Monday, June 23, 2014

True Blood Season 7 premiere recap "Jesus gonna be here"

To start the episode out, we're granted to the continuation of the cliffhanger we got at the end of season 6, with the infected vampires storming Merlotte's where the whole town is congregated. 

They kidnap Arlene, Jane Boadhouse (sp?)among others many vampires bit the dust there, most nameless, truly faceless vamps that lived in Bon Temps....

And my heart broke. Our girl Tara met her demise protecting her mom. 

Those rat bastards. Welcome to the last season of True Blood.  Roll opening credits...

I can't even enjoy the song anymore.

And of course while in Sam's bar Sookie over hears Alcide's thoughts.  He says something to the extent of "If she didn't love the dead so much we would be far from here."
How so very fucking true, Sookie of course doesn't see that, gets pissed off, and leaves the bar, walking home because... you know that's what you want to do after a pack of hep V vampires are roaming the woods, go head first in.
Though I can't understand why Alcide wouldn't protect his thoughts, it was as if he were broadcasting to her.  Hmm wonder why you can't find her now?
Alcide finds her in her kitchen, and she just tears him a new one telling him she knows what everyone things of her, even him, because she can read his mind, and it doesn't matter that he loves her the thoughts he doesn't say outloud apparently is what's more important.  You can tell that she's just not saying "I need to be with a vampire." I kinda hate sookie.
Kinda hate Alan Ball for downgrading Alcide this season. Bastard.
(Though we're repaid with LaBare which comes out Friday...)
And of course, all's well with Alcide and FuckinSookie (channeling Pam here.) and her fairy pussy. I swear, she just spreads her legs and everything's good with the world.
Good for Lettie Mae telling Sookie to get the fuck out.  At least with the rest of the town they see Sookie as the death walking that she is.  I truly can't stand Sookie anymore.

This Violet chick.... Jason's vampire... Nope, do'nt like it.  Don't like her.  She's a stuck up bitch.
Still don't like her, even after she FINALLY lets Jason fuck her. 

Jessica is sweet as ever, I adore the hell out of her. She's willing to sacrifice her life for Andy's daughter, that's redemption right there. 

Her boyfriend (name escapes me) is HOT as hell, but totally coming on to Lafayette.

We've got Pam looking for Eric in Morocco, she gets a map that she doesn't believe he's located.

Andy and Bill go looking for the vampire's nest, found it, but empty.

Because they've moved on, they're in Fangtasia in Shreveport, FAR away from Bon Temps with Holly, Arlene, Nicole (and Sam's baby?), Jane Bodehouse, and a Bon Temps officer... who gets his throat ripped out and drank in front of the girls.

WHEW preview for the coming weeks ahead.  I don't know what to think.  See some damn good power from Bill it looks like, and Alcide wolfing out --- dear GOD I live for that. 

Given that Alan Ball cut back Alcide's story line, I fear for his survival to the end. If he goes down, it better be fuckin' epic.

Here's the preview:

Tell me what you think in the comments.  What'd y'all think about the episode, and what're your thoughts for the last season? 

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