Wednesday, May 28, 2014


So we are 13 days away from release day for All The Difference. 
June 10th people!

Worked this morning, and even though I hit the damn email button for almost every customer (Some beat me to saying "No I don't want to sign up" or "I've already updated") my E3 decided to come up and lecture me on making sure I'm hitting the button for every customer. "because we're showing we're behind" OH yes, and it MUST be my fault. I had a nice snappy come back for her too, She tilts my customer screen up and starts to say "Just make sure you're hitting the email-"  I cut her off. "I know, I have been, every customer." She responds. "Oh because we're showing behind, I just wanted to make sure." I responded; "I have hit the button, it's not my fault we're showing behind." all passive aggressive.
As I'm leaving work, phone call from the 6 year old's school, she's running a fever and a belly ache. can I come get her? SURE! i'm heading that way anyways.  Go shopping, and then FINALLY at 4:30 I get home.  But I do'nt check my mail until like 5:30.

In the inbox I see the following:
All Cover sizes - Chivalry Isn't Dead
Author profile log in in formation Siren Book Strand
For final authorization - All The Difference. 
Cover Questionnaire - Now or Never

Holy sweet Jesus batman

I open the final athorization first, download.
open profile log in info, get that set up
on tenterhooks I finally open All cover sizes. Download all five. 

I want to kiss and please Harris Channing in the most dirty of ways.

How absolutely beautiful is this fricking cover?

She even PHOTOSHOPPED the model's eyes for Ace's blue contacts?! SQUEE!

I shared it everywhere, and then started in on the questionnaire and final revision.

Today was a busy afternoon!

I had a great day today because of that, Siren totally made my day. 

Next cover will be Travis and Katie

Annnnd then writing Mallory and Vincent who I am SO freaking excited to finally hear their voices... 

I got the personality for Makenna, Mallory's sister today, she and Joey's book is going to be SO MUCH FUN to write.  She's totally self reliant, strong, opinionated female.  He is a recovering drug addict who need someone to help him 'be a better man' 

Yup, can't WAIT!!!! these books are just all up there and their stories are begging to be told :) 

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