Sunday, May 18, 2014

LONG weekend

So the rain never stopped here in mid-north (My term for right up against the lake in the middle of the most northern part of the state) Ohio. I had planned to take the kids out to see Frozen at the pavillion, rained out.  Carnival at the same place saturday, rained out. 
I couldn't even really go walking because the boyfriend was so busy, and the quarry would have been muddy.

I DID however write the first paragraph for book four in the Club Aries series, and submitted Book Three. I am so very excited for this, and release day for All The Difference is only 22 days away!
The excitement is never ending it seems, and I really wouldn't have it any other way.
Coming up on the last three weeks before release day is making me antsy for book two's edits, final edits for book one, and cover reveal for book two. 
All The Difference releases June 10
Chivalry Isn't Dead releases July 1. THREE WEEKS APART.  I"m hoping to see edits for book two this week. 

I have seven.... yes SEVEN blog hops slated for the first two weeks in June.  Three in the first week, four in the second, Two on the 11th, two on the 12th.  WOW. BUT getting my name out there is good for me, so here's to a busy next three weeks!

Keep your minds naughty, and pimp me out! ;) I won't mind!

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