last year with an AWARD for her efforts.  Do they highlight that and promote her? nope.
My good friend, whom I love to the end of the Earth, Kristin Daniels SURVIVED breast cancer! She's come back stronger than ever, and could really be a good voice for them.
Or how about New York Times best selling author Laurann Dohner who had a Stroke in December, and is still pushing on, determined not to let it cripple her?

All three of these women I admire too much to put into words. for everything they do in their personal lives, and their voices as authors. 
Granted, perhaps these women may not WANT to be advocates or promoted, but there's scores of these REAL women in their publishing house already.  And they bring in this fame monger instead? It's a slap in the God damned face to ANYONE that calls themselves an author. 

And then there's this: I did not watch it. Hell to the big NO. I can't stand her. Not even in the slightest.
The title of it alone says it all
"I'm not a porn star"

Really? 'Cause reality check you stupid bitch, You starred.... in a PORN. A sex tape is PORN and your dumb ass made one. You created a Porn video. 

Bet you're also one of those women that wear shirts that say "LOOK AT THESE" across the breasts and then get pissed when men look.

I can't even today... I just can't.

Taylor Cole deserves much more publicity for his own story telling abilities and his over all charm. He OWNS his own construction business! (Last I knew...)  He deserves more than this whore's spot light on him, it'll give people the wrong message about him and all the cover models.  They all deserve better than being arm candy for Farrah at her "birthday party"

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