Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Another step taken

So I worked on information for my author page on Siren this afternoon, and sent the information just a little bit ago to the dude that's gonna put it up on the site.

Been feeling a little better today.  Had too many headaches over the course of the weekend.  I'm stressing out big time over the release.  I shouldn't stress, I really shouldn't, but I'm so nervous about so many things.  Like... Will they like it? Will they BUY it? will people like ME?! Seeing as how my books are an extension of me, it's like "Are they going to like me?"

I've watched pretty much every season to date of Red Vs Blue, my FAVORITE web series.  Finished Season 10 last night, and I was crying like a baby. Burnie Burns, Matt hullum, Miles Luna, Monty Oum, and Eddy Rivas did AMAZING on the script.  The scene with the Director, Church, and Carolina at the end had me crying so hard.

It was like, as much as you HATE the Director by then you just want a happy ending, damn it all. I"m looking forward to seeing what they did with Season 11.

Guilty pleasure what can I say? lol
I"m getting excited about this release, I really am, but I'm a bit scared as well. Anyone have any reassuring words for me? I could use every word I can get!

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