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Gotham: Rise of the Villains. (Season 2 Episode 2)

Gotham: Rise of the Villains: Knock Knock. 

(I truly am going to try to recap this better than I did last week. A lot of reactions, not a lot of recap. I will do better! :D )

Theo is talking to the Mayor, whose head is in a box. He's threatening to throw a tarantula into the box -- he simply doesn't have a spider LOL. Theo tells the Mayor that he needs to call his secretary and tell her that he's run away with a woman and he will send written instructions shortly. He warns that he's doing all of this because monsters are coming to cleanse the city in blood and fire. ---- Is Theo secretly a Targaryan??? WTF?! LOL 

At the newspaper, the Mayor's disappearance is headlining. and while the head editor -- I'm guessing-- is riducluing his staff, not one... not two... but three people take a nose dive out of a higher window before he actually pays attention to it all. they race to the window to see what's going on, flash to the roof, Joker is sitting on the ledge as man #4 is pushed off. He calls for "Mr. X" and we see one more straight jacketed ducttaped, blindfolded man waiting to be pushed to his death as well. Big fella puts Mr X on the ledge, Joker then instructs "Ahh, a little to the right, ahh kay that's the spot." Another Arkham inmate asks "What shall we do with the spare?" Joker spins, thinks for a moment and enthusiastically goes "OO I know!" spray paints an exclamation point on him, and down he goes too. Tigress is watching from afar, and it goes in to the bodies laying on the street spelling out MANIAX!  Joker says "Now that's a headline!" with his maniacal laugh. 

Police bullpen, Gordon is outlining who they are after. They are as follows. 
Jerome Volaska (Joker) He's 18, convicted of Matricide. 
Arnold Tomkins (Spare guy) schizophrenic, poisoner, rapist. 
Aaron Helzinger (Big guy)  killed his entire family with his bare hands. 
Robert Greenwood Killed and then ATE a dozen women. 
Barbera Kean Killed her parents

Okay so continuity error here. There's FIVE inmates. SIX escaped. How do they know the sixth is dead? Commissioner Essen said Six escaped and took seven shipyard workers... No mention of the sixth inmate's death or inclusion on the rap sheet. 

Back to Theo who applauds the boys. Instructs the boys on stagecraft, and saying "Good evening ladies and gentlemen" Arnold cannot do it. Neither can Robert, he doesn't even TRY Aaron. Joker however... dayum. This kid is amazing, the perfect highs and lows in his voice, did he study Mark Hamill's joker from the animated series? HOLY SHIT! Then as he sits, he gives that amazing little chuckle. Theo tells him. "Great laugh, use it." 
Tigress then whips in the Mayor, followed by Barbera. She says she's bored and wants to know when her time is coming. Theo wants to know about Gordon. I kinda wanna see her become Harley Quinn!! I think she could pull it off! 

At the Wayne mansion, Bruce is down in the future batcave. Bruce turns on the computer, and Alfred destroys it. There's a bullet proof vest, liters of blood in a fridge. .... Ohhhh. Bruce just fired Alfred. Kid's rightfully pissed damn, I'm near tears here.... 

and then cut to Joker pulling a katana from a box and going "OOO Shiny!" Robert takes the sword and Joker grabs a chainsaw to go after him to get the sword back before Theo interrupts telling them they're supposed to be a team, to which Robert claims he's the captain, and brags about killing the women. Joker, of course, will not have that and says killing his mother was just a start. He has vision, ambition, he's just a nutty old cannibal. Theo suggests Russian Roulette. Robert goes first. Then Joker takes it, His speech on comedic timing and who the boss truly is is AMAZING all the while he's clicking the gun away. FOUR TIMES. Last one's got the bullet in it and he goes to hand it back to Robert, asking "Who's the boss?" Theo takes the gun and tells Joker he's the boss. To which his playful side emerges and thanks Theo grabs the sword and turns with a childlike YEEEE HOLY SHIT. Kid is amazing. AH MAY ZING. 

THEN cut to Bullock at the bar. Jim asks Harvey to come back, but his fiance is ridiculous. He denies. Harvey puts out the thought, The inmates took the guys from a shipyard right? Why that ship yard when they could have taken them from anywhere, killed anyONE. Why there, why them?

Back to PD HQ, Essen asks Gordon for something good. they stole a fueling truck from the shipyard. It's fully loaded with gasoline. Essen says she's glad he's back. 

Alred goes to Bruce, and tells him it's been an honor and a priviledge to work for the Wayne family.  Bruce says if he needs references he'd be glad to write them. Wow Alfred really left... :( 

Cut to our boys in the gas truck. Joker sees a school bus loaded with cheerleaders, and they follow after it. Ohh boy. 

Nygma goes to talk to Ms Kringle. All he says is "Did you know houseflies hum in the key of F?" She goes  back out of the room, and he's talking to himself, rather animatedly. 

Joker and boys intercept the school bus. Gordon is told the truck is sighted, cut back and the girls are all handcuffed to the bus seats. Joker tells them it was difficult to choose between them and a senior's bingo party. He dowses the bus in gas, but the lighter won't light. Of course giving enough time for GCPD to arrive. There's a little shoot out and Arnold finally gets it to light, dropping it just as Jim slams him against the bus. Thinking fast, Jim hops into the driver's seat moves the bus out of the way of the flames, turning and asking if they're all okay. 
Cut to Jim leading Arnold away, asking for a name on who broke them all out, Arnold starts to say if he tells there's gotta be a guarantee (I'm guessing he'll go free??) but then Boom boom, two shots, he's dead. Tigress took care of business. 

At the train station, Bruce goes and sits with Alfred, looking really lost. He tells him he doesn't want Alfred to go, but he needs Alfred with him. He's either with him or against him. And begs Alfred to train him to be ready to do what he needs to do. Bruce agrees to do what Alfred says when he says it. Then Bruce demands that Alfred fix the computer since he's the one that broke it. 

In the morgue. Essen can't wrap her head around the motive of taking the cheerleaders. 

Alfred in a bar. Meets Lucius Fox. The actor has a little of Morgan Freeman's Lucius. I like it. Alfred is definitely feeling Lucius out to see if he's trustworthy. Alfred tells him he's already in the middle of the whole deal and MUST be trustworthy, whether he likes it or not, since he planted the seeds about Thomas Wayne in Bruce's head. But if he turns out to not be trustworthy, Alfred tells him "You're a dead man." To which he replies, "I only have Bruces best interests in mind." 

Barbera calls Jim at the station. Jim tells her to turn herself in, and of course she's not biting. She laughs into the phone, and oh yes, she's right there in the precient. Jim follows her out. Which then allows the boys access right in. Joker in police get up and all. HOLY FUCK. The boys shoot up the place with Joker holding Essen hostage. Nygma saves Ms Kringle's life. In the alley, Big guy beats the SHIT out of Jim, to the point where Barbera has to call him off. ALL of the officers are dead. Damn.... Only leslie and Jim are alive, except for Essen. Robert has a camera but then steals Joker's line "Nothing's more contagious than laughter." Joker shoots Robert, then says it right in Essen's face. She spits on him, and he just returns with "That was strangely pleasant. Do it again." He gets in real close and she headbutts him, GO ESSEN. 
Cut to Jim in the alley, he's disoriented and slowly staggers to his feet amidst epic music. Stragglers are getting to their feet, but Essen is gravely injured. Fuck, Joker killed her, either shot her in the gut, or impaled her. 

Lucius is in the batcave with Bruce. He's looking at the computer to fix it. Fox says that Thomas Wayne was a very private man, and though he doesn't know what's on the computer, he really didn't WANT to know. Alfred runs into the cave to tell Bruce what happened at the station. They race to the station, and Bruce apologizes to Jim. 
Jim goes into Essen's office, and Harvey's there, looking ready to go back to work. He's coming back. Jim asks what Scotty says about it. He says, She'll understand, or she won't. We are who we are, Jim. 

Damn right we are, Harvey. 

Then the TV turns on, the news anchor saying they have the footage from the incident. The blood running down Joker's face looks a lot like clown makeup. Whew..... 

Preview into next week, Joker goes after his dad, when Harvey and Jim find him, it looks like the gas from scarecrow is there, affecting them. WHEW this is gonna be one hell of a ride this season. Breath holding, WTF screaming, roller coaster! This show just keeps getting better and better! LOVE IT! 

Loved last night's episode, it was absolutely fantastic! 

Here are questions going through my mind now... Does this mean we get Commissioner Gordon now? Because I don't think that's supposed to happen in the comics until Jim is older and married. Next week must be when Michael Chicklis will be on. Will Aaron become Bane? His little attachment and the relationship between Aaron and Barbera kinda looks like the one had in the original series of movies with Ivy (Though Batman and Robin sucked ass, let's not go there.) Really great episode though. I like it a lot. 

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